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33 Elegant Elephant Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

People love elephants for so many reasons. Some relate to elephants’ calmness, while others love their intelligence. Or perhaps it is the cute clumsiness of baby elephants! Whatever the reason may be, we know for a fact that elephants are one of the most sacred and respected animals in the world. So it comes as no surprise that you’re interested in getting an elephant tattooed on your body.

But before you go and get your own elephant tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most beautiful, the most majestic, and the most unique elephant tattoos of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get as well as where to ink it on your body.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 1

Black And Gray Ganesh Tattoo

With one look you can tell this is a tattoo of Ganesh, “The Lord of The People”. According to Hindu beliefs, Ganesh represents the wisdom, understanding, and discriminating intellect required to achieve life’s perfection. If this aligns with your life’s purpose, then why not get this artistically crafted design?
We love this piece as it truly stands out thanks to skillful shading and contrast. The calf provides the perfect canvas for this tattoo.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 2

Beautiful Mandala Style Elephant Tattoo

This patterned elephant tattoo is immediately reminiscent of Asian artworks. The geometric pattern seen here is called a Mandala and does in fact have its origins in Asia. The repetitive symmetry of the Mandala is hypnotic and meditative. Keep looking, breathe deep and say…Om

IG: kdarttattoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 3

Linework Elephant Tattoo With Splashes Of Watercolor

Linework and Watercolor styles are perfect for creating light, delicate pieces. You can’t look at this tattoo and not admire how pretty it is. The black lines are thin and steady while the blue and green splashes provide beautiful contrast. The strong yet loving nature of the elephant is certainly brought to life in this tattoo.

IG: teresa_cuttoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 4

Black And Gray Elephant Tattoo With Mandala

Black and Gray style is often used to render realistic images; case-in-point this elephant tattoo. The style affords the artist the opportunity to create 3D using shading and contrast. Here white ink and a touch of color are added to provide for more detailing.
We love the fact that the artist took this piece to the next level by adding a mandala or repeating geometric pattern on one of the ears. We truly love this piece because of its simple yet stunning design.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 5

Realistic Black And Gray Elephant And Crocodile Tattoo With Geometric Touches

Who says crocodiles and elephants don’t go well together? Obviously they do as seen in this design. The predatory strength of the crocodile contrasts with the nurturing strength of the elephant. This is highlighted by the framing of the elephant’s head with flowers while the crocodile is placed on a jagged bed of rocks. The Geometric touches add interest to the design and of course…The Thigh.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 6

Adorable Watercolor Elephant Tattoo on Woman’s Hip

It doesn’t get any cuter than this little tattoo. The playful nature of the elephant is brought to life using a few simple lines and unexpected splashes of Watercolors. The resulting design provides the perfect opportunity to invite someone…To Take A Peek

IG: firstjing

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 7

Elephant Tattoo With Mandala and Ornamental Elements

There’s jewelry for adorning your fingers, your ears and your neck. Why not your thigh? Of course the answer is a tattoo. This Elephant design looks like Asian-inspired fine jewelry complete with ornamental flourishes and chains. Not only is the design beautiful but it’s also complemented by gorgeous thin, steady black lines. Yours To Flaunt Or Not; The Choice Is Yours

IG: roma_juan_

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 8

Black And Gray Tattoo of Asian Elephant Taking A Bath

We love Elephants here in Thailand! In fact we love them so much that they are the national animal of Thailand. They stand for power, loyalty, and endurance. For instance, many Thai people think that walking under one will bring them luck. Elephant-themed stories are still widely read today and many are based on Buddhist and Thai literature.
Elephants love water. We think this tattoo says it all. This is a true definition of a well-done tattoo perfectly placed at the side of the ankle.
If you think strength, loyalty and longevity represent who you are, why not drop by our shop and get yourself an elephant tattoo!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 9

Contemporary Art Style Elephant Tattoo on Forearm

This looks like it belongs in a contemporary art museum! Instead of getting it framed for a wall why not display it on your skin. The colors in this tattoo are beautiful and applied in a super-precise manner. Bits of uninked space provide sources of light appearing to shine from within. This design is so sophisticated and cool; lucky you if you have this inked for your forever viewing pleasure.

IG: katia.zuela

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 10

Minimal Linework Elephant Tattoo on Upper Back

How can we not love a Minimal elephant tattoo? When an animal so big can be represented by a few thin black lines in a delicate manner, you gotta love it. Even with the absence of any color or contrast, there’s a wisdom and strength evident in the elephant’s eyes. The Thai lettering on the side is a nice addition to this tattoo; a perfect souvenir from your visit to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Props to Artist IG: @panumart_tattoo

IG: panumart_tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 11

Minimal Elephant Tattoo on Inside of Foot

You’re sure to smile everytime you see this adorable little elephant. One single thin black line is all it takes to make this happen. Positioned on the inside of the foot, there’s no more inconscpicuous spot on the body but one that still affords the opportunity for easy viewing. For the tattoo-newbie, this design is…Perfect

IG: panumart_tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 12

Minimal Elephant Tattoo With Floral Designs

With this Minimal elephant tattoo you’ll always have your little sidekick along for the ride. The design might be small but it packs a punch with the addition of white ink and several Mandalas. With clean steady inking, the design never looks over-busy. The simplicity is maintained with the smart use of negative space within and surrounding this tattoo. Love It!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 13

Minimal Linework Elephant Tattoo over Biceps

The beauty of minimal tattoo is that the essence of a story can be conceptualized with little detailing. As seen here a single thin black outline is all that’s needed to bring this elephant to life. There’s no need for color, no need for shading. This is when…Less Is More

IG: panumart_tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 14

Neo Traditional Elephant Half-Sleeve Tattoo

An elephant, jewels, beads, feathers, florals all inked with bold black outlines and a vivid color palette; this has to be Neo Traditional style. All that will certainly attract your attention but it’s interesting how the small addition of strategically placed white ink is the real star of the show. You can’t look at this tattoo and not feel like you have direct eye to eye contact with the elephant. Props to Artist IG:@gabrielagtattoo from Medellin, Colombia

IG: gabrielagtattoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 15

Realistic Black and Gray Elephant Half-Sleeve Forearm Tattoo

This tattoo showcases a mother and a young calf living in a savannah. The tattoo has dark shading throughout but the multiple gray tones and negative spaces give it light. It’s specifically the dark background shading that brings the elephants to the forefront allowing them to shine as the stars in this design.

IG: sullivantatuagens

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 16

Women Empowerment Fineline Ganesha Tattoo

This tattoo is perfect for all the ladies out there! It quietly and beautifully shouts feminine empowerment and confidence. This tattoo literally presents the opposing view to male entitlement and power with its reinterpretation of the traditional male Ganesha. You Go Girl

IG: karoldiastattooist

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 17

Realistic Elephant with Lotus Flowers Half-Sleeve Tattoo

They’ll see you coming with this tattoo and they’ll be glad they did. The lines are steady, the shading skilled, the reproduction of light perfect. With flowers accenting both the shoulder and wrist all will agree this is one beautiful tattoo.

IG: lauraegea_tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 18

Cute Cartoon Tattoo of Elephant Holding An Umbrella

Baby blue, pink and a little elephant; it doesn’t get cuter than this. It might be a rainy day but the sun seems to be shining thanks to those pretty pastel Watercolors. There’s no better location for this tattoo than your forearm. On rainy days you’ll always be reminded that this little guy is available with umbrella in “hand” always ready to keep you dry.

IG: camillechrysalide

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 19

Minimal Elephant Tattoo On The Wrist

This single line elephant tattoo is so adorable and so Insta-ready. The elephant really pops with the absence of any accessory distractions. We love the little red heart at the end of the tail. Camera Please

IG: twenty_tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 20

Realistic Black and Gray/Geometric Elephant Tattoo on Upper Back

This elephant tattoo might have gotten lost on the large expanse of the back. Framing it with a triangle, especially one that’s offset, not only prevents this but elevates the artistry of the tattoo. The vertical lines with Ornamental flourishes; they’re the…Icing On The Cake

IG: torocsik_daniel

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 21

Realistic Black And Gray Elephant Tattoo On Forearm

Realistic Black and Gray styles bring this elephant to life. It’s so real it’s as if you could feel the rough, dry texture of the elephant’s hide. This is accomplished with the use of black lines, shading and contrast. Although only black ink is used it’s watered down to produce the range of gray tones seen here.

IG: ellenladeiatattoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 22

Black And Gray Tattoo Of Elephant Floating Happily On Forearm

This piece gives us a feeling that the elephant is happily floating in space and right at home in his element. The shading is awesome complete with interspersed areas of negative or uninked space. Add a star at the top and you’re set to go.

IG: guillermo.demonios

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 23

Black And Gray Elephant Tattoo On Side of Thigh

Now to close our collection of elephant tattoos we go from a small Minimal design to this large tattoo covering the side of the thigh. Whether large or small, elephant tattoos are loved because we love elephants. Hope you’ve enjoyed viewing this awesome collection and are inspired to add an elephant design yourself. Happy Inking

IG: krawtt

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 24

Trio of Cute Baby Elephant Tattoos

Not only are these three little elephants adorable, they’re also a fresh take on “See No Evil”, “Hear No Evil” and “Speak No Evil”. The calf provides the perfect canvas for this long linear design. Again we see how small touches of white ink add definition and detailing to a tattoo. With its great design and great inking, we love this tattoo.

IG: tattooyourface

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 25

Realistic Black And Gray Elephant Full-Sleeve Tattoo

This is another great example of Black and Gray style being used to create a truly realistic rendering. The artist demonstrates appreciation for proportions, shading and contrast, reproduction of light sources and the ability to successfully deliver them all. You’d be hard pressed to not think this wasn’t a photo of an elephant. Big props to Artist IG:@suvorov_alexandr_tattoo from Vienna, Austria
To have it on your sleeve, would mean it’s there to protect you too.

IG: suvorov_alexandr_tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 26

Blackwork/Linework Elephant And Owl Half-Sleeve Tattoo

At first glance you might notice an owl. With a second glance you might see an elephant. And the third time you look you realize that it’s actually both… in one!
Blackwork really brings out the more aggressive side to each of these two animals which are usually seen as gentle and calm. This is a great example of how style can indeed influence and affect the mood of a design.

IG: raffael_loboart

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 27

Realistic Black And Gray Elephant Tattoo

Using small gradients of gray tones, beautiful realistic detailing is achieved in this tattoo. The result is like having a glimpse into this elephant’s natural habitat. The frame adds depth and interest to the design while negative space artfully elevates it. This is a beauty. Props to Artist IG:@santiagomolina_art another artist from Medellin, Colombia.

IG: santiagomolina_art

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 28

Black And Gray Elephant Tattoo with Whip Shading.

With elements of Neo Traditional style, this elephant tattoo comes alive in Black and Gray. The shading is muted and subtle demonstrating the specialized technique known as Whip Shading. The result is an almost stippled salt and pepper effect The touches of white ink are then like the…Icing On The Cake

IG: krissydiane_tattoos

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 29

Realistic Mother Elephant And Calf Tattoo with Ornamental Touches

The shading and contrast in this tattoo is off-the-charts. It’s so skillfully executed that you can see the nuanced folds on the hides of these two elephants. Thanks to the dark shading below their feet you can sense the ground and actually see dirt being flown into the air. The pretty Ornamental touches ensure a forever souvenir from Thailand.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 30

Mandala Style Hand-Poked Elephant Tattoo On Thigh

Here’s another Elephant tattoo incorporating the Mandala. In this case the inking is done in the traditional hand-poke manner without the use of an electric tattooing machine. For many the choice of a hand-poked tattoo is its close association with cultural tattoo traditions. Aun at Panumart Tattoo is one of Thailand’s most experienced bamboo artists. You can check out his portfolio at IG: @panumart_tattoo or visit him when in Chiang Mai.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 31

Watercolour Elephant Tattoo over Man’s Biceps

This elephant tattoo looks like the artist took pen to paper and then added heavy dabs of saturated color. This is the marriage of Sketch and Watercolor styles and the result speaks for itself. The heavy brushstrokes of color combined with drips of black ink lend a masculine feel to this design; perfect to accent the biceps.

IG: alitattoos

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 32

Happy Watercolor Elephant Tattoo on Woman’s Back

The splashes of Watercolors in this tattoo provide a sense of joy and happiness. Of course that’s why we call it “Happy” Watercolors”! It’s a perfect reflection of how many of us view elephants; joyful, loving and at times clumsy; maybe seeing ourselves in them.

IG: tina_hundertfarben_tattoo

Elephant Tattoo Ideas 33

Large Watercolor Elephant Tattoo on Calf

This tattoo looks like the artist took her brush and painted the elephant using lovely Watercolors. They’re applied in both a very precise manner and alternatively in large splashes of color. Both work to create a beautiful tattoo.

IG: leidyilustradora