Chiang Mai Tattoo

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Panumart Tattoo promises to give you a memory of Thailand that you can bring home: a beautiful tattoo. Our head artist, Ahm, excels in Realistic-style tattoos. If you are looking for Old School, Line Work, Sak Yant or more, then we can help you too. Check for yourself in our Gallery.

Thai and American Owned

Panumart Tattoo is owned and operated by head tattoo artist, Ahm, a native of Thailand. Her boyfriend, Ryan, comes from a town near Miami, Florida. He is a professional designer who assists in the operations.

Hygenic and Professional

Health and safety are top priorities of Panumart Tattoo. We always use brand-new needles - straight from the package. Government standards are met. Professional protocols are followed - as learned from other top-level tattoo artists.