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40 Beautiful Peacock Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

The peacock makes a magnificent display of its feathers in order to attract the opposite sex. The peacock, with its beautiful green-blue tones, has attracted more than just a mate. It has captivated the human eye for millennia. Peacocks simply dazzle with their beauty, so it’s no wonder that peacock tattoos are so popular!

But before you go and get your own peacock tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most unique, most stylish, and best-looking peacock feather ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 1

Large Color Peacock Tattoo on Woman’s Back

This is a case of Go Big Or Go Home. Thanks to the color palette, shading and contrast a totally 3D image is rendered. Using dark opaque shading create depth allows you to sense the different layers of feathers. The use of different blue tones produces the light that glimmers off the Peacock’s chest. The curved lines of this tattoo then follow the sensuous curves of the back emphasizing its hourglass shape. As they say…If You’ve Got It Flaunt It

IG: antonellitattoos

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 2

Large Neo Traditional Peacock Tattoo

Neo Traditional style tattoos are so attractive with their bold black outlines and colorful inks in muted tones. They’re grown-up, sophisticated; essentially Old School Style 2.0. Gone is the cartoonish look replaced with cleaner outlines and a more precise application of color. And as you can see here…Amazing

IG: krunikanleima

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 3

Peacock Tattoo in Surrealism Style

The parts of this design do exist; just not together as seen here. This is Surrealism style. Does this represent a dream? Maybe. Is this a fantasy? Maybe. Whatever the answer this tattoo is sure to be A Conversation Starter.

IG: otto_dambra

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 4

Old School Peacock Tattoo With Blackwork

This is Old School style as you expect it to be. Look at it and memories of your Grandpa’s pin-up girl tattoo are brought to mind. Of course this design is updated with large areas of heavy opaque black inking. The Peacock feather, with pops of red even looks like an accessory this burlesque performer might have owned.

IG: serichol_tatts

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 5

Large Old School Peacock Tattoo on Man’s Arm

The simple color palette, the black outlines, the simple shading; this is Old School style brought to you in all its glory. There’s a perfect harmony here between the design and its location. Look how the overall outline mirrors the anatomy of the upper arm so well. And like the cherry on the top, the big red sphere shaped just like the shoulder pulls you in and doesn’t allow you to look away.

IG: mattalexandertattoo

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 6

Large Realistic Black and Gray Peacock Tattoo

This tattoo illustrates how tattoo position and design are intimately connected. This artist perfectly pairs the two in this inking. Not only is it a perfect pairing but it’s also beautifully inked. The thin black lines, the shading, the contrast, the pops of white ink are all gorgeous. It doesn’t get much better than this; maybe only an invitation to take a peek. Big props to Artist IG: @madlynevanlooy

IG: madlynevanlooy

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 7

Large Neo Traditional Peacock Half-Sleeve Tattoo

Obviously this guy isn’t a newcomer to ink so he wouldn’t be afraid of a half-sleeve tattoo. This one really packs a punch from its intricate design to its use of subtle gradations of color to its stylized shading. The white ink adds detail and character especially around the eye and crest. With the light seeming to glimmer off the neck , even the iridescence of the Peacock’s feathers is captured. Props to Artist IG:


Peacock Tattoo Ideas 8

Black and Gray Peacock Full Sleeve Tattoo

Being full-sleeve this is obviously a large tattoo; yet it doesn’t overwhelm thanks to the pretty lines and decorative flourishes. Both the florals and the ornamental detail around the circle (is it a mirror?) soften the design and create a delicate, light feel. Mix in impressive shading and contrast and this full sleeve is an obvious keeper.

IG: lovsic.tattooer

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 9

Custom Peacock Tattoo Over Triceps

Looks like someone taped this framed picture onto the back of the arm. The red tape looks so realistic it seems like you could just pull it off. The design, two Peacocks and a face; not sure what it means but I’m sure this tattoo will invite plenty of questions.

IG: skylerespinoza

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 10

Large Color Peacock Tattoo on Front of Calf

What better place to display this Peacock tattoo with its long linear lines than the calf. It’s interesting how the green feathers, each highlighted with an “eye”, make up the greater part of the design. It looks like a long train on a dress drawing you in and creating focus. With its beautiful colors this tattoo is a showstopper.

IG: shannoneperry

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 11

Beautiful Linework Peacock Tattoo on Woman’s Arm

You can feel the drape of the Peacock’s tail over the arm thanks to the exquisite lines, subtle shading and creative use of negative or uninked space. Add some florals and this Peacock is all decked out and…Ready To Be Seen

IG: zeetatart

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 12

New School Peacock ¾ Sleeve Tattoo

Color, Color, Color and lots of it. This is New School style awash with vibrant colors and bold black outlines. Block-like shading is employed resulting in depth and 3D. As seen here; many who opt for Old School style, Stay with Old School style.

IG: inkedmag

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 13

Black and Gray Peacock Tattoo

It doesn’t get much better than this. The thin black lines are steady and uniform as are the layers of heavy opaque inking. Adding to the mix is the subtle dot-like shading in varying tones of gray. Top this with an abstract interpretive design that flows up the forearm and you have…Poetry In Motion. Props to Artist IG: @lia_november from Brussels, Belgium

IG: lia_november

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 14

Realistic Watercolor Peacock Tattoo

This tattoo not only showcases awesome technical skill but also considerable creativity. Here the feathers are used as accessories to frame the Peacock. They add both depth and importance to the design. The sensuous black lines and Watercolors definitely make this tattoo A Winner

IG: mervesenguntattooer

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 15

Old School Blackwork Peacock Tattoo on Man’s Arm

This tattoo is a creative take on Old School style. It has its bold black outlines, simple color palette and minimum shading; but Blackwork style takes it to another level. The heavy opaque inking creates the sense that the tail feathers are actually brushing up against the urn. Then with the more muted tones of the stars and leaves and pops of red this design is complete.

IG: serichol_tatts

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 16

Fineline Realistic Black and Gray Peacock and Floral Tattoo

The beautiful thin black lines and muted gray shading in this tattoo command your attention. At first you see the Peacock surrounded by the pretty florals. Look again and you see that the “florals” draping towards the elbow are in fact feathers. It’s a lovely, original design that will certainly make it hard to look away.

IG: bakken_tattoo

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 17

Custom Peacock Tattoo

Looks like Picasso might have been the inspiration for this highly stylized Peacock tattoo. The colors in this custom design are highly saturated and for the most part devoid of shading. The result is essentially a 2D image but one that will have you definitely taking a second look.

IG: ces_paramo

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 18

Black and Gray Peacock Half-Sleeve Tattoo With Whip Shading

This is one regal looking Peacock from his crest to his flowing feathers. The lines are beautiful as is the Whip Shading. Using this specialized technique, a stippled effect is seen on the neck. Creative touches include the framing of the Peacock’s head and of course the “eye” right below the elbow. Here’s Looking At You

IG: kylepatricktattoo

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 19

Old School Peacock Tattoo on Woman’s Forearm

Without even knowing tattoo styles, this design seems familiar. It brings to mind Grandpa’s tattoo of a flag or perhaps a pin-up girl. The familiar color palette is present as are the heavy black lines and 2D effect. Add the floral in the Peacock’s mouth and portrait hidden among the feathers and… Old School Is New Again

IG: lukelieske

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 20

New School/Neo Traditional Peacock Tattoo

There are elements of New School style here; especially the vivid, highly saturated colors. But then there’s the stylized shading associated with Neo Traditional style. There’s also attention to contrast and lighting.. The takeaway: Mix and Match Styles; The Choice Is Yours


Peacock Tattoo Ideas 21

Realistic Color Peacock Tattoo on Arm

There’s amazing detail in this tattoo. Considerable skill with color and skin tone, proportions and lighting are requisites for rendering such a realistic image. The Peacock is of course the standout here; never getting lost among the swirling feathers that seem to be… Watching You

IG: marcoklose_official

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 22

Custom Micro Realistic Peacock Tattoo

Take several images, connect them with straight and curved lines, add in some other geometric elements, some Dotwork and you get this awesome tattoo. Not only is impressive artistry on display but so is real technical skill. Looking at the Peacock you realize that a tremendous amount of detailing is inked within a very small space. No easy feat. The sum of these parts is one very awesome tattoo. Props to Artist IG:@yunusonergenc

IG: yunusonergenc

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 23

Exceedingly Cool Peacock Tattoos on Back of Both Legs

There are tattoos; and then there are tattoos. And it really doesn’t get any better than these two. The lines, the shading, the contrast are all perfection. The design itself is so creative as it flows and lines up seamlessly from one leg to the other. With detailing around the ankles and the sun at the top…This Is Masterful

IG: tattooscollections

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 24

Old School Peacock Tattoo

Old School style may have originated 100 years ago but as you can see it’s never gotten old. The big flowers here are so characteristic of this style with their simple color palette. This color is used throughout the design bringing it both a cohesive feel and upping its artistic appeal.

IG: anem_illus

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 25

Realistic Watercolor Peacock Tattoo

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful; and to think this isn’t a photo. The exquisite colors are so precisely applied and then accented with areas of heavy black ink. With delicate florals in the background, this tattoo is reminiscent of a Japanese Watercolor. Perfect . Big props to Artist IG:@mooongnyum_tattoo from the home of many outstanding artists, Seoul, Korea

IG: mooongnyum_tattoo

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 26

Full Sleeve Peacock Tattoo

This tattoo showcases beautiful lines, shading and contrast. There’s also very good design on display here The feathers at top mirror the lines of the shoulder while those below gracefully wrap around the forearm. Last but not least is the beautiful Mandala above the wrist which also accents the hand. Artist IG:@woxtattoo

IG: woxtattoo

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 27

Neo Traditional Peacock Tattoo on Hand

We don’t see that many hand tattoos because they tend to fade. That’s secondary to skin turning over quickly here due to constant use and washing. That being said this design is interesting in how it mirrors the hand’s contours. The feathers extending onto the forearm is also a nice creative touch.

IG: danielaspielberger

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 28

Large Realistic Peacock and Floral Tattoo on Side of Thigh

This looks like a period painting or photograph. The lushness of detail along with the muted shading is so suggestive of an earlier time. The design itself takes full advantage of the available canvas utilizing this position to perfection.

IG: glenpreece

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 29

Exquisite Peacock Tattoo

This tattoo has it all; beautiful thin black lines, an array of colors, impressive shading and detailing. There’s even light reflecting off the Peacock’s body. Put this all together in a diamond-shaped frame and you get one masterful tattoo. A trip to Wien, Austria might be in order to see Artist IG:@thommesen_ink

IG: thommesen_ink

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 30

Black and Gray Peacock Tattoo

Super skilled artistry is on display in this tattoo from the wavy black lines of the feathers to the exquisite shading; shading that’s truly off-the-chart. The inking style and the design bring to mind a piece you might see in a museum. It’s truly beautiful. Props to Artist IG:@ste.bonura

IG: ste.bonura

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 31

Linework Peacock Tattoo

Linework tattoos typically use only black ink. Here the yellow and red are a nice update. I think that maybe in this design the Peacock gets lost between the flowers and feathers. What do you think

IG: capitaineplum

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 32

Realistic Watercolor Peacock Tattoo on Woman’s Arm

Images of Japanese silks or Watercolor paintings come to mind upon viewing this tattoo. It’s easy to forget that this is the product of ink on skin. The colors are precisely applied in beautiful gradients. The equally impressive shading creates depth and the 3D seen here. With touches of white ink and creative use of negative or uninked space this tattoo is…Beautiful

IG: studiobysol

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 33

Very Cool Peacock Full Sleeve Tattoo

This is such an original design; from the long flowing lines to the black dots to the feathers that are outlined with a pearl-like border. The use of negative or uninked space also elevates the design. Of course the inking is beautiful characterized by impressive uniform lines and shading. Props to Artist IG:@fabingg from Lyon, France

IG: fabingg

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 34

Black and Gray Realistic Peacock Tattoo

Black and Gray style is often used to render very realistic images. It allows for attention to proportions, depth and creation of light sources; all requirements for doing 3D. The degree of detailing in this tattoo is so impressive especially when you consider the very small space within which it’s done. White ink is then the icing on the cake.

IG: atelier.scarabee

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 35

Neo Traditional Peacock Tattoo on Hand

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 36

Black and Gray Peacock Calf Tattoo With Whip Shading

With one look you instantly notice the multiple repetitive swirls here. They not only unify the design but also pull you in for another, and another look. And then you notice the amazing shading that’s on display. The stippled look is created with the specialized technique of Whip Shading. Add some white ink on the face and bet…You Can’t Look Away

IG: laurennruthless

Peacock Tattoo Ideas 37

Super Cool Peacock Tattoo with Color

This is one amazing tattoo. The orange and black are dramatic, the lines steady and precise and the opaque areas perfectly inked. Add to this mix awesome shading, creative use of negative or uninked space and you get a great tattoo. Big props to Artist IG: @eisenherztattoopiercing from Magdeburg, Germany

IG: eisenherztattoopiercing