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30 Awesome Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

The movements of the moon around the Earth are perhaps just as fascinating as it is apparent in our lives. It affects the tides in the ocean, and our lunar calendars are also based on the movements of the moon. Perhaps that’s why so many people want a tattoo of moon phases, to celebrate transformation, time, and the circle of life. Very cool, right? 

But before you go and get your own tattoo of Moon Phases, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most gorgeous, most stunning, and most sensational Moon Phases tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 1

Black and Gray Tattoo of Moon Phases on Forearm

I really like how realistic this one looks, almost as if it came straight out of a space magazine. This fantastic design is from our proud studio @panumart_tattoo in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Give our page a peek; I promise you won’t be disappointed!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 2

Micro Realistic Tattoo of Moon Phases with Geometric Elements

We kick off the list with an awesome design from artist IG: @handitrip. I really like the addition of geometric elements that gives the whole piece such a modern touch. The small size of the tattoo is a pretty interesting decision, too. Very subtle, but definitely eye-catching!

IG: handitrip

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 3

Custom Illustrative Tattoo of Moon Phases on Forearm

This feminine, beautiful tattoo is for someone who loves admiring the most magnificent designs! I adore the pink and yellow flowers against the blue background that absolutely sets this design apart. Then the subtle dotwork surrounding the different phases of the moon is such a nice touch, too!

IG: beekertattoo

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 4

Linework Tattoo of Moon Phases Between Two Hands

There’s something spiritual, almost sacred about this piece. Perhaps because it seems like these are the hands of a higher being, who commands the movements of the moon and the sun! The white highlight is such a nice touch, giving an almost jewel-like appearance to the images.

IG: foxx.teeth_

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 5

Blackwork Tattoo of Crab and Moon Phases

What a magnificent work of art! I really like the texture of the crab’s body, with shading bringing details and texture to life with 3D. The bold outlines work really well, too, giving all of the details a very refined look! This tattoo might not look like the more typical blackwork ones we’ve seen, but it too uses only black ink.

IG: briannabelong

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 6

Micro Realistic Geometric Tattoo of Moon Phases on Forearm

This awesome design has such clean linework that looks really impressive. I also like the ink splotches seen here and there in the tattoo, making it so much more interesting. The artist thoughtfully does not extend the design lower onto the wrist as this is an area notorious for fading.

IG: avenda64

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 7

Micro Realistic Back Tattoo of Moon Phases

This is probably the most detailed depiction of the moon’s movements on the list. I love how delicate the linework and dotwork look, which aligns perfectly with the delicate contours of this client’s back. The white highlight also adds such a sparkling, mystical feel to the piece.

IG: yeekiitattoo

Click here for moon tattoo ideas without the phases.

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 8

Black and Gray Tattoo of an Eye, Moon Phases with Text

The first thing that catches my attention is the letting “22:22”, the angel number. This makes me imagine that above the text is an angel’s eye, watching over the movement of the moon. What an interesting piece of art!

IG: souljah.d

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 9

Blackwork and Dotwork Forearm Tattoo of Moon Phases

This unique piece caught my eye right away because of its impressive combination of linework and dotwork. The symmetric arrangement of the moon shapes is also really visually pleasing. Marvelous work done by artist IG:!


Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 10

Color Tattoo of Moon Phases on Forearm

The color palette of this design is simply wonderful. I love how pink, purple, and blue work together to create such a dreamy piece of art! It seems like this color combination works perfectly with the existing tattoo, too. Awesome job credited to the artist IG: @tattooist_sigak!

IG: tattooist_sigak

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 11

Blackwork Tattoo of Moon Phases with Flowers on Forearm

The idea behind this design is so creative! I really like how the positions and sizes of the flowers determine the shapes of the moon. The whip shading looks really good, too, adding so much texture and dimension to all the details of the piece. I adore the stippled effect it creates.

IG: kayseeshuster

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 12

Blackwork Tattoo of Moth with Moon Phases on its Wings

I absolutely adore this piece! It’ll take you a while to recognize where the moon’s circle is, but when you do, you’ll be delightfully amused. The artist also has impressive skills as she manages to make the moth look so natural, lively, and realistic. Hats off for such an awesome design!

IG: kayseeshuster

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 13

Micro Realistic Geometric Forearm Tattoo of Vitruvian Man, Moon Phases, and More

This awesome geometric design incorporates so many elements that make it very fascinating. The longer you look, the more interesting details you discover. The tattoo studio @concreteforty features amazing black and gray designs, and you don’t want to miss out on the portfolio there.

IG: concreteforty

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 14

Ornamental Chest Tattoo of Moon Phases with Blackwork Influence

This is, hands down, a mind-blowing piece! I’m absolutely mesmerized by the detailed dotwork surrounding the moons, which form such beautiful patterns! The blackwork influence is also a nice touch, with its thick outlines and powerful look. All and all, an amazing piece for anyone who’d like a bold but graceful statement! Of course there’s now…No Need For Jewelry!

IG: the_hidden_forest

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 15

Ornamental Tattoo of Moon Phases on Side of Foot

This is just a cool place to have your tattoo! I love how the design runs along this client’s foot like a beautiful piece of body ornament. The dotwork also looks amazing, bringing out such a dreamy, mystical vibe.


Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 16

Watercolor Tattoo of Moon Phases on Back of Arm

We can’t possibly forget to include something with watercolor, can we? I love the effect of the colorful palette, making the design an immediate standout! For me the splashes of watercolor are a metaphor for the moon’s awesome power, which can’t be contained “within the lines”. For more wonderful watercolor pieces, definitely check out the artist’s profile at IG: @anita_olivetti

IG: anita_olivetti

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 17

Linework Forearm Tattoo of Moon Phases with Dotwork

Another fabulous example of how well clean linework and creative dotwork look together. I just really like the whole composition of the piece, which is complex but not at all overwhelming. The texture on the moon’s surface is also very nicely done! Props to the artist for the awesome work!

IG: erinashleesmith

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 18

Custom Fineline Tattoo of Moon Phases with Flower and Leaves

Now, here’s a design for all of you gentle ladies out there. I absolutely love the look of fineline pieces, because they’re always so delicate and classy. The flower and leaves add such a nice botanical touch, too.

IG: pele_ink

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 19

Black and Gray Tattoo of Moon Phases on Inner Arm

I like that this one only depicts three phases of the moon, much less compared to the others that we’ve seen. But the rich and realistic textures on the surface of the moon really set the whole design apart. I also like that it’s placed on the inner arm, which is not so visible. It’s a little mystery, just like the moon itself!

IG: bo2_ta2

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 20

Custom Fineline Tattoo of Moon Phases on Forearm

Another graceful fineline design of moon phases that will absolutely steal your heart. I love the subtle linework that gives the tattoo such a delicate, tender look. I do wonder how well it will hold up over time though, guess it might need a touch-up down the road. Nevertheless, a wonderful-looking piece!

IG: akkurat_tattoo

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 21

Minimal Tattoo of Moon Phases on Upper Arm

I absolutely love the graceful look of this one. The linework is extremely delicate, and the fact that the artist chooses to go with both black and blue makes the piece even more interesting. Credit goes to the talented artist at IG: @akkurat_tattoo

IG: akkurat_tattoo

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 22

Micro Realistic Black and Gray Tattoo of Moon Phases

I’m extremely impressed by how small this design is yet how detailed the artist manages to make it. The dotwork is exceptional, making the tattoo so fascinating! This is just the kind of ink piece that surprises you the longer you stare at it. Also, it’s no easy feat creating perfectly symmetrical circles which this artist obviously does – all while using a small single needle.

IG: alice_adore_ink

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 23

Micro Realistic Tattoo of Moon Phases, Sun and Reference to the Creation of Adam

I really like how this design incorporates lots of different details, but they’re all somehow interconnected and in sync. The artist makes use of a lot of circles, but in different ways: some with thick or thin lines, dotwork or incorporation of negative or uninked space. This makes the tattoo really hypnotizing and fascinating to look at!

IG: noma_tattooer

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 24

Blackwork Tattoo of Moon Phases on Forearm

I really like the bold, straight line that connects all the phases together, which is such an unexpected but eye-catching detail. The surfaces of the moons are so nicely done, too, looking realistically rough and full of adventure!


Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 25

Micro Realistic Tattoo of Moon Phases on Forearm

I really like the linework in this piece. It’s not only neatly done, but it also forms such interesting and eye-catching patterns around the moon phases. The addition of the sword looks fascinating, adding such an expected detail to the composition!

IG: jadyntattooer

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 26

Custom Tattoo of Moon Phases with Clouds and Stars

What a gorgeous piece! I think that the blue ink that’s used, gives the design such a dashing, high-class look. The clouds in the background are also nicely done – you can almost feel their fluffiness just by looking at them, right?

IG: tattooist_danha

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 27

Black and Gray Back Tattoo of Moon Phases with Hourglass

This exquisite piece looks so good on the client’s back, definitely creating a focal point. I love the hourglass found in the middle, accented by its diamond-shaped frame and white highlights.The moon phases line up around the frame and along the client’s spine so perfectly, making such a visually pleasing piece!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 28

Minimal Blackwork Tattoo of Moon Phases on Forearm

If you like something covering a long linear space, but oozes simplicity too, this design is definitely for you. I like how it’s really minimalistic and very clean-looking. For more excellent blackwork pieces, definitely check out the artist’s page at IG: @alien_ink_

IG: alien_ink_

Moon Phases Tattoo Ideas 29

Ornamental Tattoo of Moon Phases

What a magnificent design! I love how the artist makes use of bolder, thicker lines for the ornamental details, while the moons remain fragile and very delicate. From afar, this looks to me like a gorgeous wind chime, bringing joy to anyone who sees it!

IG: rachycastattoo

We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!