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25 Awesome Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

An alien species right here on Planet Earth, the jellyfish is an animal to be admired for its uniqueness and respected for its sometimes killer sting. I love jellyfish from a philosophical point of view – while they do have some control over where they are going, the jellyfish drifts through the world, going wherever fate may take it. Aside from their natural wonders, jellyfish also make great-looking body art!

But before you go and get your own jellyfish tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the boldest, most beautiful, and most captivating jellyfish tattoo ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 1

Black and Gray Jellyfish Tattoo

Some Jellyfish have oral arms which move captured prey to the animal’s mouth. Here these appendages are represented as foliage swaying in the water among the tentacles. What captures your eye right away is their beautiful linear shading. It’s subtle but also striking at the same time.

IG: emma.tattoos

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 2

Minimal Linework Jellyfish Tattoo on Ankle

Get happy with this little tattoo composed of only a few lines. The simple design is perfect for the small space provided by the ankle. It’s not too big. It’s not too small. It’s not too prominent. Just Perfect


Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 3

New School Style Jellyfish Tattoo

You’re sure not to miss this New School Jellyfish tattoo. With heavy outlines and vivid colors this tattoo is sure to get your attention. The tentacles of the Jellyfish are creatively translated here as foliage. It’s a choice true to New School style..

IG: niktherookie

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 4

Custom Jellyfish Tattoo

This stylized Jellyfish tattoo interprets the tentacles as an anchor, a computer cable, a skeleton and chains. Pastel colors are then added to the mix. Of course with a custom design you get to pick and choose exactly what you want. The Choice Is Yours

IG: anabitencourt___

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 5

Black and Gray Jellyfish Tattoo

In this tattoo, the swirling curves of the tentacles are offset by the stark vertical inking. While the tentacles are composed of thin lines, the vertical line is bold with a solid plane of black ink. It’s an added touch that adds interest and definitely elevates this design.


Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 6

Pair of Black and Gray Jellyfish Tattoos on Man’s Arm

With varied orientations and sizes, these two Jellyfish seem just right together. Their long tentacles and oral arms gracefully extend towards one another seeming to connect the two into a cohesive design. Inked with thin lines and minimal shading, this tattoo has a nice light feel to it.

IG: lindsey.tattoos

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 7

Black and Gray Jellyfish on Woman’s Inner Forearm

With thin black lines and limited shading, this Jellyfish has a nice inviting appearance. Even the heavier inked oral arms aren’t at all intimidating. You can just sit back and sense this Jellyfish swimming and floating in the ocean, or in this case right alongside you. If you’re in Chiang Mai, Thailand checkout Artist

IG: panumart_tattoo

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 8

Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoo

With pretty pastels, this Jellyfish tattoo is like a lovely Watercolor painting. The pinks and purples are precisely applied looking like the artist took brush to paint. With twists and turns, the tentacles then float along as if on a gentle wave.

IG: tattooist_toma

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 9

Black and Gray Jellyfish Tattoo on Woman’s Back

On an area that can’t be accessorized, why not opt for a pretty tattoo. This Black and Gray design is the perfect accent. Its positioning, along with the drama of black ink, makes this tattoo super-sophisticated looking. All that’s needed…a LBD

IG: ink.feb24

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 10

Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Arm

People often get one tattoo and then additional ones in the same style. That’s what we see here with this Watercolor Jellyfish design which nicely complements the red floral. Each one perfectly highlights its location. While the red floral is oh so sexy at the cleavage, the long Jellyfish tattoo beautifully accents both the shoulder and the length of the arm.

IG: ink.feb24

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 11

Jellyfish Tattoo with Watercolors and Black and Gray Style

Here’s an interesting take on Watercolor style. The soft pastels are offset by black lines and most noticeably the shading that’s done in tones of gray. It adds a more granular look to this Jellyfish. Of course alongside the daisies, this Jellyfish tattoo is the perfect summer statement.

IG: nandotattooer

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 12

Large Black and Gray Jellyfish Tattoo

This large Jellyfish tattoo showcases beautiful shading. It’s characterized by a stippled-like appearance created using the specialized technique known as Whip Shading. Beyond this sophisticated touch there’s also plenty of whimsy here. Sea-like foliage is a stand-in for tentacles while the Jellyfish’s eye takes on a vertical orientation. And then there’s that shade of red that’s seen so often in Old School tattoos. Combining Black and Gray style with Old School definitely works here.


Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 13

Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoo on Inner Forearm

Like looking through the water, the colors here have a subtle, diluted appearance. These splashes of Watercolor are then nicely offset by the more defined lines of the tentacles. Together they make for one dreamy-looking tattoo.

IG: eunyutattoo

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 14

Large Black and Gray Jellyfish Tattoo

You’ve got to really love Jellyfish to go with this large tattoo. Guess it’s unfortunate it won’t be seen by this guy due to its location. Apparent to those viewing it though are its beautiful lines and shading. Heavy black ink defines the tentacles and is also used to define the entire design. Varying tones of gray are then used for contrast and shading. Together they create an impressive tattoo.

IG: sagaegrim

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 15

Delicate Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Arm

This tattoo is reminiscent of Watercolor paintings; soft and inviting; delicate. Set at an angle, a sense of movement is created which is also highlighted by the curving lines of the tentacles. Water bubbles in varying colors then set the stage. The matching top is…Optional


Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 16

Cartoon Style Black and Gray Jellyfish Tattoo

The bell of this Jellyfish has a nostalgic feel to it. It’s also fun with its polka dots and multiple shaded spheres as if it’s capturing a cherished childhood memory. Simultaneously the tentacles are represented in a more sophisticated way with their dashes and dots. Together…It All Works

IG: dahan.orient

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 17

Black and Gray Jellyfish Tattoo with Geometric Elements

For starters, there’s a Jellyfish in this tattoo. The repetition of the three shaded circles is a beautiful design element complete with skilled inking within each. Geometric elements almost always add interest to a design. Perhaps here though they’re used to excess and diminish from the final tattoo. What do you think?

IG: bachtzbali

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 18

Color Jellyfish Tattoos on Woman’s Upper Back

If you like color as this woman does then some Jellyfish tattoos in royal blue could be perfect for you. Different tones of blue are applied to the body of the Jellyfish in varying saturations. On the periphery, blue is applied in a similar precise manner. Then if you look closely you can see how it’s also dabbed on with the lightest of touches. Very Nicely Done

IG: pokhy_tattoo

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 19

Realistic Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoo

First thing you should know is that it’s difficult to do a good Watercolor painting or tattoo. Without the appropriate skill these works can easily become very messy looking. Luckily that’s not the case here. The Watercolors in this tattoo are expertly applied in a very precise manner. The finishing touch is the use of white ink (not easy to use either) as accent throughout this beautiful design. Well Done. Props to Artist

IG: daldam__


Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 20

Blue Jellyfish Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Back

The blue tones that are used for the Jellyfish are not only pretty but definitely suggestive of streams of water. It then appears like the water is causing the tentacles to float about in a disorganized, somewhat abstract manner. But there’s purpose here as the outstretched tentacles define and accent the arm and shoulder. Of course matching clothing is…Optional (Note: The elevated skin seen here is a normal reaction to the tattoo and will subside within an hour or two.)

IG: pokhy_tattoo

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 21

Dramatic Black and Gray, Watercolor and Blackwork Jellyfish Tattoo

With long tentacles like those seen here, it’s nice to have great legs to showcase them. It’s also great to have a talented artist who delivers both technically and artistically. This tattoo does both. A touch of Watercolor is added to the design alongside the sophisticated shading and linework. It’s cool how these lines intersect the band of heavy opaque black ink; then how a curved line accents the ankle. Big props to Artist IG:@ivoire_noir from Marseille, France

IG: ivoire_noir

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 22

Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoo on Woman’s Forearm

Swirling down the length of the forearm, this Jellyfish tattoo is alive with colors. It’s interesting how the curving lines of the tentacles are suggestive of the ocean’s waves. Of course the surrounding areas of negative space add to this image too.

IG: katia.zuela

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 23

Realistic Jellyfish Tattoo

What’s really beautiful in this tattoo is the reproduction of light. Using skilled shading, it appears as if light is emanating from within the bell or body of the Jellyfish. White ink is then used to further enhance this effect. The result is a very successful 3D tattoo. Props to Artist IG:@panumart_tattoo from Chiang Mai, Thailand

IG: panumart_tattoo

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 24

Black and Gray Jellyfish Tattoo

This is definitely one sophisticated tattoo. The shading is subtle, smokey and very well done. It’s great background and contrast to the thin yet heavy vertical black lines. Of course the long straight black line and the shaded circle take this design to another level. This is artistry on display. Big props to Artist IG:@vadersdye from Berlin, Germany

IG: vadersdye

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 25

Pair of Brush/Ink Jellyfish Tattoos on Woman’s Arm

Like brush strokes on canvas, the oral arms of these Jellyfish are so alluring with images of Japanese calligraphy brought to mind. The thinner tentacles look as if ink was taken to paper. Of course it’s all beautifully done right on the arm.

IG: mooho.oriental

Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas 26

Black and Gray Jellyfish Tattoo with Whip Shading

With florals representing the tentacles and oral arms of the Jellyfish, this tattoo flows easily across the arm. You can see how it uses the canvas provided to create a design that perfectly fits this space. Accenting the steady black lines is the stippled-like shading. Known as Whip Shading it’s a specialized technique that adds interest to the overall design.

IG: inkprick