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34 Unbelievable Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

Who says dinosaurs are extinct? We found a few of them lurking around Instagram, apparently, that meteor didn’t get all of them! Let’s take you back a few million years with these awesome dinosaur tattoos; they’re an awesome addition to any ink collector, and even better, they make for an awesome conversation starter.

But before you go and get your own dinosaur tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most awesome, most pleasing and most badass dinosaur tattoo ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 1

Colorful Neo Traditional Pterodactyl Tattoo

The colors in this Neo Traditional tattoo are absolutely gorgeous. I love how the lime green and pastel pink round each other off, transitioning from the bright colors to the darker shades. Because the design is in an elongated shape, it works well with the length of the client’s thigh. The artist did an amazing job with the lines and color packing.

IG: deankalcoff

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 2

Adorable Blackwork Sea-Themed Dinosaur Tattoo

Black, bold lines, and dark shading are the classic Blackwork way. This is such an adorable tattoo, the incorporation of sea animals is a sweet addition to this cute forearm piece. Weijia is the artist behind the art, and they specialize in Blackwork tattoos, find more inspiration @weijia_art.

IG: weijia_art

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 3

Custom Velociraptor Wearing Kicks Calf Tattoo

A Velociraptor wearing Vans? How neat is that? Oh, and he has a tattoo. This tattoo looks like it could be an advert. I love the whip shading and the shadow the artist created; it makes the tattoo stick out as it looks somewhat 3D. This design fits like a glove on the client’s calf. The Polish artist is actually a specialist in Neo Traditional dinosaur tattoos. Go and have a look!

IG: pink.madzilla

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 4

Cute Neo Traditional Velociraptor Tattoo

Neo Traditional seems to be a firm favorite style for dinosaur tattoos, there’s so much an artist can do with the colors and line work. Obviously, this is a well-read Velociraptor,;he has a book in his hands which is quite a cute play on the fact that they were considered to be one of the smartest dinosaur species. The design is perfect for the triceps; kudos to the artist.

IG: pink.madzilla

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 5

Sketch Black and Gray Dinosaur Arm Tattoo

Another tattoo that reminds me of a child’s storybook, the sketchy style is delightful and the thick lines work well with the dotwork. It looks like the dinosaur is moving or dancing because of the motion lines. Overall, this is a charming addition to the client’s arm.

IG: melissadowart

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 6

T-Rex Skeleton Tattoo on Man’s Foot

Anyone into Paleontology? This is such a cool T-Rex skeleton or “fossil”. I think that the placement is genius. The design flows with the shape of his foot, and if you think about it, your feet are what you use to walk on the ground which is where dinosaur fossils are found. If the client thought of that when getting this, then it makes it a way more awesome tattoo. The line work is clean, the shading is well done, I love this piece!

IG: threekingstattoo

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 7

Abstract T-Rex Tattoo on Woman’s Arm

This abstract tattoo looks like it comes straight out of a children’s storybook, and I think that’s absolutely adorable. The style is very unusual, which is the thing I love the most about it. I enjoy the colors and how bright they are and the way they contrast with the blackwork. Amazing artwork!

IG: kudutattoo

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 8

Awesome Blackwork T-Rex Skeleton Tattoo

I love Blackwork tattoos, but this is a Blackwork piece with a twist. The artist used white in the bones to give this skeleton a realistic touch. The little details in the bones are such an awesome addition. The placement on the calf is great; it doesn’t wrap around, so it’s in full view of whoever is walking behind them.

IG: joshhurrelltattoos

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 9

Amazing Neo Traditional T-Rex Head Tattoo on Guy’s Thigh

Tyler Wright is an America Traditional and Neo Trad artist. The spiked crown is a terrific element; I like its cooler color palette contrasted against the warm colors. It helps bring the dinosaur to the foreground. There’s no way I would mess with this T-Rex, not with those sharp teeth!

IG: tyler_wrong97

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 10

Dotwork Illustrative Dinosaur Triceps Tattoo

Isn’t the pepper shading in this tattoo really good? I’m enjoying the way it’s coming off of the solid blackwork. There are thick black lines that are smooth like butter; the artist clearly has a steady hand. The only thing I would suggest is shading in the teeth, the gray looks a bit flat.

IG: fox.kit

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 11

Feminine Velociraptor American Traditional Thigh Tattoo

This is very Old School, but the line weight is more Neo Traditional. If you know your tattoo styles, you’ll know that the script is very American Traditional, and the rest of the tattoo follows a more Neo Trad color palette. Doesn’t it look like he’s trying to say hi?

IG: amber.elise.tattoos

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 12

Illustrative Triceratops Dotwork Tattoo

Some people really enjoy a simple tattoo, and that’s exactly what we have here. As simplistic as it is, it’s still super adorable. The various line weights make it look like a stylized black and gray cartoon;I love the tiny details the artist added with the pepper shading and the width of the tattoo fits snugly on the triceps.

IG: winkrot

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 13

Bright and Colorful Roller Derby T-Rex Tattoo

A roller derby T-Rex? I wouldn’t want to compete against this cutie. The positioning on the triceps works very well, but it’s the bright colors I’m liking the most. It’s not often you see a tattoo with a glitter background; I love how the artist used various-sized white dots to form this illusion. This is the perfect piece for anyone that loves roller derby and dinosaurs. If you’re looking for colorful inspiration, check out the artist @geem_tattoo.

IG: geem_tattoo

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 14

Trendy Neo Traditional Dinosaur Tattoo on Calf

Neo Traditional tattoos often have a very illustrative look; you can tell that the artist is confident in this style, after all, it’s what they’re good at. Like most Neo Trad tattoos, this one incorporates muted colors but adds a twist with the bright yellow, which stands out against the gray tones. Jeroen J, the artist, did a profound piece on their client, and the calf was definitely the correct spot for this lovely work of art.

IG: jj.neotraditional


Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 15

Masculine Fineline Blackwork Mythical Dinosaur Tattoo

This is such a badass tattoo, from the style to the actual design and positioning on the arm. It looks a lot like etching which is an old form of art used back in the Medieval days. There is a theory that dinosaurs actually had feathers, so this is a nice play on that theory.


Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 16

Pretty Fineline Forearm Tattoo

I’m not sure if I like the openness of the dinosaur, while it does make it stand out among the flowers, it looks incomplete. Besides that, the overall flow of the design on the forearm is flattering, and because of its size, it looks like the client has a half sleeve. It’s also a very feminine piece because of the soft lines and shading; who says a dinosaur can’t be a feminine creature?

IG: mariafernandeztattoo

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 17

Illustrative Herbivore Dinosaur Tattoo

A similar piece to the previous one, although this one is more sketchy, it almost reminds me of an illustration for an educational dinosaur book. The blackwork is done to perfection, and I think the artist did a great job packing the lines; they’re smooth and lack any major inconsistency. A colorful background would have been a great addition to this piece because it would have brought the dinosaur to the foreground. For more like this, take a gander at Felipe Cesar’s work


Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 18

Fineline Fairy Dinosaur Tattoo on Woman’s Forearm

This is such a sweet feminine tattoo. The fine lines and faint pepper and whip shading create a soft design that looks really good on the client’s forearm. There are no irregular lines; the artist really knows her techniques. This is a tattoo you’d be happy to show off. Feeling inspired yet?

IG: mariafernandeztattoo

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 19

Mom and Baby Micro Dinosaur Tattoo

Micro tattoos are on the rise;they’re cute and tiny, and if you need to hide them, you can do so easily. Fitting into the “cute” category, this precious mom and baby dinosaur tattoo is to die for. It looks like it was taken straight out of a storybook, which I think adds to its cuteness. Their rosy cheeks are my favorite thing about this tattoo.

IG: rolypolyc

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 20

Matching Minimalism Dinosaur Arm Tattoos

Matching tattoos are fun; there’s nothing like getting something marked on your body forever with the person that means the most to you. These minimalist line work dinos are adorable. The lines are smooth and the lack of shading is typical of the style. Placement-wise, the triceps, and forearm are lovely areas, although these are quite small tattoos, so perhaps the wrist would have been a better option.

IG: prampramtattoo

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 21

Amazing Triceratops Head Tattoo

Are you a fan of the Triceratops? If so, then you might like this design. Blackwork is often thought of as solid black, but what this artist did was use solid black for the shading and whipped it to create the lighter “gray”. I enjoy the thin textured lines;they contrast well against the thicker lines. The positioning of this tattoo looks like it’s on the calf, which is a strange angle to place this piece, I think it would have been better placed the right way up. Either way, it’s still an awesome tattoo.


Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 22

Beautiful Baby Dinosaur Stylized Tattoo

This tattoo is the most precious thing I’ve seen on this list. I adore how the background looks like colorful sprinkles you would find on a cupcake. Even though this is a cold-blooded creature, the adorable smile he has on his face melts your heart. The colors are muted, but it’s perfect for this design because of the color palette of the dinosaur; the brightness of his eyes is a nice break away from the rest of the colors. This is quite a unique tattoo.

IG: skylar_rose_art


Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 23

Gorgeous Mushroom Triceratops Triceps Arm Tattoo

It’s a Triceratops made of mushrooms! The shading is amazing, and the pepper effect suits this design well. The bit of variability in the line work is the only thing that I can comment negatively on. But in general, this Triceratops tattoo on the triceps is stunning.

IG: lizzydaltontattoo

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 24

Neo Traditional Colorful Dinosaur Calf Tattoo

How amazing are the colors in this tattoo? Credit to the artist for doing an awesome job at color choice, color execution and crisp line work. The green, orange, and yellow blend so pleasingly and create an eye-catching combination with the gray and blue of the dinosaur. The frame produced by the leaves is lovely, and I like the way it’s situated both in front of and behind the Velociraptor. Another calf tattoo, it seems dinos on this part of the body are popular.

IG: monikabooo

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 25

Precious Minimalism Dinosaur Tattoo

All the colors of the rainbow, what a simple and pretty tattoo. I love the little flowers and how bright they are. Even though this is a minimalist piece, the line work is exceptional, there is not one bump or variation. I’m not entirely sure what part of the body it is, maybe the leg? Wherever it is, this is a really nice tattoo.

IG: witaminat

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 26

Simple Illustrative Color Dinosaur Leg Tattoo

As simple as this tattoo is, there’s a lot going on. The thick line work is the perfect choice for gentle shading. What’s nice about this piece is the way the artist did the color in the leaves and how solidly it’s packed. This is a cheerful-looking dinosaur!


Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 27

Funny Jurassic Park Dinosaur Calf Tattoo

Do you remember the meme created from this picture? How funny is this spectacular dinosaur tattoo? I love it when people take something hilarious and turn it into a lifelong body companion. There is a lot of American Traditional inspiration, especially with how solid the black is and the script. A great color palette, I think the artist outdid themself with both color packing and line work.

IG: txttoo

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 28

Blackwork Full Arm Sleeve Masculine Dinosaur Tattoo

While this tattoo is really cool, it’s actually difficult to see what’s going on here. You would need to look quite closely before you see all the elements. That’s because it’s a busy piece with a lot of different lines and geometric shapes. It’s a skillfully executed tattoo, I just think that it’s too busy, and there’s no way to tell the difference between the various skulls. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad tattoo, maybe it’s exactly what you’re looking for!

IG: renatovision

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 29

Feathered Dinosaur Tattoo On Side of Woman’s Leg

This tattoo is massive and flows so nicely with the shape of this woman’s body. The colors are vivid. I like the blue, pink, turquoise and yellow; they’re shocking and stand out strikingly. The spaces left open on the edges of the wings are a very Neo Traditional/Old School technique. Applauds to the artist, this is phenomenal work!

IG: robin_b_tattoos

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 30

Badass Blackwork T-Rex Side of Calf Dinosaur Tattoo

The blackwork almost looks like it was inspired by Tribal, which is quite cool. There are fine lines, Dotwork, and Blackwork in this piece which all combine together to give you this great piece of art. It’s quite a masculine piece, but then again, this style suits anyone. Nice work at creating highlights in the mouth and snout. Blackwork is Luca Cattaneo’s style, so give his IG a follow for more @lucacattaneoart.

IG: lucacattaneoart

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 31

Fineline T-Rex Forearm Tattoo

Between life and death, this is a fabulous take on the concept, the length of the design makes it the perfect size and shape for the forearm. The fine lines and minimal shading also soften this tattoo, so it could work as both a masculine and feminine piece. Big-ups to the tattoo artist for this cool tattoo.


Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 32

Alien-Inspired Neo Traditional Dinosaur Tattoo

I think it’s awesome when artists morph things together, for the Alien vs Predator fans, here’s the tattoo you’ve been waiting for. It’s the perfect mix of Science Fiction and Science. The form of the design is great for the thigh; it’s not too big that it wraps around and not too small that it looks random. Nice.

IG: deankalcoff

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 33

Masculine Blackwork Dinosaur Tattoo on Man’s Thigh

Is this a lizard-dinosaur-dragon or just a really cool ancient reptile? Whatever it is, I think it’s one of the coolest designs, and the fact that the style works well with the original work makes it even better because it doesn’t appear random amongst the client’s theme. Good composition with length and width, the tattoo molds into the shape of the client’s leg beautifully.
I hope you found the perfect tattoo inspo, and are ready to go and get that dinosaur tattoo you’ve been longing to have.

IG: robinwilliamstattooer

Dinosaur Tattoo Ideas 34

Abstract T-Rex Tattoo on Woman’s Arm

Abstract art always has this feminine feel to it, I’m not sure if it’s because of the fine lines mixed with the bolder ones, either way, even though this is a big and scary T-Rex, there’s a nice soft touch to it. Nice clean lines, illustrative shading and perfect positioning. I’m sure the client was super stoked about this piece.

IG: jodiemaetattoos