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Where should you get your sak yant in Chiang Mai?

sak yant chiang mai by Panumart Tattoo

The easy answer to this question is Panumart Tattoo

  • We have really talented artists (professionally trained).
  • We’re super clean (hygiene protocol personally taught by American medical professionals).
  • We offer both bamboo and machine sak yant tattoos.
  • We speak English.
  • We’re friendly.
  • And we have over 300 5-star reviews.

We’re not monks, though, which means that we cannot bestow magical blessings upon you. So we are not the correct choice for everybody.
Below I’ll give you the pros and cons of getting a sak yant from a tattoo artist and from a monk.

Sak yants performed by Panumart Tattoo Chiang Mai.

Here’s a small sample of the work we’ve done. Notice the quality of the lines. They are sharp and consistent, without any bloating or blurring.
*Sak yants can be performed by both machine or bamboo at our shop.

Artist vs Monk | Who should you get your sak yant with in Chiang Mai?

Why you want a sak yant will determine whether you should tattoo with an artist or a monk.

Do you care more about how your tattoo will look or do you care more about the sak yant experience itself?

Sak yants done by professional tattoo artists.

At Panumart Tattoo, our artists’ sak yants are much better-looking than those of monks.

The lines of your tattoo will be more precise and longer lasting with us. You’ll also be tattooed under much more hygienic conditions.

In other shops this also may be the case, especially if the artist is using a tattoo machine rather than a bamboo. Generally speaking, an artist will give you a better looking tattoo than a monk


  • A tattoo artist cannot bless you.
  • A tattoo artist cannot always tell you the specific meaning of a yant (sak yants are written in an ancient language that Thais cannot read).

Tattooing with a monk

Traditionally, sak yants are said to give you magical protections and powers. If you believe in this, then you should definitely go a monk or an ajarn (a master of Thai sacred geometry, who may also be a former monk). Going the monk route is also what you should do if you simply want to partake in the traditional experience.

More often than not, though, tattoos performed by monks only look ok at best. This is because they are monks, not artists. Unfortunately, in many cases their tattoos will look very bad. The lines will be unsymmetrical and dotty, ink will be pressed too hard into your skin (causing blowout where your skin looks permanently dirty), and after 10 years your yant will become bloated and completely illegible.

There are ajarns out there who tattoo really well, but they are very hard to find.
*Also of note is that women will sometimes be forbidden from being tattooed.

Sak Yant Chiang Mai by Panumart Tattoo 33

Reviews of Panumart Tattoo’s sak yants

Here is what customers have said about our work:
All reviews are real and can be verified on our Google page where we have over 300 5-star reviews.

David Kicsit
Very nice people and excellent artists. My tattoo was done by Gang, great guy. I recommend it 100%

Alan Taylor
Panumart Tattoo was the perfect choice for our tattoos. Very high-quality work, awesome artists, clean and calm. Panumart differs from a lot of the other Chiang Mai tattoo studios – their’s is more of a personal experience than a conveyor belt. We felt immediately at home with friendly people who showed a dedicated interest in making sure our tattoos were perfect. And they are!

Jared McMurray
Absolutely loved my experience with Panumart tattoo. Went in for a consultation with another friend of mine. Both Aon and Ahm (two of the artists) were super kind, helpful, and welcoming. We scheduled a time later that week for us to come in. The shop was very clean, the artists spoke English, and their tattoo skills were very impressive as well. All of these combined with the cheaper price tag compared to tattoo parlors in the United States made it very much worth it. Couldn’t have had a better tattoo experience!

Finding a clean and trustworthy tattoo parlour in Thailand is a bit of a task, but my husband and I were pretty impressed when we walked in to Panumart. They were attentive and very helpful. The parlour was impeccably clean and hygienic. The process itself was quite good and affordable. I healed very well and even with the humidity of Chiang Mai, there was no issues. Would highly recommend and would definitely come back for my next.

Kheris Xu
Best tattoo experience ever! Ryan is so friendly and helpful. I went there one day before I got my tattoo, and they told me there’s no need to rush, just take your time to decide where you want to put it, which is sweet. They really care about customers and would give you advice. Also. Ryan gave me a detailed explanation of the tattoo aftercare. I couldn’t recommend more! Thank you!

Hugo Brun
Clean and nice set up with friendly and professional staff – VERY good value for money.

Greg Swan
Absolutely professional service great people attention to detail, just a fantastic place

Sak Yant Chiang Mai by Panumart Tattoo 34