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17 Highly-Rated Weed Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

We all know that getting a tattoo is a way to express our unique personalities. So what’s a better option than being tattooed with something that represents personal freedom? Weed tattoos have always been a bold, edgy, and meaningful option for those who fell in love with the spiritual and spontaneous lifestyle. They also remind us of the hippie culture of peace, love, and an open mindset. Pretty cool, right?

But before you go and get your own Weed tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the best, most and most awe-inspiring Weed tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Weed Tattoo Ideas 1

Realistic Black and Gray Shoulder Tattoo of Skull in a Pot Leaf

This design takes a little bit of a dark, edgy turn, with the skull/person appearing to be screaming for help. The awesome shading of the eyes and nose add a striking 3D effect to this tattoo; it actually seems like you could put your fingers right through them. Striking a different note, the leaf beautifully adorns this client’s shoulder with its perfect placement. If you want to look at more magnificent Black and Gray pieces, definitely check out this artist at IG: @_via_saru

IG: _via_saru

Weed Tattoo Ideas 2

Old School Tattoo of Barber Giving Cannabis a Cut

I absolutely love the humor in this piece. The barber is giving the cannabis a haircut for their “appointment at 4:20”. For those of you who love the high life, you probably already know where this appointment will lead you. Also, we can’t forget to acknowledge the timeless charm of the Old School style in this piece!

IG: serichol_tatts

Weed Tattoo Ideas 3

Custom Tattoo of High Sid the Sloth on Back of Leg

This design absolutely makes me laugh out loud! It’s amusing to me that a tattoo of Sid the Sloth from Ice Age, is presented with such a funny, dark twist. His red eyes and drooling mouth, somehow make so much sense for this character! I really also like the bold outlines which really makes this tattoo pop.

IG: osdztattoo

Weed Tattoo Ideas 4

New School Tattoo of Purple Haze with Graffiti Lettering

This New School tattoo makes such a strong impression on me, because of how unique and bold it looks. There’s a mix of what look like pretty florals along with lettering that’s pure street art graffiti. The artist IG: @nigae_tattoo has many amazing pieces incorporating graffiti texts, so definitely check him out for more one-of-a-kind pieces!

IG: nigae_tattoo

Weed Tattoo Ideas 5

Traditional Blackwork Tattoo of Cannabis

This is probably a more low-key option compared to the others that we’ve seen, but it’s no less excellent. I really enjoy the bold, clean Blackwork and Linework that will surely hold up nicely with time. Amazing job done by artist IG: @szoszek1

IG: szoszek1

Weed Tattoo Ideas 6

Cartoon Tattoo of Characters in My Neighbor Totoro Holding Cannabis Leaves

Absolutely adorable and creative! I love how subtle the reference to cannabis is, keeping the general look of the design very delightful and almost misleading. When you realize what it’s actually about, that’s when you have a good laugh. What a charming work by artist IG: @crystalchariot

IG: crystalchariot

Weed Tattoo Ideas 7

New School-Inspired Tattoo of Dog with Cannabis Leaves

I absolutely love how the artist takes the New School imagery of a ferocious tiger with roses, and turns it into this adorable pup with cannabis leaves. This is like the embodiment of the high life – take nothing seriously, and add a good laugh into everything!

IG: emalderkstattoos

Weed Tattoo Ideas 8

Custom Arm Tattoo of Pot Leave with Eyes, Sparkles, and More

This design is just simply trippy in the best way! I love the whimsical details inked with a bright and vivid color palette. I’d imagine the best trips take you to fantastical lands of this kind. My favorite details are definitely the eyes, each with its own color. There’s something very spiritual and fascinating about them!

IG: goldlagrimas

Weed Tattoo Ideas 9

Old School-Inspired Color Tattoo of Cannabis on Lower Leg

Here comes another tattoo that’s influenced by Old School style. Don’t you just love the classic color palette and bold outlines? I really enjoy looking at the subtle white highlights that add so much dimension to the piece! Great job on the artist’s part.

IG: csmithtattooer

Weed Tattoo Ideas 10

Blackwork Upper Arm Tattoo of an Eye inside Pot Leaf

The dark, intimidating vibe coming off of this design is to die for. I love the bold outlines of the leaf and the mesmerizing circular patterns within them that make the whole tattoo look like an illusion. Is it a criminal eye or an endless pit? What a fascinating design!

IG: bigtree_tattoo

Weed Tattoo Ideas 11

New School Tattoo of Lighter on Fire on Ankle

What happens when you open a lighter; you get a flame. I love how it looks in this design, with its electrifying purple outlines and different shades of pink. The pot leaf is an interesting detail, too, which is wrapped around the lighter perfectly. A truly radiant tattoo!

IG: sarah.xtine

Weed Tattoo Ideas 12

Realistic Black and Gray Tattoo of Cannabis over Biceps

If you don’t know much about Weed, you’d probably wouldn”t have any idea what this tattoo is about. Funnily enough, this is actually one of the most Realistic Weed tattoos on the list. It also has quite a suitable and interesting placement over the biceps, where it’s not too visible. Low-key and subtle, this is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to keep this to themselves.

IG: zeroo_tattoo_chiangmai

Weed Tattoo Ideas 13

Custom Custom Tattoo of Pot Leaves and Hearts over Biceps

I love the hippie influence in this design; it perfectly embraces the hippie lifestyle of love, peace, and marijuana! The bold outlines really help the colors pop, and the hearts all over the leaves are absolutely too sweet!. Great work by artist IG: @nikkibeetattoos

IG: nikkibeetattoos

Weed Tattoo Ideas 14

Cartoon Ankle Tattoo of Weed and Bong

It’d be weird to write up a collection of Weed tattoos without the appearance of a bong, right? I really like the simplicity and straightforwardness of this design. The shading is also really nice, giving the bong a slick look. For more edgy, unique designs, definitely check out the artist at IG: @bodymemory_

IG: bodymemory_

Weed Tattoo Ideas 15

Large Mandala Back Tattoo of Weed Leaves

A beautiful Mandala hanging on the back, but make it about Weed! I really like the symmetry and balance in this design, as well as the clean Linework and bold Blackwork. Placing the Mandala off-center, beautifully highlights the curves of the client’s neck and shoulder. To put it in the artist’s words, this is the best “weedala” design you’ll find!

IG: jj.grandeza

Weed Tattoo Ideas 16

Embroidery Thigh Tattoo of Pot Leaf

Last but not least, we want to show you a lovely work coming from the studio of artist IG: @karreracho. The Embroidery texture on the leaf makes it so unique and appealing. I also like the use of green and light yellow together, making the piece very lively!

IG: karreracho

We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!