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25 Incredible Gorilla Tattoo Ideas for Men in 2024

If you’ve been wanting a gorilla tattoo for a while but have no idea what style to get, then this one is for you. Gorillas are beautiful creatures that are closer to humans in more ways than we like to admit. They symbolize strength, intelligence, communication, dignity, tranquility, and family; all qualities that we value. All qualities that we’d want to impart on our body with an awesome-looking tattoo!

But before you go and get your own gorilla tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most impressive, most contemporary, and powerful gorilla tattoo ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 1

Realistic Watercolor Gorilla Half-Sleeve Arm Tattoo

Watercolor + Black and Gray = an amazing combination of styles to create an even more amazing tattoo. The negative space creating the leaf is fitting for the design but what really gets your attention is the shocking color of the gorilla’s eyes; it contrasts with the blue and green. There’s a lot going on in this tattoo, however, and I think that a more simplistic approach would have been a better fit.


Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 2

Awesome Neo Traditional Gorilla Warrior Tattoo on Calf

You can tell this gorilla warrior has been through a lot; look at those scratches on his face. Neo Traditional is one of my favorite styles because it focuses on more natural shapes and color palettes. The composition of this design is flawless and even if there is a lot going on, it isn’t overcrowded or busy. I love that the gorilla has one blind eye, adding to the idea that he’s just come back from a battle.

IG: ikostattoo

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 3

Blackwork Screaming Gorilla Triceps Tattoo

Blackwork is often misconceived as a tattoo that’s only solid black. However as you can see here, it’s mainly solid Blackwork but less opaque or packed areas of black ink are used for contrast and to add highlights. Overall, the artist applied exemplary techniques to achieve this effect and created an amazing tattoo.

IG: alissonsanches1


Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 4

Black and Gray Realistic Gorilla Forearm Tattoo

The forearm is a perfect spot to tattoo something realistic, as this area is flat and won’t distort the piece. This realistic gorilla tattoo is exceptionally carried out and the artist‘s blending skill is remarkable. There’s so much detail in the face. I love each and every crease and wrinkle; just amazing!

IG: elartedelbuho

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 5

New School Funny Gorilla Tattoo

New School often features anthropomorphic animals, caricatures, and cartoony-looking pictures. If you were wondering what anthropomorphic means, it’s the attribution of human traits to non-human entities such as this gorilla. So, in real life a gorilla wouldn’t be sticking his tongue out in a playful way or rocking an earring. I love his banana hat and his missing teeth! Jorge Pomar is the creator of this awesome tattoo and specializes in New School. This piece is hilarious and so well done.

IG: pomar.jorge

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 6

Watercolor Baby Gorilla Tattoo on Forearm

Don’t you love how this baby gorilla is looking at the flower so lovingly? The Watercolor in the background looks like the night sky and brings about a contrast between the blue sky and the yellow flower. I love the Dotwork and negative spacing used to form the grass. It’s an adorable tattoo and positioning it on the forearm is perfect considering the overall shape of the design.

IG: tataardiladiaz


Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 7

Roaring Color Realism Gorilla Tattoo on Arm

Does it not look like this gorilla is made out of chrome? I feel like the highlights in the gorilla’s face are what give it a chromatic look. The artist really went above and beyond with this tattoo. Miguel Wom specializes in realism, and wow, does he have some serious skill. Fur can be a difficult thing to perfect but Miguel makes it look easy. The placement works well with the design as the guy’s arm is a nice size making the gorilla easy to see. I’m sure the client will be showing this piece off to everyone.

IG: miguelwom

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 8

Blackwork Gorilla Sketch Chest Tattoo

For some reason this tattoo reminds me of a caveman. It might be his human-like eyes; regardless, you can definitely tell that it’s a gorilla. Designing this tattoo in a sketch style complements the Blackwork. The focal point of this piece is the tongue because it’s the only part of this tattoo that isn’t fully shaded. It’s also the first area your eyes are drawn to. I like that it’s on the chest but I can only imagine how sore it must have been the closer the artist got to the client’s nipple.

IG: truz_tattoo

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 9

Black and Gray Gorilla in the African Continent Chest Tattoo

I love that the artist incorporated the African continent because gorillas are a native species to Africa and the only place in the world where you can find them in their natural habitat. It must be a meaningful tattoo to the client; maybe they work in conservation? I love the wispy smoke-like lines coming off the edges of the continent. It adds motion to this piece while the shape of the entire tattoo fits perfectly on the chest. If you’re looking for a masculine tattoo, this design is the one for you.

IG: carlosescobartattoo

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 10

Black and Gray Bio-Mechanical Gorilla Soldier Tattoo

Another warrior gorilla; this time he’s futuristic and bio-mechanical. You can tell that he’s not a warrior to be messed with, just look at his metal jaw! The way the artist used white highlights to create the illusion of shiny metal is my favorite aspect of this tattoo. I think the lightning coming out of his eye was a very cool addition; it contrasts well with the black and gray style.

IG: valeriotattoo_

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 11

Blackwork Monster Gorilla Tattoo on Triceps

Using Blackwork for this tattoo was a great choice because the artist could improvise various textures. He created the fur in a very realistic way which breaks away from the linework in the face and snake. It’s clear that this piece isn’t finished yet. What would really make this piece pop is if the artist adds a bit of color to contrast against the Blackwork. The way this tattoo suits the shape of the client’s muscles is amazing; the triceps being the perfect spot.

IG: theartofbreak

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 12

Fineline Mother and Baby Gorilla Tattoo

Fineline work can be quite tricky to perfect because you need a steady hand, but Fernando Mejias clearly knows what he’s doing. He captured this intimate moment between mother and baby marvelously. The texture created in the fur is beautiful and soft, adding to the gentleness of this tattoo. I love the placement on the arm. The tattoo doesn’t wrap around, meaning you get to take the entire piece in without the client having to move their arm.

IG: fernandomejiastattoo

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 13

Old School Gorilla Tattoo on Woman’s Foot

I love Old School Gorilla tattoos; it’s one of those styles that really suits this animal. The black in this piece is packed very well and the linework is marvelous. The artist clearly knows what he’s doing because he kept true to the Old School color palette. I’m sure the client was happy when the tattoo was done because the foot can be quite a sensitive area to get tattooed.

IG: francamurilo.ttt


Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 14

Hyper-Realistic Gorilla Portrait Tattoo

Fred Wayne Thomas is the artist behind this eye-capturing tattoo. He is known for his hyper-realistic tattoos, and just like all of his other work, this piece is exceptional. Fred captured the emotion on the gorilla’s face remarkably. I like how he’s peering out from behind the leaves. This seems to be an incomplete piece as the top leaves don’t have any detail in them yet. I can’t wait to see it finished and healed.

IG: exotictattoomurcia

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 15

Half-Sleeve Black and Gray Roaring Gorilla Tattoo

The attention to detail in this tattoo is outstanding. There’s nothing like a phenomenally done Black and Gray half-sleeve and this one is extremely powerful. The way the artist tattooed the shadow in the mouth gives this tattoo depth. Sometimes you have to look at the little details in a tattoo to understand why it’s a good tattoo.

IG: andrericardoart

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 16

Amazing Old School Gorilla Chest Tattoo

Feeling inspired yet?
The colors in this Old School tattoo are extraordinarily bright and stand out against how pale the client’s skin is. Just like any good Old School piece, the lines are bold and solid, the black is packed evenly and that color is not fading anytime soon. Big ups to the artist for giving his client something to show off.

IG: eno_tattooer

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 17

Blackwork Mandala Gorilla Leg Tattoo

Most people think that the shin is an extremely painful area to get tattooed but it’s surprisingly not. The Blackwork in this piece is profound with the soft shading and the color of the eyes breaking away from all the black. It’s really cool how the Mandala looks like a crown; a profound tattoo done by an award-winning artist.

IG: kittotattoo

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 18

Unique Neo Traditional Gorilla and Foliage Tattoo

Neo Traditional tattoos are always a great addition to someone’s tattoo collection. The artist’s linework is impeccable and so is his shading. True to the style, the colors are very muted. Mauricio Huber is a phenomenal artist and seems to quite enjoy Neo Traditional. Check out his Instagram for more inspiration.

IG: mauricio_huber


Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 19

Screaming Gorilla Sketch Tattoo on Calf

This tattoo is incredibly done. It looks like the artist drew the design on the client’s skin. The artist did a great job at using lines to create shading, and placing this piece on the calf was a good decision.

IG: s.leeray

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 20

Watercolor Color Realism Gorilla Evolution Tattoo

There’s so much to like about this tattoo. It looks like a painting and even though it’s a realistic piece, the Watercolor blends well with the style. The evolution silhouettes are really unique and quite a cool addition to a gorilla tattoo since humans evolved from apes.

IG: link_tattoo_shop

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 21

Black and Gray Gorilla Rib Tattoo

What a gorgeous tattoo, although my mind is wondering how this guy managed to sit for such a big piece on his ribs. Even if he sat in sessions, that’s pretty badass. Don’t you love the look on this gorilla’s face? He’s definitely in deep thought. The size and shape work well with the client’s form and with the original tattoos he has. There’s one thing that could have been different and that’s the background. It looks like the artist extended the fur in an unnatural wa;, I think adding some plants would have been a better option. Besides that it’s a great Black and Gray tattoo.

IG: dark_grey_tattoo


Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 22

Dotwork Half Leg Sleeve Gorilla Tattoo

The scar on this gorilla adds to his already scary look which is a genius addition. I like the design but I feel as though the head and fist appear to be floating. The smoke-like spirals give this tattoo motion and the white in his eyes makes it look like he’s possessed. If you like this, go and check out Diego Favaretto’s Instagram account for more inspiration.

IG: diihfavaretto

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 23

Geometric Gorilla Head Tattoo on Thigh

This one is very pleasing to the eye because everything is so symmetrical and the lines are almost perfect. The shading is nice and consistent but I feel it could be a little bit darker. Other than that, the placement is excellent and I’m quite fond of the bamboo embellishing the gorilla’s head.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 24

Bright Old School Gorilla Tattoo on Calf

Like a true Old School tattoo, the colors are mostly primary and the lines are clean and bold. The dagger is a popular element found in Old School tattoos and was a terrific addition to this piece. I don’t think this tattoo could look any better anywhere else on the body; the calf was definitely the best choice.

IG: dingoo_tatto

Gorilla Tattoo Ideas 25

Feminine Chimpanzee Color Realism Tattoo

While this isn’t a gorilla tattoo, it’s at least an ape and most importantly a really well-done ape. The water droplets on the leaves are flawless although I feel the green leaves blend into the background. If it weren’t for the way the artist placed them, they wouldn’t stand out. Great color palette; the artist chose colors that complement each other nicely. I hope these gorilla tattoos have inspired you to go out and get one of your own.

IG: camillotattoo