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25 Creepy Centipede Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

Is there an animal more terrifying and creepy than a centipede? As terrifying as they are, they’re also very powerful creatures that have venom that can cause quite a bit of damage, especially to their prey. Why people want to get them as a tattoo is beyond understandable; maybe it’s because they’re so scary, you wouldn’t want to mess with someone that has one on their body forever.

But before you go and get your own centipede tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the scariest, most creepy, and most well-done centipede tattoo ideas of 2022. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin. 

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 1

Realistic Color Centipede Forearm Tattoo

Taesin is a Korean Black and Gray artist with some serious talent. Transitioning from black and gray to color isn’t as easy as one would think, but he showcased his ability to do both, and I love that. The way the design goes over the existing tattoo on the left makes it seem as if the centipede is walking over it. I’m not a fan of tattoos going over other tattoos, but this somehow works.

IG: taesin___

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 2

Japanese Noh Mask-Inspired Centipede Tattoo

The Japanese Noh mask was used in theater to portray different characters. Often, the characters represented by the masks were demons, goblins, and otherworldly creatures; here, the artist has used them to make up the segments of the centipede. Is it not the creepiest, coolest tattoo you’ve seen? The placement is outstanding; it’s not touching any of the original tattoos, and it flows with the curves of the leg, amazing!

IG: alessandro_micci

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 3

Amazing Blackwork Full-Sleeve Centipede Tattoo

An entire sleeve of bugs and the centipede is the centerpiece, someone clearly likes these scary creatures. The wispy lines almost make this tattoo look like a Tim Burton-inspired tree, which is magnificent because that means people won’t immediately know what’s on your arm, but you will. Blackwork is always an impressive style because there’s so much you can do with it, and it actually takes quite a bit of skill to know how to work with solid black ink.

IG: la.spectre

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 4

Neo Traditional Centipede-Faced Woman Thigh Tattoo

It’s hard to imagine centipedes making for a great Neo Traditional tattoo, but somehow the artist managed to create this magical piece. What’s great about it is the fact that, unlike many centipede tattoos, this one isn’t scary. The black pepper shading is the perfect contrast against the bright red, orange, and yellow gradient in the face. If you love Neo Traditional, then @killndevour has your fix waiting.

IG: killndevour

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 5

Realistic Blackwork Centipede Tattoo On Man’s Forearm

The Korean artist that created this magnificent artwork is a pioneer of Blackwork, and you can see it in this amazing centipede tattoo. It’s not everyone’s favorite creature, but you can appreciate the many legs and serpent-like movements these guys make. I like how this tattoo serpentines up the client’s arm. I think this type of style and design is perfect for the outer forearm.

IG: sagaegrim

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 6

Creepy Face Centipede Tattoo On Man’s Forearm

You’ll notice that incorporating faces into a centipede design is a popular choice among artists. I suppose it adds to how creepy they already are and to the idea of “the human centipede”. The fine lines and wispy black shading are amazing. It’s quite a weird shape for a centipede because it doesn’t seem to have a head, but I enjoy the placement as the design curves with the form of the client’s arm.

IG: blxckdizztor

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 7

Masculine Color Centipede Tattoo On Man’s Shoulder

These creepy critters aren’t pleasing to the eye, but somehow the artist managed to take something frightening and create a decent tattoo. I like the way it’s creeping onto the client’s shoulder; I can imagine the shock people get when they see this scary fellow. The colors are amazing; props to the artist for the outstanding color packing and great linework.

IG: shiyo_irezumi

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 8

Impressive Freehand Centipede Tattoo

Can you believe this tattoo was a freehand design? If you’re not familiar with that term, it’s when an artist draws the design onto the skin rather than using a stencil. The dark purple and light purple complement each other, but it’s the peach color that brings this tattoo to life because it creates a contrast that pulls the centipede into the foreground. It appears to be on the forearm and takes up enough space to create the illusion of a half-sleeve. I love this tattoo.


Centipede Tattoo Ideas 9

Kewpie Doll-Inspired Centipede Forearm Tattoo

Why do the Kewpie dolls make this centipede look less threatening? Is it because of how cute their faces are that it takes your mind off the idea that they’re attached to a long and weird body? The different faces are absolutely adorable, and I love how the artist shaded their cheeks to look like they’re blushing. Positioning the design on the outer forearm works because the piece it’s similar in shape. If you like this, then check out the artist @kimsatgat_ttt.

IG: kimsatgat_ttt

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 10

Color Realistic Centipede Calf Tattoo

Another Taesin centipede tattoo that’s similar to the previous one. Again, I’m not fond of tattoos going over existing tattoos, but the way this one fits in between the other pieces is great. The white highlights add shine to the centipede, which you would expect to see in real life because of how hard the exoskeleton is. It’s not as terrifying as the other tattoos, which is saying a lot.

IG: taesin___

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 11

Wispy Blackwork Centipede On Guy’s Calf

You can see that the shading isn’t as you would find it in real life. However, you get this unique interpretation where the shading is used to create texture on the segments of the centipede. The negative open spaces also add a rippled effect which is very realistic. Good placement and the flow of the design are complemented by the shape of the client’s leg. The artist did an amazing job, regardless of how creepy her artwork was.

IG: georgia.tattoos

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 12

Deadly Black and Gray Centipede Forearm Tattoo

I cannot express how much I like this tattoo, the linework is phenomenal, the shading is so soft and smooth, and the composition for the outer forearm is on point. The glowing eyes created by the white make it look like the skulls are still alive in a scary and creepy way, it’s such a perfect piece! If you’re in Germany, then you’re lucky because @nili_ay is the artist behind this amazing tattoo, and you’ll find her in Düsseldorf. For those of you outside of Germany, give her IG a follow for more amazing Black and Gray tattoos.

IG: nili_ay

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 13

American Traditional Centipede Calf Tattoo

The solid black shading and thick lines are a classic Trad element; it looks like the artist may have gone over lines to make them this thick, but they’re consistent, meaning that they may have used a round shader to do the lines. I like how the tattoo is taking up a lot of space on the leg while also fitting in between the existing work. Credit to the artist for creating this lovely tattoo.

IG: popo_tattoo

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 14

Cute Neo Traditional Centipede Tattoo

This centipede on the outer forearm looks like quite the friendly pet, I mean, he doesn’t have any scary skulls or pincers, which is a nice change. The colors are a very nice Autumn palette which works well with the hints of green, and the solid blackwork is so smooth it almost looks unreal. Tiago is a Neo Traditional artist with a serious knack for the style; if you’re looking for Neo Trad inspo, his page has all your eyes could ever wish to feast on.

IG: tiagoborgestattoos

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 15

Abstract Blackwork Centipede Shin Tattoo

This is such a badass tattoo. Even though this is quite a masculine piece, it’s actually been inked on a woman. The abstract feel of the tattoo complements the Blackwork style. I like that it’s not wrapping around the leg but rather going in a serpentine motion. The one thing about this tattoo is that you can’t really tell what animal it is until you get up close. Is it a snake, or is it a terrifying centipede? Inspired? Go take a look at Esenic’s work on Instagram @esenic.ninetynine. He’s got some more ink waiting for you.

IG: esenic.ninetynine

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 16

Masculine Armored Half-Sleeve Centipede Tattoo

Centipedes remind me of a very masculine insect because of how large and surprisingly strong they are. This particular design looks like he’s wearing armor because of the way the artist designed the segments of the body. The shading is really well done and adds a rough texture, but what’s really cool are the tiny details, like the fine hairs on the legs, which you wouldn’t notice until you looked closely.

IG: whiteblackinkart

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 17

Dotwork Centipede Tattoo On Woman’s Triceps

The triceps is always a great area to get a design that is vertical like this one. There’s enough space for it to either wrap around or go down the length of the arm. It must be the soft shading that gives this a less terrifying and more feminine look, which is nice for anyone looking for a womanly centipede design. Good job at placing the tattoo in a way that fits snugly between the existing work.

IG: armin.stanu

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 18

Centipede Goddess Tattoo On Side of Calf

Fineline tattoos are a style all of their own that are often misconceived as being soft and dainty, but the truth is, any piece can be considered a Fineline tattoo if it meets the criteria of using thin lines. I find that many artists struggle to recreate this style, but this particular artist has proven that he’s good at what he does. The faces are somewhat unsettling but suit the blackwork and fine lines. Does this piece not flow with the client’s leg in a smooth motion? I like how some of the legs break off from the actual centipede’s body. Absolutely gorgeous!

IG: jake.inks

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 19

Massive Black and Gray Centipede Tattoo On Woman’s Arm

This centipede is massive! I adore the motion of this piece and how the centipede is serpentining down the client’s arm. I think Black and Gray is the perfect style for a design like this, especially because there’s a lot that can be done with the style to incorporate a hair-raising feel. The dotwork on the segments is very realistic because some species of centipede have these markings. As much as I don’t like centipedes, this is a really cool design that looks great on the client’s arm.

IG: body.illustration

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 20

Old School Lady Head Centipede Tattoo

Another Old School tattoo, this time it’s in color, and I am loving how unthreatening it looks because of the cute red-cheeked girls. It’s obvious that the client is married to the American Traditional style because they have existing work which suits the new design nicely. I can imagine this must have been a spicy area to get tattooed because the skin on the inner thigh is very soft and sensitive. Joe Mallard is an American Traditional artist that has some amazing examples of his skillset, give his Insta a look for more inspiration.

IG: joemallardtattoos

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 21

Awesome Centipede With Eyes Forearm Tattoo

More eyeballs, this time the style is vastly different and almost surreal looking. The artist used a whip shading technique to add texture to the bottom of the centipede and webs, which makes the piece stand out. White highlights are a great way to create a wet look or a “glare”. As you can see here, the artist used them to create the illusion of shine. If you thought this was an amazing tattoo, go check out the rest of the artist’s work


Centipede Tattoo Ideas 22

Spooky Fineline Centipede Leg Tattoo

The eyes in this centipede tattoo are really cool, they make this quite a unique piece, along with the choice of style. I like the hint of color to break away from all the black and gray shading and the white highlights that help discern the legs and segments of the centipede, nice work.

IG: gabhortontattoos

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 23

Spooky Japanese Noh Mask Blackwork Centipede Tattoo

Runa is a specialist in modern Japanese work and manga in the UK; her work speaks for itself, and you’ll find that a lot of her tattoos have a dark and almost whimsical feel to them. The blackwork in this piece is exceptional, and I love how it contrasts with the subtle dotwork shading. Those little details, such as the web and highlights, are amazing. Hopefully, you’ll be able to sleep after seeing this monstrous creature!

IG: runastabz

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 24

Black and Gray Dotwork Skeleton Centipede Tattoo

I don’t think your immediate reaction to this tattoo would be, “oh, that’s a centipede,” which is nice because you, as the client, know what it is. It’s a really cool take on your traditional centipede tattoo that incorporates skulls and nightmarish faces; the placement is perfect, great work by an equally great artist.

IG: mansae_tattooer

Centipede Tattoo Ideas 25

Enormous Scary Blackwork Centipede Leg Tattoo

The final tattoo is enormous, but rightfully so because it’s acting as a gap filler and would look very strange if it had been smaller or thinner. I like the little hairs, and how each one is flowing in a different direction. The same thing is happening with its legs giving the illusion that the centipede is crawling down the client’s thigh. The open spaces on the segments give them a 3D look, almost like you could pick it up, not that you would want to, right?
I sincerely hope you enjoyed looking at these terrifying centipedes and found the style, design, and placement you were looking for. Happy tattooing!

IG: boldlines_ka