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34 Awesome Thigh Tattoos for Women in 2024

Thigh tattoos are a popular choice for people looking to get inked. Depending on your preference, they can be visible to the world or hidden for only those you choose. For women, the thigh is considered one of the most attractive tattoo placements, and there is plenty of space to express your favorite tattoo ideas!

But before you go and get your thigh tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most creative, sexiest, and interesting thigh tattoos for women in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as the size, and exact placement on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Thigh Tattoos for Women 1

The Best Thigh Tattoos for Women - A Bamboo Elephant Mandala Tattoo on Woman’s Thigh

Stick and poke bamboo tattooing is native to Thailand – it’s one needle only and as old school as tattoo art gets. This woman’s elephant mandala tattoo is an excellent demonstration, combining the artist’s freehand skills with creativity in linework and shading.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Thigh Tattoos for Women 2

Women’s Tree of Life Thigh Tattoo

I love the white ink effect in this complex Tree of Life Tattoo. The white highlights add depth of detail to the wood, contrasting beautifully with the client’s natural skin tone. The artist’s geometric pattern behind the main image effectively frames the design.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Thigh Tattoos for Women 3

Watercolor Lotus Tattoo Design on Woman’s Thigh

I love the bright splashes of watercolor offsetting finely detailed mandala-style black ink in this thigh design. It’s a restrained version of a contemporary blast-over tattoo, produced with excellent technical skill, placement, and attention to detail.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Thigh Tattoos for Women 4

Women’s Sak Yant Bamboo Thigh Tattoo

A Sak Yant tattoo is traditional Thai tattooing incorporating sacred and spiritual elements. The term “Sak Yant” can be translated as “magic tattoo” or “blessed tattoo” in English. This design is the ‘Yant Itipiso 8 Direction,’ a protective tattoo for the wearer. It’s an exceptionally crisp piece of body art that holds significant meaning!

IG: panumart_tattoo

Thigh Tattoos for Women 5

Illustrative Face Tattoo Design on Woman’s Thigh

An excellent black and gray women’s thigh tattoo depicting an abstract human face. Each tattoo facet showcases the artist’s shading skill, demonstrating subtlety in gradient technique. The decision to use only one eyebrow and blacken different parts of the mouth gives the design a unique newspaper cutout effect.

IG: mikekyrtatas

Thigh Tattoos for Women 6

Geometric Animal Thigh Tattoo for Women

I love the quality combination of elements in this woman’s thigh tattoo. The realistic black and gray crocodile and elephant display exceptional line and shading in skin crafting. The geometric black line pattern provides a brilliant frame, which offers an opportunity for abstract illustration around the edges of the artwork.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Thigh Tattoos for Women 7

Line Art Dove Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Thigh

This line art upper thigh tattoo depicts two doves on the wing. The lines are simple yet elegant, creating beautifully flowing lines with minimal detail. I like how the design begins with one horizontal black line, and the rest of the art grows.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Thigh Tattoos for Women 8

Black and Gray Jaguar Thigh Tattoo for Women

I love the juxtaposition of the realistic Jaguar head becoming more abstract as it moves along the thigh. The grayscale shading is excellent, and it builds on the well-placed black ink detailing the jaguar’s fur. Flowing lines and negative space help artistically eliminate the need for detail in the big cat’s shoulders and body.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Thigh Tattoos for Women 9

Women’s Neo-Traditional Sacred Heart Tattoo on Thigh

This woman’s sacred heart tattoo is a beautiful mix of old-school technique and contemporary imagery. The sacred heart represents Jesus Christ’s undying love for humanity – this example adds a crying, bloodshot eye to symbolize suffering. The black ink offers depth in shading while filling the image and giving it solidity while also providing contrast for the white ink of the eye and highlights that finish off the tattoo.

IG: albaprietotattooart

Thigh Tattoos for Women 10

Photo Realism Pet Tattoo on Woman’s Thigh

This entirely realistic women’s thigh tattoo wonderfully describes the client’s pets in lifelike detail. Subtle color shades and fluffy cloud techniques create exceptional fur for all four puppies. I also love the restrained colors in bibs and toys, adding pop to the realistic imagery.

IG: pettattoo.salmon

Thigh Tattoos for Women 11

Futuristic Women’s Double Thigh Tattoos

This is a beautifully designed and executed science-fiction tattoo on both thighs. It’s a tremendously detailed piece utilizing skilled effects in white ink use, color matching, and realistic 3D styling (check out the astronaut’s helmet reflection). I love how the cord connects the images across her thighs, yet each could be an individual piece of body art.

IG: neuneu_centuryink

Thigh Tattoos for Women 12

Neo-Contemporary Upper Thigh Tattoo for Women

This woman’s thigh tattoo features an amazingly detailed kingfisher design. The vibrant design mixes realistic tattoo fundamentals with the fantastic use of Neo-contemporary coloring. The kingfisher’s feathers along the wings and body are precisely etched, allowing the vibrant colors to flow along the image. The green-gray secondary shading and black ink dotwork provide outstanding framing that helps the viewer focus on the sleek bird’s details.

IG: debrartist

Thigh Tattoos for Women 13

3D Realistic Lemon Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Thigh

I love this 3D-style thigh tattoo of lemons. The level of detail produced in the fruit’s skin and leaves is lifelike in quality. I also like how the secondary images provide filler and framing while offering a counterpoint to the main design’s clarity. This tattoo is a top-quality 3D piece crafted by a talented artist.

IG: noa.tattoot

Thigh Tattoos for Women 14

Abstract Neo-Traditional Thigh Tattoo

I love the black ink in this illustrative Neo-traditional thigh tattoo. Black ink is a solid color, linework support, and the contrasting element in shading throughout the piece. It is a unique tattoo (the faceless model and concept of cutting wings with sewing shears is brilliant) made with technical skills promoting the client’s artistic vision.

IG: patrykchybowski

Thigh Tattoos for Women 15

Realistic Precious Jewelry Thigh Tattoo for Women

The delicate needlework of this thigh tattoo creates a beautiful 3D jewelry design. The intricate inlaid silver chains wrap artfully around the whole thigh, and the excellent sapphire appearance of each stone matches the precise detail. This tattoo is a wonderfully effective mix of jeweled beauty and metallic realism.

IG: yoda_ink

Thigh Tattoos for Women 16

Colorful Topographic Mountain Tattoo for Women

A unique and entertaining women’s thigh tattoo of a topographical mountain range. Bright hues are an odd choice (most topographical maps use little color), yet they merge lines effectively. The colors are sandwiched together to create the mountain lines and fleshed out further by subtle orange shading and negative space.

IG: katia.zuela

Thigh Tattoos for Women 17

Women’s Realistic Serpent and Flower Thigh Tattoo

I love the epically contrasting details in the chrysanthemum and serpent making up this woman’s realistic tattoo design. The artist used geometric principles across the entire piece, and I particularly love the offsetting curved flower petal lines against the shaded, burnished skin of the snake. This remarkable tattoo exemplifies the possibilities you can create with black ink and supreme skill when putting a large design together.

IG: sagaegrim

Thigh Tattoos for Women 18

Colorful Cartoon Koi Thigh Tattoo for Women

I love the cool color combinations in this koi fish tattoo. There’s little black ink used, and the cartoon aspect of the piece shines via flowing complementary colors and excellent use of curved lines (to make fins). The white highlights look interesting now but will need retouching to help the tattoo retain vibrancy.

IG: pagwa_tattoo

Thigh Tattoos for Women 19

Women’s Blackwork Phoenix Tattoo

I love this ultra-black variation of a women’s phoenix tattoo. While most designs feature the bright colors of fire – black ink brush strokes create vitality and originality in this design. I love the calligraphy painting techniques that give the bird the illusion of movement.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Thigh Tattoos for Women 20

Women’s Neo Traditional Portrait Thigh Tattoo

This is a tremendous women’s portrait tattoo utilizing a range of contemporary styles. The combination of metallic inks, colorful shade patterns (in the woman’s hair, snake, and jewelry especially), and realist style details build a tremendous framework for the artistic elements (shiny baubles, bright eyes) to shine.

IG: mermaidsketches

Thigh Tattoos for Women 21

Roast Beef and Flowers Thigh Tattoo

This is a wildly innovative tattoo that I love looking at. The piece offers delicate Asian flowers flanking a small chunk of beef on a platter. Sure, it’s a strange subject choice, but the artistic talent is evident from the accurate shading, crisp linework, and overall spacing on the thigh. The beef is realistic (a pot roast) on the platter, while the blooms offer delicate details in branch and blossom.

IG: zihong_tattoo

Thigh Tattoos for Women 22

Binary Code Thigh Tattoo for Women

This bow tattoo is unique. While many are on the back of the thigh, this one is on the woman’s quadriceps and put together with strands of computer code. The match between concept and execution in black ink creates an excellent one-off design.

IG: horrrhaus

Thigh Tattoos for Women 23

Sketch Woman’s Lioness Thigh Tattoo

Turning a sketch into a tattoo that looks like a drawing takes a lot of work. The artist in this lioness thigh tattoo has focused on lines, from the central sketch lining up the big cat to the mixture of shaded angles, scribbled fills, and looping shades within the accompanying flowers.

IG: bk_tattooer

Thigh Tattoos for Women 24

Metallic Realistic Crown Tattoo on Woman’s Thigh

I love the metallic effects used to create this woman’s tiara thigh tattoo. The design utilizes color realism to make the ink gleam like the precious jewel it represents. The multifaceted sapphire glitters beautifully at the tattoo’s center, surrounded by elegantly wrought filigree.

IG: jooa_tattoo

Thigh Tattoos for Women 25

Colorful Landscape Tattoo on Woman’s Thigh

This small tattoo uses exceptional single-needle to make the rainforest landscape come to life. The tattoo is framed wonderfully within a long rectangle, using numerous color patches cast against black ink. I love the technique of putting the crane just outside the border, making the bird look closer than the rest of the tattoo.

IG: tattooist_eq

Thigh Tattoos for Women 26

Women’s Cross Stitch Thigh Tattoo

This design utilizes a cross stitch needlework effect to depict a small town. To create flow, the artist used small stitching lines in various colors and angles. Using small pockets of negative space to separate the buildings is a good framing touch.


Thigh Tattoos for Women 27

Women’s Neo-Traditional Crab Tattoo

A killer neo-traditional crab tattoo. The artist has created a realistic crab that takes on a livelier style thanks to the vibrant color scheme and white ink dotwork. The different patterned sections of shell and color variations (four shades of green, for example) create more depth than traditional gradient shading for this piece.

IG: laurenblairtattoo

Thigh Tattoos for Women 28

Realistic Flower Thigh Tattoo

This is a high-quality, realistic wraparound woman’s thigh tattoo. Pinpoint details bring the flower petals and small leaves to life as they ‘grow’ around her thigh. I like the different colors creating shades in the leaves, and I also like wrapround technique that creates almost overlapping blooms rather than a wholly joined wreath.

IG: newtattoo_qiqi

Thigh Tattoos for Women 29

Clamshell Astrological Women’s Thigh Tattoo

A lot is going on in this thigh tattoo, and all of it is fantastic. The design is crafted with excellent detail and color but utilizes precise straight lines and spacing. The astrological symbolism is effective, and I love the artistic choice of setting the moon sky into the clam and using it as a frame.

IG: peria_tattoo

Thigh Tattoos for Women 30

Realistic Raven Thigh Tattoo for Women

This raven tattoo may be my favorite in the gallery. The bird is inked with great attention to detail – the feathers are thick and heavy with black ink yet feature lighter gray feathers and intelligent use of white ink to add further impact. What I love most about this thigh tattoo is the secondary geometric image. It is a beautifully placed, magnificently shaded triangle frame that offsets the heaviness of the main idea while supporting it as well.

IG: thommesen_ink

Thigh Tattoos for Women 31

Polynesian Tribal Women’s Thigh Tattoo

Polynesian women’s tattoos have deep cultural and symbolic significance. They often tell a story about the individual’s heritage, life experiences, and social status. This beautiful black ink design was created freehand by the artist. It features exceptionally crisp line work and a range of patterns to signify culturally essential details to the wearer.


Thigh Tattoos for Women 32

Neo-Contemporary Anime Thigh Tattoo

The thigh offers tremendous space for large design ideas in women’s tattoo art, and this anime piece is a beautiful example. The design utilizes contemporary cartoon theming and delivery, as the colorful ink creates a brilliant neon effect against the background gray fill, solid color palette, and thick sharpie-style linework.

IG: love.neotrad

Thigh Tattoos for Women 33

Black Ink Bat and Flower Tattoo on Women’s Thigh

A brilliant, original linework mix of flower and fruit bat. I love the lines in this woman’s thigh tattoo – they are used instead of gradient shading to create detail in the creature, branch, and flower. I love the artist’s technical skills, although some added color ink may give it further pop and help differentiate the animal from the flower.

IG: rachelhauer