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26 Pretty Daisy Tattoo Ideas to Inspire You in 2024

It’s no secret that daisies are extremely pretty flowers. Not only are they pretty but they also have quite a beautiful meaning behind them. It is said that the daisy symbolizes innocence, true love, and purity. This is probably why it’s such a popular tattoo for women, it gives off major feminine energy.

But before you go and get your own daisy tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the sweetest, most elegant, and prettiest daisy tattoo ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 1

Lovely Color Fineline Daisy Tattoo On Woman’s Arm

Welcome to another tattoo list to inspire you in 2024. Today’s focus is more on the feminine side, so ladies this one is for you!
First up, we have this lovely fineline Daisy on the arm. The placement of this piece is perfect, it looks really good on her arm and because of the style it’s in, gives off even more of a feminine vibe. I love everything about this piece.

IG: do_tats

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 2

Dainty Blue Daisy Tattoo On the Chest

Look how cute this blue Daisy is! This is what is known as a micro realistic tattoo, because, well, it’s tiny and has characteristics of a real Daisy you’d see in nature. The chest is a great choice; another good place to put something as dainty as this would be on the wrist or even the ankle, anywhere that has limited space.

IG: pokhy_tattoo

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 3

Sweet Bee and Daisies Tattoo On the Arm

Is that little bee not the most adorable thing ever? I can’t get enough of how chunky it is! It was definitely a good decision to add it to this design. The color scheme for this piece is lovely, with lots of natural tones which add a realistic touch to this sweet arm tattoo.

IG: tattoo.haneul

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 4

Micro Color Realistic Daisies Tattoo Over Woman’s Biceps

Is it just me or does this tattoo look like you could reach out and grab these flowers? I love the choice of white Daisies and yellow sunflowers, the varying tones of yellow look beautiful together and truly complement the green tones. The placement is also something worth the mention; a biceps tattoo is noticeable but not too in your face, perfect for anyone wanting to keep things super feminine.

IG: studiobysol

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 5

Beautiful Micro Flower Bouquet Biceps Tattoo

Here we have a beautiful and bright bouquet of flowers, Daisies included. The colors used are all true to what these flowers look like in real life, which is a lovely touch, adding that extra pop of realism to this adorable micro tattoo.


Daisy Tattoo Ideas 6

Feminine Color Realistic Daisies On Woman’s Arm

As much as I want to comment on this entire tattoo and get technical about it, what’s really got my attention is its placement. The flow of the design is the right form for how it’s placed; overall I think it’s quite unique. Something also worth the mention is the softness of the colors. While they’re absolutely stunning, the possibility of them fading quite drastically over time is high. So if you’re taking inspiration from this piece, keep in mind that you’ll want more saturation rather than less saturation.

IG: sozil_tattoo

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 7

Fineline Daisy and Bee Shoulder Tattoo

Another bee and this one is even cuter than the previous one! I adore how the Daisy petals are blowing off into the wind. The fine linework really suits the design and gives this piece a more feminine feel, not that it needed it. I also want to mention how lovely the little white highlights are. The artist did a magnificent job of adding significant detail to such a small tattoo.

IG: marytattooer

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 8

Adorable Micro Color Realism Daisy Ankle Tattoo

Okay, this Daisy tattoo is lovely, the placement is perfect and the concept is gorgeous, but it’s definitely going to fade. There isn’t enough saturation and there are no bold outlines. Over time the yellow ink is the only color that will hold properly. Again, sad but true.

IG: maiko.only

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 9

Black and Gray Fineline Daisies and Bee Forearm Tattoo

Fineline tattoos are, in my opinion, very feminine. That’s not to say guys can’t get them; tattoos don’t have a gender. What I really like about this piece is how clean the linework is; it’s subtle, and soft, and complements the gentle black and gray shading. I also absolutely adore the bee, what a cutie.

IG: sabyminaart

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 10

Dainty Fineline Daisies Tattoo On Woman’s Forearm

The nice thing about this tattoo is not only the placement but also the shading. I like that there’s a good amount of contrast in the leaves, bringing the flowers to the foreground. I like the petals falling down; they add a nice flow to this forearm piece, simply gorgeous!

IG: mandijane_ink

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 11

Micro Minimalist White Daisy Tattoo On the Hand

Is this not the most adorable tiny Daisy you’ve ever seen? I love the placement, especially because of how light the tattoo is. You can’t really see it but the client can happily tell people they have a hand tattoo. I would definitely recommend something like this for anyone dying to get their hand tattooed but who’s too afraid of the commitment.

IG: keenetattoo

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 12

Soft Color Realistic Daisies On Outer Forearm

There’s one thing that really catches a person’s eye and that’s good color work tattoos. The soft color blending is absolutely stunning, especially because the artist uses multiple shades of green to give this piece a more realistic touch. I love how feminine and dainty this design is; it looks really good on the outer forearm. Credit to the artist for doing such a good job.

IG: sozil_tattoo

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 13

Simple Fineline Daisies On Woman’s Forearm

If you’re looking for fine and dainty, then these simple Daisies are the way to go. They’re not immediately noticeable which is nice if you’re wanting to keep your tattoos simple and elegant. Look at how clean those lines are; truly breathtaking, there’s nothing better than crispy linework.

IG: lukasemmanuel

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 14

Gentle Black and Gray Daisy Tattoo Over Biceps

The biceps is a great place for a tattoo as you can go as big or small as you want. What’s truly nice about this piece is how soft the shading is; it’s extremely elegant and is the perfect choice for the style of tattoo.

IG: kegarden

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 15

Adorable Tiny Pink Daisy Tattoo

For reference, look at the client’s fingernail, it’s almost the same size as the tattoo, so you can just imagine how small this Daisy is. Absolutely adorable, I love the color, I love the size, I have no idea what part of the body it’s on but this would work anywhere from behind the ear, to the wrist, and even the ankle. Gorgeous use of highlights too, there’s nothing to dislike about this piece.

IG: zihong_tattoo

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 16

Illustrative Scissors and Daisies Tattoo On the Outer Forearm

Scissors cutting into a bouquet of daisies? There’s definitely some meaning behind this, or maybe the client just thought it was a cool design, I sure do! The style that it’s in borders on color realism but it’s not quite there, which is another awesome thing about this piece. Zeeyo is an artist hailing from the Republic of Korea; most of her work is micro realism, so it makes sense that this particular piece is as amazing as it is.

IG: zeeyo_tattoo

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 17

Gorgeous Crescent Moon and White Daisies Forearm Tattoo

This Daisy and crescent moon tattoo reminds me of something from a fairytale dream. The color scheme is lovely; the purple and orange go well together, especially because they are complementary colors. I love the tiny details, everything about this piece is adorable and oh-so-dainty.

IG: peria_tattoo

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 18

Simplistic Fineline Daisies On Outer Forearm

As simple as this tattoo is, the little touches like the subtle shading and contrasted blackwork give this piece its wow-factor. I like the placement; it’s right in the middle between the inner and outer forearm, which is quite a noticeable spot.

IG: inlayerink

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 19

Stunning Color Realism Daisy Jewel Tattoo

I love that this design goes from being a realistic color Daisy to a jewel. The texture and detail are simply breathtaking. Putting it on the wrist is a lovely idea; the shape and size of the design are perfect for the wrist/forearm.

IG: tattooist_siia

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 20

Crescent Moon and Daisy Tattoo On the Forearm

This is such a magical tattoo;, the purple moon, mixed with the tiny sparkles and realistic daisy, come together really well. The way they’ve lined up works nicely, while the stars add motion and flow to the design. As you can see the forearm is a popular place for Daisy tattoos.


Daisy Tattoo Ideas 21

Masculine Blackwork Daisies On Guy’s Biceps

Finally, a masculine Daisy tattoo, who would have thought? What makes this piece so masculine is the style it’s in. The blackwork mixed with the fineline flowers contrast well, but it’s the blackwork that gives this piece a more manly feel. Awesome work by dom_sylvain, give his IG a follow if you want similar inspiration.

IG: dom_sylvain

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 22

Dainty Feminine Daisy Tattoo On Woman’s Outer Forearm

The best part about this tattoo? How subtle it is. It’s almost barely visible, but when you do get a glimpse of it, it’s quite an impressive piece. I love the illusion of transparency created by the lack of definitive lines. Overall, a gorgeous tattoo that looks equally as gorgeous on this client’s arm.

IG: violka_tattoo

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 23

Simple Linework Daisy and Bee Tattoo

Here we have a lovely linework bee and Daisy. I like how the color has been done, it gives it almost a three-dimensional look. One thing that needs to be mentioned is how clean this tattoo is; those lines are sharper than a blade, something that can be difficult to achieve with such intricate work.

IG: som__tattoo

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 24

Micro Fineline Daisy Bouquet Tattoo Over Biceps

Look at how precious this bouquet of flowers is. There’s a mix of flowers but the most obvious two are the Daisy and sunflower. I adore how fine the linework is, and how the artist uses minimal shading but still manages to give it a lot of depth. Simply awesome, the perfect design for anyone looking for a micro tattoo.

IG: sabyminaart

Daisy Tattoo Ideas 25

Lovely Feminine Fineline Bee and Daisy Bouquet Forearm Tattoo

We’ve reached the end of the list and our final tattoo is this stunning black and gray bee and flower bouquet forearm tattoo. The whip shading is truly stunning, it’s as soft as the linework, coming together and creating this ultra-feminine tattoo. Be sure to check out betstattoo for more like this.

IG: betstattoo

We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!