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30 Out of this World Astronaut Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

Have you ever thought about how brave astronauts are? They’re both physically and mentally strong, being able to face grave danger every day in outer space. Despite this, they manage to keep their hope and passion for science alive. To celebrate such bravery and thirst for knowledge, many people have gotten tattoos of astronauts, which are as beautiful and meaningful as the occupation itself!

But before you go and get your own Astronaut tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the boldest, most beautiful and most captivating Astronaut tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 1

Minimal Realistic Black and Gray Tattoo of Astronauts and Planet Balloons

This Minimal Realistic tattoo has such a wholesome vibe to it, with the astronaut holding balloons that are all shaped like planets. I really like the circular frame around the astronaut which appears to be a Crescent moon. With beautiful subtle shading throughout, this tattoo has an other-worldly magical feel to it.

IG: teresa_cuttoo

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 2

Black and Gray Forearm Tattoo of Astronaut Suspended by Planet Balloons

The idea behind this design is so cool; the astronaut is lifted up by balloons that look like planets. Perhaps this is exactly how it feels while floating in outer space, with nothing solid to hold on to. If you want to look at more inspiring tattoos from this artist, check out IG:


Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 3

Geometric/Black and Gray Tattoo of Astronaut on Forearm

Tattoo artist Paulo Queiroz does a lot of work inspired by nature and the vast universe around us. This example is his unique take on an astronaut tattoo incorporating Geometric style along with mesmerizing Linework, all inked in Black and Gray. If you’re curious, visit his page at IG: @paulo_queirozink for more gorgeous pieces!

IG: paulo_queirozink

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 4

Sketch Forearm Tattoo of Astronaut with Color Elements

This is definitely one of my favorites on the list. I love how the astronaut’s figure looks like it’s straight out of a sketchbook, but the universe within him is depicted with a mesh of beautiful, mesmerizing colors. It’s like he’s filling himself up with colors as he ventures out into the unknown, and discovers the secrets of the universe. How meaningful!

IG: roppelt_tattoo

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 5

Realistic Forearm Tattoo of Astronaut Reading Newspaper

I absolutely adore this one and find it so intriguing. The art style is Realistic, but the action is not: an astronaut, fully equipped, reads the news while enjoying his tea. The artist IG: @jiro_painter, has a whole collection of tattoos with astronauts doing daily tasks like this one. Check it out now! I promise they’re as humorous as they are beautiful!

IG: jiro_painter

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 6

Custom Calf Tattoo of Floating Astronaut with Dotwork

There are many ways to depict sources of light in tattoo art, but I’d say I didn’t expect the Dotwork in this one. I just love how the black dots form a nice glow around the astronaut, creating such an uplifting and beautiful sight. I also like how realistic the astronaut looks, in contrast to the surrounding surreal glow. Great job on the artist’s part!

IG: joyce.acahu

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 7

Realistic Arm Tattoo of Astronaut Playing with Butterflies

This tattoo captures such a lovely moment, an astronaut encountering three beautiful butterflies. What I really like about this design is the orange glow emanating from the astronaut’s body. It brings so much warmth, hope,and beauty to the whole piece!

IG: jiro_painter

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 8

Realistic Tattoo of Astronaut Looking Through a Surreal Mirror

Here’s another example of how the Realistic style can be so effectively used when depicting surreal subjects and objects. It’s exactly this contrast that makes our eyes linger longer on the design. I adore the beautiful sunset, and how the surrounding scenery is packed inside what seems to be a mirror. Is the astronaut looking at himself and seeing his own reflection, or is he seeing into the future? Another marvelous work by artist IG: @jiro_painter

IG: jiro_painter

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 9

Black and Gray Arm Tattoo of Astronaut with Geometric Elements

This is such a complex and intricate design that I don’t even know where to start. It incorporates the Black and Gray style along with Geometric elements which makes all the parts of the design seem connected to one another. My favorite detail is how one of the astronaut’s legs is dissolving, as if he’s in a simulation, creating such a futuristic, sci-fi-inspired vibe.

IG: gabrielepalma_

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 10

Custom Color Forearm Tattoo of Astronaut Surrounded by Giant Mushrooms

I admire whoever designed and executed this one, because not only does it look good but it becomes more and more interesting the longer you look at it. Do you realize that it’s actually a Realistic tattoo of an old photo, with one of its edges curled up? The vibrant orange is absolutely beautiful, and the world within the photo is surreal in the best way! Just look at those giant mushrooms above the astronaut’s head! Very Cool

IG: skylerespinoza

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 11

Black and Gray Forearm Tattoo of Floating Astronaut and Planets

You might miss it at first sight (like I did), but you’ll surely be impressed with the unique idea behind this design, once you’ve noticed it. An astronaut with no helmet, no face and no head, floats around next to the planets. We can only see his brain sticking out. As creepy as the idea might seem, there’s actually some sense of peacefulness in this piece, don’t you think?

IG: tradethissleep

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 12

Custom Color Arm Tattoo of Floating Astronaut Within the Galaxy

To be honest, I love this one so much that I might just have it tattooed on myself. The color block style always brings out such a futuristic and stylish feel, and the lack of outlines works perfectly with it. I love how the different entities in outer space are depicted by very simple shapes, like one-colored globes, rings and triangles. It feels like once you’ve set eyes on this tattoo, it’s hard to look away.

IG: polyc_sj

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 13

Old School Tattoo of Female Astronaut on Arm

I absolutely love that the artist chose to depict a female astronaut with extremely feminine characteristics. She wears red lipstick and her helmet is filled with beautiful patterns and flowers. Since astronauts are predominantly male, I’d say this is quite a feminist piece. Old School style is also a nice choice, offering an impactful and vibrant color palette!

IG: badmanazzz

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 14

Geometric/Black and Gray Lower Leg Tattoo of Astronaut Resting on Planet

Now, this one is just adorable. I really like how casual the astronaut looks, just resting on one of the planets he’s encountered in space. The Geometric elements are a nice addition, too, adding dimension and connection with the overall design.

IG: singleorchid_studio

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 15

Blackwork Forearm Tattoo of Two Astronauts Holding Hands in Space

This is such an interesting design. At first you might notice a couple holding hands, then the wires from their helmets forming a heart-shaped pattern. If you step back, you’ll probably notice how it’s also a vinyl disk. Perhaps the tattoo is about how music can connect us, no matter where we are!

IG: l.tatts

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 16

Minimal Linework Forearm Tattoo of Astronaut, Stars, Planets and Spaceship

Do you find this design absolutely adorable? If you just want something simple and cute, tattoos like this one have to be your go-to choice. I’d recommend visiting the artist’s page for more lovely inspiration at IG: @naleak_tattoo

IG: naleak_tattoo

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 17

Geometric/Black and Gray Forearm Tattoo of Floating Astronaut

The best part of this design is probably how the light turns the astronaut’s body into a beautiful scene from nature.. It’s so surreal, but that makes it so intriguing at the same time. The Geometric touches are really nice, too, adding interest to the design.

IG: tatunchik

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 18

Old School Tattoo of Female Astronaut

This one is another Old School tattoo of a female astronaut, but it adds a little bit of a twist to it. I really like how she looks like a superhero in this one, as she shows off her weapons and the cool tattoos along her legs. Who says female superheroes can’t wear revealing clothes? It’s Your Tattoo, You Make The Rules

IG: haleyy.mccann

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 19

Black and Gray Chest Tattoo of Astronaut Touching a Planet

Korean artist IG: @ygtattoos does wonderful pieces in Black and Gray, and this is one of his beautiful and surreal works that feature astronauts. I love how small the planet seems in comparison to the astronaut; it looks like he’s very carefully poking it with his finger. The Linework is on point, too, even and well packed.

IG: ygtattoos

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 20

Watercolor/Sketch Forearm Tattoo of Astronaut Lifted up by Planet Balloons

I really like how the image of the astronaut appears to be a sketch, as if done on paper. It seems to me as if the astronaut is being uplifted by his desire to discover the secrets of the universe, and that brings colors to his mind. Of course that’s the inspiration for the beautiful splashes of Watercolors. Do you like my interpretation, or do you have your own?

IG: tattoozelenska

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 21

Detailed Linework Calf Tattoo of Praying Astronaut

Tattoo artist IG: @drew.inker_tattoo from Spain really took his design to the dark side with this one, featuring Dark Demon in a Japanese manga called Chainsaw Man. Even if you’ve never heard of it, the imagery in this tattoo is enough to make a strong impression, right? It looks to me like the astronaut is cut in half, praying for the remainder of his body. Brutal, but definitely intriguing.

IG: drew.inker_tattoo

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 22

Surreal/Realistic Tattoo of Astronaut Facing Explosion on Side of Thigh

Here’s another wonderful ink piece by artist IG: @jiro_painter, this one with more colors. I absolutely love the colors in his works, and how this one specifically is just so haunting. The light coming from the explosion is done so well, and realistically, including its reflection on the astronaut. Such an intense, fascinating piece!

IG: jiro_painter

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 23

Black and Gray Tattoo of Astronaut on Back of Arm

I find the optical illusion in this one undoubtedly amusing. The random interruption of the image makes it seem like we’re either looking at the subject through a broken piece of glass, or it’s just unreal. Placing it on the back of the arm is a nice option, too. It’s like putting something that’s not easy to make sense of somewhere that’s easy to find.

IG: klax.tattooer

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 24

Black and Gray Forearm Tattoo of Astronaut with Dashes of Green

The dashes of green really stand out for me in this one, even though they’re only in the background. Perhaps because of the appearance and brightness of the leaves, our brains automatically expect and direct themselves to the color green? The only criticism I’d have for this design is that I’d prefer for it to have fewer details so that the focal point, the astronaut, would pop out a bit more. Other than that, excellent execution on the artist’s part!

IG: moko.tattooatelier

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 25

Geometric/Black and Gray Forearm Tattoo of Astronaut

I really like the Geometric components in this design, because they’rre not over the top, yet not plain either. The lines behind the astronaut form a globe-shaped image, which might represent a mysterious planet. The thin small circle encapsulating the astronauts’ legs is a nice touch, too, helping to create a great sense of motion.


Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 26

Black and Gray Forearm Tattoo of Astronaut with Linework Constellations

I absolutely adore this piece, down to its smallest detail. Do you notice how every component of this tattoo is so seamlessly connected to the other? The helmet of the astronaut is also the pupil of the eye while the Geometric lines and shapes form figures that resemble the constellations of stars. This is a perfect example of how to pack so much into one piece, without making it overwhelming or messy.

IG: ink_positive

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 27

Black and Gray Tattoo of Astronaut and Planets over Biceps

At first glance, my eyes are immediately drawn to the miserable, melting planet right next to the astronaut. For environmentally-conscious people, perhaps this can be a subtle reminder that we must remember to protect our universe. That’s just my take, what about yours? What do you think?

IG: garaj808

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 28

Realistic Black and Gray Arm Tattoo of Astronaut And Butterfly

I love how the astronaut seems to be sitting on a windowsill while hanging out with a tiny butterfly. The mathematical equations and sketched spaceship blueprint in the background are such a nice touch, too. It’s almost like they represent all the difficult tasks that had to be completed to get the astronaut to where he is right now. Absolutely creative idea, and in such a profound way, too!

IG: eyal_vain

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 29

Color Forearm Tattoo of Astronaut Reaching for the Stars

This one is just like a beautiful painting done right on this client’s forearm. The galaxy, the planets and even the rocks underneath the astronaut’s feet are all so well designed and executed. It brings out the dreamy vibe of a modern fairy tale, don’t you think?

IG: gokceozaslan

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Astronaut Tattoo Ideas 30

Linework/Black and Gray Tattoo of Astronaut Handing Balloon to Little Girl

Last but not least, this is something that I find extremely touching. The astronaut has a handful of planet-shaped balloons with him, but the only colored one is handed to a little girl. I feel like this tattoo tells the story of how we pass on our hopes and dreams to future generations, who will make the world a better place. Props to the artist for coming up with such a beautiful idea!

IG: maressadi

We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!