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The 77 Most-Amazing Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2023

Hello from the Panumart Tattoo Team, home of Thailand’s best tattoo shop. We understand you’re excited for your upcoming tattoo and want to find some inspiration. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

We have the perfect selection of amazing tattoos coming from top artists all over the world. After viewing our gallery you’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin. 

Tattoo Ideas 1

Amazing Realistic Golden Beetle Tattoo

I’m absolutely captivated by this stunning tattoo design! The artist has expertly captured the shimmering effect of real gold, creating an eye-catching and unique work of art. The placement on the forearm is perfect for showing it off, and the use of color realism is truly impressive. I’m curious to see how well the bright colors hold up over time, as yellow ink can sometimes fade faster than other colors.

IG: jooa_tattoo

Tattoo Ideas 2

Japanese Tiger Kimono Tattoo

This tiger tattoo design is truly impressive! The kimono draped across the arm adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, giving the impression that the wearer is a person of power and influence. The bold outlines and simple shading techniques create a striking visual impact, and the use of color is masterfully executed. It’s a wonderful blend of Japanese and Old School styles that really works well. Overall, a great tattoo that is sure to turn heads!

Tattoo Ideas 3

Salvador Dali-Inspired Dragonfly Tattoo On Forearm

I’m absolutely loving these art-inspired insect tattoos! This particular design, featuring a dragonfly inspired by the work of Salvador Dali, is truly amazing. The tattooist has done a wonderful job of replicating the intricate details and unique style of Dali’s art, creating a beautiful and eye-catching piece. It’s a testament to the time and skill required to create such a piece of art on the skin. If you’re considering getting a similar tattoo, be sure to do your research and find a reputable artist who has experience with this type of design. After all, you don’t want to end up with a bad tattoo that needs to be covered up later on.

IG: txttoo

Tattoo Ideas 4

Soft-Shaded Blackwork Snake Hand Tattoo

The placement of this snake tattoo is simply divine, with the smooth shading and layout adding to the overall impact of the design. I love how the artist has aligned the head and tail with the middle finger, creating a central focal point that draws the eye in. The wrap-around effect of the tattoo is also impressive, making it look like a real snake slithering around the wrist. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this type of tattoo placement is highly visible and may not be suitable for everyone. If you work in an industry that doesn’t support visible tattoos, it’s worth considering a different placement or a different design altogether.

IG: txttoo

Tattoo Ideas 5

Neo-Traditional Floral Blackout Full-Arm Sleeve Tattoos

These blackout sleeve tattoos are truly breathtaking, with the rich saturation of black ink creating a striking contrast with the negative space and delicate linework of the floral designs and insects. I’m particularly impressed by how smooth the Blackwork is, and how the artist has cleverly ended the sleeves in a pattern at the wrists rather than a straight line, creating a more natural and organic effect. These wonderful sleeves were created by the talented Canadian tattoo artist Ciara Havishya, whose Instagram page is filled with similar stunning designs. Be sure to check it out if you’re a fan of this style!

IG: la__tigresse__

Tattoo Ideas 6

Exquisite Black and Blue Peony Blackout Full Arm Sleeve Tattoo

Another one that’s not quite a Blackout but rather a Blueout. The intricate details and use of various shading techniques in these sleeves make them stand out, you’d definitely turn your head for a second glance if you saw her out in public. I love how the artist has used a combination of black and blue ink to create a unique and distinctive effect. The blue shade used is also quite unusual, adding to the overall impact of the design. The solid black ink provides the perfect contrast and really makes the blue pop. Overall, a truly impressive set of sleeves that any tattoo enthusiast would be proud to wear.

IG: inkartarchive

Tattoo Ideas 7

Colorful Feminine Galaxy Warrior Thigh Tattoo

This phenomenal color tattoo is further proof that bright and vibrant tattoos can look amazing on darker skin tones. The artist behind this galactic-themed piece is Adriana Hallow, who specializes in tattooing melanated skin. I love how the composition of the tattoo flows so smoothly with the shape of the client’s thigh, creating a truly eye-catching and unique design. To see more amazing tattoos on darker skin, be sure to check out Adriana’s Instagram page @adrianahallow. It’s a great source of inspiration and showcases the incredible talent of this skilled tattoo artist.

IG: adrianahallow

Tattoo Ideas 8

Line Work Portraits with Mandala Thigh Tattoos

The creativity on display in these tattoos is truly impressive, combining both portrait work and Mandala design elements to stunning effect. The Asian-inspired theme of the Mandala is further highlighted by the ornamental elements used throughout. Of course, the lotus flower is also a central feature of these tattoos, as it is in most Mandala designs. It’s amazing to think that the lotus, which grows in muddy waters, is able to produce one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. This symbolism is reflected in these beautiful tattoos, which showcase the lotus and other elements of the Mandala with grace and style.

Tattoo Ideas 9

Black and Gray League of Legends Fan Art Leg Sleeve Tattoo

League of Legends is one of the most popular online battle arena games. Like any extreme fan, this one devoted a whole leg and it’s actually extremely impressive. Usually, the art style that the game is in is very animated, but this fan decided to go a more realistic route and it paid off. The proportions are on point and the details are extraordinary, again, white highlights come in and add that extra little bedazzle this tattoo deserve.

IG: alessandrocovallerotattoo

Tattoo Ideas 10

Amazing Death-Inspired Full-Sleeve Arm Tattoo

Okay, this sleeve is incredible, there is so much going on but it just works so well! I love the various styles of shading and how soft the whip shading is, it adds a gentleness to an otherwise dark and eerie tattoo. The glow of the eyes is so creepy, but so cool at the same time.

IG: valkiriart_tattoo

Tattoo Ideas 11

Realistic Black and Gray Roman Statue Hand Tattoo

Now here’s a classic example of Realistic and Black and Gray styles. There’s no color – just the black ink and tones of gray used for shading. This masterful shading lends perspective and contrast to the portrait rendering it oh so natural – and yes “Real”. You could think it’s a piece of sculpture. Beyond technique, the design itself is awesome. The face is perfectly framed by the contours of the hand while the heavy black shading above it transitions the design onto the arm. Here’s one more reason to visit South Korea.


Tattoo Ideas 12

Realistic Black and Gray Tiger Hand Tattoo

Talk about Realistic style; checkout those teeth and eyes in this tiger hand tattoo! The gap of negative space above each eye and the mouth really brings them to life. Of course the design itself is sure to get your attention. Nothing says “Hello” like a roaring tiger tattoo.

Tattoo Ideas 13

Realistic Black and Gray Tiger Sleeve Tattoo on Forearm

The detail and shading of this tiger sleeve tattoo is so cool. From the menacing stare of the tiger to the contrasting light and dark shading of the flower, real drama is created in this design. Just be sure you want to be looking at this forever.

Tattoo Ideas 14

Winking Cat Tattoo on Arm

This is such a cute design; who wouldn’t love a winking cat. The thin lines, contrast and shading help create a totally realistic portrait. Of course the design’s overall shape mirrors that of the biceps and is perfectly centered.

IG: tattooist_pen

Tattoo Ideas 15

Feminine Orchid Tattoo On Woman’s Arm

The angelic shading on this tattoo almost creates a glowing effect. Her skin tone is not very dark, but it is dark enough that if there was too much shading, the piece would look flat and smudged. The artist left a lot of open spaces to really make the flowers stand out, which is a wonderful artistic choice and shows that she knows how to work with melanated skin even though many of her clients are fair-skinned.

IG: grettel.inkaholik

Tattoo Ideas 16

Elegant Fineline Script Tattoo On Woman’s Neck

Simple script that has meaning behind it are such awesome tattoos to get. Especially because a lot of the time, people will ask you what it means, and you get to tell them the story. This script is feminine and suits the neck because it’s been designed to flow with the anatomy here. Just keep in mind if you decide to get something similar, make sure you’re ready to commit to a tattoo that is very visible and can possibly harm your possibility of getting a job.

IG: fvcelesstattoo

Tattoo Ideas 17

Fineline Peony Tattoo On Forearm

Peonies represent love, happiness and beauty; perhaps having this symbolic flower tattooed on you will bring you all of those things. This piece is stunning, it almost looks like it was pencil drawn on the skin. The drop shadows on the flowers are amazing and create depth, along with the silky whip shading. I think it’s lovely that a male got this tattoo, it shows that floral can be masculine too. You can find Rob Santo in Bristol, UK, but for those of you who want to check out his work online, you’ll find him on IG @robsonnsantos.

IG: robsonnsantos

Tattoo Ideas 18

Large Eagles Tattoos on Man’s Chest

This tattoo is one of the most interesting ones in this collection. It features two identical eagles across from each other. Their bodies are cut by very thin lines, creating an interesting negative space design. The tattoo also incorporates a skeleton and a double sword in the middle, pierced by a thorned rose, which definitely adds an edge to it. This tattoo looks great on the chest of anyone who wants something out of the ordinary.


Tattoo Ideas 19

Geometric Tattoo on Man’s Hand

The design is decorated with abstract geometric patterns and multiple shapes: triangles, pentagons and hexagons. It’s placed on the top of the hand with details nicely extending onto the knuckles. It also makes use of shading techniques and Dotwork to create layers and dynamics, making every detail slightly different from each other, all while keeping a sense of symmetry to the whole design.

IG: weschetattoo

Tattoo Ideas 20

Mandala Tattoo With Shading on Hand

This cool hand tattoo is a perfect example of expert shading going from black to light gray. The shading gives this Mandala dimension. Here the artist works with only black ink and waters it down or dilutes it to create the varying shades. I love how this Mandala with its characteristic circular shape seems right at home on top of the hand. Doesn’t it look like it was always meant to be there.

Tattoo Ideas 21

One of the Most Beautiful Mandala Tattoos You'll Ever See! A Large Ornamental Mandala Tattoo on Back and Triceps

You want drama; well you got it. This large Mandala tattoo design in the Ornamental style certainly makes a statement. Perfectly symmetrical it covers the whole of the back from top to bottom, side to side. Look how beautifully the tattoos over each of the triceps compliment and frame the larger tattoo. They say the whole world’s a stage or better said here – The whole body’s a canvas.


Tattoo Ideas 22

Woman's Mandala Hip Tattoo With Flowers and Ornaments

This Mandala tattoo design quietly screams “Beautiful”. Enhanced first by its positioning over the hip (beautiful too) and then by its exquisite shading and subtlety of color selection. The Dotwork style is used to shade the Mandala. Here the artist must carefully ink multiple dots while never having any of them touch. A second style of shading is then introduced within the flowers. Here a Whip-Shading style is employed to avoid the creation of any solid lines.
Masterful – Sophisticated – Beautiful.

Tattoo Ideas 23

One of the Best Mandala Tattoos You'll See: An Ornamental Lotus Mandala Underboob Tattoo

Comment: Love, Love, Love this mandala tattoo which incorporates elements of the Ornamental style. Who wouldn’t want flowers and jewels effortlessly floating on her chest? I would! Seen by few but admired by all those who do. What a beautiful mandala design!


Tattoo Ideas 24

A Manly Mandala Design! A Full-Sleeve Blackwork Mandala Tattoo

Mandala Tattoo: Check as evidenced by the repeating patterns. Full-Sleeve: Check as evidenced by the tattoo extending from hand to shoulder. Bold: Check. But not only Bold but Bold On Steroids! Welcome to Blackwork style where all the ink is delivered in solid planes of black ink. Not your mother’s tattoo.


Tattoo Ideas 25

Women’s Black and Gray Butterfly Spine Tattoo

The butterfly is a symbol of change, hope, transformation and life. Inked in Black and Gray style, black ink alone is employed and watered down to create gray tones. These grays are then used for shading providing great contrast and detail. Real skill is needed to do this well – particularly in the very small spaces here.

Check out more butterfly tattoo ideas.

IG: ink_avenue

Tattoo Ideas 26

Tiger King Tattoo on Woman’s Arm With Crown

Of course the lion is the King of the Jungle. Interesting that a female lion is depicted here so this must be the Queen of the Jungle. The attention to proportions and light is important in rendering a realistic portrait of this lion. Thin lines, shading and contrast are all used to achieve this. It’s only fitting that there’s a crown on top is highlighted by the sun.

IG: tattooist_dh

Tattoo Ideas 27

Black and Gray Tiger Rose Tattoo on Forearm

Tiger tattoos can most definitely be feminine!

When you marry Fineline style & Black and Gray style; floral & tiger themes – and do it with expert skill you get this amazing tattoo. And this really is amazing. The flowers are a showcase for gorgeous lines, shading, dotwork and detail. The tiger equally impresses with its shading which uses only black ink and tones of gray. It can’t be said too much. This Is An Amazing Tattoo.

Tattoo Ideas 28

Japanese Cherry Blossom & Tiger Neck Tattoo

Japanese tattoos are never shy or timid and neither is this one. Boldly inked in black with some shading, it perfectly frames the neck. No accessories needed. With tigers representing bravery and a fierce spirit, I guess we can assume this is one strong lady. Hats off to her.

Tattoo Ideas 29

Realistic Black and Grey Cupid Side Neck Tattoo

Realistic? Yes – so much so that it looks like a sculpture you might see in Italy. To create this level of realism, contrast, shading and 3D are a must. And of course great skill. Inked entirely in the Black and Grey style, only black ink is used. Grey tones are then achieved by diluting the black ink. When you look at the detail, the beautiful shading, the positioning and overall design of this tattoo, you know you’re looking at something special.

Tattoo Ideas 30

Women's Blackwork Tattoo Front Neck

To enhance this bold design, Black Work style is employed. Using only black ink, an in-your-face tattoo is created. No thin black lines, no subtlety; just bold, solid planes of black ink. The design creates a focal point over the sternum. You can see how anatomy can dictata or enhance a design and vice-versa. The bottom of the chin and the collarbones are in fact integral parts of this design. Well done.

Tattoo Ideas 31

Blackwork Floral Neck Tattoo

This tattoo is a beautiful example of Black Work style. Using only black ink applied in bold solid planes, the lines are so perfectly done that the flower looks like this is where it was always meant to be. With the twisting and turning of the leaves, the tattoo comes alive. From the ink choice complementing this man’s own complexion and hair color – to the sweep of the design from ear to collarbone and then onto the back and under the chin – this work is masterful. Big props to the artist.

Tattoo Ideas 32

Black and Gray Tattoo of the Cosmos on Woman’s Spine

Black and Gray style uses only black ink which is then watered down to create gray tones. With thin black outlines and exquisite shading, this artist’s skills are really on display. This unique tattoo looks like a piece of fine metal jewelry. Dangling from the neck onto the spine, it beautifully adorns this woman’s back.


Tattoo Ideas 33

Women's Brushwork Calligraphy Chinese Spine Tattoo

The beautiful curves of this woman’s back are highlighted by this calligraphy tattoo. Slightly wider at the top it then narrows to no more than a line at the very bottom. This is sensuality on display. The Brushwork style, combining Asian influences and Berlin street art, then makes this tattoo modern and very relevant. Very Cool

IG: tommy_gunz619

Tattoo Ideas 34

Ornamental Floral Tattoo on Woman’s Spine

This tattoo alluringly follows the curves of this LBD. With the widest part mid-back, it then simultaneously tapers up and down along the spine. The floral design is accented by the accompanying Ornamental details. The “piece de resistance”: the four “chains” dangling from the leaves and the three dangling oh so low.

IG: classic_tattoo_berlin

Tattoo Ideas 35

Precious Dinosaur Kitten 3D Sticker Tattoo

Another sticker tattoo! As you can tell this is a popular design within the 3D style. One thing that should be noted when considering this type of tattoo is that they don’t always withstand the test of time. Currently, the colors are bright and the white is packed in nicely, but that may not be the case in a year or two’s time. Either way, this tattoo is too precious for words, the expression on the kitten’s face is priceless. Kudos to the artist IG: for packing the white in so solidly. Very Impressive


Tattoo Ideas 36

Polynesian-Inspired Full Tribal Sleeve

The Polynesian style of Tribal tattoos incorporates symbols of varying meanings, many of them representing protection, fertility or ancestral guardians. While I don’t know the meaning behind this one in particular, what I do know is that it’s absolutely amazing. The motion in this piece is so smooth and gives the illusion of easy-flowing movement. There’s also a three-dimensional feel to it, which I’m loving. Juliano Torres is the artist behind this magnificent sleeve, give his IG: @julianotattoo a like if you want more.

IG: julianotattoo

Tattoo Ideas 37

Amazing Blackwork Polynesian Forearm Tattoo

Okay, this might be one of my favorites on this list, and for good reason. Firstly it’s clean, from the black packing to the linework, secondly, the design itself is very cool, and lastly, the placement on the forearm is a great idea. The flow of the design fits the forearm like a glove without any significant warping or wrapping. Check out the artist at IG: @caio.spada for more like this.

IG: caio.spada

Tattoo Ideas 38

Incredible Polynesian Chest Tattoo

This is definitely a sexy tattoo, or maybe it’s a mixture of his body and the tattoo, whatever it is, it’s working for him. Often you’ll find people marry themselves to a certain style and will decorate their entire body in that same style. Here we can clearly see this client is going for perhaps a full bodysuit in the Polynesian style. This is a beautiful design, I love how it blends together with the original work. Fantastic!

IG: art_tattoo_reunion

Tattoo Ideas 39

Walking Elephant Arm Tattoo

If you’re looking for a cute tattoo that’s loaded with meaning, then this is it! This beautiful, gentle creature symbolizes strength, prosperity, stability, loyalty, luck & wisdom. The watercolor fadings and splashes amidst the perfectly outlined head and body, represent movement – an everyday reminder to keep moving, keep wandering even when you’re in the wilds.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Tattoo Ideas 40

Lion and Flower Forearm Tattoo

An unlikely combination, but this beautiful Watercolor tattoo of a lion’s head and a flower in bloom, could represent a person’s tough and soft sides. Someone who is strong and courageous, but who also possesses a kind and soft heart.

IG: ladyiristattoo

Tattoo Ideas 41

Crocus Flower Forearm Tattoo

This beautiful, intricate and striking Crocus Flower Watercolor tattoo is a daily reminder that winter passes and spring will ALWAYS come. Have faith and trust the process!

IG: monikaochmantattoo

Tattoo Ideas 42

Hummingbird Floral Forearm Tattoo

This hummingbird Watercolor tattoo truly makes a beautiful statement! This tiny bird is known to be one of the most popular picks when choosing a tattoo because of its versatility and meaning. This intricate piece of art symbolizes resilience, hope, kindness and luck, and it’s just as meaningful whether your design is big or small.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Tattoo Ideas 43

Unique Black and Gray Statue Forearm Tattoo

More statues, as you can see they’re quite popular, and for good reason. They look awesome as a tattoo. What we have here are various micro Black and Gray pieces all brought together to create one huge design and it works so well. I love the tiny details and intricate script, just keep in mind that when going this small with things, the chances of it bleeding into each other as they age are very high and you will be left with what appears to be a smudge, so it’s better to go big, especially with script if you want your tattoo to stay looking fresh.

IG: tiago__dot

Tattoo Ideas 44

Feminine Abstract Flowing Flower Forearm Tattoo

If you’re not sure how this is a flower tattoo, keep in mind this is an abstract piece after all. I love how it flows, but also how uniquely it’s been placed. You look at it and immediately wonder what it is, making it a special tattoo that could easily be used as an icebreaker. I sure would ask her what it is.

IG: newtattoo_demi

Tattoo Ideas 45

Realistic Black and Gray Tiger Tattoo on Triceps

There’s so much to love here. So realistic you can feel the texture of the fur and sense the sharpness of the nails. The fine lines, shading and contrast provide 3D. But that’s taken to a whole other level with the addition of the frame/window. Did the tiger just stick his paws out? Fantastic

Tattoo Ideas 46

Beautiful Neo-Traditional Sacred Geometry Forearm Tattoo

Who knew Neo-traditional could be incorporated into a Sacred Geometry tattoo? Now that we do, isn’t it magnificent? I’m loving the blackwork and how clean it is but also the softness of the dotwork and shading. I can see this being turned into an entire sleeve, which would be a really good idea. Exceptional work, for similar pieces, give the artist IG: @ Suttoos some love on IG.

IG: suttoos

Tattoo Ideas 47

Outstanding Realistic Mountain Sacred Geometry Tattoo On Man’s Chest

There have been a few mountain sceneries on this list, so what makes this one so special? Personally, I like this one because of how the artist brings together so many random elements into one amazing piece of art. It’s a very messy tattoo, but there’s a focal point that your eyes are drawn to, while the rest of the elements are taken in individually. I would love to know the meaning behind this Sacred Geometry tattoo. Outstanding. Btw, this guy looks pretty good too!

IG: the.xx.ttt

Tattoo Ideas 48

Black and Gray Sacred Geometry Architecture Tattoo On Man’s Forearm

How gorgeous is this Sacred Geometry tattoo? It’s structured beautifully but the most impressive part about it is how realistic the building looks. The combination of realism, geometry and binary code gives this tattoo a futuristic feel. Truly an awesome forearm piece.

IG: xsonseven

Tattoo Ideas 49

War-Themed Trash Polka Chest Piece Tattoo

Okay, I need to admit, I love it when people stick to a certain style of tattoo. Here you can see that this client stuck with Trash Polka and wow does it flow perfectly with his body. The centerpiece is clearly the chest because it ties both of the arm sleeves together, I love the theme he went for; it’s extremely badass.

IG: timelessinktoronto

Tattoo Ideas 50

Gorgeous Feminine Paw Print Trash Polka Tattoo On Woman’s Inner Arm

I love it when people get their pet’s paw prints tattooed; it’s a great way to show love for a furry friend. The placement of this tattoo is awesome, the forearm is a great space for tattoos that have personal meaning because your forearm rests close to your body. And there’s a lot of space to go really big if you wanted to.

IG: alitattoos

Tattoo Ideas 51

Flowers and Skull Trash Polka On Inner Forearm Tattoo

The Spanish artist Fran Veneroni is the mastermind behind this death-inspired tattoo. The way he captures the beauty of accepting that one day we all die is incredible and almost comforting. I adore the tiny details and texture in the skull, which add depth and create a three-dimensional illusion. Credit to Fran for this impeccable tattoo.

IG: franveneronitattoo

Tattoo Ideas 52

Black and Gray Owl Trash Polka Sleeve Tattoo

The positioning of this tattoo is one of my favorite parts about it. Why? Because it’s fully on display for the whole world to see and rightfully so. This is such a phenomenal piece, the hyper-realistic owl is absolute perfection. The artist showed off not only an ability to do Trash Polka but also realism that makes your jaw drop. I can’t get enough of this piece!

IG: torrestattoo

Tattoo Ideas 53

American Traditional Sailor Woman Tattoo On Arm

We finally have our sailor girl and isn’t she breathtaking? There’s something sultry about her gaze, perhaps she’s finally gotten off the ship and is seeing her lover for the first time in a long time. Only joking, but seriously, this style of eyes always has such a romantic feel to it. I like that the artist keeps things simple with the color palette, especially the red; it adds to the romantic vibe this tattoo is giving off.

IG: gaialeone_ht

Tattoo Ideas 54

Gorgeous Sailor Jerry-Inspired Lighthouse Forearm Tattoo

Welcome to another list of tattoos to inspire you in 2023. Today’s focus is on Sailor Jerry’s tattoos, closely related to American Traditional, also known as Old School.
First up, we have this awesome lighthouse. As the name suggests, you can expect many nautical-themed designs. What stands out the most is the lighthouse; the artist added a white outline to highlight it which brings it to the foreground. The shading is beautiful and smooth and the design itself looks amazing on the forearm. Great work!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Tattoo Ideas 55

Beautiful Sailor Jerry Style Framed Lady Tattoo

The best part about this tattoo? It’s gotta be the contrast between the colors of the flowers and the solid black ink surrounding the frame. Another thing that deserves credit is how the artist uses only three colors for this piece and yet still creates a beautiful tattoo that anyone would be lucky to wear on their body.

IG: traditionalstattoos

Tattoo Ideas 56

Incredible American Traditional Ship and Eagle Full Back Tattoo

Wow, wow, wow, that’s all that runs through my mind when I look at this outstanding back piece. The colors are so vivid and the lines bold, like they should be. A ship and anchor are also very popular designs when it comes to Sailor Jerry’s tattoos and it makes sense. He was not only a tattoo artist but also a skipper which is why there’s so much nautical inspiration.

IG: traditionalstattoos

Tattoo Ideas 57

Amazing Color Realistic Memorial Portrait Tattoo

Let’s admit it, those of us who are lucky enough to have a mom would probably also get a tattoo to honor her, I mean that’s the person who taught you how to use a spoon after all. Here we have a striking color realistic portrait of this client’s mom and all I can say is wow, just wow! I thought it was a photograph for a second and then realized that no, it’s not a photo, but a showcase of some serious tattooing skill. The placement seems to be on the inner triceps which is a lovely area to put something sentimental because it’s closer to your heart. I love the attention to detail, it is truly out of this world, especially the wrinkles on her hands and face, I have no words!

IG: victorialeetattoo

Tattoo Ideas 58

Jennifer’s Body-Inspired Color Portrait Tattoo

This is an awesome rendition from the movie Jennifer’s Body. However, the one thing that I will comment on is the proportion of her hands to the size of her head. Her hands just seem very small against her head and while it is accurate that our hands are proportionally smaller, these seem a bit too small. Regardless, the concept is great and the execution of colors, blending, and linework comes together to give us this stellar tattoo. The placement on the arm is also a brilliant choice as the composition of the design fits the space perfectly.

IG: dannyelliott_ink

Tattoo Ideas 59

Gorgeous Black and Gray Portrait Forearm Tattoo

There’s nothing like honoring your parents or grandparents with a beautiful tattoo of a precious memory. This one in particular is lovely and captures the pure joy these two were feeling in the photo. I love how 80s it looks. The artist did an amazing job at tattooing the tiny details, and incorporating the existing tattoo on the client’s wrist into the design.

IG: tattooist_bk

Tattoo Ideas 60

Black and Gray Realistic Wolf and Warrior Tattoo of Woman on Forearm

There are many renditions of the warrior woman with her wolf pelt out there, but this one is truly stunning. The way her hair is draped over her face gives the impression that she’s either in battle or running through the forest, whichever it is, it definitely gives this design motion, and I’m loving it.

IG: edergaldinotattoo

Tattoo Ideas 61

Realistic Black and Gray Tattoo of Woman with Red Cardinal on Side of Calf

This tattoo is very feminine. The mixture of soft shading, fine lines and the female portrait itself come together to create this feel. Adding the Cardinal in color is a fantastic touch as it breaks away from the black and gray while also creating a focal point that draws your eye to both the bird and the woman’s face. If you’re looking for an elegant, feminine and all-round beautiful design, then this is certainly inspiration for you.

IG: campohltattoos

Tattoo Ideas 62

Amazing Masculine Hyper Realistic Spiderman Half-Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Do you think Peter Parker snapped this shot of Spiderman himself? Because this clearly isn’t a tattoo but a photo. Only joking, but don’t you agree that this looks exactly like a snippet from the movie? The attention to detail, color blending, light source and composition are outstanding. What makes it even better is how well the shape and size of this piece fits on the leg. I can’t imagine how painful it must have been because it clearly wraps around into the crease of the knee; if you’ve ever been tattooed in that spot before you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

IG: tattoo_asylart

Tattoo Ideas 63

Incredible Hyper Realistic Color Tattoo of Tribal Warrior and Tiger

I don’t even know where to begin with this piece. There are such tiny, intricate details making up this tattoo, from the necklace to the fine hairs in the eyebrows and eyelashes to the tiger’s fur, it blows my mind that an artist can replicate so much detail to create a hyper realistic tattoo like this. The piercing blue in the eyes creates the idea that the warrior and tiger are one, while also forming an intense image of ice and snow. Just wow!

IG: mundo_das_tattoo

Tattoo Ideas 64

Badass Masculine Bart Simpson New School Thigh Tattoo Ideas

It’s a known fact that Bart Simpson is quite the handful, but here we can see that the artist has turned him into one badass kid. He’s got a knee tattoo and a hat that would make Marge cry, sorry Marge! This tattoo screams New School, from the color palette to the bold outlines and design. Here we can see that the client’s original designs are in a more American Traditional style but because New School borrows a few techniques from it, they actually complement one another.

IG: gnom_sanya_tattoo

Tattoo Ideas 65

Orc Babe from World of Warcraft New School Tattoo Ideas

It seems animation and cartoons are a popular theme within the New School style. If you know World of Warcraft, you’ll definitely know this babe. Orcs are a strong group of warriors pledged by their loyalty to the Horde, and the artist captured just how badass they truly are in this amazing piece. I love the subtle green pigment of her skin contrasting against the solid red war paint. The artist did a magnificent job, deserving lots of credit.

IG: robin_b_tattoos

Tattoo Ideas 66

Gorgeous Goddess of the Universe New School Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

Have you ever seen a tattoo so bright and bold before? The way the artist did this piece is absolutely amazing; the colors are in your face while the varying line weights create depth. The lines themselves are smooth and consistent. I love how this piece is working its way up the client’s leg, as you can see this tattoo is huge, and is acting as a cover up for a previous tattoo he didn’t like. Amazing work by this artist, go check him out on IG: @carlosbreakone for more colorful New School art.

IG: carlosbreakone

Tattoo Ideas 67

Ribs & Underboob Floral Tattoo on Black Skin

Here is such a beautiful, attractive tattoo. I like how the tattoo artist went with the fine line style, as it highlights the details of the flowers without darkening the whole piece with excessive shading. Plus I have to say this design does a great job flowing with the body.

Tattoo Ideas 68

Floral Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Forearm

Looks like there’s a floral cuff adorning this woman’s upper forearm. The thin black lines and gray shading impart a delicate feel to the design. It’s as pretty as any jewelry and guaranteed to stay in place.

Tattoo Ideas 68

Floral Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Forearm

Looks like there’s a floral cuff adorning this woman’s upper forearm. The thin black lines and gray shading impart a delicate feel to the design. It’s as pretty as any jewelry and guaranteed to stay in place.

Tattoo Ideas 70

Pretty 3D Micro Daisy Tattoo over Triceps

Daisies symbolize new beginnings and in Norse mythology are believed to be a sacred flower for the goddess of beauty, love and fertility. I love the placement over the triceps; it’s very elegant and the design is the perfect size for the client’s arm. Hopefully, it withstands the test of time as there is a lot of white which is notorious for fading. If nature is your thing, then this is the artist you want to check out; there’s a lot more where this came from on IG: @debrartist

IG: debrartist

Tattoo Ideas 71

Watercolor Floral Tattoo on Woman’s Forearm

Imagine being able to admire flowers anytime you’d like. These flowers are brought to life with the Watercolor style. The beautiful pastels seem to have been painted right on the skin. Beyond their beauty, the pinkish-purple Gladiolus symbolizes strength and victory. It’s also an August flower. The purple Lavender, with its calming scent, is often used in aromatherapy to promote a sense of serenity, grace and calm. Ahh – just what we all need.

Tattoo Ideas 72

Watercolor Poppy Tattoo on Woman’s Triceps

Ask tattoo artists and they’ll tell you that Watercolors are very difficult to paint; real skill and artistry are needed. The same is true with Watercolor style tattoos. It’s hard to miss the beautiful shading of the Poppies created here by “painting” the skin. Maybe this bouquet was a gift from someone you’ll always remember as Red Poppies do in fact symbolize remembrance.

Tattoo Ideas 73

Watercolor Forget-Me-Nots and Lotus Tattoo on Woman’s Forearm

This is not your traditional flower tattoo! Splashes of pastel colors are “painted” with spills flowing outside the lines; no formality, no rules – just a beautiful creation. The blue and aqua Forget-Me-Nots symbolize just that:“ Don’t Forget Me” or True Love. The pink Lotus is a beautiful flower despite growing in muddy or swamp waters. With the closing or disappearance of its blossoms each night, it miraculously blooms again each morning. The Lotus – the perfect symbol for rebirth and enlightenment.

Tattoo Ideas 74

Realistic Watercolor Rose and Peony Leg Sleeve

Roses and Peonies encircling your leg from toe to thigh – Yes! This beautifully designed leg sleeve accents the beautiful lines and curves of this particular leg. A Perfect Match. With expert shading associated with the Realistic style and the muted colors associated with Watercolor style, the flowers look like they were just picked. Were the Roses and Peonies chosen because of their beauty? Perhaps but it’s interesting to note that Red Roses symbolize true love while Peonies symbolize bashfulness, romance and marriage.

Tattoo Ideas 75

Japanese Brush Cherry Blossom Tattoo on Forearm

With bold “brush strokes” of black ink and precise color application to the flowers, this Cherry Blossom tattoo looks like a Japanese Watercolor painting. The forearm provides a perfect canvas with its surface and curves dictating the outlines of the design. As Cherry Blossoms bloom for only a very short time they symbolize the transience of life. Luckily here they’ll last a lifetime.

Tattoo Ideas 76

Realistic Watercolor Peony and Red Spider Lily Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Thigh and Hip

When using color, the Realistic style will introduce a wide range of tones; even going all the way to white ink. The star of this tattoo, the Peony flower, beautifully illustrates this. Inked in Watercolor style, the tattoo artist uses contrasting shades of blue along with white. True to the Realistic style there’s great use of shading in the leaves. The Peony typically symbolizes bashfulness, romance and marriage. The Red Spider Lilies, tattooed on the thigh, are associated with “goodbyes’, even death. Maybe this is just a beautiful design devoid of symbolization. It’s good to remember though what symbols might be associated with your design choice.

Tattoo Ideas 77

Custom X-ray Color with Realistic Black and Gray Flower Tattoo on Forearm

This custom forearm tattoo gets your immediate attention. After all the lightbulb is a new take on a vase. Artistic use of Black and Gray style is on display too. The black stem of the Azalea stands in contrast to the white petals of the Daisy. With the use of gray shading the water even seems to be swirling around. Pairing these two flowers together is a nice touch. The Azalea symbolizes womanhood and family while the Daisy symbolizes innocence, love and purity.