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33 Meaningful Cross Tattoos For Women In 2023

Cross tattoos, like delicate vines, intertwine with the stories of countless women, embodying faith, strength, and spirituality. The cross, a timeless symbol of devotion, has been a canvas for personal expression and devotion for generations. These inked symbols not only adorn the skin but also carry profound meaning, reflecting the individual’s journey through life’s intricate tapestry.

But before you go and get your own cross tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below, we’ll show you the most captivating and meaningful cross tattoos for women in 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 1

Cross Tattoo Ideas for Women: A Small Black Floral Cross Tattoo on Side

This charming wrist tattoo seamlessly fuses traditional Christian symbolism with dainty florals. The cross symbolizes faith, while delicate flowers add a touch of nature’s beauty. Placed on the side, it’s both discrete and easily flaunted!


Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 2

Metallic Jewel-Embellished Cross Tattoo on Arm

Sparkling like vintage bling, this 3D cross tattoo is pure luxury. With a metallic sheen and gemstone flair, it’s a dazzling twist on tradition. Positioned on the arm for full effect, the artist’s skill in mimicking metallic shine and raised gems is pure magic.

IG: nium_ttt

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 3

Ornate Colorful Cross Tattoo on Arm

A dazzling blend of tradition and mandala art! This elegant masterpiece on the arm adds spiritual depth and artistic flair to your style. The artist’s precision and creativity shine through every intricate detail, making it a true work of art.

IG: vismstudio

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 4

Black and Gray Floral-Entwined Cross Tattoo on Back

This black and gray cross tattoo, intertwined with delicate florals, creates a striking yet intimate statement on the back. Strength meets fragility in this masterpiece by a skilled artist, who masterfully plays with shading and detail, bringing the wooden cross and delicate petals to life.


Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 5

Floral Cross Arm Tattoo

This tattoo effortlessly blends minimalism and elegance, with soft colors and intricate lines. A delicate flower and cross intertwine, symbolizing faith and nature’s beauty. It graces the arm, adding feminine charm, while the artist’s finesse shines in the intricate petal details.

IG: yeowool_tattooer

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 6

Black Celestial Cross with Floral Accent on Arm

Starry vibes meet floral finesse! This cosmic cross on the arm brings the moon, stars, and a dainty flower together in style. It’s like the universe had a garden party on your skin!

IG: tattooist_giho_

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 7

Black Ethereal Cross with Gemstone Accent on Arm

This tattoo is a celestial delight! With a twinkling gemstone at its heart, surrounded by intricate patterns and cosmic vibes, it’s like a starry dance on your arm. A bewitching masterpiece!

IG: munsell_tattoo

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 8

Delicate Floral Cross Tattoo on Arm

This arm tattoo is like a sketch masterpiece, blending faith and nature effortlessly. With its delicate cross and blooming florals, it’s a subtle yet vibrant symbol of spirituality. Perfectly placed on the arm, it’s a secret garden of inked artistry!

IG: sukza__art

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 9

Black Rosary and Cross Tattoo on Wrist and Hand

This tattoo rocks a classic look, with bold black lines and holy vibes. Wrapping around the wrist and hand, it’s a faith-filled masterpiece that moves with you. Major props to the artist for nailing every detail. This ink is all about timeless devotion and heavenly style!

IG: stabbyroseink

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 10

Vibrant Purple Floral Cross Tattoo on Arm

This tattoo is a vibrant explosion of color and spirituality. A playful mix of purple flowers and cross, it’s like faith met a rainbow. Worn on the arm, it’s your secret garden waiting to bloom!

IG: tattooist_solar

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 11

Black and Gray Ornate Cross with Roses Tattoo on Upper Arm

This tattoo is a striking blend of faith and floral finesse. With an ornate cross and blooming roses, it’s a spiritual masterpiece. Inked on the upper arm, it’s both bold and your little secret. A divine mix of faith and flower power, the artist’s shading skills make it pop!

IG: sumok_tattooer

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 12

Simple Black Cross Tattoo on Upper Back

This upper back tattoo rocks a sleek black cross. It’s all about minimalism and discreet charm. When you wanna flaunt your faith, just show it off effortlessly. Less is more, and this ink knows it!

IG: no.16____

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 13

Delicate Floral Cross Tattoo on Arm

This tattoo blooms with elegance! It’s a graceful mix of a cross and delicate florals, like nature’s art on your arm. A beautiful blend of faith and fragility, it’s a poetic tribute to life’s balance.

IG: yeowool_tattooer

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 14

Ethereal Starburst Cross Tattoo on Upper Arm

This starburst cross tattoo on the upper arm is a cosmic masterpiece. With its night-sky charm and spiritual vibes, it’s like a mini galaxy on your skin. Let your imagination run wild as you contemplate faith and the cosmos. Simply divine!

IG: sukza__art

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 15

Rustic Cross with Entwined Rosary Tattoo on Forearm

This tattoo’s rustic charm adds a twist to tradition with a cross and rosary combo. It’s a delicate balance between faith and life’s bindings. Placed on the forearm, it’s a personal statement with a touch of divine style!

IG: bro_tattooing

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 16

Ornate Metallic Cross with Chain Drapery on Thigh

This tattoo screams opulence! It’s all about a majestic metallic cross, bedazzled with pearls and draped in fancy chains. Plus, the thigh placement turns faith into fierce fashion. Shading mastery here makes metals and pearls pop. A divine fusion of faith and art!

IG: nium_ttt

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 17

Pop Art Cross with "Virgin" Inscription Tattoo

This tattoo is like a party on your skin! It mixes the classic cross with vibrant pop art vibes. Pink, black, and gold collide for a cool contrast. “Virgin” in playful bubble letters adds a twist, while delicate flowers soften the look. It’s like tradition met a modern art gallery – fresh, fun, and fabulous!

IG: 3.jinnn

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 18

Serene Coastal Cross Tattoo for Women

Dive into serenity with this playful cross tattoo! It’s a tranquil blend of faith and nature, where birds dance above peaceful waves, and a purple mermaid tail swims below. With soft blues and intricate details, it’s not just a symbol; it’s a serene work of art.

IG: tattoo_rainn

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 19

Gothic Rosary Cross Duo Tattoo

Double the crosses, double the style! This playful tattoo showcases two intricate gothic crosses linked by a mysterious rosary chain with a spider-like bead. The fine black lines add vintage elegance, fusing spirituality and gothic charm.

IG: inkbyptp

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 20

Black and Gray Ornate Cross Tattoo on Forearm

Cross your heart and ink your forearm with this ornate black and gray cross tattoo! With intricate details fit for royalty, it’s an eye-catching masterpiece. The tattoo artist’s mad skills shine, making it a mesmerizing and timeless piece!

IG: tattooist_hwi

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 21

Black and Gray Geometric Cross with Celestial Accents on Arm

This cool black and gray cross tattoo is a cosmic masterpiece! Mixing tradition with geometry, it’s like the universe on your arm. Feathers, stars, and geometric vibes come together seamlessly. Kudos to the artist for this harmonious and eye-catching ink!

IG: tattooist_bae

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 22

Blue Iris And Cross Tattoo on Woman’s Forearm

This tattoo is like a lively garden on your forearm, bursting with colorful blue iris flowers and an elegant black cross. The artist’s skill shines through in the vibrant details and smooth linework. Perfect for catching eyes and compliments!


Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 23

Women’s Black and Gray Floral Bouquet Tattoo on Forearm

This tattoo blossoms with elegance in classic black and gray. A bouquet of blooms and leaves celebrates growth and beauty. Placed on the forearm, it’s a canvas of sophistication skillfully crafted by the tattoo artist. It’s a nature lover’s pick!

IG: hawol_tattoo

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 24

Sacred Floral Hearts with Cross Tattoo on Chest

Bursting with life, this chest tattoo boasts vibrant sacred hearts, surrounded by swirling florals. It’s a vivid homage to tradition, a personal emblem close to the heart, skillfully crafted with passion and precision by a talented artist.


Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 25

Black and Gray Floral-Entwined Cross Tattoo on Forearm

Classic meets nature in this black and gray ink masterpiece. The cross and intertwined florals exude timeless charm, symbolizing faith’s beauty amidst nature’s embrace. Perfectly placed on the forearm, it’s an artful testament to balance and depth.

IG: inkedbyx_

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 26

Matching Cross Tattoos for Women

This tattoo’s all about less is more! A snazzy red “Love” script entwined with a subtle cross on the forearm. A discreet but profound faith and emotion statement. The artist’s choice of delicate script and subtle cross? Pure design genius!

IG: handitrip

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 27

Twin Black and Gray Ornate Crosses with Wing Accents on Forearm

Double the divine with this twin set of ornate crosses on the forearm! In classic black and gray, these symmetrical beauties come with stylish wings for a touch of heavenly flair. They’re more than tattoos; they’re personal symbols of faith and freedom. Shoutout to the artist for their mad skills!

IG: soi_808choppa

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 28

Black Outline Cross Tattoo on Stomach

This striking black cross is the star of the show. Placed right in the center, this cross grabs attention and says, “Look at me!” The artist’s diverse skills shine through in this eclectic ensemble of ink.

IG: lettieridisegni

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 29

Small Color Floral and Cross Tattoo on Ankle

Nature meets faith in this ankle masterpiece! Delicate flowers around a subtle cross create a whimsical fusion of beauty and spirituality. Positioned on the ankle, it’s a stylish step towards self-expression. Props to the artist for nailing the intricate details and vibrant colors!

IG: tattooist_dal

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 30

Black and Gray Cross with Heart Outline Tattoo on Shoulder

This black and gray shoulder tattoo mixes sketch vibes with tradition. It’s all about that heart-cross combo, showing love and belief are best buds. The design gracefully hugs the shoulder’s curve, enhancing the body’s beauty. The artist’s freehand flair makes spirituality and passion pop.

IG: tattooist_f.59

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 31

Intricate Black and Gray Ornamental Cross Tattoo on Arm

This ornamental black and gray cross tattoo on the arm is a masterpiece! With intricate scrollwork and a heart at its core, it’s all about love and faith. Worn like a necklace, it’s elegant and regal, highlighting the artist’s impressive skill.

IG: who_is_agne

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 32

Black and Gray Abstract Cross Tattoo on Woman’s Upper Back

Get ready to embrace the abstract vibes with this cool cross tattoo! Its spontaneous lines and radiant rays break the mold. Placed on the upper back, it’s a stylish choice for a moment of revelation. Kudos to the artist for this creative twist!

IG: gisant.orient

Cross Tattoo Ideas For Women 33

Black and Gray Baroque-Inspired Cross Tattoo on Calf

With Baroque-inspired flourishes and intricate cross design, this tattoo is a royal blend of devotion and style. Placed perfectly on the calf, it’s a majestic masterpiece that’ll turn heads with every step. The artist’s skill shines, making this ink a wearable masterpiece!

IG: hollydoestattoos