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An Authentic Thai Experience in Pa Daet

From the Old City, Panumart Tattoo is only about a 20 minute drive.

Panumart Tattoo is located in the Chiang Mai suburb of Pa Daet. This suburb lies just a bit outside of the city, only about 10 minutes away from the airport. Pa Daet is slightly rural. And although it’s not heavily frequented by tourists, it has some attractions that are pretty interesting for visitors. In the area around our shop you can find beautiful Buddhist temples (both Thai and Chinese style), restaurants, relaxing cafés, rice fields and even a cow or two.

Points of interest around Panumart Tattoo:

  1. Royal Park Rajapruek
    This is the most beautiful park in Chiang Mai. The outside area is gorgeous, relaxing, free and a great place to go for a walk. The inner area comes with a small entrance fee and in exchange for that you’ll access to roam the beautiful gardens.

  2. Temple Market (Tue and Sat afternoons)
    Across Thailand many Buddhist temples hold markets for their community. To you it offers the opportunity to see an authentic Thai shopping experience and the opportunity to see some unique ingredients, such as bugs.

  3. Chinese Dragon Temple
    Thailand has the most Chinese people outside of China and due to that you see Chinese influences throughout Thai culture. This temple, just minutes away from Panumart Tattoo, is Buddhist and houses some very interesting sculptures and art.

  4. Phuffin Restaurant
    Sit lakeside on a plush leather couch or a hammock while sipping some Thai milk tea and eating some delectable bites. Puffin restaurant is one of the best places to chill out in Chiang Mai.

  5. Good Vibes Café
    Good Vibes is a café with a gorgeously decorated interior and lusciously beautiful outdoor garden. This is my second favorite place to relax in the area.

  6. Wat Pa Daet
    Just two minutes away from Panumart Tattoo is Wat Pa Daet, a traditional Thai-Buddhist temple. If you’ve yet to visit such a temple, this is a very convenient option.