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31 Beautiful Carnation Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

What’s your favorite flower? That’s a difficult question because every type of flower is beautiful in its own way. For me, Carnation are among the prettiest . In the tattoo world, they also carry the beautiful messages of love, affection, hope, and a life filled with joy, making them a great tattoo idea. 

But before you go and get your own Carnation tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most beautiful and charming Carnation tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 1

Linework Tattoo of Carnations and Butterfly on Forearm

The yellow butterfly in this design caught my attention right away. I really like that it’s the only detail with color, while the remainder of the tattoo is inked in black and gray style. Additionally the artist uses negative or uninked space to add dimension and detail to the piece. I’d like to add that the linework is immaculate, too!

IG: cc_tattoos

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 2

Watercolor Tattoo of Carnations over Biceps

We start off with a tender and delicate piece. I really like how soft the Carnations look, especially with the graceful leaves. The design is rather small for this space, but that of course, leaves room for future designs to be added.

IG: donghwa_tattoo

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 3

Blackwork Tattoo of Carnation with Whip Shading

I love whip shading as seen here on the flowers; it adds such natural texture to the petals. It’s a specialized technique that creates the stippled-like effect. The surrounding leaves, combining blackwork along with tiny areas of negative or uninked space, then beautifully frame the petals. Picture Perfect

IG: kenny7tattoo

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 4

Watercolor Tattoo of Flowers on Forearm

What I love most about this design is the fact that the artist incorporates different types of flowers into one beautiful bouquet. The red Carnation in the middle looks fantastic! The watercolors used here impart a delicate, dreamy quality to the piece. They’re applied in a precise manner, suggestive of how you’d actually find these flowers in nature. It’s interesting that when the arm is extended, this bouquet is actually upside-down. Guess that’s how the client wanted it!

IG: bryan.gee

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 5

Minimal Tattoo of Red Carnations on Upper Arm

You don’t always need a big tattoo to make a strong impression, and this one is a perfect example. I love the vivid red on these beautiful carnations, which definitely makes a statement. This design would look really at home on the wrist or ankle. Both areas are rather delicate in nature and unobtrusive, mirroring the mood of this tattoo. Credit to the artist IG: @vane.tattoo_ for this delicate work of art!

IG: vane.tattoo_

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 6

Watercolor Tattoo of Carnations Over Biceps

What’s your favourite color of Carnation? You might have an answer right now, but you might change your mind once you’ve gone through this list, because they all look so wonderful. I love how delightful the pink looks here, complemented by lovely white highlights. Although the white ink is used very minimally, it adds a significant pop to the overall piece.

IG: ainoholopainen

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 7

Blackwork Tattoo of Carnations Over Biceps

We talked about colors, but of course, a blackwork piece makes a perfect choice too. I love the linework in this one, giving the Carnations dimension as well as a classy look at the same time. The well packed black lines mean this piece won’t be fading any time in the near future. An amazing ink piece by the artist IG:@flower.and.nina!

IG: flower.and.nina

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 8

Minimal Shoulder Tattoo of Carnation With Lettering

This is just an absolutely beautiful ink piece; I love that the flower branch carries a message of love. The font is also an excellent choice, looking so graceful and sentimental! Although this design is more commonly seen on the forearm, I think it’s perfect here as it mirrors the sensuous lines of the shoulder. Feminine and …Very Sexy

IG: circatattoo

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 9

Fineline Forearm Tattoo of Carnations

Sometimes less is more, and that’s the case with this gorgeous fineline tattoo. There’s no shading, highlighting or color needed for this graceful piece to make an impression. It’s style also is perfect for the client’s slim forearm, great for all those classy ladies out there!

IG: tattoosbyina

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 10

Minimal Watercolor Forearm Tattoo of Two Carnations

You might have already recognized artist’s signature style. This gorgeous piece looks amazing on this client’s skin. The subtle yellow gleam on the stems adds interest and detail while the red adds contrasts with both the stems and light skin tone.

IG: vane.tattoo_

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 11

Watercolor Forearm Tattoo of Carnations

I find the design of this tattoo fascinating. The leaves almost seem surreal, being separated from the branch. That actually creates a very classy and unique look for the whole piece. The large areas of negative or uninked space, between the stems and flowers, adds visual interest without the need for more detailing. The result is a light, airy, ethereal watercolor piece.

IG: ainoholopainen

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 12

Fineline Tattoo of Carnation on Forearm

The linework in this piece is simply impeccable, even and steady. I really like the look of the petals – so minimalistic but lively and multi-layered at the same time! The two delicate leaves on the stem then look like a bow, wrapping this lovely Carnation up. What a fitting ending!

IG: rachainsworth

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 13

Fineline Forearm Tattoo of Carnations with Lettering

This design comes with such an interesting text that reads “serendipity”. My guess is that the tattoo might represent the possibility of chance, unexpected events that occur in beautifully unpredicted ways. You never know what good might just be around the corner. What do you think? Not only is that a lovely forever message, but this tattoo is a beautiful, forever piece of art.


Carnation Tattoo Ideas 14

Floral Forearm Tattoo of Carnations

Here comes another bouquet for those of you who can’t pick which flower to be tattooed, or just simply love the look of many flowers together! I really like the whip shading in this piece, adding that stippled texture to the petals. Such a pretty design, and all tied up with a bow. Awesome work by the artist IG: @lucietattoo!

IG: lucietattoo

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 15

Floral Fineline Tattoo of Carnation on Arm

This one is probably among the most feminine and graceful pieces on our list. If you’re looking for something that’s equally splendid as it is elegant, this one might just be for you. I love the large area of surrounding negative or uninked space; I love the graceful, linear lines of the design, and I love the way the stem curves to the side. Beautiful. For more inspiration, definitely check out the artist’s profile IG: @circatattoo!

IG: circatattoo

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 16

Watercolor Tattoo of Flower Bouquet on Forearm

Another flower bouquet for you, but this one is filled with color! I love the effect of the watercolors in this piece, making it look like a beautiful painting. Although the color palette is muted, the overall piece is vibrant. With layered shading, use of negative or uninked space, and a touch of white ink, these flowers are gorgeous! Shoutout to artist IG: @ciotka_zu_tattoo for this charming tattoo.

IG: ciotka_zu_tattoo

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 17

Watercolor Forearm Tattoo of Carnations with Lettering

Do you recognize the artist of this piece? You guessed it; it’s IG: @donghwa_tattoo again showcasing some insane talent. A little fun fact, this one is actually one of two matching tattoos posted on the artist’s page. Don’t miss out on seeing these beautiful pieces next to each other!

IG: donghwa_tattoo

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 18

Realistic Watercolor Arm Tattoo of Carnations with Lettering

I love the idea of putting Carnations of different colors together (you’ll see more of that later on the list). I can’t decide if light pink or dark red looks better! The lettering has a very classy font, making this piece look like the logo of a high-end fashion brand. Spoiler alert, “Wooyoungmi Paris” actually is a high-end fashion brand in real life! Wonder if they know that this client is such a big fan?

IG: abii_tattoo

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 19

Watercolor Tattoo of Carnations on Lower Arm

I said it multiple times, but I’ve got to say it again: look at the beautiful shade of red on those carnations! Everything about this piece is delightful: the blurry shadow in the back, the lovely flower bud, and the muted shades of green. Again something to note, this design will appear upside down when the arm is extended. Props to artist IG: @guppy.flowertattoo for the magnificent job!

IG: guppy.flowertattoo

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 20

Realistic Color Tattoo of Red Carnation

We can’t possibly forget to include a realistic piece in a botanical collection, can we? I love how absolutely real this carnation looks, almost as if we could reach out and steal it away! Luckily this is a forever design; honestly, who wouldn’t want to keep this magnificent flower for themselves?


Carnation Tattoo Ideas 21

Minimal Tattoo of String of Flowers on Upper Arm

Words cannot describe how much joy I find in looking at this design. It’s just so simple, yet so delightful at the same time. I love the bright color palette and each graceful petal of the flowers! You can’t look at this tattoo and not smile. Looks like…A Sunny Day

IG: zihong_tattoo

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 22

Custom Color/Black and Gray Tattoo of Touching Hands Adorned With Carnations

What is possibly more meaningful than having a tattoo to celebrate family love? Carnations are just the perfect flowers too as they represent endless affection! I really like the use of light blue and pink in contrast to the darker black and grays. Also the inner forearm provides the perfect placement for this long linear design, which will always be right at your side. Props to artist IG: @carolrebeltattoo for turning a beautiful idea into a beautiful ink piece!

IG: carolrebeltattoo

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 23

Minimal Tattoo of Carnation on Forearm

I really like the look of this Carnation, with its delicate layers of petals embracing each other. The white highlight is definitely a wonderful touch too, subtle but very sophisticated. Although beautiful and well executed, I don’t find the shape of this piece ideal for its placement. The dimensions are too wide and symmetrical for the space.


Carnation Tattoo Ideas 24

Floral Color Tattoo of Red Carnations and Cherry Blossoms Over Ribs

What a delightful piece this one is. I really like how the flower branches flow over the ribs in such a natural and graceful way. Of course they emphasize the client’s curves too. These Carnations look like they’ve been painted on the client’s skin. When wearing a bikini, they’ll be on display for everyone, otherwise it’s…By Invitation Only

IG: genevatattooartist

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 25

Fineline Floral Tattoo of Carnations on Forearm

I like that this design takes up a bit more space, with the roots of the Carnations going all the way down to the client’s wrist. You get a sense that these flowers are actually growing right here. It’s also interesting to note that this fineline design is on a man’s arm, signifying that flowers, and flower tattoos, aren’t for only women anymore.


Carnation Tattoo Ideas 26

Minimal Tattoo of Carnations with Lettering on Upper Arm

If you’re looking to celebrate self-love with a Carnation tattoo, check this one out. I adore the simple but important message of the lettering. And what’s a better way to remind yourself of self-love, than to have it tattooed on your skin? Of course, the beautiful Carnations make the design even better.

IG: tattooist_yeonnie

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 27

Linework Arm Tattoo of Carnations in a Vase

Here comes an adorable piece, Carnations in a cute vase, complete with a smiley face.. I like that the artist uses only black and red lines for this one, without any shading, highlighting or color filling. If you like this unique style, definitely check out the artist at IG: for more lovely pieces!


Carnation Tattoo Ideas 28

Floral Tattoo of Carnation and Lettering on Back of Calf

I absolutely adore this piece. The Carnations and leaves form such a beautiful crescent moon, right next to a heartfelt text that reads “No matter where”. I think this must be such a precious piece for this client, and it also looks utterly beautiful!

IG: jooyoung_tt

Carnation Tattoo Ideas 29

Fineline Tattoo of Carnations With Full Red Circles

This is such an interesting design, thanks to the addition of the abstract red circles around the Carnations. It’s almost as if they’re stealing color from the flowers! I’d also like to mention the immaculate linework on the branches, leaves and petals. Credit goes to the talented artist IG: @ariadna.pedemonte!

IG: ariadna.pedemonte

We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!