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Located outside the city with gorgeous views of nature, offering you great tattoos and unforgettable memories, Panumart Tattoo might just be the best tattoo shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Take a look around and decide for yourself :)

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With over 50 perfect 5-star ratings, Panumart Tattoo might be the best tattoo shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
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Tattoo Chiangmai

Panumart Tattoo is a boutique tattoo studio

Here's why you might decide that we are one of the best Chiang Mai tattoo shops

Family Owned

Hi, my name's Ryan. My wife, Ahm, is the tattoo artist pictured on this page. In 2017 we decided to open up Panumart Tattoo so that we could spend more time together. But we weren't simply going to open another tattoo shop, we wanted to do things differently.

Inviting you into our home

In Thai culture is in common for families to work where they live. And while it may sound unusual for a tattoo shop to be located in someone's home, I can promise you that your experience will be great.

When you visit Panumart Tattoo you are treated like a friend. We give you our time, hospitality, food and kindness. We want you to have a memory with us that will last the test of time, much like the tattoo we hope to give you.


● We use premium name-brand ink that is never recycled.
● Our needles are always brand-new and only opened when you arrive.
● Physical barriers are always used to keep our work environment clean from infectious materials.
● Our tattoo equipment is steam sterilized.
● Our shop is cleaned daily and kept nice and comfortable.

A Uniquely Thai Experience

I, like many travelers, love getting a local look at the place I'm visiting. But it's not always easy to find authentic experiences. Luckily for you seeking a tattoo in Chiang Mai, there is Panumart Tattoo!

Honestly speaking, though, I think you'll really love to come visit us. Our home-based tattooing destination is located outside the city in a semi-rural suburb. This is an area that not many visitors come to, but an area that most love to visit. You'll get to meet us, meet our Thai family, maybe eat some home-made food and have a nice, genuine experience. Really my goal is just to make you not only love your new body art, but also to love the process of getting tattooed.


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The Best Tattoo Studio Chiang Mai?


Hi, this is Ryan from Panumart Tattoo here in Chiang Mai.

While I'd love to tell you why our tattoo studio is the best one in Chiang Mai, the truth is that only you can truly decide which studio or tattoo artist is the best fit for you. Different strokes for different folks, right?

With that said, below I'll offer some friendly advice to follow when getting a tattoo in Thailand.

Hi, I'm Ryan. A 3-year resident of Thailand by way of Florida. I moved to Chiang Mai for my wife Ahm. Together she and I own Panumart Tattoo. For fun we enjoy eating, watching movies and traveling.

To find the best studio for your body art...

Keep doing what you're doing, research!


Have in mind what style of tattoo you would like. Many artists specialize in just one or two styles of work.

Two very different artistic styles from Ahm and Taew of Panumart Tattoo.


Have a budget in mind. At Panumart Tattoo, no matter your budget we can give you a great tattoo. But with a higher budget you can go bigger and more intricate with your tattoo design. And before getting any work done by an artist, do make sure to get an estimated quote of the price.

Tattoo by Yohng of Panumart Tattoo.


Use Google, Instagram and Facebook to start looking up artists. Always, and I mean always, check their work before getting a tattoo. Don't fall for artists or studios who pull images off of Google or show you tattoos without saying which of their artists made them


Get to know the artist and their shop. When you're suffering in pain, you will find yourself a happier person if you feel comfortable with your surroundings. A friendly artist along with a relaxed, clean studio go a long way.

Co-owner and artist of Panumart Tattoo, Ahm pictured above.

I preface this article with the above because even though I believe Panumart Tattoo has an amazingly talented, friendly and dedicated group of tattoo artists as well as the coolest tattoo shop in Chiang Mai, I know that not everyone will feel the same.

Why I think you'll love Panumart Tattoo

Art by Yohng from our shop.

The artists are professionally trained

At Panumart Tattoo we have a group of very talented artists that

  • Received professional apprenticeships
  • Studied art in university and
  • Actively share knowledge between one another.

# best tattoo artist chiang mai
Ahm | Taew | Yohng

The artists are really nice people

# Tattoo artist Chiang Mai

I don't know about you, but I like surrounding myself with friendly, supportive people. All of us take pride in treating you well and making you absolutely happy.

Yohng pictured on top. Taew and Ahm from left to right.

Dedicated to you, not the money

We are not a tattoo factory. We happily spend our time talking to you and re-working designs until you say it's perfect.

Photoshop first

Hesitant on selecting a design? We can Photoshop it onto your body so that you can truly envision how it would look on you. See for yourself below:

The tattoo pictured above is not actually a tattoo. It is a mock-up made in Photoshop to show our customer how her tattoo would look on her.

English speaking

With Ahm and I being fluent in English and Thai (y yo hablo Español también) you'll be able to express exactly what you want without anything getting lost in translation. Hopefully this helps you select where to go when searching for tattoo studio Chiang Mai.

Cleanliness is next to godliness - We are HYGIENIC, STERILE & SAFE

We go above and beyond with hygiene here - in fact we've had medical professionals from America come in and provide hygienic consulting.

  • All needles are brand-new.
  • All ink is name brand and has never been re-used.
  • Steam sterilization is utilized.
  • Brand new physical barriers are used on every customer.
  • Chemical cleaning is performed after each tattoo session.


Taking care of your tattoo is vital to preserving its integrity and your health, especially in Thailand. At Panumart Tattoo we use a medical grade plastic wrap called Dermalize to protect your tattoo.

Dermalize protects the new tattoo from friction and provides a WATERPROOF, ANTIBACTERIAL-BARRIER that prevents pathogens and external contaminants from entering the wound. The film is BREATHABLE, letting oxygen in and allowing excess moisture vapor to be released from the wound. It’s light to wear, FLEXIBLE and stretchable which allows it to be placed anywhere on the body and stay on,up to several days.

We are not like other shops

In Thailand it's quite normal to live where you work. But even with that said I'm sure it will be a surprise to you to find out our main shop is located in our home.

I think it offers a unique experience, however.

When you visit us you get a chance to venture outside of Chiang Mai's tourist center and experience Thai culture in a whole new way.

A look into our main location in the video above - our sister location is a traditional shop located in the Old City.
Learn more about Panumart Tattoo here.

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Tattoo Thai

Thailand is a hotspot for tattoos - That's a good and a bad thing

Let's talk about world of tattoos in Thailand.

Thailand has a rich history of tattoos. From times of old the people of Siam inked their body. Most famous from this tradition is the sak yant tattoo, which superstition says empowers the person who wears it with magical qualities.

Today that history is contrasted by a thriving tourist industry. Every year 30 million tourists flood Thailand to experience all the amazing experiences this country has to hold. And of course, many like you wish to return home with an exceptional souvenir inked to their bodies.

This combination of history and industry has created an atmosphere that has bred many world class artists.

The downside of this economic boom is ...

The ever-present tourist traps that can be found in every popular destination.

One thing that you should understand is that in Thailand rent can be very cheap. As in just above $100 / month cheap. This leads to a load of people opening up tattoo shops in tourist destinations because they know it would only take a handful of customers to turn a profit.

The downside to this is that Thailand is home to many tattoo shops that are treated like a hands-off money-maker instead of a professional business run by dedicated people. You'll find shops that are far from the best. The artists may be un- or under-trained. The shop may not be hygienic. The atmosphere of the shop may not be too cozy. And the artists may not be too friendly.c

Be wary of unsanitary shops with under-trained artists.

The lesson from all of this is...

If you are going to put something on your body for (presumably) the rest of your life, do some research so you will leave happy.

Alright folks, that's it for me. Thank you for reading, I wish you a pleasant stay in Thailand.


The best tattoo studio in Chiang Mai for you is Panumart Tattoo.