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Located outside the city with gorgeous views of nature, offering you great tattoos and unforgettable memories, Panumart Tattoo might just be the best tattoo shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Take a look around and decide for yourself :)

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With over 50 perfect 5-star ratings, Panumart Tattoo might be the best tattoo shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
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Panumart Tattoo is a boutique tattoo studio

Here's why you might decide that we are the best place to get a tattoo in Chiang Mai

Family Owned

Hi, my name's Ryan. My wife, Ahm, is the tattoo artist pictured on this page. In 2017 we decided to open up Panumart Tattoo so that we could spend more time together. But we weren't simply going to open another tattoo shop, we wanted to do things differently.

Inviting you into our home

In Thai culture is in common for families to work where they live. And while it may sound unusual for a tattoo shop to be located in someone's home, I can promise you that your experience will be great.

When you visit Panumart Tattoo you are treated like a friend. We give you our time, hospitality, food and kindness. We want you to have a memory with us that will last the test of time, much like the tattoo we hope to give you.


● We use premium name-brand ink that is never recycled.
● Our needles are always brand-new and only opened when you arrive.
● Physical barriers are always used to keep our work environment clean from infectious materials.
● Our tattoo equipment is steam sterilized.
● Our shop is cleaned daily and kept nice and comfortable.

A Uniquely Thai Experience

I, like many travelers, love getting a local look at the place I'm visiting. But it's not always easy to find authentic experiences. Luckily for you seeking a tattoo in Chiang Mai, there is Panumart Tattoo!

Honestly speaking, though, I think you'll really love to come visit us. Our home-based tattooing destination is located outside the city in a semi-rural suburb. This is an area that not many visitors come to, but an area that most love to visit. You'll get to meet us, meet our Thai family, maybe eat some home-made food and have a nice, genuine experience. Really my goal is just to make you not only love your new body art, but also to love the process of getting tattooed.


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