A half-sleeve dedication to Thailand

Japanese style tiger tattoo
August 25, 2017
Don’t expect me – a color tiger tattoo
August 26, 2017

Per is a Danish man who has made his home in Thailand. He came to us asking for two things:

1) To cover-up two of his old tattoos, and
2) Create a custom half-sleeve design that is dedicated to Thailand and the Thai people.

So Ahm and I took to Photoshop and got to designing. In the two pictures below you can see Per's old tattoos and then you can see the original design we came up with.

It took three sessions to finish this tattoo. You can see the early progress below:

Below on the left you can see how Ahm draws out her designs before tattooing. She does this to make sure she understands the image first and foremost.

And here's the final product:

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