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33 Bold Bat Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

Bats represent the duality of life. To some, bats are creepy, mysterious, and scary creatures of the night. Meanwhile, others see bats as cute, delicate, and sweet animals. Perspective is a funny thing, right? Bat tattoos are really popular in thanks to the taboo nature of these winged mammals. And it’s no surprise either, as there are some awesome bat designs that you can get!

But before you go and get your own bat tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you a mix of cuteness, scary, and most uniquely beautiful bat tattoos of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s dive in.

Bat Tattoo Ideas 1

Colorful Neo Traditional Fruit Bat Tattoo

Bats don’t always have to be dark and mysterious. Perhaps if you fancy some colors on your skin, this is for you. A revival of the traditional style of tattoo results in this artistic bat tattoo. This one looks well on many parts of the body! The detail on this one is beyond words! From the bite marks on the peach to the little tongue sticking out, this tattoo is a must have.

IG: tattoos_by_austin

Bat Tattoo Ideas 2

Faceless Bat Tattoo

This bat looks like light is shining through it. You can’t see the face but you can see straight through its wings. If you want to show off your nice bat tattoo when you’re shirtless or wearing sleeveless, this is the perfect location to ink it. There’s no better way to have a bat “side kick” by your side!

IG: who_ink_seoul

Bat Tattoo Ideas 3

Blackwork Bat Tattoo

A bat in its natural habitat is what this tattoo describes. Using the heavy opaque inking of Blackwork style to convey the night sky is a well thought out idea. It obviously shows the amount of effort the artist put into this work. The tattoo is positioned on the shoulder in the photo but I’m sure it would look great elsewhere too. The bat itself is well sketched with fine attention to detail. A fantastic work like this deserves to be on your body, your “temple”.

IG: thedimforest

Bat Tattoo Ideas 4

Blackwork Bat Tattoo on a Witch’s Broom

You probably have heard of the flying broom from Harry Potter. But did you know that bats have always been associated with witches. It’s believed that witches use bat’s blood in their flying potion. Spooky folktale isn’t it? The dark tone of this tattoo is perfect for the representation of bats and witches. But what interests me most is the over-exaggerated horns on the bat. Another belief is that witches worshiped horned figures with wings. We can see how the artist included these details in the design.

IG: emmayih

Bat Tattoo Ideas 5

Classic Black and Gray Dotwork Bat Tattoo

Nothing better than taking the more classical approach. Bats are a symbol of the start of something new. This means letting go of the past and embracing new beginnings. If you want to showcase that, if you think that relates to you, this is the one for you. Nothing better than a simple bat tattoo made in simple colors, black and gray.

IG: rubyblk

Bat Tattoo Ideas 6

Mysterious Blackwork Bat Tattoo

This bat tattoo looks like it is lurking somewhere in the darkness with its gloomy, mysterious vibe. Using heavy opaque inking, the artist was able to bring out the true definition of a bat. Some believe that bats bring misfortune and evil while others perceive them as good omens. Whether you believe one or the other, you got to admit that this tattoo will look darn good on your arm. Imagine that!

IG: emmayih

Bat Tattoo Ideas 7

Realistic Fierce-Looking Bat Tattoo around the Neck

Speaking of ATTENTION! This tattoo has double perks in one package; the attention to detail and the attention you’ll get! The black outline and the shadow make this tattoo pop. The neck is perfect for this design as the tattoo literally screams, “(c)Neck me out!”.

IG: demiurgtattoo

Bat Tattoo Ideas 8

Traditional Bat Tattoo

Look at this bat (bad) boy! This is a new take on the ordinary bat tattoo you usually see. The tattoo is not realistic but that’s the point of it. I love the design on this one.

IG: who_ink_seoul

Bat Tattoo Ideas 9

Unique Black and Gray Bat with Upside Down Mansion Tattoo

If this isn’t the coolest, most unique bat tattoo, then I don’t know what is! Nothing better than a bat spreading its wings wide across your chest. Without having to look close, you can already see the attention to details put into this work; from the melting candles to the bat’s fur and to the gloomy mansion below it. If there is an award for “The Most Unique Tattoo” this would definitely make the cut! You just got to love it!

IG: mattwmurray

Bat Tattoo Ideas 10

Cute Minimal Bat Tattoo on Wrist

Who says bats have to look scary? Look at this small, minimalist bat tattoo located right on the forearm above the wrist. This exquisite, elegant tattoo is a perfect gift to yourself if you love bats but want a redefinition of this creature; one that’s not scary and creepy. The more you look at it, the more you’ll love it!

IG: pogtattoo

Bat Tattoo Ideas 11

Spooky Black and Gray Bat Tattoo

Have you ever had a bat staring at you straight in the eyes? On first glance, it looks like the bat is not only doing that but also staring deep into your soul. Kinda spooky. Which is the point of this tattoo.

IG: evil.chef

Bat Tattoo Ideas 12

Cute Bat Eating Pomegranate Tattoo

I’ve never seen a tattoo cuter than this; especially for a creature like a bat that’s usually seen as scary and creepy. This tattoo is successful in achieving a lighter tone and narrative. I mean, look at the flower petal on top of the bat’s head! Isn’t that just adorable? This design will definitely get a lot of those “aww faces”, no doubt.

IG: kennypixie

Bat Tattoo Ideas 13

Black and Gray Dotwork Bat Tattoo With Flowers and Moon

Bat tattoos with flowers usually would be delicate and feminine but this one definitely isn’t. The flowers though do lighten the tone somewhat. With the realistic looking bat spreading it’s wings under the Crescent moon, a well balanced tattoo is achieved that would look good on both men and women!

IG: danaglover

Bat Tattoo Ideas 14

“Not Your Ordinary” Albino Bat Tattoo

The title says it all! This is not your ordinary bat tattoo. This is a tattoo of an albino bat with red eyes and touches of red on its wings. There’s nothing about this tattoo that I don’t like.

IG: blvir_

Bat Tattoo Ideas 15

Blackwork Vampire Bat

If everything you heard about bats is true, then this is the perfect depiction of it. This is the vampire bat that would suck the blood out of a living soul in his sleep. More reasons to both love and fear bats I guess, depends on how you see it! I wouldn’t want to mess with someone with this tattoo. No no!

IG: barontattoo.666

Bat Tattoo Ideas 16

Cute Black and Gray Bat Tattoo With Flowers

This bat looks like it came from a Disney animation studio. If you’re looking for a more light, heart-warming bat tattoo, this design is perfect for you. I love how the artist re-imagined what a bat looks like with simplicity and flowers resulting in the light mood of this tattoo.

IG: dollheart.tattoos

Bat Tattoo Ideas 17

A Monster Bat Tattoo with Hammer

F*ck! Pardon my French but this tattoo deserves that reaction. A reaction you’d probably have to get used to if you had this bad boy inked on your arm. It looks like a monster bat from a different universe; a universe filled with monsters, orcs and mystery. Think…‘The Lord of The Ring’

IG: 47volt

Bat Tattoo Ideas 18

Blackout Bat Tattoo

The iconic bat pose I’d say; a bat hanging upside down. Can’t get any cooler than this. The use of Blackwork style for the background to convey darkness is a good touch by the artist. But man, look at that bat! Maybe I’ll get one on my forearm!

IG: calebcolpitts

Bat Tattoo Ideas 19

Scary Black and Gray Bat Tattoo

This is the bat you see in your nightmare. If you’re into that, then this tattoo could be perfect for you. Don’t let the minimal use of ink distract you from realizing what a great work this. Of course the location of this piece provides all the space needed for this bat to spread his wings as wide as he wants.

IG: highwaterstattoo

Bat Tattoo Ideas 20

Black and Gray Bat Tattoo With Crescent Moon

It’s common to see tattoos of bats hanging upside down but would you look at this! In lots of tattoos you’ll see are bats spreading their wings but I love how this one is curled up and wrapping its wings around itself. Bats actually do this to keep themselves warm. Against the beautiful shading of the bat, the opaque Crescent moon is a real standout.

IG: fckthhetinytattooer

Bat Tattoo Ideas 21

Unique Dotwork Bat Tattoo on Chest

You can’t go wrong with a bat tattoo across your chest. The artist did a great job at integrating the bat, the leaves and the fruit. The black color gives more depth to the overall look. This tattoo would look good on both men and women!

IG: gala_jenkins

Bat Tattoo Ideas 22

Blackwork/Old School Bat Hanging Upside Down Tattoo on Stomach

I love this piece so much because of its black and red color palette. This palette combined with the heavy planes of black ink make this one very dramatic-looking tattoo. The multiple areas of negative or unlinked space are uniform; defined by the adjacent opaque inking. Exquisite

IG: morgieink

Bat Tattoo Ideas 23

Color Bat Tattoo with Pomegranate

A tattoo like this will definitely attract attention especially because of its size and color. The tattoo showcases skilled shading throughout but it’s the white ink that makes this design a standout. Its use produces sources of light seen over the pomegranate and berries. You can actually see light glimmering off them making them look good enough to eat.

IG: kenknighttattoos

Bat Tattoo Ideas 24

Minimalist Bat Tattoo Eating A Watermelon

Watermelon Sugar-Hi-what’s-that-on-your-arm? (Harry Styles Pun). The color of the watermelon is so vibrant which makes it pops against the darker tone on the bat. If you’re looking for something minimal with a special touch, this is the one.

IG: by_vas

Bat Tattoo Ideas 25

Cute Bat Tattoo With Innocent Eyes

If you’re looking for something heartwarming and delicate, this might be the one for you. I love how the bat looks like it’s hiding itself behind the leaves revealing just one eye. An innocent looking eye, that is. This tattoo shows that bats don’t always have to be dark and scary; sometimes they can be soft just like this one.

IG: zeetatart

Bat Tattoo Ideas 26

Blackwork/Neo Tradition Bat Tattoo With Florals

Now this is what I call a cool tattoo! It’s as if the bat has a little mohawk going on there. I like the color of this as well. At first glance you might not even notice the bat because of the flowers but that’s what makes this tattoo unique.

IG: yesitattoos

Bat Tattoo Ideas 27

Black and Gray Half Skeletal Bat Tattoo

Who says a bat with half a wing can’t still fly? Well this one surely can. I love the detailing of the skeleton brought to life with steady lines and skilled shading. There are lots of bat tattoos but nothing like this I assure you. This is such an original work so hats off to the artist for the creativity.

IG: racheljfriel

Bat Tattoo Ideas 28

Scary Bat With Nail Through the Head

The Blackwork done in the piece is so beautiful; I love how dark and scary this tattoo looks. On top of that, there’s a nail poking through the bat’s head which adds another layer of fear into this work. A True Masterpiece


Bat Tattoo Ideas 29

Minimal Bat Tattoo

You can’t go wrong with a simple, minimal bat tattoo. This tattoo conveys one message only…Simplicity. Sometimes that’s enough for a perfect tattoo.

IG: scaktats

Bat Tattoo Ideas 30

Realistic Bat Tattoo Holding a Pumpkin

Whether Halloween is over or not, you can still get this tattoo of a bat holding a pumpkin! Looks like a grumpy old bat trying not to be disturbed. This is not a usual position you would see a bat but it really does convey the Halloween theme.

IG: princesshannilia

Bat Tattoo Ideas 31

Linework Bat Tattoo on Shoulder

This is a perfect location for this bat tattoo accenting both the shoulder and chest. It’s hard to not be impressed with the steady lines and unique style of shading seen here. I could stare at this tattoo all day. What do you think?

IG: rachelhauer

Bat Tattoo Ideas 32

Blackwork Bat Tattoo with Florals

If you love bats and want to avoid an intimidating look, incorporating a floral motif definitely works. These elements are reminiscent of Old School style. With heavy black inking, bold outlines and spread wings, this tattoo perfectly accents the knee; an often overlooked area.

IG: kelpiebat

Bat Tattoo Ideas 33

Black and Gray Bat Hanging Upside Down Tattoo

It’s very common to see bats hanging upside down. They sleep hanging upside down and in fact that’s how their young are born. In Celtic symbolism, bats are connected to both the underworld and the idea of a “spiritual voyager”. The upside down hanging position of the bat gave the Celts the idea that this nighttime creature had the power of transposition or of being born again. If that’s a message you want to convey this tattoo is the way to go.

IG: zaktats