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75 Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone in 2024

Are you looking for inspiration for your next tattoo? Or perhaps its your first one and you’re not quite sure what to get or where to place it, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From adorable micro tattoos to incredible full-sleeves, whatever you’re looking for this list has it and more! 

But before you go and get your own tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the dopest, most epic, and badass tattoo ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 1

Majestic Firey Eagle Tattoo

Welcome to another list of tattoos to inspire you. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best tattoo ideas of 2024, hopefully, you find something you like!
First on the list is this majestic eagle tattoo and boy did the artist go all out. The color scheme is fantastic, the oranges, reds, yellows and purples blend together so smoothly, like butter to bread. If you ever find yourself in Russia, give sergeyvoynoff a shout, or you know, check out his Instagram for more like this.

IG: sergeyvoynoff

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 2

Gorgeous Pastel Watercolor Hummingbird Tattoo on the Forearm

Pastel tattoos are always such a vibe, especially because matching the correct colors can be quite tricky. The softness of the watercolor is so feminine, but what really catches your attention is the flow of the the design, the hummingbird is hovering gracefully on the inner forearm, lovely!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 3

Stunning Hyper-Realistic Panda in a Cage Tattoo

This hyper-realistic panda tattoo honestly leaves you in awe. The attention to detail is out of this world, and every shadow and highlight creates a picture so realistic, that you swear you could almost reach out your hand and feel the fur between your fingers.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 4

Stunning Bamboo Handpoked Lotus and Moon Phase Tattoo

Aun from Panumart is probably one of the best Handpoke artists out there. The crispness of the linework and symmetry truly display the utter skill and precision of Aun’s hand, give panumart_tattoo a like and follow on IG if you’d like to see more Handpoked goodness!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 5

Amazing Black and Gray Ōkami Amaterasu Half-Sleeve Tattoo

Any fans of the video game Ōkami? Here’s one just for you and isn’t it a beaut? The Blackwork is so smooth and consistent, it’s almost like it was printed onto the skin. I adore the contrasts between the saturated black and the lighter shades of gray it creates depth and really brings this tattoo to life.

IG: nrrote

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 6

Lovely Micro Mandala Face Tattoo

Face tattoos are a very daring move and are what is known as a job stopper, however, the placement of this lovely micro mandala face tattoo is genius. It’s not directly on the face which means you don’t see it immediately and you can hide it with your hair if need be. Absolutely awesome if I say so myself.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 7

Dainty Fineline Peony Tattoo On the Neck

Much like face tattoos, neck tattoos can be considered a job stopper, depending on what field you work in, of course. The daintiness of this fineline tattoo contributes to its feminine vibe, but most importantly, the way the peony blossoms and spreads out on the neck is captivating, honestly, the artist and client can both be proud of this one.


Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 8

Stunning Feminine Abstract Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly is a classic in the world of tattoos so it’s really nice to see artists putting their own spin on classics. This abstract butterfly is truly stunning, I love how the watercolor almost looks like smoke. Awesome placement too!


Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 9

Amazing Color Realistic Bull On Parade Hand Tattoo

What an unusual yet awesome tattoo to place on your hand. Most people aim for something more symmetrical but this color realistic bull looks phenomenal on the hand. The color palette the artist used is really cool and almost extraterrestrial looking, truly kickass!

IG: d_world_of_ink

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 10

Funky Grim Reaper and Script Hand Tattoo

Talk about a busy tattoo, it’s still pretty awesome though, even if you’re not sure where to look first. Blackwork is becoming an increasingly popular style and for good reason, it’s quite badass if I say so myself. The best part is, that almost any tattoo can be designed in this style.


Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 11

Beautiful and Bold Flowers and Wave Tattoo

This style is so unusual, but oh-so contemporary and I love it! The colors are bright and stand out a mile away and even though there is no bold outline, this tattoo will stand the test of time because the artist packed the colors perfectly. I enjoy the placement, the flow of the design suits the shape of the chest and shoulder beautifully.

IG: heeyajenny

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 12

Pretty Dainty Dotwork Hand Tattoo

So many dots and yet, together, they look fabulous. I like how dainty this hand tattoo is, however, hand tattoos, especially dotwork tend to fade quite quickly because of how often we use our hands in everyday life. If this has inspired you, then keep in mind that you will definitely have to have multiple touch-ups done.

IG: irene_illusia

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 13

Awesome Black and Gray Sword and Tiger Hand Tattoo

How amazing is this hand tattoo? The coolest aspect is the fact that each element complements the next and somehow, even though each one is different, they fit together like a pair of gloves. Credit to the artist for their keen attention to detail, especially in such a limited space.

IG: pics_of_inked_

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 14

Sensual Feminine Mandala Tattoo On the Back

This gorgeous feminine mandala back tattoo is so sensual, the way it follows the shape of her back is very alluring, imagine wearing a lovely open back dress, you’ll have all the heads turning!

IG: josefineirene

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 15

Precious Linework Elephant Tattoo on the Biceps

Linework designs are a great first tattoo and you can often make them almost any size your heart desires. The lines are clean and smooth which is always a winner, especially when it comes to this style, you don’t want your tattoo to look wobbly.

IG: pelinnsimsek

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 16

Adorable Micro Heart and Aeroplane Ankle Tattoo

Micro tattoos are on the rise and are perfect for anyone who wants to get tattooed but is scared of the pain or needs to hide it for work. This tiny ankle tattoo is too cute for words, and the placement is lovely, however, because of the size and the lack of solid black ink, there’s a great chance this tattoo will fall out quite easily, try a different placement or even more black ink if you want it to last.

IG: tattooist_arar

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 17

Badass Masculine Egyptian-Inspired Neck Tattoo

Any tattoo that is inspired by ancient Egypt is usually awesome, I mean, look at this one, isn’t it just the coolest? I like that it’s all linework and yet still holds so much depth. The placement really complements the overall design, and it’s super impressive that the artist managed to get each element to fit the back of the neck, nice job.

IG: inklarity_official

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 18

Simple Blackwork Snake Finger Tattoo

Less is more they say and that’s exactly what this tattoo is. The ink has been packed really well and because of this it won’t fade easily. I like the concept of a snake on a finger, it adds a touch of ‘don’t mess with me’ to your aesthetic.

IG: yujin_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 19

Black and Gray Mandala Tattoo On Man’s Hand

Now I know that Mandala’s are usually quite a feminine design, mostly because a lot of women get them, that doesn’t mean that they can’t look great on a dude, I mean just check out how lovely this Mandala came out on this guy’s hand! I’m loving the contrasts between the solid black and gray ink.

IG: india.tattooartist

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 20

Amazing Custom Blackwork Design Back Tattoo

There are no words to describe the magnitude of awesome that is this tattoo! The artist did an outstanding job, the solid black is packed perfectly but the ultimate wow factor is the design, it is so trippy and really gets you wondering how the artist came up with such an awesome concept.

IG: santhelia

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 21

Gorgeous Feminine Blackwork Lotus Tattoo On the Hand

A finger tattoo can either look really harsh or super soft, luckily for this client her artist gave her a lovely elegant lotus design. The way the stem and leaves flow over the finger is busy but not so much that it complicates the tattoo, this is a super pretty idea.

IG: mukyeon_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 22

Pretty Dotwork Mandala Throat Tattoo

People are getting bolder each day, I mean look at this throat piece! The craziest part is, it seems as though this client doesn’t have any other visible tattoos, which makes this an even bolder move. I love throat tattoos, but don’t get one if you’re not ready for the commitment. Either way, the artist knocked this Mandala out of the park, it is beyond stunning.


Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 23

Adorably Cute Lioness and Her Cub Half-Sleeve Tattoo

The king of the jungle is a fierce and strong symbol, so it’s no wonder so many people adorn their bodies with the image of the lion. Here we see a stunning image of a protective lioness watching over her adorable cub. The attention to detail is outstanding, it almost makes you want to reach out and pet them both.

IG: sasha_hugo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 24

Awesome Custom Blackwork Surrealism Tattoo

This custom surrealism tattoo is extremely well done. I have no idea what it’s meant to be but at least it looks cool. From the placement to the actual execution of the design, there’s nothing not to like about this outer forearm tattoo.

IG: matteonangeroni

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 25

Incredible Hyper-Realistic Hummingbirds Full-Sleeve Tattoo

Hyper realism is such a difficult style, moslty because of how detailed it is, one wrong shaddow and you’ve thrown the design off. That’s not the case with this stunning Black and Gray hyper-realistic sleeve. All credits to the artist, the skill it took to create such a masterpiece is unfathomable. Can you imagine the amount of time it took to complete the entire thing? Blows my mind.

IG: carmelogxmez

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 26

Kick Ass New School Japanese Tiger Full Sleeve Tattoos

Is it Traditional or Japanese, or Traditional Japanese? Or maybe it’s a Neo Traditional version of Traditiona Japanese, whatever this style is, these two sleeves are incredible. The arm on the right looks like its still in progress, I can’t wait to see the final result, that’s if there will be one, of course.

IG: sulhong_tattooer

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 27

Stunning Linework Moon Witch Portrait Tattoo

Sometimes you want an intricate tattoo without all the nitty-gritty shading, if you’re wanting to keep it simple with a dash of piazzazz then this style is the one for you. The soft shading among the

IG: callmeyeti

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 28

Lovely Cherry Blossom Phoenix Tattoo

If you’re not a fan of the conventional phoenix, why not turn it into something adorable? Like this lovely cherry blossom phoenix. The colors have a galactic feel to them and are super feminine, which perfectly comeplements the cherry blossoms.


Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 29

Two Cute Color Realistic Hummingbird Tattoo

Color realism is definitely in my top 10 favorite styles, I mean, isn’t this just the prettiest pair of hummingbirds? The upper thigh was a brilliant choice for placement, they’re easy to hide and equally easy to show off, a nice pair of shorts and you’ll be turning all the heads.

IG: abii_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 30

Beautiful Black and Gray Floral Forearm Tattoo

Black and Gray tattoos are definitely the most popular style hands down. It’s probably because they age really well and almost anything can be turned into a Back and Gray piece. This lovely floral tattoo on the forearm holds delightful charm. Its impressive how the artist used soft shading and vatying line weights gives this tattoo depth, fantastic work.

IG: sabyminaart

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 31

Gorgeous Soft Fineline Tiger and Florals Tattoo

The softness of this Fineline tiger tattoo is incredible, each shadow so gently eteched into the skin. I like the placement and how the design spreads over the forearm, leaving only tiny gaps that can easily be filled. Attention to detail is spot on, if you want more like this, then check out tasha_tattoo on IG right now.

IG: tasha_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 32

Badass Japanese Negative Space Full-Sleeve Tattoo

There have been a lot of awesome sleeves on this list but this one takes the cake. Not only is it a blackout tattoo but it also incoporates negative spacing to create the Japanese-inspired patterns and designs. Blackout and Negative Spacing merged together makes for one badass sleeve.

IG: tattianart

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 33

Pretty Black and Gray Dotwork Floral Tattoo On the Arm

When you think of Dotwork, your first thought isn’t this, but you’d be surprised at how talented some artists are, especially when it comes to using this method of shading. The negative spacing and contrasting really bring this gorgeous floral tattoo to life. Simply amazing!


Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 34

Incrdible Realistic Palla’s Cat Full-Leg Sleeve Tattoo

This is definitely one of those tattoos that leaves you speechless, and maybe even a bit jealous, or is it only me? I am in awe of the sheer skill it took to not only design this tattoo but actually put it to skin, there are no words for how amazing this tattoo is. Check out animal_tattooer on Instagram for more like this, you won’t be disappointed.

IG: animal_tattooer

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 35

Black and Gray Lord of the Vikings Calf Tattoo

There is no doubt that anyone who saw this tattoo in person would want to know who the artist is because this is phenomenal. Every flick of the needle creating more and more detail, while the highlights draw your eyes as they trick you into thinking you’re gazing into the eyes of the real Lord of the Vikings.

IG: cheese_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 36

Pretty Fineline Dry Rose Inner Forearm Tattoo

Here’s something you don’t see often, a dried rose tattoo and the best part is that it actually looks like a crispy dead rose, that’s skill right there. I like the placement on the inner forearm, it accomodates the composition of the design beautifully. Not to mention how easy it is to showoff this piece because it’s on a visible part of the body, nice.

IG: david.arato

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 37

Precious Micro Scenic Train Tattoo

Here we have a wonderful scenic tattoo of a train traveling through snowy mountains, and wow is it breathtaking for something so tiny. You almost feel like you’re right there, enjoying a hot cup of cocoa looking out of the train window as the mountains pass you by. Kudos to the artist for the amount of detail in this micro tattoo.

IG: mooji_tt

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 38

Amazing Fineline Black and Gray Crescent Moon Tattoo

It’s always amazed me when artists add so much detail to a micro tattoo, especially when you’re able to decipher each and every detail without having to look too closely. This crescent moon tattoo is truly stunning and adorns the inner forearm nicely. The lighter gray ink might fade significantly over time, so if you’re using this as inspiration I would suggest asking your artist to add more contrast.

IG: tattooist_dh

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 39

Amazing Black and Gray Dotwork Landscape Tattoo On the Inner Forearm

Look at how amazing this scenic inner forearm tattoo is! The combination of different styles is really interesting and blends together seamlessly. Great design and a very good choice of placement, the shape of the tattoo fits the length of the arm like a glove.

IG: klax.tattooer

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 40

Greek Mythology-Inspired Tattoo On the Inner Forearm

It’s really cool when an artist brings various styles together, the geometry not only complements the realistic element of the design but they look like they were destined to be together. The smooth shading of the statue is brought forward by the rigid and bold lines. Everything about this tattoo is breathtaking, amazing work by nhea.ttt, see more of her fantastic work on IG.

IG: nhea.ttt

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 41

Sultry Fineline Roses Tattoo

Tattoos that are placed on parts of the body that are usually covered by clothes always have a sexy element to them. It’s probably because of how secretive they are. I love how this floral design grows up the hip bone and slightly wraps around the side, it shapes her hip gracefully.

IG: yeowool_tattooer

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 42

Really Cool Abstract Blackout Full-Sleeve Tattoo

This abstract sleeve is extremely unusual, I adore how it extends down onto the hand. Can you imagine how painful it must have been on the fingers? After all they are an extremely sensitive spot, not for the faint of heart, and definitely not for first-timers unless you’re feeling ballsy.


Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 43

Sexy Negative Space Blackout Sleeve Tattoo

Women with Blackout sleeve tattoos always give off a very sexy energy, it’s probably because of how badass you truly have to be to sit through an entire blackout session. One thing you should always keep in mind about Blackout tattoos, even those with negative spacing, they fade and often to a blueish color, be prepared to committ to this style because you’re going to require a few touch-ups along the way.

IG: hoode215

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 44

Intricate Fibonacci-Inspired Black and Gray Forearm Tattoo

There’s a lot of math going on in this design and unless you know what each of the equations represents, I’m just going to focus on how awesome this tattoo is. The realistic double exposure portrait is so intricately done, that each exposed muscle and tendon stands out like a sore thumb. It’s creepy but you can’t take your eyes off of it because this is such a cool tattoo and the artist realy outdid themselves.

IG: tiago__dot

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 45

Blackwork Abstract Whale Tattoo On the Arm

I absolutely love how this tattoo travels from the back onto the arm, almost like the whale is really swimming. The gorgeous trail of smokey black ink adds to the motion and is a wonderful concept, it almost reminds me of a Patronus charm from Harry Potter.

IG: sixtenism

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 46

Brutal Nordic Full-Chest Tattoo

Wow, this Nordic chest tattoo is exceptional. The fine detailing pairs magnificently with the Black and Gray shading, creating a treat for the eyes. Not only is the design something to behold, but to deny how alluring it is on this guy’s chest would be criminal.

IG: artesobscurae

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 47

Tiny Mountain and Stars Tattoo On the Ankle

Adorable micro mountain tattoo anyone? This ankle tattoo is so sweet. It’s an incredibly simple design and yet has the ability to speak 1000 words. Who knows, maybe it’s a simplified drawing of the client’s favorite mountain range? Now that’s a lovely concept, especially if you want to keep it small.

IG: wittybutton_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 48

Pretty Blackwork Ornamental Tattoo On the Calf

This Ornamental Blackwork tattoo is beyond gorgeous, it adorns the calf with such sophistication. The dotwork is precise and symmetrical, and each element has been tattooed with elegance and skill, the artist certainly has a very steady hand. This is the best style for anyone wanting something a little more on the feminine side.

IG: zouz.ttt

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 49

Amazing Color Realistic Rottweiler Portrait Tattoo

My goodness this is a fantastic miniature color realistic portrait. There is an incredible amount of detail which truly brings this happy pup to life. The upper thigh is a nice area to get tattooed, it’s flat and easy to work with and is great for the client because it’s easily hidden and you can add so much more to it because there’s enough space.

IG: greens_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 50

Sexy Fineline Floral Tattoo

Talk about too hot to handle, wow, this tattoo is possibly one of the sexiest ones on the list. Its composition is oh-so seductive and flows with the shape of her body in such an alluring way. The fine lines are what give this tattoo its feminine touch, while the soft shading adds depth making sure this piece is anything but flat.

IG: zeetattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 51

Gentle Feminine Floral Arm Tattoo

I don’t think diamonds are a girl’s best friend, oh no, it’s actually flowers, I mean why else are they so popular among women? This dainty floral tattoo on the outer forearm is magnificent. The shape of the flowers follows the contours of the arm, almost like they were blooming upwards.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 52

Out of this World Vegetal Fox Tattoo On the Thigh

If you’re not familiar with the term vegetal, it literally relates to plants, hence this stunning fox made of shrubbery and twisting leaves. I’ve never seen anything like it and that always makes for a great tattoo because it’s one of a kind. So, if you’re taking inspiration from this awe-inspiring piece, make sure you make it your own, maybe throw in a bit of color to break away from the black and gray trend.

IG: ezer.artwork

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 53

Outstanding Color Realistic Oranges Tattoo On The Thigh

What’s that saying again? When life gives you lemons? How about oranges? This color realistic tattoo is one juicy design, and the color palette is even juicier, just look at how the oranges and greens complement each other. What more could I possibly say about this dazzling tattoo?

IG: abii_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 54

Insanely Awesome New School Dragon Tattoo

Okay, I’ve said quite a few tattoos on this list are badass but I think I take it back because this one holds the crown. I like how this tattoo connects the chest and arm, it looks like the start of a full-body suit, which is extremely hot, in my opinion. The colors have a very New School feel to them and match up with the Japanese style the artist was going for. I have no words, this is spectacular.

IG: podorovsky_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 55

Breathtaking Hyper Realistic Color Dragon Tattoo On the Arm

Dragons are often associated with good luck and fortune, which is probably the reason it’s such a good idea to get one etched on your skin forever. But don’t get just any dragon, get yourself something similar to this breathtaking color realistic piece by the very talented Ink Traveler, check out more on Instagram.

IG: ink.traveler

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 56

Phenomenal Full Back Ornamental Tattoo

Who said tattoos needed to be made up of lines? This Ornamental back tattoo made up of dots is simply to die for. The way the design has been laid out follows the curvature of her back elegantly making for a lovely feminine design worthy of being considered one of the best tattoo ideas for 2024.

IG: blum.ttt

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 57

Geometric Dotwork Full-Sleeve Tattoo

Where do I begin with this unique Geometric tattoo? The black ink has been packed consistently and is as smooth as butter. Saturating black can be a challenging task and if you’re an artist who isn’t fond of the style the work can end up looking patchy. Lucky for this client their artist is a pro. I like the gradient the dotwork creates, it adds a really cool three-dimensional illusion.

IG: bintt

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 58

Neo Traditional Warrior Woman Tattoo On the Arm

How to tell people not to mess with you without telling them not to mess with you? Get an unbelievably fantastic warrior woman tattooed on your arm. I must admit that creating this design in Neo Traditional was a genius idea, the colors and varying line weights accompanied by the style are exactly what this tattoo needed. I’m in awe!

IG: tattoosbysantiago

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 59

Devilish Neo Classic Lady Tattoo

This tattoo is a mixture of two styles and it’s remarkable. The concept and color palette is definitely derived from American Traditional, whilst the style leans more towards Neo Traditional. And yes, these two styles are sisters which is why it makes sense that they look good brought together. That devil is certainly up to something, I adore his mischievous grin.

IG: andresinkman

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 60

Marvelous Abstract Phoenix Back Tattoo

The phoenix, with its powerful ability to resurrect, is a symbol of hope and rebirth, a formidable omen to have inked on your body. The abstract splashes and paintbrush-like strokes add a unique spin to a tattoo that is usually done in fiery red hues.

IG: e.tedebring

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 61

Wonderful Neo Traditional Floral Sleeve Tattoo

I adore the Autumn color scheme of this lovely Neo Traditional floral tattoo. The yellows pop against the brown catching your eye immediately. Colors aside, the placement of this tattoo is amazing, I really like how it extends from the outer forearm onto the hand leaving just enough space between the tattoo and the start of the fingers. This is honestly one of the pretties designs on this list.

IG: jamesboagtattoos

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 62

Beautiful Traditional Asian Crane Back Tattoo

Wow, this is one gorgeous back piece. The single drop of color in the sun stands out and brings the rest of the tattoo to the foreground. Each brushstroke and splash of black ink pulls you in further allowing you to appreciate each and every element in this Asian beauty.

IG: tattooist_jaymee

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 63

Extraordinary Floral Ornamental Back Tattoo

Who says feminine floral designs can’t be bold and in your face? This gorgeous ornamental back tattoo is a masterpiece, the dotwork is consistent and symmetrical whole the blackout is packed solidly, I like how it acts as a background for the flowers. Finally, the shape of the tattoo accentuates her back beautifully, the frame follows the curve of her spine and helps to bring the entire tattoo together, stunning!

IG: tattoodo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 64

Impressive Graffiti-Style Portrait Tattoo On the Arm

This tattoo is absolutely incredible, the composition of the design is perfect for the upper arm, and the fact that it doesn’t wrap around is great because you get to see the entire tattoo uninterrupted. The artist did a fantastic job and should be incredibly proud because damn, it’s more than worthy of being on this list of best tattoo ideas.

IG: stefano_phen

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 65

Fantastic Kintsugi Floral Woman Portrait Tattoo

The gold effect in this tattoo is incredibly realistic, then again, so is everything else and it’s glorious. I think the flower crown is breathtaking and adds a sense of softness and femininity to the overall design. The Kintsugi concept is profound, especially because of the meaning behind it.

IG: debrartist

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 66

Exquisite Eagle and Lion Pride Full-Sleeve Tattoo

This sleeve is an exquisite rendition of the popular lion and compass tattoo that we’ve all come to know and (not all) love. It’s great to see more than just a lion this time. Also, how precise and intricate is the eagle? It almost appears to be starring into your soul, much like the lion with its amber eyes. This is certainly a winner in the Realism department.


Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 67

Dainty Realistic Blue Butterfly Tattoo On the Arm

The butterfly tattoo has been popular since the dawn of tattooing, changing with the trends but always staying a firm favorite. This color realistic version is lovely and a good choice for anyone wanting something dainty and bright, just look at how captivating those blues are.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 68

Unique and Attractive Blackwork Back Tattoo

Can you imagine the patience, time and skill it took to do this unique back tattoo? All that black ink must have taken ages to pack in so perfectly. The coolest thing about this tattoo is the optical illusion, there are so many hidden faces for you to find, what a dope concept to adorn your body with, this is definitely a conversation starter.

IG: calo__tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 69

Precious Fineline Butterfly Forearm Tattoo

Another pretty butterfly without the finer details and bright colors. This simple design is gorgeous, feminine and fine, and the subtle hints of shading add a soft touch to the piece. This placement on the inner forearm is also noteworthy, it’s the ideal spot for something of this size and style and the skin is delicate enough to absorb ink well, meaning there’s little chance it will significantly fade over time.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 70

Charming Fineline Floral Tattoo

I’m not sure what to call this design, but I can say one thing, it’s marvelous, especially for a tattoo with minimal shading and mostly linework. The design was made for the inner forearm, it fits the curve nicely and doesn’t wrap around so you get a lovely view of the whole tattoo.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 71

Captivating Black and Gray Lioness and Her Cub Tattoo

Is this not the sweetest scene? The power of a mothers love is indescribable and this captivating tattoo of a lioness and her cub is proof. I love the realistic touch to this Black and Gray tattoo, it’s truly well done and captures your heart at first glance. 

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 72

Striking Masculine Blackwork Snake Tattoo On the Ribs

Yet another snake, just not as realistic this time but still breathtaking. It’s well placed uder the pecks because the snake follows the curves of the client’s body. This is one dangerously sexy tattoo.

IG: bigbrotherryan

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 73

Dangerously Beautiful Hyper Realistic Snake Tattoo

This tattoo is beyond words, the details are exceptional, it’s like looking into the face of a real serpent, dangerous but tantalizing. There’s one tiny thing that I feel could have been done differently, its body in the background seems to lack any solid detail which makes it a little bland, if the rest of the tattoo was as intricate as the face, this piece would take the crown for best tattoo idea.

IG: bigbrotherryan

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 74

Dazzling Monstera Plant Neck Tattoo

Plant fans unite, this fantastic neck tattoo is for you, especially if you love the Monstera family. Neck tattoos are quite the statement so it’s important that you get them only if you’re ready for the comittment. Other than that, this neck tattoo really suits the client and I adore how it wraps around, almost like a leafy necklace.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone 75

Dazzling Yet Simple Fineline Snake Tattoo

We’ve reached the end of our list and the final tattoo is yet another dazzling snake design. This one is a lot more simplistic but it’s the simplicity that makes it great. Good placement, the upper thigh is easy to hide if need be, but also a fun area to show off in a bikini.
We hope you enjoyed this list of the best tattoo ideas for 2024 and found what you were looking for, if not, remember, there’s plenty more where that came from. Until next time, happy inking!

IG: bigbrotherryan