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19 Stunning Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

Have you ever watched the sun rise and thought to yourself just how gorgeous the scene is? Not only does it look stunning, but the Sunrise also represents many meaningful values. Because the sun rises to give us warmth and energy to start our day, the Sunrise is always associated with fresh starts, rebirth, and hope. For this reason, many people get Sunrise tattoos, to celebrate the inspiration of hope and starting anew!

But before you go and get your own Sunrise tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most stunning, inspiring, and gorgeous Sunrise tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas 1

The Best Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas - A Custom Traditional Japanese Style Tattoo of Sunrise and Totoro’s Shape

Japan’s often referred to as the “Land of the Rising Sun”. This gorgeous tattoo definitely finds its inspiration there, from the classic pagoda to the waves reminiscent of the famed Japanese artwork “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” to the vibrant red sun. I love how the upper part of the tattoos mirrors the curves of the shoulder; perfect placement. You can check out other works by the artist at IG: @xjoshxsxe.

IG: xjoshxsxe

Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas 2

Black and Gray Japanese Style Tattoo of Samurai and Sunrise

Here’s another Japanese style-inspired design for you (heads up, a few more are coming your way). I absolutely love how the saturated vibrant red ink of the sun contrasts with and highlights the samurai who’s inked in black and dark gray tones. There’s something so captivating and powerful about the way he looks with his armor and horse. Wonderful job by the artist at IG: @filiptattoo!

IG: filiptattoo

Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas 3

Old School Back Tattoo of Eagles and Sunrise

This monumental rising sun tattoo piece covers the entirety of the client’s upper back, which makes it quite a bold statement. I really like how the rising sun and the clouds are in the background, making the two eagles really stand out. We see the simple color palette associated with Old School but this definitely isn’t your grandpa’s tattoo of the flag!

IG: salvationtattoo

Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas 4

Fineline Minimal Biceps Tattoo of Sunrise

This fineline piece is absolutely delightful, with its minimal but very effective design. I’m always amazed, how with just a few lines, a story can be told. With one look, we instantly know that this is the Rising Sun over the beach. This is when “Less Is More“

IG: sharp_pokes

Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas 5

Micro Realistic Tattoo of Sunrise on Outer Forearm

This one is such an interesting design. I really like how the waves, the clouds and the sun are drawn in such a typically Asian style, unlike the palm trees. You can capture a sense of them swaying in the breeze as they extend beyond the rectangular “frame”. It’s interesting to note how in the upper part of the tattoo, negative or unkinked space, is used to create the sense of light as the sun is rising.

IG: tattoolinka

Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas 6

Illustrative Tattoo of Sunrise Over the Mountains

This one is especially for those of you who are into illustrative art. I adore the bright, warm color palette; it actually makes you sense the warmth of the Rising Sun. The white highlights are reminiscent of snow melting with the rise of the sun on a new day! Beautiful

IG: frieswithoutsalt

Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas 7

Custom Traditional Japanese Style-Inspired Chest Tattoo of Rising Sun

Here comes another piece that features a spectacular sunrise over a mountain top. The shape of the tattoo perfectly mirrors the muscular contours and curves over which it’s inked. Again this is another example of perfect tattoo placement. Of course this client provides a great canvas!

IG: blueloutattoo

Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas 8

Custom Black and Gray Tattoo of Sunrise With Use of Full Red

I absolutely adore this tattoo because the design is so creative and unique! The densely packed red sun brings the statue to life, as if thoughts are emanating from it. Of course, the red ink is in beautiful contrast to the subtle black and gray inking of the statue. I find it mesmerizing!

IG: saturnia_tattoos

Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas 9

Minimal Tattoo of Smiling Sun

Here comes a dash of positivity that will literally brighten up your day! I love how simple but adorable this little sun is with its big smile. There’s an intended whimsical look to this tattoo, literally seeming like crayons were used to create it. Props to the talented artist at IG: @tattoocute, who thrives at making micro designs like this one!

IG: tattoocute

Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas 10

Fineline Tattoo of Sunrise

Here’s a simple but beautiful sunrise, captured within a frame for your forever viewing. I like how both the rays of the sun and the clouds extend beyond the frame, suggestive of the vastness of the sky. Even with the absence of any color, I can feel the warmth of the sun shining down on me.


Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas 11

Minimal Ankle Tattoo of the Sun Rising

This lovely piece features a sunrise at a beach, with peaceful-looking palm trees and crystal-clear seawater. I really like the simplicity of this design, which brings out a truly calming and tranquil vibe. Creatively, the overall design is diamond-shaped, with upper and lower halves reflecting each other’s shape. It’s a subtle decision but one that adds to the artistry of this tattoo.

IG: ipek_tattoos

Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas 12

Custom Tattoo of Sunrise With Latin Numbers

This charming design is one of those tattoos that makes you linger for a bit longer. The subtle addition of the Roman numerals makes it absolutely fascinating; the rays of the sun appear like arms of a sundial. It’s impressive how the circle is so evenly inked; never an easy feat. Marvelous job by artist at IG: @tattomo_!

IG: tattomo_

Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas 13

Linework Thigh Tattoo of the Sun as a Humanized Character on Thigh

What if the sun were a character? The artist IG: @blaise.bavure has a very creative and interesting approach in answering that question as seen in this tattoo. The well packed areas of black and red ink are fantastic, sure not to fade anytime soon. Fun fact, there’s actually a matching moon tattoo that looks just as unique as this one. Don’t forget to check out how they look together on the artist’s profile!

IG: blaise.bavure

Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas 14

Fineline Tattoo of the Sun Rising

This elegant piece absolutely stole my heart. I really like how the shading gives the mountains so much dimension and texture. The simple use of linework, dotwork, and negative space, together render a very unique look to the sun. With thin black lines, the sun seems to be shining. All and all, absolutely enchanting piece by the artist IG:!


Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas 15

Micro Realistic Tattoo of Sunrise, Planets and Abstract Shapes

This wonderful piece incorporates so many details, each of which is so fascinating and tightly interconnected to the others. There are elements from different tattoo techniques and styles on great display here: geometric, blackout, dotwork along with the use of color.and. That orange-red sun is to die for!

IG: alperfiratli_tattoo

Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas 16

Minimal Tattoo of Sunrise on Side of Abdomen

If you’re looking for the most minimal among minimal tattoos, this one might be your cup of tea. Again it amazes me how a full story is told using only a few lines and no color; the big beautiful sun is rising over the ocean. I love it!

IG: nhierenzaggasid_

Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas 17

Minimal Tattoo of Rising Sun above Elbow Crease

Another minimal design, but this one has a little bit more texture. I like the bold lines and the shading that make up the rays of the sun. This is a hand-poked piece which might explain the uneven lines. Regardless, it’s a really nice tattoo by the artist IG: @hokeypokeytatu!

IG: hokeypokeytatu

Rising Sun Tattoo Ideas 18

Custom Tattoo of Cactus and Sunrise on Upper Arm

This awesome tattoo caught my attention with its vibrant colors, from neon green to bright yellow and hot pink! I really like how beautiful the cactus looks with its blooming flowers. The sun is depicted in such a unique way, with the rays looking like ornamental jewelry. Again we see uneven lines here, but this is still an attractive tattoo.

IG: kristamarietattoos