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32 Amazing Knee Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

Humans are creatures that thrive with motion. Whether we are seeking shelter, or sustenance or a simple promise of new adventures, humans are always moving. Our knees are the most vital body parts that we need in order to get to where we want to be. To highlight the importance of our bodies, many humans choose to honor their knees and get a tattoo.

But before you take the leap and get that knee tattoo that you want so badly, allow us to help you find the perfect piece of ink. Below, we will show you a collection of the most beautiful knee tattoo ideas of 2024. Allow these images to ease you into a tattoo choice that will take you to the finish line. 

Let’s start running. Ready? Set? Go!

Knee Tattoo Ideas 1

Neo Traditional Rose Tattoo on Knee

The term “knee rose” is a humorous joke that is passed around by artists and experienced tattoo enthusiasts. Pictures of roses commonly cover difficult body parts such as shoulders, knees and even hands. Though they are versatile subjects to work with, roses can be severely botched. The term “cabbage rose” is often used to refer to badly done rose tattoos. This neotraditional rose knee tattoo, however, is done perfectly. This remarkable artwork shows the distinct style of the Korean-based artist, Ari. Their immaculate artistic skill allows them to produce neotraditional tattoos at the highest level possible. The vibrancy of their colors, along with their striking designs, make for perfect tattoos every time.

IG: ari_tattooer

Knee Tattoo Ideas 2

Ethnic Pattern Knee Tattoo

Also known as “folk tattoo,” this ornamental pattern is designed to show cultural sensitivity and pay respect. The folk tattoo style has a loose terminology that is applied to specific cultures. Yet, it borrows from geometric designs that are also known as “ethnic patterns.” This geometric, symmetrical piece of art was done by Daria, an artist who specializes in fusion tribal and ethnic tattoos. Daria’s works pay her respects for cultural sensitivity, honor and simplicity.


Knee Tattoo Ideas 3

Dark Tiger and Skull Knee Tattoo

Tigers are ferocious animals that inspire confidence and pride. In the world of tattoos, tigers are common subjects. Elements of blackwork, realism and black and gray can be seen in this depiction of a tiger tattoo. The genius artist behind this knee tattoo is O.One. Known for their incredible designs and their flawless application of blackwork techniques, O.One creates pieces that are imposing, wicked and unique.

IG: o_one_art

Knee Tattoo Ideas 4

Psychedelic Full Color Knee Tattoo

Colorful mandalas are a great way to cover the irregular texture of a knee. The abstract composition and vibrant colors make this a great knee mandala tattoo. This striking piece of tattoo art was applied by PittaKKM. Korea-born artist, Pitta, is a true color specialist. His works include visual illusions, well-composed mandalas, abstract designs and vibrant colors.

IG: pittakkm

Knee Tattoo Ideas 5

Geometric Mandala Knee and Leg Tattoo

Mandalas are symbols of change, transformation, patience and growth. Geometric shapes have been combined with the mandala design to produce an intricate tattoo that is covering the knee, leg and thigh. The perfect balance of geometry is tattooed on the knee by the American artist, Raul Wesche. His keen eye for composition, coupled with his flawless technique of shading, dotwork and blackwork, makes this tattoo a harmonious piece of mandala art.

IG: weschetattoo

Knee Tattoo Ideas 6

Abstract Brushstroke Knee Tattoo

The concept of abstraction has been a popular theme in tattooing lately. The mysterious imagery is often utilized to cover a large zone of the body, and utilizes blackwork principles to create a brush stroke effect in full black. As if they were using a brush, Por, the artist behind this tattoo, used their skills to execute an art piece that flows well with the client’s anatomy. This abstract knee tattoo was done at the Panumart Tattoo Studio in Thailand.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Knee Tattoo Ideas 7

Fineline Moth Feminine Knee Tattoo

Though they are most commonly done in a blackwork style, moths are common tattoo subjects. This fineline piece stands out from the rest because of its soft black and gray shades. This feminine moth design has been placed strategically, below the knee, and combined with flowers to give more depth. Nature is the main inspiration of German tattooer, Kittina, who executed this powdery soft black and gray moth tattoo on their client’s skin, while they were at the Kaiserstadt Tattoo Expo. A multitude of critters nest on Kittina’s portfolio, whose works of soft, fineline, black and gray tattoos depict flora and fauna.


Knee Tattoo Ideas 8

Illustrative Flowers Tattoo around Knee and Leg

Illustrative tattoo designs are produced with artful composition. Their painterly quality gives them a unique look that is feminine, soft and graceful. These colorful flowers are painted around the knee, effectively covering the leg and thigh as well. This colorful illustrative design was applied by Korean-Based tattooist, Yerae. She thoroughly enjoys tattooing with these soft and feminine shades of color and utilizes an illustrative design inspired by flora.

IG: yerae_tt

Knee Tattoo Ideas 9

Dark Jewelry Tattoo around Knee and Upper Thigh

Dark Jewelry is a tattoo style that is inspired in gothic art. Its gloomy constitution makes them artful pieces that decorate the body and flow with linework and anatomy. Dark Jewelry tattoos are a fool-proof way to cover the tricky parts around the knees Nomad tattooer, Roas, travels through Europe and North America while tattooing these imposing pieces of Dark Jewelry. He is adept in packing solid black, and has the keenest eye for composition, flow and placement.

IG: roas_one

Knee Tattoo Ideas 10

Neotraditional Mandala Knee Tattoo

This knee tattoo is created by utilizing neotraditional composition mixed with the gorgeous imagery of mandalas. The perfectly placed mandala pattern was tattooed by Mico, an impressive Korean-based artist. Doing striking pieces of allusive mandalas, full color neo traditional designs, soft black and gray, blackwork, and many other styles: Mico has proven to be a reputable tattoo artist who is a jack of all trades.

IG: lighthouse_professional_tattoo

Knee Tattoo Ideas 11

Blackwork Beetle Knee Tattoo

Beetle tattoos signify transformation and protection. This blackwork knee tattoo depicts a strong beetle, about to spread its wings and fly. Going by the nickname of “Madame Medusa”, the tattoo artist who applied this piece, managed to design it in a mind-breaking way. The Beetle opens its wings, while the woman stands up and extends her leg. Madame Medusa’s works play with line weight, dotwork and negative space.

IG: madame._.medusa

Knee Tattoo Ideas 12

Neotraditional Tiger Knee Tattoo

A tiger with a third eye is a sign of higher consciousness. Walking along and facing forward, this tiger knee tattoo is making others conscious of its bold existence. This striking neotraditional knee tattoo was done by Eugenios Simopoulos, who travels around the world while tattooing. His impressive portfolio is full of outstanding pieces of neotraditional artwork that have the most vibrant colors. Some of his works are new-school inspired as well.

IG: siemor_ntc

Knee Tattoo Ideas 13

Mushrooms and Frog Tattoo on Knee

The knee is surrounded by a beautiful fairy ring full of mushrooms. The tiny frog sits atop the tattoo, which was done with an illustrative black and gray style. Also known as “Tilly”, Australian-based artist, Matilda, is the mind behind this piece. Tilly’s tattoos radiate softness and innocence. She employs wildlife as her main subject of inspiration. Her tattooing style is soft, illustrative and her color palette is black and gray, for the most part.

IG: matildatattoos

Knee Tattoo Ideas 14

Colorful Visual Illusion Tattoo on Knee

Delightful design, impressive composition, perfect symmetry and bold colors are present in this knee tattoo. Executed with impressive neotraditional style by Korean-based tattoo artist, Mico. His outstanding works show his masterful skills to apply vibrant color on the skin while composing pieces of utmost artistry. Not only that, but he is also capable of shifting his perspective and executing these designs utilizing blackwork techniques too.

IG: micotattoo

Knee Tattoo Ideas 15

Decorative Flower Knee Tattoo

Botanical themes are often the inspiration behind ornamental pieces. This linework knee tattoo depicts a flower and its vines, flourishing right on the knee. This symmetric display of artistry was executed by the German tattooist, Susann Marleen. Located in Berlin, Susann brings a wide array of ornamental designs for her local clients. Her works include intricate tattoos with bold outlines, botanical imagery and perfect symmetry.

IG: susannmarleen

Knee Tattoo Ideas 16

Chinese Knot Knee Tattoo

The Chinese Knot is a symbol of longevity. As an allusion to eternity, it is often tattooed on the skin to preserve life for as long as possible. The knot wraps around the leg and to frame the knee. This gorgeous piece of linework was done at our own studio, Panumart Tattoo, located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. With utmost cultural sensitivity and a high level of respect, our talented artist, Pro, applied this knee and thigh piece.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Knee Tattoo Ideas 17

Oriental Design Tattoo around Knee and Leg

This delicate design of Oriental imagery goes around the leg and knee. Given as a good-luck charm during festivities, the Chinese Knot is a symbol of good luck. This tattoo was designed by our talented artist, Por. It was executed, entirely free-handed, at the local Chiang Mai facilities in Panumart Tattoo.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Knee Tattoo Ideas 18

Abstract Ripples Knee Tattoo

Also known as “Suminagashi” tattoos, these abstract pieces imitate a paper marbling technique that is deeply rooted in Japanese culture. Imitating waves and ripples, this abstract tattoo goes around the knee. The portfolio of Giselle Rabelo, who authored this piece, is full of abstract pieces just like this one. Her works include decorative ink that recreate ripples, waves and smoke while utilizing a bold, black outline to compose her abstract tattoos.

IG: andarilhatattoo

Knee Tattoo Ideas 19

Snake Tattoo Around Knee and Leg

Snakes are versatile subjects that are often used to tattoo difficult body parts. Since they are creatures that can wrap around anything, the blackwork snake tattoo is applied around the knee and leg. Nicknamed as “Khal the Black”, this Korean-based tattooist is the one who created this high-production piece of art. It surely seems like Khal is capable of producing tattoo pieces that are heavy on the black, but are still breathable, legible and well-composed.

IG: khalblk

Knee Tattoo Ideas 20

Dotwork Mandala Tattoo on Knee

We refer to “dotwork” as the tattooing technique utilized to create complex images by only using dots. This mandala knee tattoo shows a great application of dotwork techniques. Native to Leeds, tattooist Lauren Ansbro is the author of this dotwork piece. And she is surely no stranger to this tattoo style; since most of her artistic production leans into mandala imagery and utilizes dotwork principles.

IG: lauren.ansbro.tattoos

Knee Tattoo Ideas 21

Centipede Knee Tattoo

Eyes and Centipedes are symbols of wisdom in the tattoo world. This blackwork centipede knee tattoo draws inspiration from dark jewelry and gothic styles. The creator of this sinister art piece is Ale Pif, a nomad artist who roams Europe, seeking for his next fix of ink. All of his tattoos are done using only black, and applied without a stencil, drawing directly on the skin to produce freehand pieces of work. His style draws inspiration from dark calligraphy, gothic and blackwork.

IG: pif.tattooer

Knee Tattoo Ideas 22

Fine Line Lavender and Moth Tattoo around Knee

Depicting a friendly Cecropia moth and a twig of lavender, this feminine tattoo knee tattoo was done utilizing a mix of fineline and blackwork styles. This delicate, fine line lavender sprig tattoo, coupled with the fine line blackwork Cecropia Moth were done by Cheyenne Audrey, an American artist who draws their inspiration from wild life, flora and fruits. Her tattoos reflect blackwork and engraving styles, done with fine lines to add a feminine touch to all her pieces.

IG: cheydry

Knee Tattoo Ideas 23

Barbed wire Heart Tattoo around Knee

Blackwork hearts are common subjects to tattoo around the knees. In this case, the heart takes an edgier shape, since it is entirely made of barbed wire. This knee has been decorated with flowers all throughout the barbed wire. Marie from Number40tattoos seems to rejoice in creating American Traditional pieces that are inspired in pop culture, media and Sailor Jerry.

IG: number40tattoo

Knee Tattoo Ideas 24

Gorilla Knee Tattoo

An abstract take on blackwork tattoo is depicting the likeness of a feral ape. This ferocious gorilla knee tattoo comes straight from the hands of American tattoo artist, Mitch Koch. His unique tattoo style suggests that he leans towards blackwork while incorporating elements of geometrical, mandalas, dotwork and a bit of realism too. Kudos to the proud owner of this art piece, who sat through 8 hours of tattooing to earn his ink!

IG: mitchin.tattoos

Knee Tattoo Ideas 25

Blackwork Monster Knee Tattoo

A blackwork monster is popping right out of the knee. And as if this tattoo couldn’t get any better, it was done completely free hand. This means that the German genius, André Fantini, took his time to draw a gruesome piece that was tailor-made to completely accommodate the needs of his client. Needless to say, his portfolio is full of pieces inspired by monsters, mythology, life and death… all executed in a striking blackwork realism and etching tattooing style.

IG: fantinitattoo

Knee Tattoo Ideas 26

Cyber Sigilism Thorny Heart Tattoo

Also known as “neotribal tattoos,” cyber sigilism is a new-age style that includes elements of tribal, bio-mech and blackwork. This thorny heart tattoo is a perfect image to decorate the knee. Spikes and thorns penetrate right through the heart of Dany Kim, an artist from Japan, who is also the responsible for this stunning knee tattoo. As expected, the cyber sigilism style is abundant in his portfolio.

IG: __danykim

Knee Tattoo Ideas 27

Neotraditional Leaves Knee Tattoo

This knee tattoo is a perfect combination of the etching and neotraditional styles. It is but a simple piece of leaves, going around the knee, with a few natural additions for pops of color. Lauren Hepple is the UK-Based artist who brought this tattoo to life. She is proficient at executing pieces that are depicting botanicals, like this one. Her work draws heavy inspiration from nature, femininity and color.


Knee Tattoo Ideas 28

Colorful Crows Knee Tattoo

It would be appropriate to describe this tattoo style as colorful etching with neotrad twists. However, it would be difficult to coin it as any style, other than their own. The mastermind behind this innovative piece is a Korean-based tattooer that goes by the name of 3three3. Their works show psychedelic, wicked designs that are out of this world. There are no bounds to their creativity. 

IG: 3three3_tt

Knee Tattoo Ideas 29

Blackwork Peony Knee Tattoo

Peonies are popular tattoo subjects. These gorgeous flowers carry a meaning of romance, honesty and tenderness. This blackwork knee tattoo depicts a peony and its leaves, done with boldness. This knee piece is a great example of the signature style of UK-Based tattooist, Tom. His portfolio is overflowing with artwork that mixes American Traditional imagery with bold, black style of blackwork tattoos.

IG: traditionalartist

Knee Tattoo Ideas 30

Colorful Peony Tattoo on Knee

This American Traditional peony is beautifully done. Solid lines, bright colors and appropriate sense of proportion are present within it. This well-composed peony knee tattoo is connecting the knee and the upper thigh. German artist, Ninja V. Herrmann, does the most feminine and graceful American Traditional Tattoos. Through her incredible artistry, she is able to depict bold and dark imagery through a feminine, delicate lens.

IG: ninja.v.herr

Knee Tattoo Ideas 31

Ornamental Flower Knee Tattoo

Ornamental linework is a tattoo style that keeps symmetry at the forefront. This tattooing technique is composed of simple black lines that make a complex, intricate design. Ornamental knee tattoos are show-stopping pieces that catch people’s looks. German tattooist, Susann Marleen, specializes in these ornamental pieces. Her bold, black outlines define her style in a way that adapts to every part of the body and decorate her clients’ skin with utmost beauty.

IG: susannmarleen

Knee Tattoo Ideas 32

Hearts and Spider Web on Knee

Despite the disturbed meaning of spider web tattoos, they’re often utilized to cover joints such as knees and elbows. The American Traditional style, the simple heart and the bold red color, make this an excellent tattoo. The author of this knee tattoo is the nomad tattooist, Cruel Monica. Using a traditional palette of only green, yellow, red and black, Monica creates American Traditional pieces that honor the core principles of this style.

IG: cruel.monica