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30 Incredibly Interesting Insect Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

It’s true that not many people are fond of insects and often prefer enjoying their creepy beauty from afar. There’s a solution for that, get a tattoo! Insect tattoos are really cool because there’s so much you can do with them. If you’re a fan of insects, this list is just for you; if you’re someone that likes them but doesn’t want them near you, this list is also for you.

But before you go and get your own insect tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the loveliest, most stunning, and most exquisite insect tattoo ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 1

Black and Gray Insect Shin Tattoos

Someone likes bugs, it’s quite obvious from the fact that they have six different species tattooed all the way down their shin. It’s clear that the butterfly is the newest addition to this client’s leg. I’m not sure what butterfly it is, it could be a Monarch, regardless, it’s a lovely addition. I love how solid the black is and the tiny details in the wings, and even though it’s a lot darker than the older tattoos, it’s integrated well. Together these look like the displays you see in a museum, all-around awesome ink.


Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 2

Blackwork Scarab Beetle Cover Up Tattoo

This is an amazing cover-up tattoo, the artist used her knowledge and applied it to making the client’s dream come true. When covering a tattoo up, depending on how dark the original tattoo is, will determine what sort of style and design is needed to make it disappear completely. The original piece was still fairly saturated, and therefore, the artist had to improvise by going darker with the new tattoo; Blackwork was a perfect choice. Can you see the original ink? Well done to the artist for pulling this off.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 3

Micro Realistic Ladybug Forearm Tattoo

A sweet little ladybug on a blade of grass, how precious is that? I like the soft shading and fine lines, but I think this tattoo could be even prettier if the grass was also done in color. I like the positioning of it on the forearm, although its composition makes the piece appear unbalanced, maybe it should have been moved slightly to the right. @inkfab is a realism artist that creates incredible art. If you love hyper-realistic black and gray tattoos, his work will definitely inspire you.

IG: inkfab

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 4

Bright Neo Traditional Scarab Tattoo On Thigh

This tattoo is brighter than my future! Only kidding, but seriously, I’m adoring how saturated the colors are and the orange and yellow glow the artist created on the beetle’s back. Excellent line work, the variable line weights keep true to the Neo Traditional style. If you want more, @outofstepbooks has what your heart desires so give his page a like and follow.

IG: maurizio_gobbo

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 5

Three Micro Black and Gray Insect Triceps Tattoos

Three is the charm with this lovely bug tattoo. Each insect has a special symbolic meaning behind them, moths represent transformation, dragonflies = adaptability, and a bumblebee, believe it or not, symbolizes love. Put these three together, and you’ve got yourself a trio of positivity. I adore the placement on the triceps and how they’re all in a straight line. There’s more where this came from on @singleorchid_studio.

IG: singleorchid_studio

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 6

Neo Traditional Flying Ant Shin Tattoo

There’s nothing like a beautiful Neo Traditional tattoo that’s beautifully constructed. The thick black outlines and dark shading truly make this tattoo stand out, the Autumn tones splashed with a hint of Winter contrasts nicely. How awesome is the shadow of the legs and body underneath the wings? I’m not too keen on how close the tattoo is to the existing piece, but perhaps the client didn’t want to place it any higher on the shin. This is still a well-done tattoo, and the artist can be proud of the outstanding piece of art he gave his client.

IG: friedrich_heyden

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 7

Blackwork Wrapping Centipede Leg Tattoo

This is one badass tattoo, and even better, as masculine as it looks, it’s been inked on a woman. Now that’s a power move. The messiness of the tattoo is perfect for the Blackwork style. I like that the centipede isn’t wrapping around the leg but rather going in a snake-like motion. The one thing about this tattoo is that you don’t really know what the creature is until you look at it up close. Is it a monster snake creature, or is it a monstrous centipede? You’ll need to decide that for yourself, while you’re deciding, go take a look at Esenic’s work on Instagram @esenic.ninetynine. He’s got some more inspiration waiting for you.

IG: esenic.ninetynine

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 8

Awesome Masculine Color Centipede Shoulder Tattoo

Everyone’s biggest fear, a centipede. These creepy crawly creatures aren’t pleasing to the eye, but somehow the artist managed to take something terrifying and turn it into artwork. I like how it’s coming off of his shoulder and creeping onto his chest; I can imagine people getting spooked by the sight of this scary guy. The colors are awesome and give off an almost threatening vibe. Kudos to the artist for the great color packing and solid linework.

IG: shiyo_irezumi

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 9

Dainty Feminine Geometric Bee Tattoo on Woman’s Back

How lovely is this bee tattoo? The solid outlines of the triangle are opposite to the thin lines in the flowers; I like the contrast. Any tattoo that has a mix of black and gray with a splash of color is a winner. Regarding the placement, I like that the design fits the shoulder, although because of the triangle and how elongated it is, I think placing it in the middle of the back would have suited it a lot better. Either way, this is a beautiful feminine tattoo.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 10

Feminine Dragonfly Forearm Tattoo

This is a dainty dragonfly tattoo that has a very feminine feel to it; I enjoy its softness. With unusual style and placement, the artist designed this tattoo in quite an abstract manner. If you’re wanting something similar, make sure your artist’s hand is as steady as this one because it takes a lot of time and patience to get your work to this level.

IG: nxe_xiner

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 11

Stunning Neo Traditional Beetle Calf Tattoo

The linework in this tattoo has me lost for words. This tattoo is so smooth and consistent, the shading and color packing is phenomenal and it looks like the artist printed this on the client’s skin. The expanded wings and legs form in such a way that it flows evenly with the shape of the calf. German artist Sascha Friederich is a Neo Trad genius and can be found on IG @saschafriederich.

IG: saschafriederich

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 12

Tiny Crawling Ants Tattoo On Woman’s Chest

The Korean artist behind this cool tattoo did a wonderful job of capturing the way ants crawl in unison with each other. I wonder what inspired the client to get ants? I do understand that they’re very interesting creatures and the design is super cool, especially on the chest. Overall I think this tattoo is awesome, and whatever the meaning behind it, the artist did a great job. Those ants look very realistic.

IG: 0one_tattoo

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 13

Amazing Realistic Golden Beetle Tattoo

I can’t get over how shiny it is. This tattoo looks like it was created with real gold, and I am absolutely in love. The client’s skin is pale, which truly makes the tattoo stand out and appear even brighter. Color realism isn’t easy, but this artist makes it look as easy as spreading butter. The reflection is stunning and adds a cool 3D effect. Placing it on the forearm means it can be shown off easily. I would like to see if the bright colors hold, as yellows are especially prone to fading.

IG: jooa_tattoo

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 14

Colorful Watercolor Dragonfly Tattoo On Woman’s Shoulder

Finally a Watercolor tattoo, it’s quite a popular style when doing insects or sea animals. The splashes are a classic element of Watercolor tattoos. I like the solid black in the body of the dragonfly which is a nice contrast against the fine lines of the wings. Good choice of placement on the shoulder and chest, this tattoo was made for this spot. Pablo Ortiz is a specialist in Watercolor tattoos and has some amazing examples of his skillset on his IG page @pablo_ortiz_tattoo. Go have a look if you need more inspiration.

IG: pablo_ortiz_tattoo

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 15

Starry Night-Inspired Dragonfly Forearm Tattoo

Don’t you adore the way the artist incorporated Starry Night into this gorgeous dragonfly tattoo? The colors are so vivid it looks like Van Gogh did this himself. Fineline tattoos are usually done in black and gray only, but as you can see here, the artist used an array of different shades of blue, orange and yellow. The white highlights in the body give the illusion that it’s shiny, which is a lovely addition that makes this piece pop.

IG: txttoo

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 16

Micro Color Realism Bee Tattoo

It’s so tiny, have you ever seen something so precious? Realism is a style of tattooing that not many artists can pull off if they’re not strictly realistic artists, but Stella, a Korean tattooist in Canada, is a professional at this style. Because it’s such a small tattoo, I hope it withstands the test of time. Small tattoos, especially ones with a lot of detail, tend to fade and smudge as the ink bleeds under the skin. Either way, this little bee is gorgeous.

IG: stella.tattoo_

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 17

Beautiful Feminine Black and Gray Moth Tattoo

There’s something very feminine about this tattoo, it might be the subtle shading or fine lines. I think the whip shading in the fur gives it texture, and the solid Blackwork in the outlines and patterns is well-packed. The wings fit snugly between the original tattoos, and I like the positioning on the side of the thigh. It’s also oriented the right way; a general rule of tattooing is that the design should always face inward, towards your heart.

IG: alessa_tattoo

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 18

Adorable Tiny Color Fineline Bumblebee Tattoo

Taking a closer look, you’ll notice that the strokes making up the fuzz of the bug are created by using a dotwork technique known as whip shading. The eyes are puppy-like, which is absolutely precious, they’re almost smiling at you. Forearm tattoos are popular, especially when getting an insect; you’ll notice many people get butterflies in this spot. The artist behind this piece actually specializes in Black and Gray but showed her color skills in this tattoo.

IG: flow_tattoo_toronto

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 19

Amazing Black and Gray Death Moth Triceps Tattoo

This is what people consider a death moth, and it’s obvious why, there’s a skull in its body. I think the shading is absolute perfection, but there are a few inconsistencies with the linework. The antennae are also not symmetrical, but maybe the artist did that for a reason. Usually, these shaped tattoos are placed perfectly on their side, but this one has been done at an angle. I like it because it fits the shape of the client’s triceps. Black and Gray tattoos are a great addition to any collection because they complement other styles, including color. So if you have color tattoos and want something like this, at least there’s no doubt that they will work together. For more Black and Gray tattoos, @gara_tattooer is the page to check out.

IG: gara_tattooer

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 20

Salvador Dali-Inspired Dragonfly Tattoo On Forearm

I can’t get enough of these art-inspired insect tattoos. Salvador Dali is one of the most iconic artists around, and this tattooist took his work and made it into an amazing dragonfly tattoo. To replicate art takes time and lots of skill. If you’re thinking of getting similar art done, check out reputable artists who have done something like this before. You don’t want to end up paying someone else to cover up a bad tattoo.

IG: txttoo

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 21

Blackwork Spider Tattoo on Man’s Shoulder

I absolutely adore this spider, most people think they’re creepy and dangerous, but who would mess with you if you had this huge eight-legged friend protecting you? The line work is phenomenal, there are no inconsistencies. Using pepper shading was also a great choice as it blends with the fine lines in the web and gives the tattoo texture. How well do the spider legs flow with the rounded shape of the shoulder? usually creates cute Neo traditional style tattoos, but she’s got a lot of other amazing tattoos you could pull inspiration from. Why not give her page a follow?


Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 22

Japanese Pottery-Inspired Ladybug Chest Tattoo

This tattoo reminds me of a Japanese vase; the shine created by the white highlights is absolutely amazing and so realistic. If you saw this piece out of context, you would assume it was an ornament. It takes a lot of time to be this good at creating a color realistic tattoo, clearly @txttoo is skilled. I think the chest was the best placement for this tattoo because it’s visible, meaning people get to admire this beautiful artwork. Hopefully, it heals well as these kinds of tattoos can fade and become a bit dull after healing or exposure to sun and other elements.

IG: txttoo

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 23

Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” Inspired Butterfly Tattoo

Another art-inspired tattoo, these seem to be on the rise and I’m loving that idea. Gustav Klimt created gorgeous artwork that focused on the female form. I love that the artist uses a butterfly for this one as it’s a feminine insect. The lack of solid outlines also adds to the softness of the tattoo. The forearm works for this tattoo because it’s flat, and the shape of the wings flows well with the width of the client’s arm. Overall a stunning tattoo that’s well executed.

IG: txttoo

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 24

Gustav Klimt-Inspired Color Dragonfly Thigh Tattoo

I love it when artists use famous artworks to create new designs. This Gustav Klimt-inspired dragonfly is similar to the Van Gogh tattoo; the artist did such a good job that it looks exactly like the original artwork. I like how this piece looks like it was made from gold, just like the real paintings. This is quite a big tattoo and perfect for placement on the thigh. If you decide to adopt something similar, make sure your artist knows what they’re doing, this is an easy tattoo to get wrong.

IG: txttoo

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 25

Fineline Micro Bumblebee Forearm Tattoo

The placement of this tattoo on the forearm is perfect; it’s dead in the center and in line with the crease of the client’s arm. Adding little details to an already small tattoo can be tricky, but the artist did a wonderful job. The lines are smooth and clean, while the shading is soft and even, all criteria for an excellent tattoo. If feminine is what you’re looking for, here’s the inspo you were looking for.

IG: ulaluart

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 26

Abstract Blackwork Black Widow Triceps Tattoo

Don’t you adore the way the artist incorporated Starry Night into this gorgeous dragonfly tattoo? The colors are so vivid it looks like Van Gogh did this himself. Fineline tattoos are usually done in black and gray only, but as you can see here, the artist used an array of different shades of blue, orange and yellow. The white highlights in the body give the illusion that it’s shiny, which is a lovely addition that makes this piece pop.

IG: mooho.oriental

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 27

Soft Fineline Dragonfly Tattoo On Forearm

I’ve never seen such fine lines before, and I’m really liking it. One thing about a tattoo that’s this light is the possibility of fading. With something like this, one might find that lines fall out because there wasn’t enough black saturation. That doesn’t mean this is a poorly done tattoo, but if this is the style you’re planning on getting, it’s best to ask the artist to go a bit darker as it will fade as it heals. I like that it’s not placed straight and in the middle of the wrist; the side positioning is different from what people usually get. Nice and feminine, credit to the artist.

IG: tattoobyjane

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 28

Custom Dragonfly Forearm Tattoo

The final tattoo on this list, and it’s a dragonfly, which seems to be one of the most popular insects on this list. I’m loving the varying sizes of dots that’s adorning this piece and the geometric feel created by the diamond shapes. There are a few irregularities in the diamonds, but the stable linework and solid color packing make up for it. The various shades of green remind me of the way leaves change color. This is one of those tattoos that can work as both a masculine and feminine piece, and it’s possible to place it on another flat area of the body, such as the shin or calf. I like that they went with the forearm.
Did you find what you were looking for? If not, there’s a lot more where these came from. Check out our other lists for more inspiration, happy tattooing!

IG: koreanhammer

Best Insect Tattoo Ideas 29

Feminine Black and Gray Floral Moth Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos are a bold statement, and in this day and age, seem to be popular. We’ve gotten to a point where society is becoming more open to the idea that tattoos don’t equal unprofessionalism. Having said that, don’t go off and get a neck tattoo without finding out if your boss is okay with it. I love the softness of this tattoo; it’s very feminine, not only because of the floral design but also because of the gentle dotwork shading and soft linework. This is truly a head-turning piece, the artist has some serious skill.

IG: oskar_gurbada