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34 Tantalizing Tribal Tattoos for Women in 2024

Tribal tattoos exist in a multitude of designs inspired by various cultures and places. Evoking not just history and culture, tribal tattoos display a sense of wonder and artistry about the world. They remind us of the ingenuity and artistry of indigenous people. They also show us a glimpse of the past.

But before you go and get your own tribal tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most beautiful, sensuous, and most captivating tribal tattoos of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Tribal Tattoos for Women 1

The Best Tribal Tattoos for Women - A Black Tribal Tattoo

A simple tribal tattoo inked in black canvassed against the smooth upper back female skin, providing a stark contrast. The design connotes strength and resilience. Combined with a stylish and well-groomed hairstyle, this kind of tattoo is accentuated and stands out even more.

IG: baxx_jordan_tattoos

Tribal Tattoos for Women 2

Simple Geometric Black and Gray Tattoo

Monochromatic row of geometric triangles overlaid on top of each other, creating a visual illusion of a raised pyramid. Tattooed on the upper right area of the back shoulder, the predominantly gray design is clean yet elegant in its simplicity.

IG: tattoojuj

Tribal Tattoos for Women 3

Tribal Fish Tattoo

Inlaid on the left lower leg, this monochrome design of an abstract fish is inked in black and gray with a tinge of pink highlighting the flower petal adorning the fish head. The pink tinge is achieved through a skillful mixing of gray gradients. The art’s line work and depth is well-executed, masterfully hiding a secret beneath it.

IG: tattoojuj

Tribal Tattoos for Women 4

Eye of Horus Tattoo and Indian Script Tattoo

Inked on the left and right inner arms, the pair of tattoos are a simple design of the Eye of Horus and a word in Indian Devanagari script. The pair of tattoos is a symbol of protection and power, elegantly mixing Egyptian and Indian imagery.

IG: sadhakaya

Tribal Tattoos for Women 5

Sexy Tribal Hip Tattoo

A sweeping, intricate design of a tribal tattoo covering the entire upper left thigh and extending into the back, this sensual imagery is styled in Southeast Asian patterns, with smooth curling lines and jagged waves flowing into the erogenous zones of the female body.

IG: eres_tattooer

Tribal Tattoos for Women 6

Black and Gray Spiral Tribal Tattoo

Drawn on intricate swirling lines of tribal design, this tattoo follows the contour of the wearer’s shoulders like an octopus’ tendrils lovingly wrapped around the deltoids extending into the back. The sweeping lines of ink contrast very well with the pinkish hue of the female skin.

IG: tattoojuj

Tribal Tattoos for Women 7

Simple Black and Gray Tribal Tattoo

Drawn in tribal design, this simple tiny tattoo of a half-crescent moon is sleek and unassuming. It sits right on the center of the right shoulder. The plain half-moon silhouette carries a certain mystique and allure.

IG: manu_tattoos

Tribal Tattoos for Women 8

Black and Gray Maasai Tribal Tattoo

Inked across the woman’s upper chest, the tattoo is worn in place of an African tribal necklace. With thin and sharp lines of black and gray, the design is sleek and crisp, exhibiting a high degree of captivating verisimilitude.

IG: chrishigginstattoo

Tribal Tattoos for Women 9

Black and Gray Incan Totem Tattoo

An amazingly intricately drawn tattoo of an Incan totem, this image appears almost in 3D, with the lines and shading masterfully adding depth to the totem. Inked on the inner upper arms, the warm tones of gray produce an almost rust brown color, evoking an almost lifelike image. A masterful work of art.

IG: zero.trez

Tribal Tattoos for Women 10

Black and Gray Tribal Chain Tattoo

Just sitting below the breasts, this intricately designed tattoo of a wrought-iron chained padlock rises to the crest of the breasts in a swirling pattern of dots and ashes. The shades of gray highlight the solid lines of black thorn-like chains. A tiny tadpole rests beneath the left breast. This tattoo is intensely sexy and alluring.

IG: noromaor

Tribal Tattoos for Women 11

Black and Green Tribal Tattoo

Clean, crisp lines of Muslim-inspired tribal design, highlighted by dashes of green, this tattoo shows the sleekness of a Jambiya knife’s sheath. Although originating in the Levant, this tattoo is more Southeast Asian in design. Covering almost the entire lower left leg, this intricately drawn image has clear, incisive lines with curling soft-edges. The skill and craftsmanship of the artist undoubtedly shines here.

IG: stephenthorpearts

Tribal Tattoos for Women 12

Tribal Manta Ray Tattoo

Etched delicately, this chimeric image of a manta ray seemingly flying across the canvas of the skin. The light shading of gray makes the wings appear ephemeral. Adorning this artwork are the planets of the solar system and a spiral tribal design.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Tribal Tattoos for Women 13

Black Abstract Tribal Tattoo

Reminiscent of abstract Indian artwork, this tribal tattoo drawn in medium thick black lines feature half-crescent moons, stars, and suns in interconnected patterns which are often seen in designs of iron-wrought gates. The tattoo is inked in pairs, in both the lower inner arms, and their symmetry is quite something to look at. Definitely personable and eye-catching..

IG: treubhan

Tribal Tattoos for Women 14

Leg Sleeve Tribal Tattoo

Running the full outer length of the left leg, this intricately detailed exotic tribal tattoo is highlighted by bright tinges of blue. Inlaid within the contours of the design are abstract and geometric shapes, drawn in thin lines that slowly become thicker at the margins. Sensual and alluring, this tattoo calls to something basic in all of us.

IG: stephenthorpearts

Tribal Tattoos for Women 15

Embossed Script Tribal Tattoo

Utilizing an embossed effect, this tattoo is accentuated by an undertone of burgundy hue, its contrast to the light skin brings out its rich vibrant palette. Rather than use lines, the artist used hundreds of tiny dots to form the image. Painstakingly wrought, but absolutely worth it.

IG: sacred_knot_tattoo

Tribal Tattoos for Women 16

Multi Colored Thigh Tribal Tattoo

Drawn just above the knee, this Incan-inspired tribal tattoo uses multiple colors of red, green, yellow, and black in medium thick lines and dots. Using an abstract geometric design, the tattoo depicts an Incan bird commonly seen drawn in Incan temples. Simple but eye-catching.

IG: _losifer

Tribal Tattoos for Women 17

Black and Gray Sacred Knot Tree Tattoo

Large tribal tattoo in the image of a sacred knot tree, with the roots and branches of the tree ending in curling knots draped across the center back.. The lines are thin, and the gray gradients give a warm hue that looks almost brown red. A visually striking and arresting piece that speaks to the skill of the artist.

IG: sacred_knot_tattoo

Tribal Tattoos for Women 18

Half Sleeve Black Tribal Tattoo (Arm)

Traditional tribal tattoo inked in dark lines with an intricate abstract design covering the entire upper right arm and shoulders. The design follows the contours of the shoulders and the arm. Swirling at the deltoids, and sweeping lines at the sides.


Tribal Tattoos for Women 19

Small Black and Blue Tribal Tattoo (Ankle)

A pair of symmetrical tribal tattoos in abstract design with the staff in the middle looking like the Rod of Asclepius. The curling snake is highlighted by shades of blue while the abstract geometric design at its side is in black and gray.

IG: stephenthorpearts

Tribal Tattoos for Women 20

Half Leg Sleeve Black Tribal Tattoo

Traditional tribal tattoo inked in dark lines with an intricate abstract design covering the entire lower thigh and part of the buttocks. The design follows the contours of the thigh and goes past under the knees to the side of the lower leg. The lines swirl at the buttocks and sweep at the sides.

IG: caio.spada

Tribal Tattoos for Women 21

Small Black and Gray Tribal Tattoo

Inked behind the left ear going down to the side of the nape, this tribal tattoo looks like a knife sheath. It follows the contours of the ear and hairline. It’s simple and small yet absolutely eye-catching.

IG: hideoutxtattoo

Tribal Tattoos for Women 22

Large Back Piece Tribal Tattoo

Almost a full body suit, this tattoo covers almost the entire back, leaving only the middle part exposed. Inked in varying shades and thickness of black lines, the abstract geometric patterns are reminiscent of indigenous tattoos of Southeast Asia. Extremely arresting and sensuous.

IG: parissa.tatau

Tribal Tattoos for Women 23

Large Upper Back Tribal Tattoo

Inked in black and gray, this tribal tattoo acts like a shawl, covering the upper back starting from the neck spreading out and downwards. The design moves in swirling patterns, with a couple circles looking like yin and yang. The image also contains leaf and branch patterns.

IG: sacred_knot_tattoo

Tribal Tattoos for Women 24

Small Black Tribal Tattoo

Inked in the shape of a manta ray, this tribal tattoo rests lightly on the center of the back centering along the spine, with the wings following the contours of the shoulder. The black and gray gradients are thin and light. It’s small enough that it can be easily covered or shown as desired.


Tribal Tattoos for Women 25

Semi-large Black and Blue Manta Ray Tattoo

The intricate line work in this piece is exhaustive. Small gray thin lines crisscross the abstract geometric pattern forming the manta ray with shades of blue coloring the center back of the manta ray. The tattoo rests atop the left upper thigh.

IG: inked_by_heat

Tribal Tattoos for Women 26

Small Black and Gray Turtle Tattoo

A tiny, detailed tattoo of a turtle that looks like it’s almost swimming on the leg. Its shell and legs are covered in intricate thin lines of gray. The turtle’s face is expressive, with the eyes following the observer anywhere they look. A simple, yet masterful piece of work.

IG: tattoojuj

Tribal Tattoos for Women 27

Symmetrical Black Tribal Tattoo (Lower leg)

A pair of symmetrical tribal tattoos drawn on the front lower leg starting from the lower half of the shin past the midfoot to the forefoot. The pattern contains interconnected swirling black lines of leaves and crosses as well as circles. The tattoo is accentuated by the blue nail polish. Striking and intriguing.

IG: treubhan

Tribal Tattoos for Women 28

Tiny Black Tribal Ear Tattoo

Consisting of just black lines and dots, this tiny tribal tattoo nonetheless accentuates the ear and the earpieces a lot. It suits those wanting to show off their cute ears or expensive earrings.

IG: pitch_tattooist

Tribal Tattoos for Women 29

Small Black and Gray Tribal Tattoo (Ankle)

This tribal tattoo’s design is formed using tiny dots to form the swirling patterns of black and gray running down the length of the side of the left ankle. The dots look almost like ash in the parts where the gray gradient is light. Simple yet beautiful.

IG: shogantattoo

Tribal Tattoos for Women 30

Half Sleeve Black Tribal Tattoo (Arm)

Traditional tribal tattoo inked in light black lines with an intricate abstract design covering the entire upper right arm and shoulders, just going past the elbows to half of the lower arm. The design is reminiscent of indigenous tribal tattoos.

IG: levinjr

Tribal Tattoos for Women 31

Large Gray and Black Tribal Chest Tattoo

Covering the upper chest, this large tribal tattoo is an intricate design of interlocking chains of thorns with a padlock in the center that looks like a heart with a face. The detailed lines of leaves that are tinged red brown to the black dark brush of pine trees that make this tattoo into a forest of cornucopia makes this tattoo one of a kind masterpiece.

IG: noromaor

Tribal Tattoos for Women 32

Tiny Black Tribal Whale Tattoo

A tattoo of a whale lazily swimming on a canvas of skin, this cetacean tribal tattoo is designed with abstract patterns crisscrossing its body. Its fin is brushed with light fine strokes while its upper back is patterned with very thin lines of overlapping weaves.

IG: tattoobymarotearii

Tribal Tattoos for Women 33

Full Sleeve Black and Gray Tribal Tattoo (arm)

A traditional tribal tattoo covering the entire length of the left arm, this tattoo looks like the tendrils of an octopus snaking around the arms with black and gray patterns of abstract geometric design.

IG: islandtat

Tribal Tattoos for Women 34

Half Sleeve Black Tribal Tattoo (Leg)

A traditional tribal tattoo inked on the upper right leg, this tattoo looks like the scale of a snake or the shell of a snail. Trailing in black lines of geometric design, the pattern swirls in magnificent waves and shapes.

IG: parissa.tatau