Talented and friendly artists.

We've partnered with some of Chiang Mai's best artists in order to give you the perfect tattoo and to help you connect with the local community.



Joop is the most experienced member of our team. He is a professional, versatile and friendly tattoo artist through and through.

Joop is especially adept at geometric line-work and water colors.

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Along with Ahm, Taew is one of the few prominent female tattoo artists in Thailand.

Taew is amazing with her line-work. She is someone who is very good with fonts, minimal tattoos, mandalas and geometric patterns.

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If you want a tattoo unique to Thailand or Asia, Top is your man.

Top specializes in neo-Thai style, Japanese and Sak Yants. Ahm apprenticed under Top, who is very experienced and also a veteran of Thailand's military.

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Yohng is a classically trained, university-educated artist. He learned to tattoo from his girlfriend Tao :)

Yohng has a special touch when using colors and when creating realistic portraits.

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Ahm is a well-rounded artist who loves doing realistic pieces. Before becoming a professional artist Ahm studied art in university for two years and then entered an apprenticeship with one of Chiang Mai's very best artists who you already met above, Top.

As the popularity of Panumart Tattoo catapuled, Ahm reached out to her friends for some help. That is when she, Top, Tao, and Yong joined forces. Together they work to give a life-time of happiness to those seeking to get tattooed.


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