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29 Witchy Black Cat Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

For many years black cats have been seen as a symbol of witchcraft, bad omens, and Halloween. Recently, they’ve become one of the most loved furry friends, so much so that individuals are even getting them tattooed.

But before you go and get your own black cat tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the witchiest, most incredible, and prettiest black cat tattoo ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.


Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 1

Awesome American Traditional Black Cat Tattoo

Any Old School fans out there? This one is for you, I really like that the artist kept to the solid black shading which is a distinct characteristic of the style. The mag marks left by the needle are another lovely addition to this black cat tattoo which truly makes it an American Traditional piece.

IG: renemvrie

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 2

Gorgeous Multi-Style Inspired Black Cat Tattoo

Welcome to another list of tattoos to inspire you, on the menu today are black cat tattoos. Whether you believe the myth that they’re bad luck or not, you can’t help but love these furry familiars.
First up, we have this gorgeous Blackwork, Neo Traditional black cat tattoo. The varying line weights stay true to the style and give this piece that extra detail you wouldn’t otherwise see, especially because it’s difficult to see detail on a black cat.

IG: f_bianco_

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 3

Adorable Pixelated Black Cat Tattoo On the Arm

I have no idea what this pixelated cat is jumping out of, it kind of looks like a waffle, either way, whatever it is, this black cat tattoo is adorable and honestly is a cool piece to add to your collection. It kind of reminds me of the Nyan cat.

IG: newtattoo_demi

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 4

Elegant Black and Gray American Traditional Lady and Black Cat Tattoo

I absolutely adore the Old School inspiration in this design, while it’s definitely more of a Neo Traditional tattoo, the simplicity of it is what draws it more towards an American Traditional piece. The dotwork shading is smooth and consistent which gives this beautiful tattoo depth, simply stunning!

IG: marta_montero_tattoo

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 5

Precious American Traditional Black Striped Cat Tattoo

The artist deserves all the credit for pulling this American Traditional black cat off. Their linework is smooth and bold, but it’s the subtle shading and solid black packing that really makes this tattoo a great Old School design. Nice job!

IG: alxgracia

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 6

Witchy Realistic Black Cat Half-Sleeve Tattoo

Okay, this style may not be for everyone, especially because of the pentagram and horns on the cat, but in my honest opinion, this is one badass piece. I like that the artist went for a realistic effect but mixed the styles by using a Neo Traditional peony. If an artist can successfully mix styles and make it look this good, then you know they’re good.

IG: splinterednails

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 7

Tiny Blackwork Black Cat On a Broom Thigh Tattoo

This tiny black cat riding a magic broomstick is too cute for words. The style is very sketchy and works in favor of the design. Look how long those whiskers are, they immediately draw your eyes to the black cat.

IG: starseed_ink

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 8

Simple Micro Dotwork Black Cat Looking At the Moon Tattoo

Micro tattoos are becoming increasingly popular and it’s no wonder, look at how cool they can be! This black cat tattoo has been done with such grace, you can tell by the smoothness of the dotwork shading. I like the fade the artist went for, overall this is a lovely little tattoo.

IG: oitattooer

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 9

Pretty Neo Traditional Black Cat Tattoo On the Outer Forearm

How amazing is this Neo Traditional black cat tattoo? The hints of color in the eyes and the pumpkin draw your eyes against all the black ink which creates balance and a focal point but also breaks away from how overpowering all the solid black can be.

IG: coritattoos

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 10

Halloween Neo Traditional Black Cat Thigh Tattoo

Black Cats have always been associated with Halloween and witches so a tattoo that incorporates the spooky feel of Halloween with a cat that looks like Salem from Sabrina is perfect. The colors the artist used are so bright and have an Autumn feel to them, in my opinion, the artist did a fantastic job with this Neo Traditional black cat tattoo.

IG: stephanieheffrontattoos

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 11

Lovely Minimal Black Cat Tattoo

Minimal is the way to go these days, as the saying goes less is more. This sweet black cat reaching for the lantern is definitely one of my favorites on this list. The black ink saturation is phenomenal but it’s the placement on the biceps just under the lantern that truly gives this design character.

IG: youngchickentattoo

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 12

Micro-Realistic Black Cat Tattoo

It’s a new trend to get your pet portrait done in a micro-realistic style and I mean, look how cool it looks! The finer details in the fur are well done, I like how the eyes pop against the black fur. Getting something that’s important to you tattooed on the forearm is a great idea as it’s closer to your body, therefore closer to your heart, something cute to think about for your next tattoo appointment.

IG: jiji_tattoo

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 13

Gorgeous Black and Gray Cat Portrait Tattoo

Okay, this isn’t quite a black cat, but it’s been done in Black and Gray which counts for something, right? The varying tones of gray really add depth to the design, transforming it from a flat, lifeless piece, to an almost life-like picture that makes you want to reach out your hand and give the cat a few rubs on his cheek. Kudos to the artist for knocking this design out of the park.

IG: rachaelsawtelltattoo

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 14

Adorable Micro Fuzzy Black Cat Tattoo

Oh my goodness! How charming is this tiny fuzzy guy? The little white hairs on his chest and the pink in his nose are lovely touches, however, as cute as they may be, because of how small this tattoo is and the amount of black packed into a confined area, the chances of this piece smudging in the future is very high. If you’re going to get something similar, make sure to get it a bit bigger, at least palm size to avoid your tattoo turning into a lump of black ink.

IG: vismstudio

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 15

Old School Hissing Black Cat Tattoo

The cat is a popular animal to tattoo in the American Traditonal style, and for good reason, look how cool this piece is! Like a true Old School tattoo, the artist kept to the correct color scheme and pulled some clean power lines. I like how the design has been placed, it wraps around slightly, but not enough to distort the tattoo.

IG: dannyderrick

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 16

Chat Noir Inspired Black Cat Tattoo

If you’re a fan of the French painter and printmaker, Théophile Alexandre Steinlen, then this spin on his “Le Chat Noir” is what you’ve been looking for. I really enjoy the simplicity of this design, especially how well the artist packed the black ink, it’s smooth and consistent. Great work!

IG: mambotattooer

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 17

All-Seeing Blackwork Black Cat Tattoo

Here we have an all-seeing cat and wow is this not just the most badass design you’ve seen? What really stands out are the mushrooms that frame the cat, I like how they bring the design together but don’t take away from the main idea. The placement is perfect for this piece, there’s enough space to fit the entire design without warping or wrapping it so you get a full view of the whole tattoo. 10/10 for placement and overall design.


Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 18

Precious Pet Cats Portrait Tattoo

There’s nothing better than a pet portrait, it’s probably one of the best ways to commemorate your furry friends. This design is so precious because it’s not just a pet portrait but a custom piece that displays the love this client’s two cats have for each other, which is as wholesome as they come. If you’re getting a pet portrait, why not do something special and unique?

IG: rightinthetrash

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 19

Spooky Halloween-Inspired Neo Traditional Tattoo

While this is not technically a black cat tattoo, there is indeed a black cat incorporated into this design. I like the various shades of orange in this design, it breaks away from all the black and draws your attention to the main focus areas. As far as placement goes, this tattoo would not look better anywhere else, the calf was the perfect placement as the design flows beautifully with the shape of the client’s leg.

IG: angeloparente

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 20

Sweet Micro Black and Gray Pet Cat Portrait Tattoo

This micro Black and Gray cat portrait is incredibly impressive, the fact that the artist was able to get so much detail into the face in such a small spot is beyond spectacular. Even more impressive is the texture of the fur, however, because of the size, keep in mind that over time it will smudge and much of the detail will be lost. Make sure to pick a good size for detailed tattoos.

IG: jiji_tattoo

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 21

Feminine Neo Traditional Black Panther Tattoo

What makes this tattoo a feminine design? For starters, the flowers the artist used to frame the cat, but also the way the shading has been done. It’s smooth and soft in certain areas giving this tattoo a feminine feel while simultaneously contrasting against the intense solid black. Great use of shading in my opinion.

IG: tattoosnob

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 22

Micro Watercolor and Blackwork Black Cat Tattoo

Coming in hot with another micro tattoo, this time we have a mix of realistic flowers and a sweet black cat. The mix of styles is unique and almost reminds me of the painting you find on ancient Greek vases. Credit to the artist for pulling this off, especially the consistent solid black ink.

IG: modoink_vivi

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 23

Cute Chunky Black Cat With Green Eyes Tattoo

Chunky and fuzzy? Sign me up, this adorable micro tattoo is the perfect piece for anyone that loves black fluffy cats. The artist used dotwork shading to give it a fuzzy look which is a nice change from the usual whip shading. Regarding the placement, the triceps was a good spot because of the amount of space there is.


Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 24

Awesome Spooky Black Cat and Skull Thigh Tattoo

I cannot praise this tattoo enough, the overall design is just too cool for words but what I really enjoy is the simplicity of the shading. As simple as it is, it gives the tattoo depth and draws attention to the cat as the main feature because it’s the most saturated. In my personal opinion, it would be even better if there were splashes of color in the crystals just to break away from all the black and gray.

IG: tuckerxtattoos

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 25

Precious Black Cat Booping Orange Cat Tattoo

Everyone loves a good cat boop, but even better is when a cat boops another cat, and here we have the best boop scene possible. I adore the style this tattoo is in, it’s unique and almost reminds me of something you’d find in a children’s storybook. The artist did a phenomenal job at color and black packing, this tattoo will definitely withstand the test of time.

IG: youngchickentattoo

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 26

Cute Black Bat Cat With Green Smoke Tattoo

The colors in this piece are so bright and bold, which is ideal because of how saturated the cat is. I enjoy the fact that the artist didn’t add any other details to the cat’s face, rather accentuating his eyes, which are the biggest part of a cat’s face. Well done to the artist for knowing how to pack both color and black, great job!

IG: merolbart

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 27

Micro Sleeping Black Kitten Tattoo

Here we have another adorable micro black cat tattoo. How cute is his sweet sleepy face? The artist added some extra detail by incorporating the blanket so you’re able to determine that it’s a sleeping kitten. Really good work, go give the artist a like on Instagram.

IG: oble_tattoo

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 28

Awesome Punk Cat Wearing a Leather Battle Jacket Tattoo

Any punks out there? This one is specifically for you, and damn is this tattoo awesome. The details in the jacket are outstanding, especially for an American Traditional piece which is usually more simplified. Everything about this tattoo screams “don’t mess with me” and I am living for it.

IG: oldschooltattz

Black Cat Tattoo Ideas 29

Lovely Black and Gray Floral Black Cat Tattoo

We’ve come to the end of the list and the final piece is this lovely Black and Gray floral black cat tattoo. The flowers are pretty and flow nicely with the cat, creating a weight balance, meaning neither side of the tattoo is too busy. Another worthy mention is the realistic fur, it looks like you could reach out and stroke the cat, very impressive.
We hope you found what you were looking for, and if not, remember, there’s always more where that came from. Until next time, happy tattooing!

IG: vic.ink_