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30 Best Tattoo Ideas for Women in 2024

It can be tough deciding what tattoo to etch on to your skin forever, especially as a woman, the idea that we have to choose something floral and dainty is in the past. It’s 2023, your body, your rules and that means you can get whatever you want, so why not choose something badass? 

But before you go and get your own tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the best, most enticing, and badass tattoo ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 1

Awesome Monstera Wrap Around Neck Tattoo

Welcome to another list of awesome tattoos to inspire you. On this list, are the best tattoos for women in 2024, yes ladies, this one is for you.
First up we have this lovely monstera neck tattoo and damn, this is a cool concept. The way it wraps around the neck is almost like a wall creeper. If you love plants, this is a great idea. If you love neck tattoos, this is a great idea, basically, what I’m getting at is, that this tattoo is absolutely epic.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 2

Fantastic Colorful Abstract Tattoo On the Thigh

This tattoo has so much energy, that you almost want to put your sunglasses on to look at it. I adore the contrast between the solid black ink and the various swirls of colorful ink, it adds to the excitement this tattoo evokes. Really cool concept.

IG: andrea_kroki

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 3

Badass Basilisk and Gryffindor Sword Back Tattoo

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Well, look no further because this is one badass design. The way it spreads out on the back but focuses mostly on the spine is great, the sword is perfectly aligned with the middle of the back thereby creating a symmetrical feel even though the Basilisk is coiled like a serpent unevenly around the sword.

IG: j_nooodle

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 4

Delicate Black and Gray Cranes Back Tattoo

If there’s one thing I like, especially as a tattoo artist, is the softness some tattoos have and this one is just gorgeous. It’s often suggested that you should go darker for the sake of longevity but this is too pretty to add harsh lines or dark shading, the softness is what makes this crane tattoo a perfect fit for anyone looking for something on the more delicate side.

IG: zszywka_tattooing

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 5

Incredible Foo Dog Half-Sleeve Tattoo On the Arm

The Foo Dog is known as a symbol of fierce protection which is why it’s such a dope concept to adorn your body with. I like the style the artist went for, using dotwork to shade always creates a unique feel, the hints of color also give this piece a lovely pop and take away from how mundane Black and Gray can sometimes get.

IG: hoch_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 6

Awesome Black and Gray Geometric-Inspired Tattoo

There’s a lot going on in this tattoo, but because each symbol complements the other, it works. Mixing Geometric with Black and Gray realism somehow just fits together like a hand and glove, you can never go wrong with a design like this. Truly a work of art, especially those crispy lines.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 7

Amazing American Traditional Dragon Tattoo On the Thigh

The thigh is such a sexy place to get tattooed, especially if the design flows with the shape of your body. This Old School dragon is beyond cool, the colors are bright and the linework bold, this tattoo upholds everything that is an America Traditional tattoo.

IG: francesco__ferrara_

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 8

Stunning Color Realistic Floral Tattoo

Okay, it’s getting hot in here, I mean, how alluring is this design? Now I know we’re not supposed to sexualize people or things, but this tattoo is just too sexy not to. The way it frames certain areas of the body while also accentuating other areas is why it’s such a desirable piece. The concept is beautiful and almost creates a forest deity image in my head, think forest nymph.

IG: arte.perdura

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 9

Unique Neon Space Mandala Upper Back Tattoo

I’ve not come across something like this before, the fact that this artist was able to create a neon illusion with tattoo ink is probably one of the most impressive techniques because that requires knowledge of color and surprisingly, many artists struggle to get color to be smooth and consistent. This concept is out of this world and the fact that the artist mixed a Mandala with space makes all the sense. Great work!

IG: davide_esz

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 10

Colorful Tropical Tiger Tattoo On the Shoulder

Doesn’t this design make you think of Summer days on a beach? I know there’s no relation to tigers and the beach but with the funky bright colors and the notion of tigers living in tropical forests (and those big tropical leaves) I can’t help but think of coconuts and crashing waves. Did you also get that Summertime vibe from this colorful masterpiece?

IG: 9room_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 11

Adorable Color Realistic Furry Friends Full-Sleeve Tattoo

You know someone loves their pets like their own children when they get them tattooed on their body forever. I adore the realistic effect the artist was going for but what’s even cooler is that it almost looks like something from an animation and it’s fantastic. Amazing work by kristinataylor_tattoo, give her Instagram some love for more like this.

IG: kristinataylor_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 12

Precious Colorful Toy Story-Inspired Outer Forearm Tattoo

Oh childhood nostalgia, makes for the best tattoo ideas I mean just look at this colorful array of adorableness! Credit to the artist for packing the ink in so solidly and getting those lines crisp and bold, I cannot get enough of this design, it’s the perfect tattoo.

IG: coolcoolpikka

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 13

Beautiful Blackwork Japanese Style Peony Full-Sleeve Tattoo

Blackwork and flowers are honestly the best combination. The blackwork makes the peony stand out and draws your attention to all the minor details, which makes this Japanese-styled tattoo a stunning addition to any tattoo collection. Just don’t go stealing the idea without making some adjustments of your own.

IG: fibs_

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 14

Amazing Geometric Starry Night Thigh Tattoo

There are many Starry Night tattoo renditions but what makes this one different from all the rest is how uniquely its been styled. This is such a cool art style and actually works really well for this painting.

IG: hen_tattooer

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 15

Lovely Fineline and Abstract Ginkgo Leg Tattoo

Here we have a beautiful floral tattoo with a touch of abstract, which seems to be quite popular these days. The motion of the abstract lines almost resembles ink in water. It’s nice to see the contrast between the fineline Ginkgo leaves and solid black in the abstract swirl. This is a great concept because it can be both masculine and feminine.

IG: bogdan_ink

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 16

Gorgeous Black and Gray Heron Tattoo

The placement of this heron tattoo is phenomenal, it follows the curves of her body flawlessly and adds a sultry sense of mystique too. I take my hat off to this champion of a woman, the fact that she sat for something this size, on the ribs and in the blackwork style is beyond impressive, the ribs hurt.

IG: oskar_gurbada

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 17

Stunning Chubby Blue Bird and Flowers Cover-Up Tattoo

Not only is this tattoo cute because of the chunky blue bird but it’s also an extraordinary piece of art. It’s amazing how the artist used color to shade the tattoo instead of black and gray. You know a tattooer is good if they are this skilled in using color. Absolutely stunning and a really good example of a feminine tattoo.

IG: non_lee_ink

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 18

Clean and Simple Linework Kingfisher Tattoo On the Arm

There’s something magical in simplicity, and this is a great example. The subtle shading is all made up of linework which honestly looks fantastic, it really works for the style and subject. I would love to see how this one heals, because as beautiful as it is, lines often bleed under the skin after a while making the tattoo look blotchy.

IG: frl.ka

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 19

Incredible Custom Dragon Head Koi Fish Tattoo

Look at this amazing tattoo by Aon at Panumart Tattoos in Thailand, is this not just the coolest concept? I really love the fact that it doesn’t even need color or much shading to look this good, that says a lot about the quality of the work, amazing.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 20

Remarkable White Rabbit From Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

If there’s one story everyone knows and loves its Alice in Wonderland which is why so many people get one or more of the characters tattooed. The placement for this piece is perfect, it flows with the shape of the upper arm beautifully, and items like mirrors or frames always look good in this area.

IG: moco_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 21

Lovely Dotwork Leaves Tattoo On the Back

Remember when everyone was getting wings tattooed on their back? This tattoo reminds me of those but an even cooler version because it’s leaves! The mix of solid ink and dotwork work well together, it adds a softer feel and also creates a sense of depth. I love this concept and there are so many different leaves you can choose from that would look equally awesome.

IG: zouz.ttt

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 22

Awesome Colorful Abstract Swirl Tattoo

As I said before, abstract tattoos are all the rage. This funky colorful swirl is very trippy and almost reminds you of the disco era decor. The placement is on point, especially because this design isn’t symmetrical. The thigh has enough room for any size or shape design and the best part is that this tattoo can be added on to.

IG: katia.zuela

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 23

Breathtaking Handpoked Lotus Back Tattoo

If you ever find yourself in Thailand and are feeling the urge to get something different, why not stop by Panumart Tattoos and get your own handpoked design? Here’s a beautiful example of a feminine handpoked tattoo. I like that the design follows her spine, it’s a very elegant area, some might even say alluring.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 24

Phenomenal Japanese Style Full-Sleeve Tattoo

The classic Traditional Japanese sleeve is always a good go-to. There are so many stunning elements to this sleeve, the predominant Black and Gray is broken by splashes of color that is smooth and soft but helps to accentuate certain areas of the tattoo. This is a magnificent piece of art, both wearer and artist can be proud.

IG: inkrow_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 25

Magical Watercolor Birds and Flowers Tattoo

Go big or go home they say, and it’s clear she didn’t go home. How awesome is this concept? Not only is the size absolute perfection but the colors and artwork are a masterpiece. You’ve got to love how this tattoo is placed, it follows the curves of the leg, hip and stomach in a very attractive way, I also have to give this lady credit, she’s one badass because this could not have been easy to sit for.

IG: animal_tattooer

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 26

Sexy Tribal-Inspired Sternum Tattoo

Tribal is making a comeback and while many would argue that if you’re not of a certain heritage you shouldn’t get this style, it hasn’t stopped people of any and all ethnicities from getting one. If you’re on the train of Tribal tattoos it wouldn’t hurt to get something inspired by the style rather than full blown Tribal. Either way, this sternum piece is well placed and really shows off the female form beautifully.


Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 27

Adorable Color Realistic Baby Groot Tattoo On the Arm

Who doesn’t love baby Groot? He’s possibly the cutest little guy in the Marvel universe. So, for all you Marvel fans, specifically Guardians of the Galaxy geeks, this is such an awesome concept. I adore the color realistic style, this artist has some major skills!

IG: shooby_tattoo

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 28

Pretty Ornamental Chinese Style Tattoo

This ornamental Chinese style sternum tattoo is beyond pretty. It fits nicely on the sternum and is perfectly symmetrical which is incredibly important because who wants a skew tattoo on an area that is rather visible when wearing revealing clothing? The answer is nobody, credit to the artist for not only giving their client a confidence booster but also ensuring it was perfectly placed and equally well done.

IG: saki.lss

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 29

Extraordinary Dotwork ‘Protector of the Forest’ Tattoo

The Leshen, fiercely protective of their territory make for one incredible tattoo. Adorning your body with something that holds such powerful symbolism is a good idea, you welcome the protection from another realm, I mean if you believe in that sort of stuff. Regardless of your beliefs, this design is phenomenal and I might be a little bit jealous of how badass it looks.

IG: tessa.von

Best Tattoo Ideas for Women 30

Splendid Purple Morning Glories Tattoo On the Leg

We’ve reached the end of the list and the final tattoo is a charming vine of purple morning glories. As delightful as the design is, it’s the placement that really makes this tattoo pop. It almost appears as though the flowers are creeping up her leg in such a natural way, I love everything about this tattoo and there are so many flowers that would be ideal for this design.
We hope you found what you were looking for and enjoyed this list of best tattoos for women in 2024, if not, remember, there’s plenty more where that came from. Until next time, happy inking!

IG: vanessa.core