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25 Stunning and Daring Bull Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

If you’ve seen a gorgeous Bull tattoo in real life, you’ve probably wondered: what is the meaning behind it? As a symbol of strength, guardianship, confidence, protection and bravery, the Bull can be associated with all of these great attributes. However, don’t mistake it for merely a symbol of conventional masculinity. In Greek mythology, it’s thought of as the guarantor of fertility, and a symbol of creativity. How interesting is that? Therefore, Bull tattoos can have various cultural or personal meanings, depending on the clients and tattooists!

But before you go and get your own Bull tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most striking, eye-catching, and dazzling Bull tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin!

Bull Tattoo Ideas 1

Blackwork Arm Tattoo of Bull With a Dash of Orange

We start off strong with one of my favorites in the collection. Many elements make this design such a pleasure to look at. First of all, the blackwork is fantastic, with a few bold dashes that really give it a sketchy vibe and make a strong impression. The circular shapes and the branch of leaves, in contrast, create a sense of softness and grace. My favorite detail is the use of orange on the head of the bull, which is definitely the surprise element. The design is straight from our studio Panumart Tattoo located in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Bull Tattoo Ideas 2

Sketch Tattoo of Strong Running Bull on Arm

Now this one goes fully for the sketch style. I personally adore this design, and how it looks like it’s straight out of a painter’s sketchbook. On the other hand, the artist’s impressive blackwork skills really make the shapes and muscles of the bull lively, despite the lack of realism. Props to the tattoo artist for doing a great job!

IG: bk_tattooer

Bull Tattoo Ideas 3

Realistic Blackwork Tattoo of Bull Head

Remember those bull heads as wall decorations in haunted houses in Hollywood movies? This one is indeed a one-of-a-kind, edgy and realistic tattoo characteristic of that genre.. I absolutely love how realistic this bull head looks, down to the smallest details like the fur. The subtle use of blackout makes the patterns on the bull’s horns mesmerizing. For similar inspiration and other blackwork pieces, definitely check out the artist’s page


Bull Tattoo Ideas 4

Neo-Traditional Tattoo of Bull, Sword and Flower on Side of Thigh

For lovers of bold outlines and saturated colors, the neo-traditional style never gets old. This tattoo has a great balance considering both the color palette and composition. While the focal point, the bull, is outlined and filled with dark tones, it’s surrounded by brighter shades of yellow, pink and green on the blade, the flowers and the leaves, respectively. A detail that’s very fascinating to me is how the blade pierces through the bull’s neck, adding so much more depth and strength to this design.

IG: mattsteblytattoos

Bull Tattoo Ideas 5

Realistic Black and Gray Tattoo of Running Bull on Lower Calf

I find it incredibly suiting that many of the tattoos in this collection feature a bull in movement because that creates a much better sense of strength and agency. And this one is no exception. I like how the blackout space behind the bull makes it seem like it’s running towards you. What’s also really nice is that the tattoo flows perfectly on this client’s lower calf.

IG: tattoo.mariez

Bull Tattoo Ideas 6

Custom Tattoo of Taurus as a Mystical Creature on Top of Forearm

For those of you who are into astrology, the bull also symbolizes Taurus, the second horoscope sign on the list. If you’re a Taurus and you want to honor some of your sign’s most significant traits like loyalty and devotion, you might want to get a Taurus tattoo. This one specifically is really eye-catching thanks to the combination of dark tones and the lack of outlines, which together make it appear even more mystical. And of course, we can’t miss the Taurus symbol on the side of the creature’s thigh!

IG: kudutattoo

Bull Tattoo Ideas 7

Realistic Black and Gray Bull Tattoo with Geometric Elements

Realism and geometric style go very well together because there’s such an attention-grabbing contrast between the lines, dots and spherical shapes. I really like how the bull is the focal point, surrounded by patterns of dots and lines that create a picture frame around it. For more black and gray inspiration, don’t miss out on this talented artist’s page @lama_del_ray.

IG: lama_del_ray

Bull Tattoo Ideas 8

Ornamental Tattoo of Taurus on Sternum

Another beautiful example of Taurus tattoos, this time in the ornamental style. I must say that choosing this style for a sternum tattoo is such a pleasantry for the eyes because ornamental tattoos are usually characterized by symmetry in their designs. I love the alluring and intricate patterns on the bull’s head, with skillful shading and subtle white highlight. The branches of leaves and the sparkles really add a sense of femininity and grace to the design as a whole.


Bull Tattoo Ideas 9

Black and Gray Geometric Tattoo of Bull, Rooster and Solar System

There’s always something so symbolic about geometric designs because they depict fascinating interconnections between the most seemingly unrelated things. This example features a running bull as its focal point, surrounded by planets of all sizes following their orbits, and even a rooster. I love how the lines are really clean, and direct the flow of the tattoo to match this client’s forearm.

IG: txttoo

Bull Tattoo Ideas 10

Custom Arm Tattoo of Bull with Red Patterns

What immediately draws my attention in this design are the red patterns on the bull’s body. The red adds a beautiful pop of color while the patterns add interest to the overall design. The bull actually looks like a porcelain piece! What I also find interesting is the use of white ink on the bull’s eyes and nose ring. However, I feel like the elements in this design could have been better connected to each other, such as the use of red and white, or the lack of shading on the red patterns compared to other parts in the piece.

IG: anaartesanatattoos

Bull Tattoo Ideas 11

Mix of Realistic Blackwork and Color Bull Tattoo on Back

This piece absolutely leaves me in awe. First of all, the concept is so alluring: a horizontal anatomical depiction of a bull’s head, revealing its inner skull rotten and poisoned by a black snake. Second, the execution is itself so impressive. Shading, highlighting and use of color are on point with the different elements connecting perfectly with each other. Look at how the artist adds subtle red shading on the thorns and the Taurus sign, as if they are reflected from the red skull of the bull! The Result: A Great Tattoo

IG: andreytattoo

Bull Tattoo Ideas 12

Neo-Traditional Blackwork Tattoo of Wooden Bull on Shoulder Blade

If I were to pick one of my favorites from this collection, I’d surely go with this one. I love how the black cracks and the spiderwebs make the bull look like an old, abandoned wooden toy. The lack of outlines around the pupil make the eye seem so deep and lively. It’s also interesting how blackwork is employed with neo-traditional style as the latter is typically characterized by a bright, saturated color palette. It’s such a creative decision that makes this design a real standout!

IG: dk_blxck

Bull Tattoo Ideas 13

Minimal Realistic Bull Tattoo over Inner Biceps

Bulls are usually associated with a big strong presence, but that doesn’t stop tattooists from being creative and designing minimal bull tattoos. This one is a great example. I like how realistic the bull looks with the shading and patchy black on its skin. The tattoo also goes very well with the existing ones. If you’re looking for more animal-themed ink pieces, definitely check out the artist’s page @juanca.ttt!

IG: juanca.ttt

Bull Tattoo Ideas 14

Arm Tattoo of Bull with Linework Shading

This design features a different type of shading compared to what we’ve shown you previously. I really like how the linework shading is so detailed and satisfying in creating a classical, mythological feel. The artist behind this design specializes in medieval-inspired tattoos – check out his works right here!


Bull Tattoo Ideas 15

Black and Gray Chest Tattoo of Bulk Head and Constellation

What a gorgeous black and gray ink piece featuring a bull head and a constellation of sparkling stars. One detail that not everyone would notice is that the constellation on the bull’s head is actually shaped exactly like the Taurus constellation. Another easter egg for astrology enthusiasts! Tattoo artist @fo.xey from Poland excels at black and gray designs and animal tattoos; I would definitely check out his page for similar inspirations.

IG: fo.xey

Bull Tattoo Ideas 16

Realistic Black and Gray Forearm Tattoo of Bull and Flowers

I’d say this is one of the most adorable and feminine designs on the list. It’s also among the small number of tattoos that doesn’t showcase a bull in motion. This results in a sense of serenity and calm. Of course this tone is further enhanced by the flowers with their soft petals and delicate buds. Going with the black and gray style is also a great choice because the lack of bold outlines and colors also aligns very well with this mood.

IG: shu_tattooart

Bull Tattoo Ideas 17

Custom Watercolor Arm Tattoo of One-Horned Bull

I personally think that the artist who designed and executed this tattoo has fantastic creativity and a great sense of style. There’s a smooth transition from random splashes of colors in the background to intentional and well-structured shading in the centerpiece. I also find it fascinating that the missing horn is depicted as a single black dash in the background. What a great artistic addition to this client’s arm!

IG: andrea_kroki

Bull Tattoo Ideas 18

Blackwork Tattoo of Bull on Sternum

Korean tattoo artist @sudal_blk excels at blackwork, and this one is among his collection of ink pieces. I love how the shading and outlines work so well together. With the addition of subtle white highlights, one’s able to visualize the muscles and the overall shape of the subject so well. Nicely Done

IG: sudal_blk

Bull Tattoo Ideas 19

Realistic Black and Gray Tattoo of Bull Within a Rectangular Frame

I find this design extremely eye-catching. Are you impressed by how realistic the bull looks? Even though the tattoo only shows half of the bull’s head, it still manages to bring about such a strong sense of realism, thanks to the skills of the tattoo artist. The concept of a rectangular frame is also interesting. The fact that one of the horns extends beyond the outline of the frame, creates a nice sense of abstractness in contrast to the otherwise realistic art style employed.

IG: piotrindulski

Bull Tattoo Ideas 20

Blackwork Tattoo of Bull over Shoulder Blade

If you’re looking for something more edgy with somewhat of a demonic feel, you might want to consider this design. The first thing that catches my eye is the smoke coming out of the bull’s right eye, making it look like it’s possessed by a higher power. The cut ropes, the wrinkles and the mystery all make this tattoo interesting to look at. Another captivating ink piece by @sudal_blk!

IG: sudal_blk

Bull Tattoo Ideas 21

Old School Tattoo of Bull

Of course, we can’t miss the opportunity to include a representative tattoo inked in American traditional style. Designed to withstand the test of time, this ink piece features bold outlines with saturated solid colors. I absolutely love the addition of white highlights on the flames and the bull head which add more dimension to the whole design. If you want to admire more old school inspirations, definitely check out this Korean artist’s page @ari_tattooer.

IG: ari_tattooer

Bull Tattoo Ideas 22

Realistic Black and Gray Full-Sleeve Bull Tattoo

While other tattoos usually depict the subject’s nature by showcasing its body, this one does so by focusing on the smoke coming out of the eyes and nose. Since this is a part of a full-sleeve tattoo, the smoke is also on theme with the background, making it seems like the bull is running out from a burning battlefield. Props to the artist for his excellent skills!

IG: sumok_tattooer

Bull Tattoo Ideas 23

Geometric Linework Tattoo of Bull Head on Forearm

This alluring tattoo makes use of linework and linework only! Yet it still manages to capture my attention immediately because of its perfect symmetry and not-so-simple structure. I like how the artist uses different line weights in this design which naturally creates more dimension. Don’t you think it really resembles a beautiful and complex work of origami? Awesome

IG: arek.zawadka

Bull Tattoo Ideas 24

Blackwork Tattoo of Bull With Patterns on Forearm

There is definitely some subtle inspiration from ornamental style seen here; check out the symmetry and the beautiful patterns. I really like the linework in this piece, not just because the lines are clean, but also because they are intentionally sketchy in places. This really creates a sculpted, ancient look, which I think is totally cool!

IG: soukitattoo

Bull Tattoo Ideas 25

Realistic Black and Gray Tiger Tattoo on Forearm

Realistic tiger tattoos look great on the forearm due to its relatively flat and long surface. There’s impressive skill on display here. The shading and contrast are off the charts. Although the overall work is very dark, the even darker shadows at the top and bottom of the face prevent the tiger from getting “lost” in a sea of darkness. The swirls of black ink at the wrist are then like a punctuation point to a very well done work.

Bull Tattoo Ideas 26

Neo-Traditional Full Chest Tattoo of Bull Warrior

They say “Save the best for the last”, and this one is indeed among the highest-quality tattoos on our list. Being a full chest piece, it surely has the space to include a wide range of details from a bull head to a massive warrior helmet and surrounding flowers. All of them together make this design absolutely monumental! The neo-traditional style really suits this concept with its highly contrasted color palette and well-defined imagery. Props to the artist for such dedicated and impressive work!


We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!