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30 Sensational Shark Tattoo Ideas for Women & Men in 2024

Sharks are a powerful and iconic symbol of the ocean, and their striking appearance and cultural significance make them a popular choice for tattoos. With their sleek bodies, sharp teeth, and predatory instincts, sharks are creatures of strength and mystery. In many cultures, sharks are seen as symbols of power, determination, and the unknown, making them meaningful and inspiring tattoo designs. Whether you are drawn to the aesthetics of sharks or their symbolic meaning, they make a bold and unique tattoo choice.

But before you go and get your own shark tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the boldest, most beautiful, and most captivating shark tattoo ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Shark Tattoo Ideas 1

Blackwork Shark Tattoo

Water, water everywhere and one big Blackwork shark right in its midst. With planes of opaque black ink, there’s a menacing air to this Shark. Of course the teeth also add to this mood. With his jaw wide open, the white ink certainly makes these teeth look ready to take a bite. Careful

IG: sumok_tattooer

Shark Tattoo Ideas 2

Minimal Linework Shark Tattoo on Calf

Maybe not all sharks are pretty and delicate but this one certainly is. That’s thanks to the simple design using thin black lines and minimal shading. Of course the addition of littles flowers always helps. Swim Little Shark, Swim

IG: hailey_blossom

Shark Tattoo Ideas 3

New School/Japanese Style Shark Tattoo

The vivid color palette used in this tattoo is characteristic of both New School and Japanese styles. The waves are certainly reminiscent of Japanese tattoos while the exaggerated depiction of the Shark is all New School. What’s nice is that you can mix and match styles and choose exactly what you want.

IG: benoztattoos

Shark Tattoo Ideas 4

Realistic Black and Gray Shark Tattoo

Doesn’t it look like there’s a Shark swimming right here? This realism is brought to you in black and gray with special attention to proportions, asymmetry and sources of light. The angled outline of the Shark along with the surrounding area of negative space create the sense of movement. The added white ink is…Icing On The Cake


Shark Tattoo Ideas 5

Old School Shark Tattoo

There’s no need for an anchor as this Shark isn’t going anywhere. Close to you at all times, you’ll get to admire the bold outlines and colors of Old School style. Nautical themes are common to Old School but of course this isn’t Grandpa’s tattoo of a ship. Here the use of negative or uninked space is a great complement to this color palette.
Style: old school

IG: homoo_tattooer

Shark Tattoo Ideas 6

Minimal Linework Shark Tattoo

Perfect for the tattoo-newbie, this design is simple and sweet. With just a few thin black lines and no color or shading, this Shark comes alive. Who knew Sharks came bearing flowers and what looks like a smile. Gotta Love It

IG: kitstattoo

Shark Tattoo Ideas 7

New School Shark Tattoo

You’ve got to love the heavy outlines and vivid colors of New School style. Here the blue color palette is of course perfect for this marine theme. There’s also the characteristic block shading and street art-inspired images true to New School.


Shark Tattoo Ideas 8

Custom Blackwork Shark Tattoo

Blackwork style is almost always bold and dramatic. This tattoo is no exception. with its angular lines and heavy opaque black inking. It delivers” BOLD” in all capitals. The lines and shading along the body of the Shark have are somewhat reminiscent of the painting La Guernica by Picasso. Check It Out

IG: gugauecz

Shark Tattoo Ideas 9

Custom Black and Gray Shark Tattoo

At first glance you’re immediately impressed with the shading in this tattoo. Using only black ink and gray tones for contrast, you can sense the texture of the Shark’s body. There’s amazing detail created with these tones which are interspersed with tiny areas of negative space. With darker shading on the fins, this Shark becomes a true standout.

IG: tat_ranggi

Shark Tattoo Ideas 10

Sketch Style Shark Tattoo

Just like in this tattoo, Sketch style looks like the artist took ink to paper. There are the characteristic overlapping lines and bold strokes of opaque black ink. With this style you also see that large parts of the design are actually negative or uninked space.  Guess Less Is More

IG: jikatattoo

Shark Tattoo Ideas 11

Realistic Black and Gray Shark Tattoo

Swimming between the other tattoos, this Shark looks perfectly at home. Black ink is used for the outlines and then watered down to produce the gray tones used for shading. This darker palette is not only beautiful but adds a sense of mystery to the Shark. The addition of white ink just ups the design aesthetic.


Shark Tattoo Ideas 12

Black and Gray Shark Tattoo on Arm

The shading in this tattoo is artistic and truly magical. The artist’s ability to reproduce sources of light results in the life-like texture of the Shark. It’s as if you can sense and feel the slick surface. Add to this a beautifully shaded full moon and a red spear intersecting it and the Shark, and you get one awesome tattoo.

IG: jiro_painter

Shark Tattoo Ideas 13

Blackwork Shark Tattoo on Man’s Flank

If you want to go big and bold; go Blackwork style. And if you want to go big and bold but also discreet, place that Blackwork tattoo right along your flank. You can see how this design takes full advantage of the large canvas this area provides. The design  also beautifully accents the pectoralis muscle with those broad, wavy bands of heavy black ink. Nice Creative Touch

IG: dolguldr

Shark Tattoo Ideas 14

Black and Gray Shark Tattoo with Geometric Elements on Man’s Upper Arm

If you want a Shark tattoo with enhanced aesthetics, adding Geometric elements always works. The rectangles, circle, lines and dots add interest elevating the design. They also add depth and create the sense that the Sharks are swimming through these obstacles. All inked with considerable skill, this tattoo is truly impressive.

IG: deartattoohk

Shark Tattoo Ideas 15

Black and Gray Shark Tattoo on Forearm

This tattoo has beautiful shading created using gray tones and adjacent areas of negative space. Notice the shading around the Shark’s body which serves to add a sense of depth. The surrounding circles create movement and add interest to the overall design.


Shark Tattoo Ideas 16

Custom Old School Shark Tattoo on Man’s Calf

Lurking out from behind sea foliage, this Shark looks ready to attack. He also has the expression I’d have if  I were face-to-face with him. Inked with elements of Old School shading, there’s also a cartoon-like vibe to the design. A nice added touch but not a requirement…Color Coordinated Socks

IG: harry.steez

Shark Tattoo Ideas 17

Light Black and Gray Shark Tattoo on Forearm

Impressive shading is on display in this tattoo. Using light tones of gray, the shading is both subtle and beautiful. The adjacent areas of negative or uninked space then create an additional layer of detailing. Its location on the inner forearm will mean it’s always available for easy viewing.

IG: facetka_tattoo

Shark Tattoo Ideas 18

Black and Gray Shark Tattoo on Scalp

This Shark tattoo has awesome shading but what’s equally impressive is the design itself. Inked on the side of the skull, its lines gracefully follow the head’s contours and mirror those of the ear. If you’re considering a scalp tattoo just know that this is one of the most sensitive areas to tattoo.

IG: darkarttattoodusseldorf

Shark Tattoo Ideas 19

New School Shark Tattoo

Sharks are considered dangerous and one with a machine gun even more so. But this guy kinda looks fun with his cartoon-like appearance. The roller blades only add to this; guess they help with a…Quick Getaway

IG: aatu.fattattoo

Shark Tattoo Ideas 20

Cartoon Style Shark Tattoo

Of course Sharks use cute flamingo tubes to stay afloat in Cartoon style tattoos. With his mouth wide open, this Shark looks like he’s holding on for dear life. The flamingo on the other hand; he looks…Unfazed


Shark Tattoo Ideas 21

Watercolor Shark Tattoo on Man’s Chest

This tattoo has it all from beautiful colors, skilled inking and a simple but very sophisticated design. There’s the illusion that the Shark is skirting above the water; surrounded by the vastness of the ocean. And all this is brought to life with awesome Watercolors. Impressive Indeed

IG: panumart_tattoo

Shark Tattoo Ideas 22

New School Shark Tattoo

New School style often boasts exaggerated representations with this tattoo being no exception. There’s also a characteristic  irreverence which is seen in this design.. With those big teeth, not sure anyone’s looking to get…Kissed

IG: thenewnewschool

Shark Tattoo Ideas 23

Black Great White Shark Tattoo

This awesome blackwork tattoo takes some Japanese inspiration in how the splashes of water are formed.

Great work by ONE.YOUNG out of Seoul, Korea.

IG: __1.0__

Shark Tattoo Ideas 24

Black and Gray Shark and Mermaid Tattoo on Side of Thigh

Guess you have to love the sea and all things marine to be embracing a Shark. In this design the two fit perfectly together as if halves of one circle. The light shading of each serves as a counterbalance to the other. There’s a Yin-Yang harmony here. So Nice

IG: kait.deitz

Shark Tattoo Ideas 25

New School Shark Tattoo above Ankle

If you want to have fun with your Shark tattoo this is a perfect design. Inked in New School style, there’s the use of  vivid color and pop art-inspired design. Just check out those cool cartoon-like waves. Of course its small size and discreet location make this a perfect design allowing you to choose when and where it’s on display.

IG: a24_kamata

Shark Tattoo Ideas 26

New School Shark Tattoo on Forearm and Hand

New School style has roots and inspiration in pop art. There are bold colors, intentional disproportions and little interest in rendering a photo-realistic design. That’s all nicely evidenced in this tattoo. This design is perfect as the Shark’s head neatly parallels and accents the contours of the hand. Maybe it’s better…To Look And Not Touch

IG: siemor_ntc

Shark Tattoo Ideas 27

Custom Color Shark Tattoo on Man’s Arm

This is a spectacular tattoo from its steady lines to the beautiful colors to the originality of the design itself. The lighthouse is seamlessly incorporated into the body of the Shark; blending in but never getting lost. The shading also adds to the overall artistry. Props to Artist IG:@tattoosnob from Fremantle, Australia

IG: tattoosnob

Shark Tattoo Ideas 28

Realistic Color Shark Full-Sleeve Tattoo

If you can’t get to the beach or an aquarium; no worries. With this tattoo they’ll always be right at your side. Complete with a mermaid and sea turtle, the sea comes alive with the use of a beautiful color palette and skilled shading. But it’s the light reflecting off the Shark that’s the true star of this show.

IG: tnttattoobali

Shark Tattoo Ideas 29

Minimal Linework Shark Tattoo over Biceps

I love the little bits of ink scattered over the body of the Shark. Just like the thin black outlines, the shading is light and delicate. The finale; the long gentle curve of the fin which just adds to this feel.

IG: asgra5

Shark Tattoo Ideas 30

Black and Gray Shark Tattoo with Florals

What better way to soften the appearance of a Shark than by adding flowers. With their light shading and pretty curves, the florals perfectly contrast with the darker shading of the Shark. The small areas of negative space across the body of the Shark in turn beautifully contrast with these darker tones.

IG: do.artink

Shark Tattoo Ideas 31

Black and Gray Shark Tattoo with Line Shading

This Shark looks a little emaciated with his long narrow silhouette. The Line shading seems to add to this appearance. Here thin parallel lines are used in place of more customary shading. It’s a different but interesting look.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Shark Tattoo Ideas 32

Minimal Linework Shark Tattoo on Woman’s Forearm

You wouldn’t be scared of this Shark. The simple Linework design is sweet and welcoming. The very minimal shading at the tips of the fins even makes this little Shark… Pretty

IG: ad.inks

Shark Tattoo Ideas 33

Realistic Black and Gray Shark Tattoo along Inner Forearm

Black and Gray style is often used in the rendering of realistic tattoos. To be successful in this endeavor, the artist must appreciate proportions, asymmetry and sources of light. These elements can then be combined to create a 3D image as seen here. This linear design enhances the long sweep of the forearm making it appear as if this tattoo was always meant to be right here.

IG: sasha_vologdin_tattoo