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32 Cute Cat Tattoo Ideas for Women in 2024

The relationship between us and cats dates back all the way to ancient times. It’s debatable whether cats are in fact man’s best friend considering that in some parts of the world people prefer cats over dogs. But putting that aside, we know for a fact that people love their cats! As a token of love and friendship between you and your cat, why not ink your loved one on your skin? Whatever the reason may be, cat tattoos are a great addition to your tattoo collection.

But before you go and get your own cat tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the cutest, fluffiest, and most adorable cat tattoos of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get as well as where to ink it.

Without further ado, let’s get to it. 

Cat Tattoo Ideas 1

Roller Skating Cat Tattoo

Do you like roller skating? Do you also love cats? Then why not have the best of both worlds with this tattoo? Let us present to you a cat on roller skates! This is such a witty design presenting this cat as a cute little kid. Just love how his cheeks match the overalls.

IG: daniturkeysammie

Cat Tattoo Ideas 2

Neo Traditional Mystical Cat Tattoo

This artist stays true to the style of Neo traditional tattooing with a vivid color palette. This reimagined cat isn’t something you’d normally see. Rather than depicting a house cat, this one looks more like a mystical creature from a fairytale. This tattoo is highly recommended if you love Neo Traditional style with its colorful inks and stylized shading.

IG: lacortetattooer

Cat Tattoo Ideas 3

Realistic Pet Cat Tattoo

They say dogs are man’s best friend but that’s a debate for another day. It’s so sweet how someone would ink a portrait of their pet showcasing just how much a pet means to us. The position of this tattoo is perfect since every time you flick your wrist, you’ll be reminded of your loved one.


Cat Tattoo Ideas 4

Minimal Skating Cat Tattoo

If you love cats but want something very simple, then this tattoo is the perfect choice. It’s a minimal tattoo but still successful in evoking a happy mood. Of course a red outlined skateboard adds to this feel. The ankle is a great position to place this tattoo as it’s a small, delicate space; perfect for this small, delicate design.

IG: deck_ward

Cat Tattoo Ideas 5

Black And Gray Adorable Cat Tattoo

Floral patterns always add another layer of softness to an artwork. The result is this cute-looking black and gray cat tattoo. Who doesn’t love cats on their forearm? It makes all hearts melt. Look at that!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Cat Tattoo Ideas 6

Pair of Cute Cartoon Cats With Sword Tattoo

This artist focuses only on one style of tattoos; specifically cat characters. This is such a cute tattoo as even with the swords these cats are anything but aggressive looking. We think the upper triceps is a perfect location to get this tattoo since it leaves lots of space to add additional inking in the future. Who said you have to stop at two Cats?

IG: jojovilll

Cat Tattoo Ideas 7

Realistic Cat Tattoo On Forearm

How do you add design interest to a realistic portrait? One look at this tattoo and you can see the creative way this artist does. By breaking the portrait into segments, the overall artistry of the design is elevated. The multiple rectangular segments are then framed with thin black lines and surrounding negative space. Inked on the inner forearm, this pet tattoo is assured to always be in view.

IG: emrebeks

Cat Tattoo Ideas 8

Black And Gray Cat and Moon Tattoo

Cats do love to sleep and this fluffy little guy looks right at home in the peaceful embrace of the Crescent moon. 3D is achieved with the use of skilled shading, contrast and attention to proportions. The muted tones which are used, exquisitely set the mood for this design.


Cat Tattoo Ideas 9

Japanese Inspired Old School Cat Tattoo

Japan has inspired a lot of beautiful art and this one is no exception. There are a lots of tattoos inspired by Japanese culture but the Cat might be one of the more relatable motifs employed. Cats are said to have protective qualities and to represent luck and fortune in Japanese folklore. If you want to showcase your love for Japan, this fun design could be for you.

IG: owen_yu_tattoos

Cat Tattoo Ideas 10

Not Your Ordinary Black And Gray Cat Tattoo

Not your ordinary cat tattoo, that’s for sure! Neo Traditional style usually employs colors but this black and gray version is the artist’s own twist!
The only way to rock this tattoo in our opinion is to get it as a half-sleeve arm tattoo! Although the meaning of this design might be unclear, it will surely get people “meowing”! You gotta love it.

IG: nox.tattoos

Cat Tattoo Ideas 11

Micro-Realistic Cat Tattoo

Micro-realism is a popular tattoo style and a wonderful way to honor your pet. The artist truly demonstrates incredible technique demonstrating her ability to bring this cat to life. The skilled shading highlighted with white ink creates texture over the cat’s body. It makes you want to reach out and run your fingers over the fur; just be sure to ask permission first.

IG: jiji_tattoo

Cat Tattoo Ideas 12

Blackwork Cat Tattoo on Side of Calf

The drama of Blackwork style is seen here with the use of heavy opaque inking. It’s dramatic and definitely gets your attention. We love this design showcasing the opposing personalities of these two cats.
We think that this tattoo could possibly represent rebirth and resurrection which is what cats are often associated with. What do you think?


Cat Tattoo Ideas 13

Black and Gray Cat Tattoo

This Asian-inspired tattoo clearly has a deep meaning to it. In Asian cultures, cats are considered good luck with the ability to drive away evil spirits. This guy’s gaze definitely seems to be saying “Keep Away”. Beyond the beautiful shading that’s on display, the use of negative space definitely adds to the aesthetics of this design.
We love the position of this piece being right at your side. If you need a watchful protector nearby to lure away evil and you love Cats, this tattoo is a great idea for you.

IG: dahan.orient

Cat Tattoo Ideas 14

Blackwork Gothic Cat Tattoo

Cats don’t always have to be cute and fluffy; case-in-point this Blackwork style cat.
Of course black cats often get a bad rap but in many traditions and cultures, they represent good luck and prosperity. Get this tattoo and stand for all the black cats out there!
The Blackwork in this tattoo is impeccable and immensely satisfying to look at. We think the forearm is a good location but the calf could work too.

IG: mmirg__

Check out more black cat tattoos here.

Cat Tattoo Ideas 15

Kiki’s Delivery Service Cat Tattoo

We love this unique rendition of Studio Ghibli’s “Kiki’s Delivery Service”!
“You’d think they’d never seen a girl and a cat on a broomstick before.”
The artwork looks exactly like that found in the animation! This artist is truly talented!
The forearm is a good choice for a linear tattoo like this but it would look equally good on the calf.

IG: loveyoon.too

Cat Tattoo Ideas 16

Cat Playing Bass Tattoo

This tattoo of a cat playing bass is a rare sight to see. The Linework in this one is excellent as it recreates the detailed woodwork on the bass as well as the fur on the cat. Stare at this tattoo and you begin to sense the vibe of the music being played. This cool cat’s expression says it all.

IG: muitosnos

Cat Tattoo Ideas 17

New School/Colored Cat Tattoo

We love this one because of the mixture of New School style with customary color tattooing. We also love the design which is obviously super creative. Its location on the arm is perfect since it’s a vertically-oriented design.

IG: geem_tattoo

Cat Tattoo Ideas 18

Cartoon Wizard Cat Tattoo

How about this for a cute tattoo? This black and gray Linework tattoo of a wizard cat is enough to melt anybody’s heart. This adorable cartoon tattoo is suitable for anybody; male or female.

IG: maria.das.tattoos

Cat Tattoo Ideas 19

Minimal Linework Cat Tattoos

This Minimal Linework tattoo is fairly simple but definitely evokes a playful, happy mood. The red ink, which is not often seen, supports this feeling. Add some twinkling stars and you can’t help but feel…Happy

IG: zoeylinink

Cat Tattoo Ideas 20

Black And Gray X-Ray Cat Tattoo

We’re back with a noir tattoo projecting a mysterious mood. It’s such a simple tattoo but thanks to the skilled shading, this masterpiece made it onto our list! It’s perfectly designed, perfectly crafted and sure to be admired by anyone lucky enough to see it.

IG: winkrot

Cat Tattoo Ideas 21

Micro Realism Pet Cat Tattoo

This tattoo has a lot to love. The shading and contrast is so detailed that you can sense the texture of the cat’s fur. The eyes are equally so true to life that you can feel the cat looking at you as light glistens off them.
Again, placing a pet on the forearm will forever keep him close to your heart.


Cat Tattoo Ideas 22

Beckoning Cat Tattoo With Porcelain Patterns

This popular Japanese figurine is called maneki-neko and is said to bring its owners luck and fortune. The cat is usually plain white by tradition so we appreciate the use of negative space in the design. Here the ink is applied in such a steady and precise manner that it truly looks like porcelain. The blue palette is beautiful but it should be noted that a matching top isn’t…Required


Cat Tattoo Ideas 23

Fierce Blackwork Sphinx Tattoo

This sphinx tattoo is very unique. Black ink alone is used for both the outlines and the subtle shading. The Geometric elements which are more heavily inked draw attention to the face and add an aura of mystery and intrigue.
You can feel the energy that this sphinx gives out with size playing a role here. We think the sizing and the location of this tattoo together empower this design.

IG: casey_chris_

Cat Tattoo Ideas 24

Neo Traditional and Blackwork Hybrid Cat Tattoo On Side of Calf

This hybrid of Neo Traditional and Blackwork styles is a masterpiece. This work is a statement on its own not requiring much description other than compliments for the beautiful Blackwork. It’s got everything a good tattoo needs. It’s aesthetically pleasing and the fully saturated black inking will look good on most skin tones.

IG: sr.maxpowa

Cat Tattoo Ideas 25

Cartoon Cat Tattoo on Shoulder

We’re sure this tattoo is inspired by the Japanese cartoon, Sailor Moon! A black cat with a Crescent moon on its forehead, it’s hard to miss! Framing both the head and body of the cat adds interest to the design and draws the eye in. With just white lines for eyes, pops of yellow ink and stars in the periphery, this tattoo is sure to make you smile.

IG: kirbeeys

Cat Tattoo Ideas 26

Micro Realism Cat Tattoo On Biceps

This micro realistic tattoo is off the chart! What a great way to show your love for a furry friend by inking his likeness right over your biceps. What we love most about this piece is the little pink mark on the nose; it’s a small touch but one that adds to this endearing portrait.

IG: tattooist_sazin

Cat Tattoo Ideas 27

“Cat with a Pearl Earring”Tattoo on Arm

“Cat With A Pearl Earring” is a reinterpretation of the work done by the painter Johannes Vermeer. Transported from the museum to your arm, this is an adorable design.. Who wouldn’t love this little cat all decked-out and beautifully framed by the heart. Surrounded by lots of negative or uninked space, this tattoo is a real standout.

IG: tattooer_sogeum

Cat Tattoo Ideas 28

Realistic Cat Tattoo On Arm

This realistic cat tattoo looks great on the arm making full use of the canvas it provides. We love the detailed work done on the cat from the fur to the whiskers to the flowers. It looks like this tattoo is actually living and breathing. In other words the artist breathed life into this piece.
The nicely done shading and contrast have made this piece a real standout ensuring that you’re sure to be noticed.

IG: kittytattoos

Cat Tattoo Ideas 29

Blackwork Beckoning Cat Tattoo

This tattoo of a highly stylised Japanese cat, Maneki Neko, exhibits excellent Blackwork design. Even though only black ink is employed, contrast and light are provided by the surrounding negative spaces. In combination it’s pretty fantastic. The talented artist did an awesome job with this one; you can go ahead and pet it!

IG: guilhermevargastattoo

Cat Tattoo Ideas 30

Minimal Cat Burrito Tattoo

If you’ve ever wrapped yourself under a blanket like a burrito you know exactly what this cat is feeling; pure bliss and relaxation. This tattoo doesn’t need much to convey the emotions of the cat which is exactly the essence of Minimal style. The art of minimalist tattoos is great because it’s discrete while at the same time often very powerful. This is when…Less Is More

IG: deck_ward

Cat Tattoo Ideas 31

Adorable Cat Tattoo Lying On Grass

This is one of the cutest cat tattoos you’ll see today! We love how the artist included stars, grass and some flowers to add an extra layer of cuteness to this piece.
The color palette used is very soft and feminine and seen in many of the tattoos by this artist Check her out; she’s one skilled and talented artist.

IG: tattooist_yeonnie

Cat Tattoo Ideas 32

Elegant New School Bastet Tattoo

This New School tattoo of the Egyptian Goddess Bastet looks very elegant and grand. Goddess Bastet is associated with the domestic sphere: women’s secrets, fertility and childbirth. She’s known for guarding the house against disease; specifically those affecting women and children.
The vivid colors and heavy outlines of New School style are on display in this tattoo. Jewels are often included in the design and as seen here…They Sparkle
This artist has crafted a piece that belongs among the best so there’s no better way to end this list!

IG: berniink