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40 Awesome Neck Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

Like hand tattoos and face tattoos, neck tattoos aren’t for everybody. These tattoos would definitely fall into the more hardcore category. But times are changing and neck tattoos are becoming ever-more-popular. Plus with the right design and artist, these pieces become straight-up masterpieces.

But before you go and get your own neck tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most unique, most stylish, and best-looking neck tattoos of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea for your next piece of ink.

With that said, let’s begin. 

Neck Tattoo Ideas 1

We Hope You Enjoy These Neck Tattoos! First Off: A Women's Neo Traditional Pink Rose Neck Tattoo

It’s like this big red rose is planting a big juicy kiss on the neck. Inked in the Neo Traditional style, the color palette is generally muted as compared with the similar New School style. This tattoo’s not for any “shrinking violet”.

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Neck Tattoo Ideas 2

Men's Blackwork Flower Neck Tattoo

Here’s a beautiful example of Black Work style. Although the typical solid planes of black ink are present, the skilled shading stands out. Varying tones of gray are used to achieve this desired effect.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 3

One of the Most Unique Neck Tattoos You'll See: An Ornamental Linework Neck Tattoo

Beautiful Line Work adorns this woman’s chin. Composed of solid black lines; both straight and curved. It’s reminiscent of hieroglyphics. Wonder what it says.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 4

Minimal Linework Back Neck Tattoo

When it comes to neck tattoos, any style will work. Here we have the Line Work style as seen in this neck tattoo. Black lines form the outline of the beetle with the surrounding design reminiscent of wings. Minimal style is aptly employed in the representation of the wings. Secondary details aren’t included but rather only the most basic components make up the design.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 5

Women's Blackwork Olive Branch Neck Tattoo

If you didn’t know what Blackwork style is, now you do. This floral-themed tattoo skillfully highlights the style. Black ink alone is used and then generally rendered in solid planes. Not for the shy.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 6

New School Red Rose Neck Tattoo

This rose neck tattoo is done in New School style. Similar to Old School style (think your grandpa’s tattoo), they both use bold outlines and simple colors. The primary difference is the choice of theme; example: rose vs pin-up girl. This rose tattoo sits perfectly on the neck with leaves draping both forwards and onto the back. Beautiful.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 7

Geometric Neck Tattoo

This geometric pattern is reminiscent of a lotus flower; sweet but powerful. The design is perfectly centered over the neck, even extending sideways onto the slopes of the shoulders. Then there’s the solid outline serving as a frame; not any frame but one that sensuously extends onto the spine. This will have all eyes following you.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 8

Black and Grey Rose Neck Tattoo

This rose tattoo is both subtle, yet masculine. Helping to achieve this, the Black and Grey style is employed where only black ink is used. The various tones of grey are then created by diluting the black ink. The light shading of the rose is perfectly counter-balanced by the dark, bold shading of the leaves. Positioned between the other tattoos, this rose is subtle, yes – but oh so masculine too.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 9

Men's Large Floral Side Neck Tattoo

As seen here flowers aren’t only for girls; flower tattoos for men are awesome as well. This large floral tattoo is inked in the Black and Grey style. Black outlines, grey shading and no addition of color create the perfect feel for this tattoo. The design’s dimensions further enhance the masculine feel. Extending from right under the ear lobe down to the collarbone and wrapping around the neck, this man isn’t afraid to “rock the boat”.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 10

Women's Geometric Dotwork Front of Neck Tattoo

This tattoo almost looks like a piece of beautiful fabric. With perfect geometric outlines, subtle shading and use of the Dot Work style, this tattoo is so impressive. The style involves placing adjacent dots that never touch; giving the illusion of a bigger picture. If you think you’ve seen this technique before you’re right; the Pointillism style of late French Impressionist painters. A Masterpiece.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 11

Realistic Black and Grey Cupid Side Neck Tattoo

Realistic? Yes – so much so that it looks like a sculpture you might see in Italy. To create this level of realism, contrast, shading and 3D are a must. And of course great skill. Inked entirely in the Black and Grey style, only black ink is used. Grey tones are then achieved by diluting the black ink. When you look at the detail, the beautiful shading, the positioning and overall design of this tattoo, you know you’re looking at something special.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 12

Women's Blackwork Tattoo Front Neck

To enhance this bold design, Black Work style is employed. Using only black ink, an in-your-face tattoo is created. No thin black lines, no subtlety; just bold, solid planes of black ink. The design creates a focal point over the sternum. You can see how anatomy can dictata or enhance a design and vice-versa. The bottom of the chin and the collarbones are in fact integral parts of this design. Well done.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 13

Blackwork Floral Neck Tattoo

This tattoo is a beautiful example of Black Work style. Using only black ink applied in bold solid planes, the lines are so perfectly done that the flower looks like this is where it was always meant to be. With the twisting and turning of the leaves, the tattoo comes alive. From the ink choice complementing this man’s own complexion and hair color – to the sweep of the design from ear to collarbone and then onto the back and under the chin – this work is masterful. Big props to the artist.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 14

Japanese Cherry Blossom & Tiger Neck Tattoo

Japanese tattoos are never shy or timid and neither is this one. Boldly inked in black with some shading, it perfectly frames the neck. No accessories needed. With tigers representing bravery and a fierce spirit, I guess we can assume this is one strong lady. Hats off to her.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 15

Rose Tinted Text Neck Tattoo

Text style incorporates a word or two and from there makes art. Beyond the literal meaning of the chosen word(s), letter style, size and location combine to make the art. Think of it as graffiti – here with the neck serving as a street wall. Looks like maybe we have a dreamer here seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses. Sounds good to me.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 16

Blackwork Floral Snake Neck Tattoo

Position makes perfect and here it really does. The snake does appear to be slithering along the flower right up this woman’s neck. It’s a beautiful design layout utilizing the vertical space between the ear and the collarbone. Then there’s the Black Work style artfully showcased here. Heavy lines and solid planes of black ink only. Bold but totally feminine too. Awesome snake tattoo design.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 17

Women's Neck Tattoo

As detailed as a botany textbook drawing but oh so graceful on this woman’s neck. The design seems to enhance the long slender curves of the neck. Inked in strong black lines, along with some thin ones for added detailing, this is Line Work style. The end result: a vine that seems to have found its perfect home.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 18

Women's Black Widow Spider Neck Tattoo

This is one awesome spider neck tattoo. Bold heavy black lines and accents of red define the Minimal style expertly employed here. There’s the spider’s body, legs and webs; nothing more than these basic components. This design looks museum-ready. Nothing more needed.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 19

Small Text Tattoo on Woman’s Neck

Here a single word alone is the tattoo; this is Text Style. Although I don’t know the meaning of this word, I’m sure this woman does. That along with the choice of font, letter size and location create this uniquely personalized art.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 20

Neo Traditional Neck Tattoos: A Rose & Wolf Neck Tattoo

This is one scary looking wolf, but perhaps he’s trying to soften up his image with that rose. Either way this is classic Neo Traditional style. Natural colors and shades are used with animals often depicted. If you look closely, it’s interesting how the wolf’s ear parallels the lines of the man’s ear. Cool detail.

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Neck Tattoo Ideas 21

Flower Neck Tattoos for Men: A Black Chrysanthemum Flower Tattoo on Man's Neck

This chrysanthemum is big and bold like many Japanese tattoos. And being big and bold in design, this man isn’t shy about inking a flower right on his neck. The heavy black lines and solid planes of ink create a decidedly masculine feel.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 22

Realistic Black and Gray Ram’s Head Tattoo on Man’s Neck

Great shading is on display in this tattoo. That along with the use of fine black lines, no color and 3D provide its realism. This is Realistic style combined with Black and Gray style. Looking at the design you can see how it perfectly fits the space where it’s inked. The antlers neatly fit between the chin and collarbones while the head receives its due attention centered over the sternum. Kudos to the tattoo artist for impressive artistic and technical skills.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 23

Colorful Neck Tattoos: A Pink Floral Full Neck Tattoo

Like a piece of jewelry this tattoo beautifully adorns the neck. The subtle muted shades create a feeling of “lightness” enabling the contours to extend to just under the face, to the collarbone and towards the back. It looks like Fall is in the air.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 24

Cute Neck Tattoos: A Fine Line Floral on Woman's Neck

Neck tattoos rarely ever look as classy as this one. Thin black lines, subtle shading and the absence of color, characteristics of Fine Line style, come together to impart a delicate feel to this flower. Its positioning on the neck similarly does too. The flower looks like it’s resting right on the shoulder and gracefully following the curve onto the back; looking like it was always meant to be here. That’s good design.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 25

Cute Full Neck Tattoos: A Mandala Tattoo with some Ornamental Detail

This Mandala tattoo is a beautiful accessory. Centered over the sternum it magnifies the graceful slope of the shoulders and lines of the collarbones. The characteristic repeating geometric patterns of a Mandala form a lotus flower design. Ornamental elements above and below it add a perfect delicate touch.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 26

Religious Neck Tattoo: A Realistic Black and Grey Christian Cross & Angel Back Neck Tattoo

The neck perfectly showcases the size and detail of this cross. The horizontal expanse of the cross neatly frames the neck while the vertical aspect follows the spine. Black and Grey style is expertly used to lend realism to the design. Here only black ink is used and then watered down to create tones of grey then used for shading. The realism and detail shown in this religious neck tattoo is simply amazing.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 19

Small Neck Tattoos for Women: A Small Text Tattoo

Here a single word alone is the tattoo; this is Text Style. Although I don’t know the meaning of this word, I’m sure this woman does. That along with the choice of font, letter size and location create this uniquely personalized art.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 28

Full Neck Tattoos for Men: This Crazy Full Black Script Design

If you want to make a statement; want it to be bold and right in your face – try a Text throat tattoo in Black Work style. Heavy, heavy solid planes of black ink and highly stylized lettering are on full display here. Look familiar? Of course; it’s just like graffiti but transferred from the street to your skin.


Neck Tattoo Ideas 29

Two Black and Gray Sparrow Neck Tattoos

This tattoo is a great example of Linework style as evidenced by the numerous markings over the birds’ bodies. Black lines artfully inked create spaces which are then shaded in gray. With the Black and Gray style, only black ink is used which is then watered down to create the different gray tones. This woman’s long slender neck creates the perfect space for these birds to take flight.


Neck Tattoo Ideas 30

One of the Manliest Neck Tattoos You'll See: A Tribal Neck Tattoo

Modern Tribal style tattoos are inspired by those of indigenous peoples. Symbols were used to mark social status, bravery or spiritual themes. Today it’s more the design itself which is the appeal. Here you can see some elements of Mandala style with its repetition of geometric patterns. Overall the design of this full neck tattoo expertly fits the lines and curves of the body.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 31

Attractive Neck Tattoos for Women: An Old School Sailor Neck Tattoo

This tattoo is done in Old School style. Bold black outlines, a simple color palette and little shading characterize the style. If you can picture Grandpa’s tattoo of an eagle, flag or pin-up girl, you’re familiar with Old School. Of course here it’s presented in a fresh new way. Grandpa never looked so good.


Neck Tattoo Ideas 32

Floral Neck Tattoos for Women: A Large Black and Gray Sunflower

This large sunflower tattoo perfectly utilizes the canvas the neck provides. Extending upwards to frame the ear and downwards to accent the collarbone, it’s a perfect fit. Beautiful black line work is seen along with the complementary black shading. The central circle and triangle definitely draw your eye right to this tattoo.


Neck Tattoo Ideas 33

Patriotic Neck Tattoos: A Realistic Black and Grey Statue of Liberty Neck Tattoo

Lady Liberty is on full display here for all to see. Using only black and gray tones for outlines, shading and contrast, a realistic 3-dimensional look is achieved. Nice touch how the crown extends onto the back of the head.


Neck Tattoo Ideas 34

Neck Tattoos for Men: The Devil Doesn't Sleep

The statement “Devil doesn’t sleep” is boldly proclaimed on this man’s neck much like graffiti on a city wall. Text style is the use of one or a few words to create art. Beyond the literal meaning of the word(s), the lettering style, size and layout all come together to make an artful statement. Guess this tattoo is a warning for us all.

Neck Tattoo Ideas 35

Front Neck Tattoos: A Tiny Single Needle Butterfly Neck Tattoo

This butterfly neck tattoo stays true to the Minimal style, with the design including only the basic components of the butterfly. The beautiful black lines and subtle shading is all that’s needed to impart the essence of this butterfly.


Neck Tattoo Ideas 36

Minimalist Neck Tattoos: An Abstract Minimal Black Line Tattoo on Neck

The Line Work style seen here employs only thin black lines. The parallel black lines with just a slight curve towards the center frame what looks like a beautiful diamond solitaire. Punctuated by the black dots above and below, this tattoo looks like an elegant piece of jewelry. The abstract, futuristic circuit board look gives a really cool twist to the minimal tattoo style .

Neck Tattoo Ideas 37

Small Neck Tattoos: Small Black and Grey Fern Leaf Classy Neck Tattoo

Perfectly centered between the ear lobe and collarbone, this small floral tattoo gracefully adorns the neck. Without the addition of color or a more intricate design, this is Minimal style. Nothing extra called for. As you can see, neck tattoos with floral pieces look really good.


Neck Tattoo Ideas 38

Unique Neck Tattoos: A White Ink and Yellow Ink Buddhist Design

Line Work style is the basis of this pretty neck tattoo. Although typically using only black ink, the addition of color and white ink is a nice modern twist. Creativity in play. The swirling lines delicately frame the neck making full use of the space the neck provides.


Neck Tattoo Ideas 39

One of the Largest Geometric Neck Tattoos You'll Ever See

A lotus Mandala is the central focus of this Geometric style mandala tattoo. The overall geometric pattern intimately covers and complements the shape of the neck, head and upper back. Overall – It’s a perfect back neck tattoo.


We hope you enjoyed and found inspiration from these neck tattoos!