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30 Daring Cheetah Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

As the fastest land animal alive, the Cheetah has always been regarded as one of the most dangerous predators. In the tattoo world, the Cheetah makes for a wonderful and fascinating subject. Not only does it look amazing, but it also symbolizes many things. It’s said that Cheetah tattoos represent power, speed, survival, and absolute protection. They make a great decision for anyone with a strong personality!

But before you go and get your own Cheetah tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most daring, awesome and dauntless Cheetah tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 1

Neo-Traditional Tattoo of Cheetah

We kick off the list with a great design coming from the studio of artist IG: @jeanleroux. I like the grounded and muted color palette that’s typical of neo-traditional style. The white ink used to highlight the teeth, whiskers, cherries and especially the eyes, adds detail and interest, which truly draws your eye into this beautiful piece.

IG: jeanleroux

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 2

Custom Old School Triceps Tattoo of Cheetah with a Dagger

This Cheetah looks both adorable and fearless, simultaneously. The characteristic bold black outlines and simple color palette of Old School are on full display here. I like how the tattoo is positioned right over the triceps, with the design’s shape perfectly aligning with the space. It’s also a great visible location to show off your tattoo.

IG: yubtattoo

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 3

Minimal Tattoo of Cheetah Holding a Heart

Here comes something that you’re going to fall in love with immediately. Have you ever seen a Cheetah this cute? The soft color palette and sprinkling of hearts in the design, make this tattoo so endearing. I just want to give it a hug!

IG: haenal_tattoo

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 4

Black and Gray Forearm Tattoo of Cheetah

This is something for those of you who want to make a bold statement. What’s more intimidating than a Cheetah watching you from afar? I love the optical illusion of the design; it makes us feel like the animal is partially hiding in the dark, as if waiting to start the hunt!

IG: hamstter

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 5

Black and Gray Arm Tattoo of Two Cheetahs

I simply adore this piece. It’s amazing how there’s no indication of the wind except for the movement of the fur on the smaller Cheetah; it’s a small but creative note. Black and gray style is used to create this realistic tattoo, taking advantage of shading to provide detailing, sources of light and accurate proportions. With just a black line, these Cheetahs truly seem to be on a mountainous perch. Props to the artist IG: @hansantattoo.

IG: hansantattoo

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 6

Black and Gray Biceps Tattoo of Running Cheetah

This is such an interesting design, because it directly makes a reference to the Cheetah’s well-known unbeatable speed. What if it’s so fast, we can only see its shadow as it runs past us? Interesting idea, right? Although I love this piece, the forearm might have provided a better “canvas” for this long, linear design.

IG: _winkt

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 7

Custom Old School Cheetah Tattoo

Here comes an Old School design for anyone who’s looking for a vintage-like piece. The bold outlines and simple, but vibrant color palette, really enhance the powerful look of this Cheetah. Of course the white ink highlighting the teeth and eyes, really makes for one, very menacing looking Cheetah!

IG: jasonwalstrom

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 8

Fineline Arm Tattoo With Dotwork of Cheetah

This interesting piece incorporates both fineline and dotwork styles, and the result is lovely. There’s so much I love about this tattoo. The thin, even black lines of the branch symbolically create a perch or trail for the Cheetah. Then the upward curve of the tail, along with the spherical rays of the sun, mirror and highlight the curves of the shoulder. Perfection

IG: lazytimemagician_

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 9

Realistic Color Tattoo of Cheetah

What I love most about this design is the posture of the Cheetah. It’s not something that we see a lot, but it so perfectly depicts this animal’s amazing speed. It’s this sense of movement that immediately captures our attention. I’m not sure though how it works with the other tattoos.

IG: gokceozaslan

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 10

Neo-Traditional Tattoo of Cheetah

I’m absolutely impressed by this piece, and there are so many reasons why. The colors are muted but the artist is still able to create sources of light throughout the tattoo. The white ink effectively creates the effect of light reflecting from the Cheetah’s eyes. Of course, the soulfulness of those watery blue eyes and stylized shading of Neo-Traditional style ,make this tattoo a winner. Props to the artist IG: lapv_tattoo2.

IG: lapv_tattoo2

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 11

Linework Tattoo of Cheetah on Side of Calf

Different from most of our other tattoos, this one features such a calm, regal-looking Cheetah. Its unusually long, upright body creates this appearance. I love the clean and graceful black outline of the Cheetah, along with its fur pattern suggestive of floating hearts.

IG: kirkbudden

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 12

Micro Realistic Tattoo of Cheetah on Side of Arm

It’s so interesting to have the Cheetah rendered in a realistic style, yet with such an abstract frame. I also really like how the frame is filled with color, while the Cheetah is inked in black and gray. It’s a nice contrast that attracts attention!

IG: mimique_tattoo

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 13

Minimal Tattoo of Cheetah Over Biceps

What really sets this tattoo apart is its perfect centering over the biceps. The large expanse of negative or uninked space around it also makes this Cheetah immediately catch your attention. And of course, that orange-red ink is like “the cherry on top”.

IG: thewiildgypsy

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 14

Black and Gray Illustrative Tattoo of Running Cheetah

I adore the Asian-inspired patterns framing the cheetah’s movement. They not only frame the Cheetah, but also serve as beautiful contrast to the black and gray inked Cheetah. While the background is reminiscent of a static piece of fabric, this Cheetah is all motion. I love these two together.

IG: mimique_tattoo

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 15

Micro Realistic Tattoo of Running Cheetah with Geometric Elements

I really like how the artist combines the depiction of the Cheetah with geometric elements. The surrounding lines and dots almost seem like a chart, used to analyze the Cheetah’s motions. This is a very cool, original design.

IG: bachtzbali

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 16

Custom Tattoo of Cheetah

Korean artist IG: @gyu_tattoo does lots of fantastic animal tattoos like this one. I really like how there’s no outline for the Cheetah, giving it a very unique and elegant look! It’s almost like a metaphor for the powerful Cheetah, that’s free to roam across the vast expanse of the land.

IG: gyu_tattoo

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 17

Micro Realistic Arm Tattoo of Cheetah and Jaguar

I really like how sentimental this tattoo looks, with a jaguar and a Cheetah touching each other’s foreheads and paws. While they’re mostly known as dangerous predators, here they’re depicted as essentially just big cats.

IG: milan_maya

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 18

Black and Gray Cheetah Tattoo With Florals Extending Over Arm onto Forearm

This one is such a graceful, feminine piece for all you ladies out there. The thin, delicate lines of the flowers, along with their subtle shading, contrast so nicely with the powerful Cheetah. With lots of negative or uninked space in this tattoo, the floral branch seems to be floating in time, as it gracefully adorns the arm right down onto the forearm. Beautiful

IG: kajsarts

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 19

Realistic Tattoo of Cheetah Over Biceps

The posture of this Cheetah is really interesting to me. I like how it seems to be turning its head to look at something that might have caught its attention. Although seated, this detail creates a sense of movement in the piece. Centered right over the biceps, this Cheetah is sure to grab your attention.

IG: lafragile_

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 20

Neo-Traditional Arm Tattoo of Cheetah

This bold, amazing ink piece makes such a strong impression. I love the color palette, especially the pale blue shade of the Cheetah’s eyes. You can feel their soulfulness and sense the light reflecting from them. The heavy opaque pattern of black ink across the Cheetah’s body also aligns perfectly with the bands tattooed on the forearm.

IG: alessio.effe_tattoo

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 21

Illustrative Thigh Tattoo of Cheetah and Fruits

Artist IG: @deboracherrys has a collection filled with amazing pieces, and we pulled this one straight from her personal page. As seen here, illustrative style is colorful and 2D, something you might see in a children’s book. The style is used to create a Cheetah that’s not very intimidating, actually approachable with a softer, more feminine vibe.

IG: deboracherrys

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 22

Custom Tattoo of Cheetah on Side of Calf

I really like this one, because it looks to me like the Cheetah is giving us a big, toothy smile. It’s very creative that the artist doesn’t use outlines at all, for either the Cheetah or the sun. I think it makes the tattoo look like a sticker on this client’s calf. I love it!

IG: tattoo.kha

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 23

Custom Old School Tattoo of Cheetah

If you’re a tattoo enthusiast, you’ve probably seen a typical Old School design of a tiger crawling among roses. This piece is inspired by that, but here it’s given a modern twist. I love the addition of the huge pink and blue bow, although as a present, this Cheetah doesn’t look too friendly.

IG: rabbitmoontattoo

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 24

Illustrative Thigh Tattoo of Cheetah With Florals

There are so many cool details in this design. I love the color palette that combines cold and warm tones so nicely. There’s also really skilled shading on display here, with the artist creating sources of light. The result is the shimmering, metallic-like inking. And what could possibly be more wholesome than the image of a Cheetah stopping to smell the flower as the sun rises above? Props to artist IG: @dariastahp

IG: dariastahp

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 25

Neo-Traditional Tattoo of Cheetah on Side of Calf

First off I have to say, I love this piece! The stylized block shading that characterizes Neo-Traditional style, gives this Cheetah a chiseled, sculptured appearance. That’s in contrast to the soft outlines of the deep red rose whose color also contrasts with the overall muted color palette. And last but not least, the incorporation of light sources emparts a glow to the entire tattoo. Props to the artist IG: @gabrielesaviotattoo.

IG: gabrielesaviotattoo

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 26

Custom Arm Tattoo of Cheetah Running Towards the Sun

Here comes something for those of you who love illustrative and abstract art. The elongated body of the Cheetah reminds me of the torsos painted by Modigliani. You have to wonder how these artists see the world. Even the shadows in the tattoo are stylized! Very Interesting

IG: _katusza_

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 27

Realistic Color Tattoo of Cheetah on Side of Thigh

I adore the yellow flowers in this design. They’re not the centerpiece, but they add such a quiet elegance and depth to the tattoo.. The shading, fine lines, attention to light sources and proportions by the artist, come together to create a beautiful and realistic image of the Cheetah. Wonderful work by @patch_tattoo_therapy!

IG: patch_tattoo_therapy

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 28

Black and Gray Forearm Tattoo of Cheetah With Star Constellation

I love how this piece looks both dreamy and fierce at the same time, perhaps due to the star constellation and stars around the Cheetah. I also like how smooth and polished the cheetah’s fur is, like it’s glowing under the stars!

IG: luzanneink

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 29

Black and Gray Tattoo of Running Cheetah on Upper Back

I love the detailing seen in this tattoo. Black ink is used and then watered down to create the varying tones of gray used for shading. This along with the shadow beneath the Cheetah impart a 3D realism to the image. With a surrounding sea of negative or uninked space, the Cheetah appears to be resting in the vastness of a savannah. The only thing I would change is the location of this tattoo. I think its linear dimension would be more attractive on the forearm.

IG: tattooist_daone

Cheetah Tattoo Ideas 30

Custom Old School Tattoo of Cheetah

We’ve come to the end of our list and we’re sure you’ll be happy that this tattoo is included. Tattoo artist IG: does amazing Old School designs, and this one is among her original works. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who loves the timeless charm of this style, with its typical bold outlines and vibrant color palette. The use of blue ink here really makes the Cheetah even more of a standout. Throughout the tattoo, the artist successfully creates sources of light making the entire tattoo seem to sparkle.


We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!