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24 Dazzling Dove Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

Dove tattoos are usually associated with Christianity. And while that style looks incredible, we’ve got something different for you on this page. The focus is more on the bird itself (and sometimes on this page that bird happens to be a pigeon 🤣) and the art style.

But before you go and get your own dove tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most unique, most stylish, and best-looking dove tattoos ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin. 

Dove Tattoo Ideas 1

Realistic Black and Gray Dove Half-Sleeve Tattoo

The darker shading and touches of white ink really highlight this dove in an otherwise crowded field. Enhancing the design are the lighter swirls of ink at the bottom which mirror the shading seen adjacent to them. It’s a nice artistic touch used to frame the design.

IG: renortattoo

Dove Tattoo Ideas 2

Not Quite a Dove Watercolor Tattoo

Watercolor style imparts a dreamy, delicate feel especially when the colors are dabbed on in splashes and drips of color. The colors are more precisely applied on the dove itself. You can see how this alternative technique creates a different, more down-to-earth feeling. Of course pairing these two techniques together results in a beautiful tattoo.

IG: amaltheatattoos

Dove Tattoo Ideas 3

Pair of Pretty Doves on Upper Thigh

This design is simple and sweet with the areas of negative or uninked space within and around the outlines helping to tell the story. You immediately sense that these doves are soaring above in wide open skies. The story is told without the need for additional detailing. A few thin black lines are all that’s needed to say Love Is In The Air.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Dove Tattoo Ideas 4

Small Sweet Dove Tattoo

As a dove only mates once in a lifetime it’s often a symbol for enduring love. Paired with a heart this design certainly imparts that message. Although this tattoo might be visible with summer clothing, it’s still small enough to be perfect for the tattoo-newbie. And of course who wouldn’t want to share their Love Story.


Dove Tattoo Ideas 5

Peaceful Dove Tattoo on Forearm

This dove comes in peace complete with an olive branch in its mouth. Double concentric rings and a triangle have been added to frame and highlight the dove. It’s a nice mix of Fineline and Geometric styles.


Dove Tattoo Ideas 6

Sticker-Like Black and Gray Dove Tattoo on Forearm

This dove tattoo is so neat and clean just like a sticker. It actually looks like you could peel it right off the skin. The lines are so steady and even; so uniform. The tattoo is also a beautiful accent for the crease of the elbow making it look unexpectedly…Sexy

IG: herzdame

Dove Tattoo Ideas 7

Black And Gray Dove and Floral Tattoo

The sun isn’t shining but you can sense that love is in the air. There are flowers and two doves and that says it all. This tattoo showcases beautiful black lines highlighted by subtle shading. The sweep of the design across and down the arm then lends a gracefulness to the work

IG: bloomtattooco

Dove Tattoo Ideas 8

Whimsical Blackwork Tattoo of Birds on Forearm

These two guys look like pigeons to me. There actually was a pigeon that was photographed in 2017 with bread caught around its neck; sort of like a bread necklace. Perched upon a stack of rocks, these two up the ante with their hats and sneakers. Looks Like A Balancing Act


Dove Tattoo Ideas 9

Black and White Dove Tattoo on Thigh

Personally I sometimes find birds kind of creepy; but I do find this Blackwork tattoo beautiful due to the skilled artistry on display. Even within the heavy layering of opaque black ink, subtle shading and white ink bring this bird to life. There’s even light glimmering off the Dove’s back…Spot On.

IG: honggoon__

Dove Tattoo Ideas 10

Half-Sleeve Black and Gray Tattoo With Dove

Many of the design elements here are commonly seen in sleeve tattoos; namely the florals and stopwatch. In the presence of the dove they’re probably associated with death. What really stands out in this tattoo though are the beautiful rays of light highlighting the bird’s head…Brilliant

IG: castillo.dario

Dove Tattoo Ideas 11

Christian-Themed Dove Sleeve Tattoo

Many artistic works depict Jesus with a flock of doves around him. Perhaps it represents the message of peace. Here what makes this tattoo truly impressive is the glowing light surrounding the dove. Contrast, shadows and negative space make it appear to be backlit. Props to Artist IG: @jks.tatts.

IG: jks.tatts

Dove Tattoo Ideas 12

Bird With White Bread Tattoo on Arm

A pigeon was photographed in 2017 with white bread around his neck; kinda like a white bread necklace. Since then many have immortalized that event with a tattoo. Looks like this customer is into pop references. Jheri Curl Anyone?

IG: inklarity_official

Dove Tattoo Ideas 13

Large Realistic Watercolor Dove Tattoo on Sternum

I love Watercolors; I love Floral and Ornamental tattoos accenting the sternum. I just don’t love birds so it’s hard for me to imagine this big, permanent inking of a dove right below my chin. But this tattoo isn’t about me. Tattoos have always been a form of self expression. So if you love birds this design might be just the one for you.

IG: pretty.sketchy.lines

Dove Tattoo Ideas 14

Tattoo of Dove With Broken Chain

The inking in this design is really beautiful. Steady black lines form the outlines which are then shaded with pretty colors: yellow, blue, green and peach. These colors in turn are all accented with varying saturations of white ink. And the finishing touch: the broken chain signifying Freedom From Someone Or Something. Congrats.

IG: naemi.roth

Dove Tattoo Ideas 15

Linework Dove Tattoo on Hand

When looking at this photo there are a couple of things immediately evident. First this guy obviously likes black and white; check out those shoes. Secondly it looks like there’s something going on with the concept of pain. Check out the barbed wire and snake. Guess that’s why the introduction of a dove into this mix is welcome. Ahh Peace At Last

IG: fergumarquez


Dove Tattoo Ideas 16

Arm Tattoo of Dove With Flowers

There’s such pretty Linework in this tattoo; all so even and symmetrical. With little or no shading simplicity rules the day. Just add some flowers and that’s all that’s needed to say it all… Love

IG: marina_flip_tattoo

Dove Tattoo Ideas 17

Half-Sleeve Blackwork Tattoo of Dove

Blackwork style is so cool and so mysterious; it just pulls you in. There are beautiful even lines and impressive shading seen here. The use of negative or uninked space creates the light that radiates throughout the design. Look closely at the top and you can see the hands and arms of a skeleton. The message: Gone But Never Forgotten

IG: mager_tattoos

Dove Tattoo Ideas 18

Shoulder Blade Tattoo of Two Doves

Hallmark might have the tagline “When you care enough to send the very best” but it can’t beat the message of this tattoo. Flowers and two doves; it’s of course the classic representation of…Love

IG: vic.ink_

Dove Tattoo Ideas 19

Creepy Tattoo of Two Black Doves

Not sure if these two black doves symbolize death or the death of a relationship. but in any case I think this tattoo is pretty creepy. I certainly wouldn’t want it on my back. Just the thought of these two dangling from my neck makes me a little queasy. What about you?

IG: ashleynicoletattoos

Dove Tattoo Ideas 20

Tattoo of Dove With Olive Branch

Characteristic of Fineline style, this tattoo doesn’t have much detailing, shading or color. It does have a dove holding an olive branch flying between the constellations. And that’s really all that’s needed to send the message of Peace To The World.

IG: hsin_tattoo

Dove Tattoo Ideas 21

Dramatic Blackwork Tattoo of Two Doves

This design might just be going for drama; after all it’s in Blackwork style. But then again it might be about a doomed love affair although that might not be what you’d want to memorialize; especially forever in a tattoo. Regardless of the intended meaning, this is a beautiful work.


Dove Tattoo Ideas 22

Minimal Dove Tattoo Over Biceps

Short and sweet with no extra detailing; that’s Minimal style. The sea of negative or uninked space around the dove actually frames and highlights it. Nothing More Needed.

IG: leroygiesbers

Dove Tattoo Ideas 23

Fineline Dove Tattoo on Calf

The thin black lines in this tattoo are beautiful. They’re even and steady but what really sets this tattoo apart is its positioning. Not only are tattoos uncommon in this location but so is the orientation of the dove. Its angled positioning is so graceful and serves to accent the curves of the knee. Lovely

IG: gavin.p.b

Dove Tattoo Ideas 24

Black and Gray Bird Tattoo on Arm

This bird (is it a dove or a pigeon?) is perfectly centered between the other two tattoos. The heavy black inking ties them together aesthetically. Somehow the small opacities on the body of the bird are brought into focus by the darker ink used in the adjacent two. Very Nice

IG: sunonyourback