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38 Beautiful Lily Tattoo Ideas to Inspire You in 2024

Who doesn’t like a pretty flower tattoo? Especially one as beautiful as the Lily. Not many people know the symbolism behind the Lily tattoo, one of the most recognizable flowers in the world. You’ll be happy to know that the Lily symbolizes many different things in various cultures. To keep things simple it is most well known to symbolize beauty and femininity, two meanings that go hand-in-hand.

But before you go and get your own Lily tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the prettiest, most dainty, and feminine Lily tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Lily Tattoo Ideas 1

Stunning Blackwork Lily Tattoo On Woman’s Ribs

Welcome to another list of tattoos to inspire you. On the menu today are Lily tattoos.
First up, we have this gorgeous blackwork Lily over the ribs. The best part about this piece is the fact that it looks almost like an x-ray. I like how the shading has been done; the artist added a lot of contrast which complements the lighter-shaded areas.

IG: moco_tattoo

Lily Tattoo Ideas 2

Adorable Abstract Lily Forearm Tattoo

The placement of this tattoo is quite unusual, especially for its size. I would have suggested placing it on the wrist, not to say that it looks bad here, it just seems like it would have looked better on a flatter surface. I like how neat the linework is and how the artist adds splashes of color; it adds character to this design that would have otherwise been very plain.

IG: heim__tattoo

Lily Tattoo Ideas 3

Gorgeous Pink and Purple Lily Tattoo On Chest

So this tattoo isn’t quite realistic, but it’s very close to being a color realistic piece. What’s really nice about it is the color palette; the shades of pink, purple, and light blue complement each other beautifully and are a contributing factor to the realistic touch. If you look closely there’s a lovely little butterfly which definitely completes the design and adds a nature-loving feel to this already gorgeous tattoo.

IG: seolheetattoo

Lily Tattoo Ideas 4

Dainty Fineline Lily Tattoo Over Biceps

Isn’t this such a dainty tattoo? One thing that is slightly concerning is the fact that it’s very light which means the chances of it fading in the future are high. There are some contrasting areas like the stem, but the petals will probably need a touch-up at some point. If you’re taking inspiration from this piece, make sure to go slightly darker just so you eliminate the need for multiple touch-ups.


Lily Tattoo Ideas 5

Blackwork Lily Tattoo On the Arm

If you’re into blackwork and simple, then this is the inspiration you’re looking for. I adore how minimalistic this design is while at the same time, it has a ton of detail. The use of linework and dotwork for the shading is a brilliant idea as it complements the bold outlines and simultaneously creates contrast.

IG: opalbonesss

Lily Tattoo Ideas 6

Micro Color Realistic Lily Tattoo

I love color realistic tattoos, especially because it takes a lot of skill to blend colors in a realistic manner. Unfortunately, there is a lot of white in this piece. Now white doesn’t always fade quickly but it does fade a lot quicker than other inks. If you’re taking inspiration from this particular design, try and go for a solid color, especially if you want your piece to last.

IG: tatt00.haneul

Lily Tattoo Ideas 7

Uniquely Placed Black and Gray Lily Tattoo

How uniquely placed is this Lily tattoo? I adore how it flows with the client’s arm; it looks like it was designed specifically for this spot. What’s really nice about this piece is how the shading is contrasted in certain areas, like the leaves, but the flowers themselves are quite naked which creates a focal point. This is a really cool design for anyone wanting to keep things simple and elegant.

IG: beeso_tat

Lily Tattoo Ideas 8

Neo-Traditional Lily Biceps Tattoo

Neo-Traditional is great for anyone wanting a more feminine version of American Traditional, in my opinion at least. The bold outlines and varying line weights are typical characteristics of the style and they work so well together. Great placement choice, it looks absolutely stunning here and the client gets to show off her new ink. I know I would.

IG: dennissiwek

Lily Tattoo Ideas 9

Abstract Lily Tattoo Over Woman’s Triceps

There’s something unusual about this piece. It could be the style; it’s very abstract while simultaneously looking quite realistic, if that makes sense? It looks like the artist painted this piece on the client’s skin and I am absolutely loving it. The placement is also a really good choice; the triceps is perfect for the shape and size.

IG: _.yiching._

Lily Tattoo Ideas 10

Dainty Fineline Lily and Crescent Moon Forearm Tattoo

If there was ever a poster child for feminine tattoos it would be this one. I love how dainty the linework is and how almost ornamental it looks. Clearly, the artist has a very steady hand because there isn’t a single wonky line and that is extremely impressive. Make sure the artist you go to has a steady hand if you’re going to do something as fine as this.

IG: tattooist_giho_

Lily Tattoo Ideas 11

Lovely Color Realism Lily Tattoo

Are these colors not just the brightest most amazing thing you’ve ever seen? What helps them stand out, even more, is the blackout in the background which is a very smart choice. I really like the choice of colors; the orange, yellow and purple really complement each other, especially because they’re complimentary colors on the color wheel. Great placement choice, tattoos with this kind of elongated shape need to be in an area with enough space.

IG: picsola

Lily Tattoo Ideas 12

Beautiful Blackwork Lily Tattoo On Stomach

The placement of this design is absolutely phenomenal, it flows and complements her shape so well. Another worthy mention is the clean linework and outstanding use of contrast. The blackwork works well with the black and gray shading and draws your attention to the lighter areas of the tattoo. Simply gorgeous, I would only wear crop tops if this was on my body.

IG: sixtenism

Lily Tattoo Ideas 13

Micro Color Realism Lily Tattoo

Look at how dainty this design is, even the colors suit its daintiness. Pastel colors, much like white ink or very light gray, tend to fade a lot easier. I’m not entirely sure where this tattoo has been placed but something as tiny as this would look good on the wrist or ankle or even over the ribs if you’re wanting to keep things feminine and dainty. Very nice design;credit to tattooist_arun for doing such a stellar job.

IG: tattooist_arun

Lily Tattoo Ideas 14

Lovely Blackwork Lily Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoos are probably one of my favorite placements because of what a bold statement it is. The best part about this particular one is the way it’s been placed; it’s not perfectly centered but flows on the hand in a very organic way. It’s also in a very feminine style so it’s not in your face but is rather a complementary addition to the other tattoos she already has on her hands. Absolutely beautiful.

IG: danielaspielberger

Lily Tattoo Ideas 15

Amazing Ornamental Lily Forearm Tattoo

Ornamental tattoos have always been very popular and have recently gained new traction, especially now that artists are focusing on a more realistic approach to the style. I like how the Lily is the main focus because it’s the only part of the tattoo that isn’t in an ornamental style. The placement is perfect for the design; it looks like it was made specifically for the forearm, especially because the Lily fills up the space just under the crease of the elbow.

IG: sarahthirteentattoo

Lily Tattoo Ideas 16

Fineline Lily Tattoo On Foot

Be warned, feet tattoos aren’t for the faint of heart; they hurt a lot. When it comes to fineline designs, it hurts even more because of the size of the needles your artist will have to use. Besides the pain, the tattoo itself is done gorgeously; the lines are dainty and clean, the shading complements the linework and the addition of the white highlights in the center of the Lilies is lovely and breaks away from the black and gray shading.

IG: tattooist_yara

Lily Tattoo Ideas 17

Pretty Abstract Lily Forearm Tattoo

Tattoos in black and gray with splashes of color are definitely in my top 10 because the color is what adds that extra pop. There is a lot of blackwork present but your eye is immediately drawn to the Lily because it’s the only part of the tattoo that’s in color. The placement is another thing to mention; it just works so well on the outer forearm, especially because it’s quite a busy tattoo.

IG: tattooist_hosu

Lily Tattoo Ideas 18

Micro Color Realistic Lily Tattoo Over Biceps

Micro tattoos are on the rise and this one is such a beauty. The saying “go big or go home” has no place anymore, especially since artists are able to do such realistic designs in such a small space. I love that it’s placed over the biceps. It’s not too big or too small for the area, and there’s still enough space for the client to add more in the future. The color scheme is absolutely breathtaking and done so smoothly; clearly, the artist has a good handle on color packing and blending.

IG: frommay_tat

Lily Tattoo Ideas 19

Pretty Fineline Tattoo Over Woman’s Triceps

Fineline tattoos are very feminine, I suppose it’s because the linework is dainty, and, well, women are associated with soft and dainty. I think the artist did an amazing job with the shading. It’s smooth and consistent, and because of how it was done there’s no need to add white highlights; the artist uses expertise in black and gray shading to create them naturally. Kudos to Hailey for doing such an awesome job.

IG: lleeggaa

Lily Tattoo Ideas 20

Micro Fineline Lily Tattoo

Another fineline Lily tattoo; the style is very popular for doing flowers, which makes sense since flowers are delicate. The linework is smooth and consistent and the minor shading adds depth to this otherwise simple tattoo. I also like that the placement is absolute perfection. It looks really good and is centered, credit to the artist.

IG: marytattooer

Lily Tattoo Ideas 21

Unusual Blue Dragon Lily Shoulder Tattoo

It’s such a cool thing when artists mix styles together or take inspiration from other cultures. The Korean artist behind this lovely blue Lily dragon tattoo did a phenomenal job at incorporating two very different subjects and making them work together. You don’t know that there’s a dragon until you actually take a closer look, which is pretty impressive. Using various shades of blue is a great choice as they all come together beautifully to give this client a tattoo worth showing off.


Lily Tattoo Ideas 22

Handpoked Tiger Lily Tattoo

Hand Poke tattoos are another style or technique that’s on the rise. The best part about it is there are barely any limits to hand poked tattoos.The only thing to keep in mind is the shading will be done in a dotwork style and not the usual smooth mag shading. Here you can see the artist went a little too light with the “linework” which means it will probably fade significantly over time. I need to mention that for a hand poked piece, this looks like it was done with a machine which is quite impressive, it just shows the sheer skills this artist has.

IG: averykiyo

Lily Tattoo Ideas 23

Black and Gray Lily Forearm Tattoo

The tiny splashes of red add such character to this design. It really breaks away from the all black and gray while complementing it at the same time. I like how crispy the linework is and how the whip shading is just as fantastic as the linework. The forearm is the best place to put this piece as it flows perfectly and fits the space really well. I really like this design, props to the artist.

IG: mireiamateostattoo

Lily Tattoo Ideas 24

Micro Realistic Pink Lily Tattoo

Another micro realistic Lily tattoo that’s been done with such great detail that it almost looks like the artist picked it up from a garden and placed it on the client’s arm. I adore the color and the use of white highlights; they’re very subtle so they’re not noticeable until you look closely.

IG: gerard.araiza

Lily Tattoo Ideas 25

Pink Abstract Lily Tattoo Over Biceps

Okay, the pink used for this tattoo is really pretty, and the best part is that it complements the original tattoo that’s on her arm. What I also really enjoy about this tattoo is the fact that it looks almost like an x-ray of the flower. Another thing to comment on is the placement, it’s been put in close proximity to the other tattoo which is a smart move because the client can add similar designs onto the arm in the future. Great choice of placement and an even better choice of style.

IG: pokhy_tattoo

Lily Tattoo Ideas 26

Gorgeous Blackwork Lily Triceps Tattoo

Here we have a lovely blackwork and black and gray Lily tattoo over the triceps. The way the design is put together is great, especially because of the way the artist designed it to accentuate the Lily with the black and gray background. This piece is absolutely stunning and looks so good on the client’s arm.

IG: dahan.orient

Lily Tattoo Ideas 27

Lovely Micro Orange Lily Tattoo

How vibrant are the colors in this micro Lily tattoo? I love that the orange catches your eye immediately, but I especially love the finer details on the petals. Artists that can work in such a small space have all of my respect, that takes a lot of patience and understanding of tattooing techniques. This is definitely a tattoo to take inspiration from.

IG: zihong_tattoo

Lily Tattoo Ideas 28

Simplistic Blackwork Lily Tattoo On Woman’s Forearm

Wow, what an unusual tattoo, I’ve seen a few designs where the piece is one constant line but this seems to have a touch of abstract to it as well. If you ever find yourself in London and looking for an artist with vegan-friendly products, here’s the one you’ve been looking for. Check out @tattoosbyzipporah on Instagram for more inspiration like this gorgeous Lily tattoo.

IG: tattoosbyzipporah

Lily Tattoo Ideas 29

Stunning Neo-Traditional Lily Tattoos On the Shoulders

Neo-traditional tattoos are so beautiful and the best part is that it’s a style that both men and women can rock. I love the muted colors used but it’s the placement of this design that really adds the wow factor; it looks like she’s wearing a tattoo shawl. It also goes up her neck which accentuates her shoulders and neck beautifully. There’s nothing not to love about this piece, absolutely phenomenal.

IG: danielaspielberger

Lily Tattoo Ideas 30

Color Realistic Lily Bouquet Back Tattoo

When you think of a back piece, your initial idea is the entire back, but here we have a stunning Lily bouquet back tattoo that is oh-so-feminine. I like the choice of color palette, it’s very earthy and because of how bold it is, will definitely hold up over time. I like that this tattoo can be hidden because when you do show it off by wearing an open-back top or dress, you get to show off all of the beauty that is this gorgeous piece.

IG: vane.tattoo_

Lily Tattoo Ideas 31

Fineline Abstract Lily On the Outer Forearm

Here we have another fineline abstract Lily tattoo done on a guy, which just proves further that flowers aren’t only for women. The way the artist uses both blackwork and black and gray shading is lovely; it really adds contrast and depth to this design. Another worthy mention is the placement, the outer forearm is the best possible place for this tattoo. It looks awesome and there’s enough space around it to add more in the future.

IG: sixtenism

Lily Tattoo Ideas 32

Dainty Micro Blue Lily Biceps Tattoo

This style of tattooing always catches my attention because of how realistic yet abstract it is. The various shades of blue are breathtaking and contrast beautifully against the client’s pale skin. Placing it over the biceps is a great idea; the shape and composition of the design work well in this area. This is definitely a tattoo the artist and client can both be proud of, I know I’d be proud to wear this amazing design on my body for the rest of my life.

IG: pokhy_tattoo

Lily Tattoo Ideas 33

Fineline Lily Tattoo On Woman’s Thigh

Fineline and flowers really work well together, add the fact that the design is placed in the perfect position and you have yourself one amazing piece. The one thing I will mention is the fact that the design looks like it’s upside down but that could just be due to the angles of the Lilies. I love how clean this thigh tattoo is as well as how simple yet detailed it is, simply gorgeous.


Lily Tattoo Ideas 34

Abstract Blackwork Lily Chest Tattoo

There’s nothing quite like an abstract tattoo. The fact that you have to really look at this piece to figure out what it is, is one of my favorite aspects of the style. The placement is really lovely and the composition of the design looks great on the chest and actually accentuates it, especially since the design runs parallel to her collarbone. There’s nothing bad to say about this piece, kudos to the artist for doing such a fantastic job.

IG: tattooist_hosu

Lily Tattoo Ideas 35

Illustrative Lily Tattoo Over Woman’s Triceps

This is quite an unusual style of tattoo; it looks almost abstract but with a hint of illustrative. The colors are very muted and almost pastel. If I’m being honest this piece actually looks like a painting, which is quite cool since it makes it unique and not like your typical Lily tattoo.

IG: yoy__tattoo

Lily Tattoo Ideas 36

Micro Purple Lily Tattoo Over Shoulder Blade

I love it when an artist creates a bouquet of flowers. This Lily bouquet is absolutely adorable and even more so when it’s a micro tattoo. For the size of this piece, I feel like the shoulder blade isn’t the best placement. It should have been made a bit bigger for this area, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still look good. The purple is really pretty and the use of different shades of purple adds much needed depth to the design, I really like this piece, it’s the perfect feminine addition.

IG: noul_tattoo

Lily Tattoo Ideas 37

White Color Realistic Lily Tattoo

Now usually I would suggest staying away from white because of how it fades over time, but the way the artist did this piece is exceptional. The use of gray shading in the white gives the tattoo depth but also ensures that the white will hold up for a lot longer because the artist didn’t simply use solid white. This is another Lily tattoo that’s been placed in the perfect spot; the triceps is a great area for designs that are composed like this. Gorgeous!

IG: woni_plant

Lily Tattoo Ideas 38

Blackwork Fineline Lily Tattoo

We’ve come to the end of the list and our final tattoo is this stunning blackwork and fineline Lily. Again, like similar ones on the list, this Lily design looks like it’s taken some inspiration from abstract art. I really like the use of blackwork and black and gray shading because it adds contrast and depth while simultaneously accentuating certain areas of the design.

IG: sixtenism

We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!