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33 Outstanding Scorpion Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

The Scorpion has always been known as a dangerous creature of the night, with its poisonous stinger that looks terrifying to anyone. It’s perhaps no surprise that the scorpion is a symbol of danger, fear and death. Therefore, many ink lovers actually get Scorpion tattoos to protect them from bad luck. Other than that, the creature is also linked to the Scorpio zodiac sign. People who are born under this sign are widely known to be passionate, assertive, secretive, intuitive, and extremely resourceful. A lot of famous monuments in the world have scorpions in their designs, as a representation of resilience and power.

But before you go and get your own Scorpion tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the boldest, most beautiful and most captivating Scorpion tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 1

Linework Tattoo of Scorpion and Stars on Upper Arm

We open the collection with a marvelous and graceful design. I really like how sparkles and stardust of all sizes are scattered all over the tattoo, making it seem like the Scorpion itself is a sparkle! Wonderful idea for anyone who loves a little bit of pixie dust on their arm!

IG: _cloudy.ink_

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 2

Traditional Blackwork Tattoo of Scorpion On Wrist

This is another Blackwork tattoo for those of you who love this intense look. I really like how the Scorpion fits right onto this client’s wrist, following the same traditional art style as the existing tattoos. Seems like the client is going for quite a gorgeous full-sleeve, don’t you think?

IG: francamurilo.ttt

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 3

Blackwork Tattoo of Scorpion on Side of Stomach

If the previous one is a little bit too whimsical for you, don’t worry, we’re getting to what you might prefer. This Blackwork tattoo is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the intimidating and demonic energy coming off of this design. Great job on the artist’s part!

IG: crimclay

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 4

Black and Gray Tattoo of Scorpion on Side of Stomach

Now, some of you might prefer the Black and Gray style, because although Blackwork gives a strong impression, Black and Gray tattoos feel more dimensional. This particular tattoo is a great example of that. Fun fact, there’s actually another Scorpion on the other side of this client’s stomach. If you’re curious about what it looks like, visit the artist’s page right here at IG: @inkbyptp

IG: inkbyptp

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 5

Blackwork Tattoo of Scorpion on Wrist

Korean artist IG: @garotattooboy_ does absolutely wonderful Blackwork and Asian-inspired tattoos. I really like how he makes use of negative or uninked space to create the illusion of highlights across the Scorpion’s body. Very clever, don’t you agree?

IG: garotattooboy_

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 6

Black and Gray Tattoo of Scorpion in a Vase

This is definitely really interesting to look at, because I just can’t make out if the Scorpion is just a print on the vase, or are we looking through the vase and seeing what’s inside? The whip shading is absolutely gorgeous, adding so much texture to the design as a whole.

IG: fergumarquez

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 7

Scorpion Hand Tattoo

The back of your hand is such an amazing spot to place a Scorpion design! Imagine how easy it would be for you to freak people out by just, literally, a touch. Jokes aside, we have to appreciate the skillful artwork done by talented artist IG: @dianaregalado. If anyone’s ever wanted such a visible tattoo, it doesn’t get better than this.

IG: dianaregalado

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 8

Black and Gray Tattoo of Scorpion Tattoo with Yin Yang Symbol

I adore how nicely the yin-yang symbol fits into this whole composition – this is some insane design skill right here! Also, let’s talk about how the Scorpion’s entire body is made of little shiny ornaments, pieced together like jewelry. If you like what you’re seeing, I recommend checking out the artist’s page right now at IG: @gemil_grim, for more exceptionally creative pieces!

IG: gemil_grim

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 9

Black and Gray Scorpio Tattoo on Upper Leg

Scorpios, have you been waiting for this one? This design has all the qualities that a typical Scorpion would have: dark, intense, mysterious, intentional, and dimensional. I really like the 3D effect, and how it seems like the Scorpion is going to jump off the client’s leg at any moment!

IG: hani_tattoo_hurghada

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 10

Detailed Linework Tattoo of Scorpion Holding up a Lantern

The design idea behind this ink piece is both so clever and creative. Because the Scorpion naturally has an upturned tail, it really seems like the perfect spot to hang a lantern! I also really like how the light is depicted with just simple straight lines, which is really on-theme with the Linework shading on the Scorpion’s body.

IG: inkyjosie

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 11

Neo-Traditional Tattoo of Golden Scorpion

Don’t you just love the Neo-Traditional palette on animal tattoos? I feel like the earthy, darker tones of yellow work really well here, because they add such a grounded feel to the design. The white highlights are a very nice addition, too!

IG: leeya_tattoo

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 12

Minimal Linework Tattoo of Scorpion on Lower Leg

Artist IG: @saskiapatrice from Switzerland thrives at Linework tattoos, and she’s excellent at adding dashes of colors as a subtle, nice touch to her designs. I really like how this one doesn’t need a lot of details to catch my attention. The masterfully curated Linework really does it all.

IG: saskiapatrice

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 13

Blackwork Sketch Arm Tattoo of Scorpio Fighting Cobra

I love the intensity of this whole piece: from the classic Blackwork to the design itself. Venom against venom, which one do you think is going to win? I also really enjoy looking at the sketchy lines scattered all over the design, adding so much tension and movement to this piece!

IG: tadi_tattoo

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 14

Traditional Blackwork Tattoo of Scorpion on Back of Leg

The placement of this tattoo is so cool! It really looks like the Scorpion is reaching out to this client’s heel, threatening to hurt it. The Linework and shading are both done neatly, too. For more beautiful Blackwork inspiration like this, don’t miss out on the artist’s page at IG: @giuliaspinellitattoo.

IG: giuliaspinellitattoo

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 15

Custom 3D Tattoo of Scorpion along Ribs

I love designs that make us feel like we’re all living in a simulation. The red and blue shadows are done so perfectly here. Do you notice the little irregularities appearing here and there on the Scorpion’s body? I love them. Really eye-catching design delivered by artist IG: @firebirth!

IG: firebirth

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 16

Custom Tattoo of Multi-headed Scorpion Inspired by Wicked City

If you’re a fan of Wicked City, or just simply anime-styled art, you’ll probably gasp at how gorgeous this ink piece is. I really like the eerie vibe coming off of literally every detail of this design: the emotionless faces, the cold black and blue tones, and the creepy creature made of human heads! Absolutely terrifying but brilliant!

IG: missorangetattoo

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 17

Old School Tattoo of Scorpion and Rose Along Arm

There’s always a timeless charm to the Old School American Traditional  style, and the bold vivid color palette must be one of the reasons why. A detail that really draws me to this design are the giant drops of blood dripping from the Scorpion. They add so much story and movement to the whole piece, don’t you think?

IG: alin_tattooer

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 18

Blackwork Tattoo of Scorpion and Dandelions on Back of Arm

Here’s another mesmerizing Blackwork piece for you to admire. I really like the addition of flowers in this one, which brings out a subtle feminine vibe that you don’t normally see in a Scorpion design. Credits go to Korean artist IG: @967tattoo for the amazing job!

IG: 967tattoo

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 19

Blackwork Tattoo of Scorpion and Skeleton as a Cover-up

Blackwork is one of the go-to choices for artists when it comes to cover-ups, and it surely works here. I just love how intimidating the Scorpion and skeleton look. And the details are absolutely mind-blowing, from the sharp edges to the white highlights. If you’re curious about how the old tattoos used to look, visit the artist’s page at IG: @heukdo__

IG: heukdo__

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 20

Linework Tattoo of Scorpion on Forearm

If you like the simplicity of Linework designs, without any shading or highlighting, this one’s for you. I adore how clean the lines look here. Do you also notice the little strands of hair all over the Scorpion’s body? It’s little details like this that add so much impact to a piece.

IG: wiktoria.tatts

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 21

Blackwork Tattoo of Scorpion on Arm

Italian artist IG: @mattattoodimatteomasini thrives at Blackwork and Illustrative designs, and this one is among his wonderful works. The little hairs all over the Scorpion’s body really creep me out, but for some reason, I can’t stop looking at the piece. That’s when you know a tattoo is simply magnificent!

IG: mattattoodimatteomasini

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 22

Blackwork Tattoo of Skeleton Scorpion with an Illuminating Eye

If the ones we’ve shown you are still not scary enough, this one’s probably for you. It’s not just creepy – it’s absolutely terrifying right down to the smallest details. The spiderwebs, the skeleton, the sharp patterns along the scorpion’s body, and the eye “seeing” human hands reaching out for help… everything just screams “ghastly”!

IG: luwon_tattooer

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 23

Black and Gray Tattoo of Scorpion on Forearm

This small tattoo is done by talented artist IG:, who does wonderful Realistic and Fineline pieces. I really enjoy looking at the white highlights in this piece as they give the Scorpion such a shiny, realistic look.!


Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 24

Detailed Linework Full-Back Tattoo of Scorpions, Lilies and Leaves

I adore the perfect symmetry presented to us in this marvelous design. It’s so satisfying to look at something that fits perfectly on this client’s back. The neat lines must have required insane skills, and I love that the artist does Linework shading in this one, too, which adds such a raw, sketchy vibe to the piece.

IG: katy.wiedemann

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 25

Traditional Linework Tattoo of Scorpion on Shoulder

The placement of this tattoo works so well with the design. I find it delightful how the Scorpion looks like he’s just casually hanging out on this client’s shoulder, like a pet. The Linework style looks really nice, too, working quite well with the other existing tattoos.

IG: jvckbarrow

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 26

Realistic Black and Gray Tattoo of Scorpion with Rose

This has to be one of my favorite pieces in the whole collection. There’s something so romantic about the design, and I’m not just talking about the beautiful rose coming out from the Scorpion’s tail. The white highlights are dazzling, too. I’d like to imagine that this Scorpion has really taken the time to “sparkle” for a special date!

IG: yeontaan

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 27

Blackwork Tattoo of Scorpion on Arm

This design is from Dutch artist IG: @noir8noah collection, and it really shows how he absolutely excels at Blackwork tattoos. I love how the artist makes use of the client’s skin tone, creating an illusion that there are some highlights by leaving negative or uninked space. Brilliant, right?

IG: noir8noah

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 28

Traditional Blackwork Arm Tattoo of Scorpion on a Vase

I like the old-timey, nostalgic vibe coming off of this design, perhaps because of the Traditional style. The whip shading is really nice, too, adding a lot of dimension to the leaves and making them much more lively, and beautiful.


Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 29

Black and Gray Stomach Tattoo of Two Scorpions

I’m really impressed by the idea behind this one: two Scorpions forming a heart-shaped frame. I love how it looks like the Scorpions are giving us a peek into what’s inside this client’s body. The road, the clouds, the mountains and the cactus all look absolutely gorgeous!

IG: fran.ondo

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 30

Red Scorpion Tattoo

This one is for those of you who want your tattoo to be both Minimalistic yet attention-grabbing. I really like that the artist and client chose the color red instead of the usual, classic black. This really helps the fantastic Linework stand out even more!

IG: bittenink

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 31

Black and Gray Tattoo of Scorpions Stuck in a Compass

It’s fascinating how the Scorpion is inked in Black and Gray style, while the compass has almost no shading or dimension. It looks as if they come from two separate worlds, tangled together in a strange encounter. I feel like this is one of those pieces that is really thought-provoking, and would spark a nice conversation!

IG: lucymaytattoo

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 32

Traditional Blackwork Tattoo of Scorpion and Sparkles on Lower Leg

Now, this is another nicely-executed Blackwork design, but with a little whimsical twist in the form of dazzling sparkles. They add a sense of delight to the whole piece, which is such an interesting combination with the Blackwork.. Props to the artist for the creativity!

IG: stormthegatestattoogc

Scorpion Tattoo Ideas 33

Blackwork Arm Tattoo of Scorpion with Chain and Ball

You knew that Scorpions represent danger, now you know that they can literally be weapons, too. This Scorpion looks absolutely terrifying, as it’s modeled after a shackle and metal ball. The artist really pulls off this design with the wonderful Blackwork!

IG: _chez.tattu

We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!