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27 Stunning Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

For as long as the Earth exists, the Sun and the Moon have always been the two most apparent constants that maintain our lives. While the Sun gives us warmth and daylight, the Moon is associated with nighttime and darkness. In the world of art, the Sun and the Moon are contrasting but almost inseparable – one loses its meaning without the other. Perhaps that’s why many people want a tattoo design of both, in celebration of the circle of life, and the yin and yang of the universe.

But before you go and get your own Sun and Moon tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most gorgeous, beautiful, and stunning Sun and Moon tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 1

Custom Linework Tattoo of Moon Embracing Sun with Dotwork

We kick off our list with a wholesome, sentimental piece from the studio of artist IG: @jodieahnientattoo. I really like the bold outlines that give the design a refined look. The dotwork patterns are also such a unique touch! The design itself is super creative as the Moon embraces the Sun.

IG: jodieahnientattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 2

Linework Tattoo of Sun and Moon Kissing with Ornamental Details

If the previous one doesn’t look affectionate enough for you, here comes an absolutely romantic design! The kiss is definitely the focal point, but that’s not the only interesting detail. I love the ornamental elements that look totally gorgeous!

IG: marieradfordtattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 3

Linework Tattoo of Sun and Moon as Matching Forearm Tattoos

They often say “Opposites Attract”. Perhaps that’s why the Sun and the Moon make quite awesome matching tattoos! I really like the dotwork in this design, because it’s subtle but very effective. Both the Sun and the Moon look absolutely beautiful, don’t you think?

IG: rachelradiant

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 4

Custom Linework Tattoo of Sun and Moon Embracing on Lower Back

This gorgeous linework piece makes use of fine black lines, allowing the artist to create such minute details on the client’s back! I adore the use of the white highlights that make the design pop and the stars twinkle. This tattoo is the perfect adornment to this client’s lower back. Beautiful

IG: little_elm_tattooer

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 5

Fineline Black and Gray Outer Calf Tattoo of Sun and Moon

The design of this piece is fascinating to me, because I just love how the curve of the Moon fits right into that of the Sun! It’s almost as if they’re one shining entity in the sky. The addition of the circles and stars around them is really cool too, making the whole piece that much more intriguing.

IG: z9_ttt

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 6

Linework Tattoo of Sun and Moon on Forearm

If you’re looking for something simple and minimalistic, this one might be for you. I really like how clean the linework is, and that no shading or highlighting seems to be needed. For more delightful pieces like this one, definitely check out the artist’s page at IG: @kinka_ink

IG: kinka_ink

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 7

Linework Tattoo of Goldfish with Sun and Moon Signs

The references to the Sun and Moon are a bit more subtle here; you might even miss them if you don’t pay attention. But that’s exactly what keeps me lingering on this design. I also really like the whip shading that adds so much texture to the piece. You can actually sense how it would feel to run your hand over the fish. Amazing

IG: merm_tattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 8

Fineline Tattoo of Tarot Cards of The Moon and The Sun

Here comes something for you tarot readers and enthusiasts. I really like the old-time, worn look of the cards. The fineline style also works so well with this design, gracing both the Sun and the Moon with a delicate feel. It’s nice that the client has two similar, but not identical tattoos.

IG: lanaferntattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 9

Fineline Abstract Tattoo of Headless Woman Holding Sun and Moon

This design caught my attention right away because of how simple but interesting it is. Perhaps it’s to say how we always need the Sun and the Moon, like the yin and the yang, to balance our perceptions of life. What do you think?

IG: ellie_tatts

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 10

Blackwork Fineline Back Tattoo of Sun With Two Moons

Another gorgeous and interesting piece, this one from the collection of the artist at IG: @mxszymanska. I love how there are two similar, but not exact moons, on either side of the Sun, creating a nicely symmetric composition. It works so well on this client’s back, centered right between the shoulder blades.

IG: mxszymanska

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 11

Pair of Linework Tattoos of Sun and Moon on Back of Leg

I really like the dark, lonely vibe coming from these designs. Not all Sun and Moon tattoos have to be joyful, and this one is a gorgeous example of that. I love how the look of the wrinkles in both images gives them such a realistic and expressively sad look.

IG: jvckbarrow

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 12

Fineline Triceps Tattoo of Sun Kissing the Moon

This has to be the most adorable sun-kissed moment you’ll ever see, quite literally! I love how the Sun leans down to give the Moon a kiss. The linework is absolutely immaculate, with the shading creating a classic look for this tattoo.

IG: giorgia.saietti

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 13

Linework Outer Arm Tattoo of Moon with Sun Rays and Clouds

The idea behind this design is so creative – the Sun doesn’t need to be visible; the rays from its sunlight can remind us it’s there. I also really like the shape of the clouds, giving off such a whimsical, nostalgic vibe. Wonderful work done by the artist IG: @flynn_cooper_

IG: flynn_cooper_

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 14

Mandala Forearm Tattoo of Sun and Moon with Ornamental Details

It’s so pleasurable to look at the Sun in this tattoo, because it’s designed just like a gorgeous, multi-layered flower. The artist really gives the Sun and the Moon a makeover, adorning them with so many beautiful floral patterns. The white highlights are then like “Icing on the Cake”, beautiful! Who needs jewelry when you can have this forever accessory.

IG: nikkitattoox

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 15

Linework Tattoo of Sun and Moon on Upper Arm

The linework in this piece is simply impeccable. Everything looks amazing and so intentional: from the rays of light surrounding the sun and the moon to the wrinkles on their faces. For more incredible linework pieces, don’t miss out on the artist’s collection at IG: @7eyes_zean. I promise it will blow your mind!

IG: 7eyes_zean

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 16

Linework Forearm Tattoo of Moon Embracing the Sun with Angel Number

One detail that I really like about this design is how the corners of the moon go in between the sun’s rays, making it really seem like the two are embracing! The angel number, 222, is also a great addition. Do you know that it’s said to bring a lot of luck, as a gift from a higher power? It’s also believed to signify the message to focus your attention on heart connections.


Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 17

Custom Neo-Traditional Calf Tattoo of Tarot Cards

Here comes another tarot design, this one absolutely vibrant with such a beautiful color palette. I love the bold outlines that really define all the components in the piece. If you want to see more Neo-Traditional designs with outstanding color palettes,, definitely check out the artist at IG: @kirabishoppp

IG: kirabishoppp

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 18

Custom Color Tattoo of Sun, Moon and Flowers on Forearm

This is such a gorgeous design that fits in perfectly with the rest of this client’s full-sleeve. I really like how the Sun is awake, and the Moon is sleeping – just like how they’re associated with day and night, respectively. The flowers are also such beautiful details, making the whole piece even more exceptional and attention-grabbing!

IG: paintedladytattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 19

Old School Hand Tattoo of the Sun and Moon

The placement of this tattoo is quite bold, obviously because it’s very visible. But I’d say such an awesome piece of ink deserves all the attention it can get! I really like the muted color palette on this one, which gives it such a grounded, charming look. It’s also interesting to see the little Crescent moon on the client’s finger, echoing the shape of the bigger moon right above it.

IG: gerfer_tattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 20

Minimal Matching Forearm Tattoos of Sun and Moon

Here comes another idea for couples out there, whether friends or lovers. I love the simplicity of these two designs, which look so elegant together. I’m always amazed that a minimal design can be so powerful. I think it’s the large expanse of surrounding negative or uninked space that creates a sense of infinity. Brilliant work done by the artist at IG:


Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 21

Matching Fineline Inner Forearm Tattoos of Eclipses

I adore the idea behind these two designs, because it’s so smart and creative. Just a subtle change of color, and we have two different fascinating astronomical phenomena: a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse. And the fineline style works so well here, giving both designs a very classy look!

IG: natsucha_tattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 22

Custom Linework Tattoo of the Moon and Sun Incorporating Color

I like the choice of colors in this design; the Moon is blue – like how it’s usually associated with darkness and coldness, while the Sun is bright yellow – like how it represents daylight and warmth. Fun fact, there’s a matching design with this one, but in black and gray! If you’re curious, you know where to find it, IG: @sharikthefreak

IG: sharikthefreak

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 23

Fineline Tattoo of Moon and Sun with Text

I really like the peaceful, feminine energy coming out of this design, both from its imagery and its text. The lettering reads: “soul full of sunshine”, inked in such a graceful font. I also adore the light shading on the Moon and the Sun, giving them dimension and setting such a nice gentle mood.

IG: na.szkicowana

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 24

Custom Forearm Tattoo of the Sun and Moon with Flowers

This gorgeous piece is for anyone who wants to make a statement with their ink piece! I love the vibrant color palette that goes so well with the addition of full-black details. The floral patterns are simply to die for. Great work by the artist IG: @noemi_tattoo
Style: custom ideas full black linework and color

IG: noemi_tattoo

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 25

Linework Tattoo of Character Holding Sun and Moon while Walking on the Clouds

This interesting little piece will definitely be your cup of tea if you like abstract and contemporary art. I love the clean linework and the fascinating design, which makes it obvious that no color is needed to make this tattoo stand out. If you love this unique art style, as I do, you should definitely check out the artist’s page at IG: @jvckbarrow for more creative and wonderful pieces!

IG: jvckbarrow

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 26

Linework Tattoo of Moon Embracing the Sun

What I noticed about this design is how the outline of the Moon goes all the way around the Sun, encircling it. It’s such a small detail that we haven’t seen, making us feel like the Moon is giving the Sun a warm, tight embrace. Marvelous work done by the artist at IG: @bp.tattooer.

IG: bp.tattooer

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas 27

Fineline Matching Tattoos of Tarot Cards

This last design adds a bit of the dark side to the tarot card theme. I really like the skull on the Moon, and the haunting smoke behind the Sun. The sketchy, uneven lines give these two designs such an old-time, mysterious look. Such a beguiling piece of ink!


We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!