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30 DARK Raven Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

The raven, a dark symbol for death. Our lives and the experiences we go through sometime lead us to embracing darkness to some degree. Life isn’t perfect. We acknowledge that and we’re not afraid to share that with the world. And that’s why you are interested in inking one of these black birds on your skin.

But before you go and get your own raven tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most unique, most stylish, and most dreary raven tattoos ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Raven Tattoo Ideas 1

Custom Raven Tattoo

This Raven isn’t boxed in; rather he’s beautifully framed thanks to Geometric style. The triangles are suggestive of jewels; complete with dangling chain.. Creatively the outline of the Raven’s body is itself triangular. Add rectangles to the mix and you get an awesome tattoo. If you’re in Madrid, Spain visit Artist


Raven Tattoo Ideas 2

Blackwork Raven Tattoo on Man’s Chest

With outstretched wings this Raven creates an instant focal point on the chest. Like its perfect symmetry, the solid planes of black ink draw the eye in. Creatively negative or uninked space is then used throughout the design to create depth and detail. Bet you can’t look away.

IG: _kultov_

Raven Tattoo Ideas 3

Large Blackwork Raven Tattoo on Woman’s Back

Drama, Beauty; you’ve got it all here in this Blackwork Raven tattoo. Alluringly set at an angle, there’s a play of gorgeous dark shading and adjacent negative space. Of course not to be missed are the splotches of ink dripping from the Raven. Finished with gray and black splashes on the shoulder and arm and all that’s needed is your… LBD. Be sure to check out Artist IG:@lisaammertattoo when in Vienna and Berlin

IG: lisaammertattoo

Raven Tattoo Ideas 4

Black and Gray Raven Tattoo on Woman’s Shoulder

This is one stunning tattoo. The Raven’s orientation creates a light feeling as if there’s a gentle breeze below. The Raven gracefully highlights the lines of the collarbone; very sexy. And if that weren’t enough there’s truly skilled inking on display. With splotches of ink dripping from the Raven, this is one tattoo certainly deserving of praise. Big props to Artist IG:@stozhik_tattoo

IG: stozhik_tattoo

Raven Tattoo Ideas 5

Neo Traditional Raven Tattoo

The beautiful muted colors of Neo Traditional style are on full display in this tattoo. They’re precisely applied with attention to slight gradients of tones. There’s also the rendering of realistic shapes although they’re not quite photo-realistic. The beautiful colors of Fall; Forever Yours

IG: catieheartink

Raven Tattoo Ideas 6

Linework Raven Tattoo

Delicate lines and subtle shading set the stage in this tattoo. The Crescent moon is used to artfully frame and highlight the Raven. The moon is beautifully shaded but becomes even more enticing as branches wrap around it. And the cherry on top: bits of white ink creating twinkling stars.

IG: juliemariegene

Raven Tattoo Ideas 7

Blackwork Full-Sleeve Raven Tattoo

The drama of Blackwork is perfect for the Raven. In this tattoo the heavy planes of black ink are offset by adjacent areas of black shading. This shading is not only dramatic but super-sophisticated. And then to really make a statement, bands of negative space are creatively interspersed throughout the design. Props to Artist IG:@acxys_art from Mexico City, Mexico

IG: acxys_art

Raven Tattoo Ideas 8

Black and Gray Raven Tattoo on Forearm

The tones used in this tattoo seem to match the mood; dark and ominous. Black ink is used and then watered down to create varying tones of gray. Although the symbolism of the Raven with a skull varies in different cultures, it’s often associated with death. Not sure I’d want this on my forearm. What about you?

IG: gordiymichaeltattoo

Raven Tattoo Ideas 9

Neo Traditional Raven Tattoo on Hand

First thing you should know is that hand tattoos aren’t that common. It’s not only a very sensitive area to ink but tattoos here tend to fade. That’s because we’re always using and washing our hands. That being said they can also be very cool. This Raven tattoo neatly outlines the hand. The red spikes are then the perfect finishing touch to this very masculine design.

IG: _ballaitattoo_

Raven Tattoo Ideas 10

Realistic Raven Tattoo on Man’s Neck

You obviously can’t miss this tattoo and that’s the point. First there’s it’s prominent location high up on the neck. Then there’s the heavy opaque black inking highlighted by the swirl of negative space. With white dots around the eye bet you can’t look away.

IG: sleektattooartist

Raven Tattoo Ideas 11

New School Black and Gray Raven Tattoo

A Raven, a skull; guess this is all about death. The design is literally spot on thanks to the white ink that’s used. Whether highlighting the flowers, the Raven’s eye or even the skull’s teeth, it’s like a punctuation mark pulling you in. Combined with great shading and contrast, this is a very cool tattoo.

IG: krissydiane_tattoos

Raven Tattoo Ideas 12

Black and Gray Raven Tattoo

Highlighted with precise black lines, the shading in this tattoo is subtle, precise and oh so sophisticated. The shading then creatively extends onto the leaves and around the gorgeously inked moon which is complete with its own slice of black ink. With just the right amount of white ink, this is a design you’ll never getting tired admiring. Props to Artist IG:@abbiejohnstontattoo from Carlisle, CA

IG: abbiejohnstontattoo

Raven Tattoo Ideas 13

Black and Gray Raven Tattoo with Whip Shading

What better way to highlight your chest than this Black and Gray Raven tattoo. Immediately you can’t help but notice the amazing shading. Appearing like a series of multiple lines, it’s precise; it’s unique. The specialized technique of Whip shading is used to create this specialized effect. Props to Artist IG:@i.dumano_tattoo from Paris, France

IG: i.dumano_tattoo

Raven Tattoo Ideas 14

Neo Traditional Raven Tattoo

What are the requirement for a great tattoo? Skilled inking is of course necessary but without an equally good design a tattoo will never be great. Lucky for this customer the aesthetics here are awesome. First there’s the alluring portrait nestled between the wings. Color is then added to the mix and of course the symmetry of the design can’t be ignore. Props to Artist IG:@jeanpaulmaratt from Moscow, Russia

IG: jeanpaulmaratt

Raven Tattoo Ideas 15

Old School Raven Tattoo

Look familiar? This tattoo is Old School style with its characteristic bold outlines, simple color palette and simple shading. Think Grandpa’s tattoo of a pin-up girl presented with an updated theme. Here the Raven takes center stage highlighted by the big red sphere and surrounding branch.

IG: markdiehl

Raven Tattoo Ideas 16

Blackwork Raven Tattoo

A Raven. Rope. An Hourglass. Is this tattoo a reference to death? Not sure but there’s definitely a story here. Beyond any intended symbolism, this tattoo showcases outrageously good inking from the steady lines to the shading to the heavy planes of black ink. Props to Artist


Raven Tattoo Ideas 17

Black and Gray Raven Tattoo with Line Shading

This large Black and Gray Raven tattoo creates a masterpiece on this man’s back. The spread wings of the Raven highlight the shoulders while the image of the man below highlights the waist. Creating a focal point is the large central sphere. Throughout the design beautiful shading is showcased which uses primarily only thin black lines.

IG: lescrowtattoo

Raven Tattoo Ideas 18

Large Blackwork Raven Tattoo with Chains

If you’re going big and bold, go Blackwork style with a tattoo stretching from shoulder to shoulder. Then add some chains for added effect. Boldness is similarly seen in the inking of the heavy black outlines and the planes of opaque black ink. And then just because, add a fineline image at the top for a little contrast. Props to Artist IG:@bartdelgadotattoo from Barcelona, Spain

IG: bartdelgadotattoo

Raven Tattoo Ideas 19

Blackwork Raven Tattoo on Man’s Neck

This tattoo isn’t for the shy but from the looks of it that’s not an issue here. There’s beautiful shading on display but equally important is how the design perfectly fits the location. The Raven highlights the neck and then is framed by the Crescent moon above and the barbed branch below. Very Cool

IG: swan_tattooer

Raven Tattoo Ideas 20

Neo Traditional Raven Tattoo

Some designs just work; they’re standouts just like this one. The tones used here are textured and nuanced which make them the perfect backdrop for the red ink. It’s used to accent the feathers and the Raven’s beak then quite literally the flames. Finishing this design is the coolest Crescent moon which seems like the…Perfect Ending. Big props to Artist IG:@thyttoo

IG: thyttoo

Raven Tattoo Ideas 21

Custom Realistic Raven Tattoo with Geometric Elements

Take steady black lines, excellent shading, an interesting design and splash in some geometric elements and you get this great tattoo. The design really dazzles with the interplay of shadow and light. Wrap it all up with a gorgeous full moon and you know you can’t go wrong.

IG: nhea.ttt

Raven Tattoo Ideas 22

Raven with Skull Tattoo on Inner Forearm

The image of a Raven perched on a skull speaks of death. Here the dark tones employed set the stage for this somber mood. The linear lines of the design perfectly fit the canvas provided by the forearm. Just as consideration must be taken as to where to hang a painting, design and location must be coordinated.

IG: sarvo_art

Raven Tattoo Ideas 23

Realistic New School Raven Tattoo

The tones in this tattoo are beautiful; dramatic yet subtle. There’s a hint of winter coming with the foliage losing its color. Skilled shading is seen throughout the design but especially on the body of the Raven. You can even feel the texture of the feathers as they lay one upon another. Props to Artist IG:@swan_tattooer from Seoul, Korea

IG: swan_tattooer

Raven Tattoo Ideas 24

Black and Gray Raven Tattoo on Thigh

It’s hard at first glance to decipher the orientation of this Raven. Where’s the head? Once you do figure it out you can then concentrate on the unique shading. It has a lace-like appearance which is interspersed by several bands of black ink. And back to the orientation of the Raven; the open wings on one side are nicely balanced by the rays on the other side.


Raven Tattoo Ideas 25

Custom Raven Tattoo

It’s so cool how the Raven seems to be perched on the wheel; also how the distinct images comes together to form a cohesive design. The vertical lines, dots and squares seem to make sense and add interest to the design. What this all means…sure this tattoo will be the start of many conversations.


Raven Tattoo Ideas 26

Beautiful Realistic Blackwork Raven Tattoo

Everything about this tattoo is beautiful from the tones to the shading to the design itself. Positioning the Raven in this downward position creates movement and interest. Of course set against the gorgeous yellows and browns of the branch it appears to be a moment captured in time. Props to Artist IG:@jiro_painter another great artist from Seoul, Korea

IG: jiro_painter

Raven Tattoo Ideas 27

Realistic Blackwork Raven Tattoo

Look at the top of the Raven’s head and you can decipher individual feathers. Look at the body of the Raven and you can sense the texture of the feathers as they’re layered one on top of the other. How is this possible? – great shading and contrast. The large area of negative ink around the Raven similarly makes this tattoo a standout.

IG: g.yawny

Raven Tattoo Ideas 28

Black and Gray Raven Tattoo

You have to love everything about this tattoo. There are the parallel lines used as backdrop and frame for the Raven. Swirling curved lines are then used to provide contrast and texture to the body of the Raven. Put a flashing light on the bottom and it’s good… Night. Awesome. Props to Artist IG:@the.xx.ttt from Dresden, Germany

IG: the.xx.ttt

Raven Tattoo Ideas 29

Blackwork and Watercolor Raven Tattoo

Talk about a beautiful marriage of styles; Blackwork and Watercolor. Hats off to this artist for combining these two styles with splashes of red, blue and even black. This is what makes this design so cool. It’s not just a tattoo but akin to the best street art out there. Props to Artist IG:@thiagomelloarte

IG: thiagomelloarte

Raven Tattoo Ideas 30

Blackwork Raven Tattoo on Arm

Although this is Blackwork style, a high degree of subtly is achieved in this tattoo. Of course the white ink allows for texture and detailing. You also immediately notice the design itself. The large area of negative space between the feathers is a perfect counterpoint to the curves of the shoulder and it’s just…Beautiful

IG: hanstattooer