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Your Vegan-Friendly Tattoo Shop in Chiang Mai!

At Panumart Tattoo we only use high-quality, namebrand ink.

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We are dedicated to using only the highest quality tattoo inks. No costs are cut nor safety measures missed, as it is our mission to keep you safe while giving you the best tattoo in Chiang Mai.
Quality & Safety First
All of our inks are made in the USA or England, using only high quality ingredients. The inks we use are rich ink color and packed with pigment (ensuring that our artists‘ work looks great on you for a very long time). They are tested rigorously for safety. Additionally, these inks are sterilized and bacteria-free. 

Vegan Tattoos

Vegan Inks 2
To all of our vegan friends out there, we at Panumart Tattoo offer a variety of vegan-friendly tattoo inks, such as Intenze, which is very proud to never test their product on animals. We are also proud to carry Eternal Ink, Dynamic Colors, Radiant Colors and Fusion Ink, which all contain no animal products.
Now vegans traveling to Chiang Mai can enjoy the city’s delicious food, visit an elephant sanctuary AND get a tattoo.



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