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33 Cool Collarbone Tattoo Ideas for Women in 2024

Prominent bone structure is often sought after. Collarbones, especially, are slim pieces of bone that frame the start of the chest and connect to the shoulders. In the world of tattoos, collarbones have been a centerpiece of attention and the playing stage of many outstanding pieces. Truthfully, the way that collarbone tattoos decorate the chest is incredible. They are subtle, perfectly aligned with the human anatomy, and they are often highly-visible pieces of art that make you stand out. Admittedly, bone structure is extremely variable, and everyone’s collarbones have different densities. Because of this slight anatomical variation, choosing the best collarbone tattoo proves to be a challenging feat.

But before you’re jolted out of your seat with only collarbone tattoo in mind, enable us to guide you and help you choose the perfect piece of ink. In the collection of pictures that you will find below, you will see the most show-stopping, breathtaking collarbone tattoo ideas of 2024. Electrify your mind and find the perfect tattoo style for your own collarbone tattoo.

Ready for the ride? Let’s begin.

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 1

Nautilus and Flowers Collarbone Tattoo

The presence of an ancient shell is a tried and true symbolism for natural awareness. The connection between femininity, tenderness and biology is artfully depicted through this black and gray piece of realism tattooing. This collarbone tattoo was done by Ahm, utilizing vegan-friendly inks at our hygienic facilities in Panumart Thailand.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 2

Swallows and Weed Leaf Tattoo

As many of you may know, the “Sailor Jerry” style of tattoos was responsible for popularizing swallow imagery. In the times of old, sailors and mariners would mark their skin with the image of a swallow each time they sailed more than five thousand miles. It was used as a badge of honor that spoke about the achievements of each sailor. Nowadays, swallow tattoos are a very popular piece of American Traditional tattoo art. Twin swallows below this woman’s collarbone fly proudly towards her heart, each holding a hemp leaf. Bold and graphic tattoos comprise the portfolio of the Russian-based author of these twin swallows, who enjoy a taste of the J.

IG: ph___tattoo

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 3

Complex Geometrical Star Tattoo

A star tattoo is usually correlated to protection and guidance. Through this abstract application of geometric pathways that lead everywhere and nowhere at the same time, this complex geometrical star tattoo is a sight to behold. This dot work tattoo style is perfectly fitting for the substantial depth of the artwork. This geometric, below the collarbone tattoo was done by Ahm, utilizing vegan-friendly inks at our hygienic facilities in Panumart Thailand.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 4

Starry Night and Star Beetle Tattoo Crossover

This is the neotraditional depiction of a stag beetle. Insides full of a starry night sky and bold light blue outlines, this tattoo is custom-made and truly unique. Gorgeous tattoos like this one should not go unnoticed. And to think that this is a cover-up of an existing tattoo is even more mind-boggling. Polish tattoo artist Daria Staph deserves praise and recognition for this and many others of her pieces.

IG: dariastahp

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 5

Ginkgo Flower Collarbone Tattoo

The leaves of a Ginkgo flower that have been immortalized with ink on the skin are often related to a premise of strength and courage. This gorgeous fan-shaped flower is commonly applied by utilizing a realistic approach, though black work styles are also extremely popular. This soft gray Ginkgo flower collarbone tattoo was done by Aon, utilizing vegan-friendly inks at our hygienic facilities in Panumart Thailand.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 6

Painterly Flowers Collarbone Tattoo

There is no doubt that this painterly tattoo is very high quality. Producing a tattooed piece that looks like it’s been painted with conventional paint on a canvas is extremely challenging. Beautifully done right below this woman’s collarbone, these pinkish orange flowers decorate her body gracefully. This small flower tattoo is only but a snippet of this artist’s repertoire. There are many other pieces of ink done masterfully from the US-based tattooist, Chou Chou. She also covers many different styles like color realism, illustrative design and black and gray.

IG: chou_ta_1

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 7

Soft Black and Gray Rose Tattoo

Because of their beauty and their cultural significance, roses are the most tattooed flower all over the world. The style of this tattoo could also be described as “gray work”, a subtle variation of “black work”, which is often darker and involves the usage of deeper tones of black, whereas gray work is softer and more feminine. This feminine collarbone tattoo was a Cover-up of an old piece, placed carefully by Aon, utilizing vegan-friendly inks at our hygienic facilities in Panumart Thailand.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 8

Color Realism Sunflowers Tattoo in Collarbone

Even outside the world of tattoos, sunflowers are globally recognized as a symbol of joy, and happiness and brightness. The color realism approach is a testament to the honor of this positive flower, that now lives atop the collarbone of this woman. Utilizing bright colors and deep knowledge for all things natural, the premise of “Only Botanical and Floral Plants” compile the offerings that May Yoon has for their clients.

IG: frommay_tat

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 9

Feminine Illustrative Koi Fish Tattoo

Though categorizing this tattoo under the “color realism” style would be fitting, it is important to note that the rules of tattooing often get bent, depending on the perception of the artist. In this case, there are illustrative elements to the execution of this gorgeous koi fish tattoo on this woman’s collarbone. The works of Peria Tattoo look like they’re pulled straight out of a feminine dream. All of their girly tattoo pieces have an ethereal touch of magic that only those who understand the sense of femininity can firmly grasp.

IG: peria_tattoo

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 10

Color Shade Flowers Tattoo on Woman’s collarbone

Experimental practices of tattooing color realism can implicate the application of these bright styles without using any solid outlines. This flower collarbone tattoo is part of the graceful styles of Asian-inspired tattoos that are brought to life by Seolhee. The tattoo artist who executes them all with gorgeous blends of color and cultural-appropriate details.

IG: seolheetattoo

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 11

Twiggy Cherry Blossom Tattoo in Collarbone

Also known as “Japanese Cherry”, this pink blossom accurately represents the duality of men. It signifies beauty, but also violence. It communicates death, but brings forth life. This polarized blossom of cherry leaves represents the brevity of life, along with the thought of seizing every moment and becoming better each, and every day. The proper usage of illustrative tattoo style coupled with elements of color realism make this a stunning collarbone tattoo. The cherry blossom imagery is an element reoccurring through the works of Yeobaeg. Though they do not limit themselves to the execution of the blessed bud, they also produce oriental designs.

IG: yeobaeg_tattoo

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 12

Bold Outline Rose Collarbone Tattoo

Roses are a universal icon of love. Whether they are imprinted on someone’s skin or being held by a lover, roses often are related to passion, tenderness and a relentless sense of pursuit. The illusion of a rose wrapping around a woman’s collarbone is a graceful and elegant piece of art. A bold outline surely defines this rose collarbone tattoo, but Chinese tattooist Chenjie has many other tricks up his sleeve. Not only is he successful at placing tattoos on the body in a way that is graceful and fitting, he is also capable of producing a brushstroke tattoo style, color realism and even neotraditional.

IG: chenjie.newtattoo

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 13

Girly Butterflies Tattoo in Collarbone

It is evident that these small collar bones tattoos draw some inspiration from vintage styles and pieces of art such as oil paintings, tapestries and autumnal photography. These ladylike pieces have been done considering the anatomical parts of this woman’s collarbone, applied on the skin with a painterlike color realism style. Tiny and sticker-like, the girly tattoos that Oyu executes on the skin are graceful and unique. Dream-like and colorful, their tattoos resemble tiny kisses of art that are decorating the skin of all their clients.

IG: oyutattoo

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 14

Realistic Swallow Collar Bone Tattoo

Straying away from the more traditional depiction of the Sailor Jerry swallow, this black and gray realism bird is masterfully inked on right on the collarbone of a woman. The personal style of the author, Jku, paves the way for many forms of tattoo expression. The soft, realistic approach while utilizing the gray ink and relying on carefully planned skin breaks combined with thoughtfully applied dashes of white are prominent characteristics on the works of this Korean artist.

IG: jku_tattoo

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 15

Iris Flower Collarbone Tattoo

Thanks to the gracious application of this gorgeous color realism tattoo, a beautiful blue iris bud decorates this woman’s collarbone. Tattoo artist Qiqi is an avid performer of these botanical styles of tattooing. She takes pride in her “mystical tattoo garden”, where she can roam freely and provide art pieces full of mystique.

IG: newtattoo_qiqi

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 16

Chinese Character Brushstroke Collarbone Tattoo

Also known as “calligraphy” tattoos, these Chinese Characters are etched on the skin with competency and precision, while still allowing some room for fluidity. The masterful brushstroke techniques displayed on the execution of this collarbone tattoo are testament to the skills of Jaymee, who has an extensive repertoire of abstract pieces that utilize this same principle. 

IG: tattooist_jaymee

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 17

Red Flower Wreath Collarbone Tattoo

Framing the clavicle with red flowers is a sign of elegance and pride. Since these tattoos are extremely noticeable and the color is very bright, the wearer of this gorgeous tattoo must feel proud to sport it. This color realism flower tattoo was done by Ahm, utilizing vegan-friendly inks at our hygienic facilities in Panumart Thailand.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 18

Watercolor Turtle Tattoo in Collarbone

Turtles are prehistoric creatures that can live hundreds of years. Their longevity and their deep-rooted sense of belonging within the sands and the seas, allude to an image that inspires calm, steadiness and wisdom. This watercolor turtle tattoo was done by one of our in-house tattooists, utilizing vegan-friendly inks at our hygienic facilities in Panumart Thailand.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 19

Crayon Style Collarbone Tattoo

Whimsical and mysterious, this dusky moon tattoo is now a permanent clavicle accessory. It’s truly outstanding to see the texture of waxy crayons be recreated with ink and needles while tattooing the skin. Many of these dream-like oil pastels and crayon tattoos can be found in the portfolio of Wugi. His art pieces display a sense of innocent and joy-like cheer that help to spread positivity around the world.

IG: tattooist_wugi

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 20

Delicate Butterfly Collarbone Tattoo

These full color images of butterflies are carefully placed below the woman’s collarbone, as if they were flying towards her clavicle to take a rest on her anatomy. The author of this delicate tattoo is accustomed to decorating the skin in an artful and feminine way. Enchanting pieces of art are found within the bounds of Peria’s world of mysteries. 

IG: peria_tattoo

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 21

Bold Dragon Collarbone Tattoo

This practice of tattooing involves flexibility and creativity, as it borrows from different styles to create one of their very own. If we carefully analyze the composition of this dragon tattoo, beautifully posed on this woman’s right clavicle, we can find elements of color realism, black work and black and gray, all compiled in one. Once again, the captivating works of Peria are dazzling our collections. Their tattoos are truly charming, and we want to make sure that her efforts to shine never go unnoticed.

IG: peria_tattoo

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 22

Black and Grey Vines Tattoo in Collarbones

Though botanical pieces of art are usually tattooed utilizing the color realism approach, this application is just as valid. In this case, it is as if the artist took color realism and turned it black and gray, accurately displaying a true expression of realism tattooing. Not only that, but these gorgeous vines are carefully placed atop the woman’s right collarbone. Whether it is a flower arrangement full of color or a shaded piece like this, you can find a wide variety of plants, botanical and wildlife while looking through the portfolio of May Yoon.

IG: frommay_tat

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 23

Fine Line Tattoo Jewelry in Collarbone

Also known as “Cyber Sigilism”, this jewelry-like tattoo is a new form of expression that has been taking shape within the last couple of years. This state-of-the-art tattoo style borrows from gothic style and neotribal, creating a unique look of futuristic fine lines that are delicate and graceful. Cyber Sigilism is a fitting style to create pieces of tattoo jewelry that adorn the collarbone of a woman. Many similar pieces are comprised within the bounds of Pados’ portfolio, whose unique works are wavey, gothic and subtle.

IG: tattooist.pado

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 24

Blue Bird and Cherry Tomatoes Tattoo

This is an artful take on the color realism style, as it depicts lifelike images that are strategically modified with unnatural colors, to give them a dream-like touch of color theory. This blue bird clavicle tattoo is accompanied by plump cherry tomatoes, to create an uncanny piece of art. Finding fantastical joy in the world of tattooist Nonlee can bring anyone out of their funk. Through her works you may find aquamarine, technicolor and brush-stroke elements combined with color realism and tattoo application.

IG: non_lee_ink

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 25

Whimsical Moon and Arrow Collarbone Tattoo

This half moon and arrow tattoo draws inspiration from the apothecary, magical feminine figures and aesthetically pleasing conceptualizations of wizardry. This full color, fine line tattoo is magically adorning the collarbone of this mystical woman. The moon and an arrow are repeated patterns that consistently appear throughout Giho’s works. This Korean-based tattoo artist executes these whimsical pieces of art while creating an ethereal feeling of wonder through his visual imagery.

IG: tattooist_giho_

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 26

Cute and Colorful Collarbone Decoration Tattoo

This cute collarbone tattoo is nothing but a collection of colorful traces and vivid images that have been taken straight out of the imagination of a joyful girl. “Cocoa Jam” is the nickname of the author who does these innocent and colorful stamp tattoos. Their works are filled with child-like joy, mini tattoos and popular icons of kawaii culture.

IG: cocoa._.jam

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 27

Snake Wrap-around Collarbone Tattoo

An imposing snake with evil horns is wrapped around the right clavicle of this man. This realism black work tattoo has been noticeably executed with extreme attention to detail. The artist that is responsible for this collarbone “tattoo illusion”, has done pieces like this more than just once. Stuffie, who is based in Seoul, Korea, is a tattooist with a sheer collection of hyperrealistic tattoos that reflect a plethora of colors and lifelike textures.


Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 28

Elegant Collarbone Tattoo for Women

Fine line tattoos are often considered elegant and dainty, and this clavicle tattoo is no exception. Long vines and thin leaves of dot work adorn the collarbones of this woman. These graceful art pieces of tattooed elegance are all done by an artist known as Violka. Color touches and fine lines are elements consistently seen through the portfolio of this talented tattooist.

IG: violka_tattoo

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 29

Winged Eye Collarbone Tattoo

The all-seeing winged eye is a symbol of companionship, often referred to as the entity that reminds you that you are never truly alone. This black and gray winged eye clavicle tattoo contains elements of dot work, black work and neotraditional styles. Under a principle of “Black Ink Only”, Australian tattooer Minu performs these bold pieces, compelled by artful designs and solid black ink. Throughout his portfolio, you may observe the execution of flawless pieces that are done following principles of black and gray, realism, illustrative and dot work.

IG: minu_tattooer

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 30

Kawaii Butterfly Blade Collarbone Tattoo

Also referred to as “pastel” tattoos, these soft and feminine tattoos appeal to the kawaii and cute aesthetic. The design of this small collarbone tattoo features magical elements of whimsical fun, combined with the menacing imagery of a butterfly blade. The author of this beautiful art piece is the New Zealander tattooist, Alicia. Seeing her works is living proof of her mastery of watercolor tattoos, mini realism pieces and illustrative designs.

IG: mini.b_tats

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 31

Single Needle Flower Tattoo in Collarbone

Simple outlines may suffice to successfully decorate a woman’s collarbone. Softness and gracefulness are represented in this delicate clavicle tattoo, specifically designed for the frame of a woman. These fine line, single needle tattoos are a recurring theme in Yeowool’s portfolio. The Korea-based artist specializes in these dainty pieces of art that gracefully decorate the bodies of their clients.

IG: yeowool_tattooer

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 32

Zombie Snake Tattoo around Collarbone

This Zombie Snake tattoo that wraps around the man’s collarbone utilizes elements from cyber tattoo and biomech to create an innovative piece of art. Characterized by soft shading and the perfect balance of darkness and open skin, these etching tattoo styles are a prominent part of Seung Hyun Nam’s repertoire. 

IG: namsan_tt

Collarbone Tattoo Ideas 33

Inking Watercolor Leaf Tattoo in Collarbone

Watercolor tattoos are a relatively new technique of application. These colorful, soft pieces, characterized for their bright colors and their unique silky look, have been more and more popular within the last couple of years. This gorgeous, weathered leaf is placed carefully atop the right clavicle of a woman. Straight from Tokyo, this Japanese tattoo artist applies colorful tattoos on the skin of their clients. Though this inking watercolor tattoo is a sight to behold, Hyakki’s pieces often cover a wide variety of tattoo styles such as line work, realism, neotraditional and abstract.

IG: hyakki_tokyotattoo