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31 Hypnotic Heart Tattoo Ideas for Women in 2024

The heart is something everyone has, so why not get a tattoo of it? Hearts have been a staple in the tattoo industry for years now. That might be because hearts are a versatile tattoo, easily catered to various tattoo styles. The heart can turn into one amazing tattoo with the right idea and techniques. 

But before you go and get your own heart tattoo, we’ll guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below you’ll find a variety of the most beautiful, innovative, colorful, gray, tattoos of 2024. You’ll definitely be inspired with the most creative heart tattoo idea of which heart tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body. 

With that said, let’s begin!

Heart Tattoo Ideas 1

Heart-Shaped Jewel Chest Tattoo

The placement of this heart tattoo is sexy and discreet. The heart is shaded like a jewel, which makes it creative and stand out. Small yet attractive, heart chest tattoos are for those who don’t want to commit to a huge tattoo.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Heart Tattoo Ideas 2

Heart Lighter Tattoo

Have you ever seen a heart coming out of a lighter? Well, you have now! This tattoo is full of love instead of butane. The red and black are perfect for this heart-themed tattoo.

IG: gonytattoo

Heart Tattoo Ideas 3

Simple Heart Wrist Tattoo

Sometimes, simplicity is best when it comes to tattoos. This tiny heart placed on the center of the wrist is delicate and so, so cute. The heart starts off red then fades to white.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Heart Tattoo Ideas 4

777 Heart Tattoo

Are you feeling lucky? “777” is an angel number related to luck. The background includes a heart with an arrow going through it. It’s a spiritual twist on the classic heart tattoo.

IG: rocotatt

Heart Tattoo Ideas 5

Transparent Heart Tattoo

This grayscale heart tattoo is one of a kind. The unique shading makes it different from your standard red heart tattoo.


Heart Tattoo Ideas 6

Colorful Heart Shaped Earth Tattoo

Lovers of earth will love this earth-themed tattoo. The intense, vibrant colors of this heart-shaped earth are eye-catching. Made to resemble a jewel, this creative heart tattoo is meant to resemble Mother Earth in the best way possible.

IG: non_lee_ink

Heart Tattoo Ideas 7

Dotwork Heart and Snake Tattoo

This incredible heart and snake tattoo is made purely out of dots and light-to-dark shading. The placement of this tattoo and the shading makes for an extraordinary tattoo to have for a lifetime.


Heart Tattoo Ideas 8

Crayon Sketch Heart Tattoo

Using primarily orange, red, and a splash of white this simple yet creative heart tattoo is bright and beautiful. The vibrancy of the colors stick out from the fairness of her skin.

IG: sinewpark_tt

Heart Tattoo Ideas 9

Amor Et Sanguis Grayscale Tattoo

Two Roman-style hands reach towards each other with a heart that’s broken in two halves. In between there’s a quote that says “Amor et sanguis” which translated means “love and blood”.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Heart Tattoo Ideas 10

Realistic Anatomical Heart Tattoo

This heart is wrapped around rope. Instead of being a regular heart shape, this tattoo is in the shape of a real heart. There’s a reflectiveness coming off of the heart that’s fun to gaze at.

IG: debrartist

Heart Tattoo Ideas 11

Heart Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Dreamcatchers just got an upgrade. The dreamcatcher is heart-shaped with a moon in the center. The feathers hang from the dreamcatcher marked with thick black lines and muted colors. The color tones add a feminine touch to this heart tattoo.

IG: ari_tattooer

Heart Tattoo Ideas 12

Broken Heart Tattoo

A broken heart can be drawn and tattooed in multiple ways. This heart tattoo is a thin red heart with broken pieces. The arrow has gone right through the middle of it, nearly shattering it into pieces.

IG: caotida

Heart Tattoo Ideas 13

Small Gold Heart Tattoo

Small and gold, this heart tattoo is dainty and delicate. With the wrist placement, it’s easy to hide, but amazing to look at. The heart looks like a real gold heart placed onto the skin.

IG: jooa_tattoo

Heart Tattoo Ideas 14

Creative Heart Tattoo

You’ve never seen a heart tattoo like this. Every single aspect of this heart tattoo has never been done before like this. This futuristic heart has a tinge of red to show the blood that compliments the overall tattoo.

IG: arte.perdura

Heart Tattoo Ideas 15

Traditional Bright Heart Tattoo

There’s bright colors galore with this traditional heart tattoo. With blues, purples, reds, and grays there’s no shortage of color. The way the heart is in the shape of the ribcage is extremely creative.

IG: xinamon_tattoo

Heart Tattoo Ideas 16

Heart Eye Tattoo

The linework in this heart eye piece is filled with perfection. The dotwork brings the tattoo to life. There’s an eye in the center with two sparkles above it. With a fire rising out of it, this heart tattoo is unparalleled.


Heart Tattoo Ideas 17

Delicate Hand Heart Tattoo for Women

Absolutely stunning, this delicate hand heart tattoo is a stunner. In the center of it all there’s a heart and a butterfly. The heart shape is full of sparkles, giving it a cute, feminine touch.

IG: tattooist_yeonnie

Heart Tattoo Ideas 18

Heart and Flower Drawing Tattoo

Happy and bright, this heart tattoo is full of beautiful roses and a picture perfect sunny day. The heart is outlined in red marks that outline the tattoo.

IG: purinntattoo

Heart Tattoo Ideas 19

Portrait Anime Heart Tattoo

The heart of this tattoo features a woman holding a knife with her reflection showing. The knife has blood dripping off it in a daring and intense way. Her strong gaze makes you not want to look away.


Heart Tattoo Ideas 20

Heart and Sword Tattoo on Woman’s Thigh

Hearts and swords always go great together, especially in this tattoo. Using black, gray, and white this heart has not one but three swords striking through the center of it. The white used in this tattoo is responsible for the reflective glare.

IG: local_p0ke

Heart Tattoo Ideas 21

Chain Link Heart Tattoo

Wrapped in delicious pink, this chain link heart tattoo promises to be the most unique tattoo idea. The realism of the chain link is unprecedented, especially with the dangerous spikes.

IG: tiaberrys

Heart Tattoo Ideas 22

Watercolor Heart Tattoo

You can never, ever go wrong with a watercolor heart tattoo. This watercolor tattoo is full of lively, eye-catching colors. The black brush and splatter marks enhance the colors while shaping this one of a kind heart tattoo.

IG: pablo_ortiz_tattoo

Heart Tattoo Ideas 23

Heart Linework Tattoo

For those who value simplicity, this linework heart tattoo says it all. The linework is all red, groovy lines. This creative heart tattoo is carefully placed near the elbow. It’s a small, but mighty tattoo.

IG: yigitisil

Heart Tattoo Ideas 24

Hearts All Over Tattoo

Hearts? Hearts everywhere! There’s red, little hearts sprinkled carefully all over her shoulder. Who said you couldn’t wear your heart on your sleeve?

IG: tattoomoon_vl

Heart Tattoo Ideas 25

Traditional Lively Heart Tattoo

This traditional tattoo has a heart with a body of water inside of it. There’s even an adorable paper boat floating about.

IG: ju.chooo

Heart Tattoo Ideas 26

Fine Line Heart Tattoo

This fine line heart tattoo is the opposite of traditional tattoos. Delicate flowers fill the center of this heart. This tattoo is beautiful with its simplistic linework. Sometimes, you don’t need a ton of shading – just beautiful lines.

IG: mclametattoos

Heart Tattoo Ideas 27

Acrylic Paint Heart Tattoo

Usually, hearts are brown, but in this case the heart is brown and even resembles painting marks. Intricately placed on the back of the shoulder, this heart tattoo is meant to last for life. What’s not to love about this heart tattoo?

IG: o.ri_tattoo

Heart Tattoo Ideas 28

Colorful Single Line Heart Tattoo

A heart comes from a small, detailed lotus flower. The lotus flower is a vigorous pastel-like blue and purple. The overall heart tattoo is straightforward and delightful to look at.


Heart Tattoo Ideas 29

Delicate Realistic Heart Tattoo

This heart looks like it’s right out of the page of a human anatomy book. That’s how well done it is! The leaves wrapping around it are extensively alluring in contrast to the realism of the heart.

IG: scarlettydetattoo

Heart Tattoo Ideas 30

Heart with Flowers Tattoo

Using the jewel similarity, the heart and flowers have an undeniable shine. The flowers growing out of the heart and on the heart are shaded deep, lovely colors. All of the minor details help the tattoo be distinctive.

IG: edit_paints

Heart Tattoo Ideas 31

Dotwork Eye Crying Tattoo

Usually, tears are blue, but in this heart-themed tattoo the eye is crying pink tears. This heart fades from lightly shaded gray dots to completely black. The eye looks out the side in a suspicious manner.

IG: a_fiszka