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30 Fabulous Fox Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

Foxes. What comes to mind when you hear this word? Love? Hatred? A little bit of both, maybe? It is true that foxes tend to be associated with being sly and mischievous, but they are in fact extremely clever animals. Their coats are beautiful and their cute ears are adorable, so it’s no wonder why people love to get fox tattoos.

But before you go and get your own fox tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the cutest, most charming, and most beautiful fox tattoos of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Fox Tattoo Ideas 1

Pretty Color Fox Tattoos with Flowers on Forearm

Have you ever heard of a fox being mistaken for a large cat? Well this pretty one certainly could. The color palette is beautiful with the pinks and greens of the florals nicely contrasting with the orange coat of the fox. White ink as well as black are then added for additional contrast and depth. Here Kitty Kitty!

IG: liza_vesna_tattoo

Fox Tattoo Ideas 2

Realistic Color Fox Tattoo On Inner Arm

As you can see, the artist of this impressive tattoo is @johnosoriofineart. We agree with his choice of Instagram handle as this tattoo truly looks like fine art. The colors, inking, shading and contrast are all superb. The artist is even able to capture light glimmering off the fox’s eye. If you’re ever in Costa Rica be sure to check out this talented artist.

IG: johnosoriofineart

Fox Tattoo Ideas 3

Sketched Watercolor Fox Tattoo on Forearm

Your body is like a canvas or a blank page waiting to be painted or sketched on. This tattoo proves that point. It gives an interesting look to your body with the additional sketch lines added to what is already a beautiful watercolor fox tattoo.
It reminds me of the time I used to use Watercolors on everything I sketched. But obviously this one is a thousand times better!

IG: krigotattoo

Fox Tattoo Ideas 4

Sketch Style Fox Tattoo on Side of Ankle

A Sketch tattoo is a fairly new contemporary type of tattoo. The uniqueness of Sketch style is that there’s always room to add detailing in the future. Of course leaving it just “as is” is perfect too. As seen here the design looks like the artist took pen to paper to sketch it. We love the sweep of the fox’s big bushy tail along the calf.

IG: snegirink

Fox Tattoo Ideas 5

Beautiful Watercolor Fox Tattoo On Forearm

They say “cunning as a fox” and the expression on this fox’s face says it all. Brought to you with the beauty of Watercolor style, it’s important to know that this style is very difficult to execute. If this is a style you’re interested in, be sure to check out your artist’s portfolio first to assure she has the requisite skill and experience.

IG: aleksandrakatsan

Fox Tattoo Ideas 6

Adorable Watercolor Fox Tattoo on Forearm

This list wouldn’t be complete without a cute Watercolor piece! The Watercolors are applied here in both a precise manner as well as in splashes of color. The faintest bit of white ink is added to those “puppy dog” eyes making them glitter and making your heart…Melt

IG: aleksandrakatsan

Fox Tattoo Ideas 7

Unique Custom Fox Tattoo on Forearm

Various styles are successfully employed in this custom piece. A realistic rendering is achieved in both Black and Gray as well as in color by careful attention to proportions, asymmetry and the reproduction of light sources. The split nature of this design is highlighted by the angled streak of negative space dissecting the face. We find that the black circles at the bottom make a bold statement; one that may influence your next inking.

IG: edisonhuerfanotattoo

Fox Tattoo Ideas 8

Japanese Inspired Black And Gray Fox Tattoo on Forearm

The Kitsune or fox mask has traditionally been worn by the Japanese at special festivals. It’s cleverly incorporated into this design with the red ribbon literally and figuratively connecting the fox and the mask. The curves of the ribbon as well as its intense red color are so aesthetically pleasing that it’s hard to look away. And when you do look again, it’s hard not to be impressed by the awesome Whip Shading. Props to the Artist from Moscow, Russia


Fox Tattoo Ideas 9

Interesting Custom Fox Tattoo on Forearm

Holy moly this piece is so unique! How could someone ever come up with something quite as good as this? Definitely the work of a skilled artist, this unique design and interesting style of shading are immediately apparent. And of course you can’t miss those eyes that seem to be looking right through you. Props to Artist IG:@leods21 from Sao Paulo, Brazil

IG: leods21

Fox Tattoo Ideas 10

Realistic 3D Cartoon Fox Tattoo on Side of Thigh

This cute fox looks like he’s literally taped onto the thigh. It’s amazing how real it looks; band-aide and all. But what gets us is the expression on this little guy’s face. It’s as if he’s saying, “Pull me off, I’m stuck.” It doesn’t matter who you are, this will definitely look good on everyone!

IG: anjelika_kartasheva

Fox Tattoo Ideas 11

Fine Line Black And Gray Fox Tattoo With Geometric Touches

At first glance you immediately notice three things about this tattoo. 1) The shading is done in a unique style having a salt and pepper, stippled-like appearance. This is the specialized technique known as Whip Shading. 2) The Geometric elements are not only interesting but serve to create a focal point. 3) This fox definitely has a very serious expression. Wonder What He’s Thinking.

IG: william.marin_

Fox Tattoo Ideas 12

Black And Gray Fox Tattoo on Woman’s Collarbone

Florals are often inked over the sensuous curves of the collarbone. It’s an area that typically allows for only a partial view making it all the more alluring. This design has the florals but has a much more playful mood. It even reminds us of the cow jumping over the moon. Guess we shouldn’t be surprised as foxes are known for their playfulness.

IG: nasza_tattoo_shop

Fox Tattoo Ideas 13

Neo Traditional Fox Tattoo on Thigh

You gotta love Neo Traditional tattoos where we find animals decked out with the finest jewels, baubles and beads. Of course their portraits are always accented with beautiful florals. Even with Neo Traditional’s muted color palette this is how you, or a fox, gets noticed.

IG: girafatattoo

Fox Tattoo Ideas 14

Large Color Fox Tattoo on Side of Woman’s Body

This piece definitely screams for attention although not everyone will be lucky enough to see it. With just a glance, this tattoo will definitely take your mind off of whatever you were doing before. This client rocks this tattoo; a perfect location we’d say. And of course, the artwork is pretty good too!

IG: chert_vozmi

Fox Tattoo Ideas 15

Mesmerizing Single Line Fox Tattoo over Biceps

Go ahead; start tracing the outline of this tattoo. Yes it’s incredibly one single line. That’s pretty amazing considering the detail in this design complete with not one but two foxes and even a heart. The single line tattoo is appropriate for someone who values simplicity in life. While some tattoos can be bold and in-your-face, you’ll never be accused of wanting to draw attention if you stick to simple lines.


Fox Tattoo Ideas 16

New School Fox Tattoo on Side of Calf

This is New School style: heavy outlines, a vivid color palette and exaggerated depictions most often of animals. If you think it’s inspired by street art or graffiti you’d be right. If it’s good enough for public murals, it definitely will work as a tattoo for you.


Fox Tattoo Ideas 17

Large Neo Traditional Fox Tattoo on Butt, Hip and Side of Thigh

This is definitely one you don’t want to miss; hopefully you’ll be invited for a look. Neo Traditional style rules the day here with its muted color palette, bold black outlines and block shading. The small touches of white ink on the claws and fangs really highlight them making this fox look even more menacing. He looks like he’s all tied up; of course this fox isn’t going anywhere.

IG: leonardoerror

Fox Tattoo Ideas 18

Blackwork Fox Tattoo with Geometric Elements on Forearm

You may have seen this trend in tattoos called Geometric style. It may appear straightforward but it’s often very hypnotic. Using typical shapes like lines, circles and triangles contributes to the simplicity. It can be added to any theme and style of tattoo. We love it.

IG: meli.darkside

Fox Tattoo Ideas 19

Black And Gray/Neo Traditional Fox Tattoo on Arm

We don’t normally see a Neo Traditional tattoo inked in Black and Gray without its associated muted color palette.. There’s also a more stylized shading technique here although the characteristic block shading is evident on the face of the fox. You’ve got to admit that even without much detailing those eyes don’t look too welcoming. Looks like this fox is saying…Look But Don’t Touch

IG: kuznetsov_artist

Fox Tattoo Ideas 20

Simple Black And Gray Fox Tattoo over Triceps

Simple yet lovely! There are many reasons to love this piece, one reason being that Black and Gray tattoos are timeless and fashionable. We think that the shading here is truly exquisite. There’s thoughtful attention to color gradients and the incorporation of negative or uninked space. With the log and the leaf anchoring the fox and the moon and stars above, this tattoo is magical. Props to Artist IG: klax.tattooer from Toulon, France

IG: klax.tattooer

Fox Tattoo Ideas 21

Sweet Looking Realistic Fox Tattoo on Arm

Those puppy-dog eyes gotta get you; they’re so sweet and soulful. The artist achieves this with the skilled use of white ink which is also used to frame this cute face. To render a realistic tattoo, the artist must also take into consideration proportions, asymmetry and the reproduction of sources of light. The latter is seen in the beautiful leaf where light seems to be shining through it. Decked out with ribbons and flowers, we think you’ll be happy to have this fox by your side forever.

IG: nelrodriguez7

Fox Tattoo Ideas 22

Neo Traditional /Blackwork Fox Tattoo

Neo Traditional style usually uses muted colors but Blackwork really does the job here. Of course there’s the pop of color which literally makes the eyes…pop. There’s no looking away. The small addition of white ink also creates a focal point on the face while also highlighting the claws. We love the foliage and outline of the moon at the top.

IG: paskull

Fox Tattoo Ideas 23

Innocent Looking Blackwork Fox Tattoo over Shoulder Blade

Blackwork style usually imparts a boldness to a design. But as seen here it can be dramatic while maintaining a softer feel too. Although only black is used, contrast is created by incorporating negative or uninked space. Again we see how white ink really highlights the eyes of this sweet little fox.

IG: hipner.magdalena

Fox Tattoo Ideas 24

Detailed Linework Fox Tattoo over Biceps

This tattoo is sweet and simple with its subtle tones and pale yellow accents. The floating leaves help create a delicate feel as does the Linework style that’s employed. There’s no significant shading or contrast used other than on the ears and paws. And the bushy tail; You Gotta Love It

IG: aiko_tttt

Fox Tattoo Ideas 25

Black And Gray/Linework Cuddling Fox Tattoo on Forearm near Wrist

Ahh nothing better than curling up in a ball and snuggling with yourself. So dreamy. The simple design, simple shading and thin black lines help to convey this message.
There’s no better place than the forearm to ink this design. It will be a daily reminder that you have a furry friend by your side to snuggle with when you feel alone.

IG: ingabolotova

Fox Tattoo Ideas 26

Realistic Watercolor Fox Tattoo On Hand

Hand tattoos are not very common. First they’re very conspicuous and additionally they tend to fade requiring touch-ups. We’re constantly using our hands as well as washing them which contributes to this phenomenon. That being said, this tattoo showcases awesome design and technical skill. The darker ink seen at the top, around the eye and on the fingers is dramatic and highlights the other colors used. And with a pop of blue you can’t miss those eyes.

IG: andrea_kroki

Fox Tattoo Ideas 27

Custom Fox Tattoo over Hip and Side of Thigh

This custom piece is a gem! Instead of going with a realistic look, the artist incorporates geometric shapes giving this fox a truly unique appearance.This design will look equally good on both men and women with the thigh providing the perfect canvas for this large tattoo.

IG: jimmyduvall

Fox Tattoo Ideas 28

Realistic Cartoon Style Smiling Fox Tattoo

This is a cute one! You don’t usually see a smiling fox and this one screams complete happiness. It definitely will make people around you smile too. This tattoo could serve as a daily reminder that there are many reasons to be happy. Of course flowers and butterflies help too.

IG: sara_qano

Fox Tattoo Ideas 29

Minimal Cartoon Style Fox Tattoo over Biceps

I wonder what the message behind this piece is. A fox in a bottle is a pretty unique mix but maybe this person loves reading and foxes… Whatever this tattoo means, we love the Minimal look and are sure it will be the source of many conversations.

IG: sonia_tessari

Fox Tattoo Ideas 30

Old School Japanese Fox Tattoo from Biceps to Forearm

This Old School fox tattoo takes inspiration from Japanese inkings. The characteristic large areas of deeply saturated color and heavy black outlines are on fine display here. Also reminiscent of Japanese art are the swirling flames. Of course the fox itself is important in Japanese culture, symbolizing both fertility and good luck.


Fox Tattoo Ideas 31

Beautiful Blackwork Fox Half-Sleeve Tattoo

As we’re getting near the end of our list, we’d like to let you know what foxes symbolize. Foxes represent independence, playfulness, prosperity, good luck and of course are often thought of as being mischievous. Choosing a fox tattoo can represent any of these or not. Each tattoo is a personal choice telling your personal story.

IG: tattooastrid

Fox Tattoo Ideas 32

Cartoon Style Fox Tattoo on Forearm

By adding a floral theme into the design, a soft, delicate mood is created. This mood is also supported by the muted tones and light shading. This fox looks so content to be seated right where he is. Surrounded by a pretty pink rose, the Crescent moon and stars we think we’d all be.

IG: riallisontattooink

Fox Tattoo Ideas 33

Linework Fox Tattoo on Forearm

This reminds us of the Disney character Robin Hood. He’s suggestive of a fearless fox roaming around looking for new adventures. This tattoo right by your side can serve as that daily reminder to remain inquisitive. Wishing You Happy Adventures

IG: ancientindigo

Fox Tattoo Ideas 34

Cartoon Style Fox Tattoo on Forearm

We’ve reached the end of our list and want to leave you smiling. This sweet little fox certainly will. You can see how style and color palette can definitely influence the mood and message of your tattoo. Maybe we’ve enticed you to get your own fox tattoo. In any case…Happy Inking

IG: jojovilll