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25 Lovely Ladybug Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024 

Did you know that in many cultures, Ladybugs represent luck? Also known as “the good luck bug,” these little critters are among nature’s most adorable creations. With their bright colors, tiny sizes and lovely shell patterns, these bugs are such a joy to look at. Perhaps this is why it’s no surprise that many people go for a Ladybug design. Not only do Ladybugs look amazing, but they’re also said to bring great luck and lifetime fortune.

But before you go and get your own Ladybug tattoo, though, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most striking, eye-catching, and dazzling Ladybug tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin!

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 1

Color Fineline Ladybug Tattoo Behind Ear

I love the unique position of this tattoo. Imagine having a pretty little surprise popping out every time you tuck your hair behind your ears! The color palette of this design is simple yet absolutely eye-catching: light green, blue and purple blended nicely together. The white highlight adds a great touch to the ladybug’s shell, creating a shiny, adorable look. Props to the creator behind this pretty design!

IG: arona_tattoo

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 2

Black and Gray Ladybug Side-Knee Tattoo with Fern Branch

Here we have a simple black and gray design on the side of the knee. The delicate shape of the branch of fern really adds a hint of femininity to the tattoo, while the ladybug remains the focal point of the piece. The light dotwork surrounding the centerpiece is nice, echoing the dots on the ladybug’s shells. The only criticism I would have is for the position of the tattoo, because it seems like the flow of the design does not work too well on a bent knee.

IG: katiniai

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 3

New School Calf Tattoo of Ladybug with Flowers

Typical for any new school tattoo, this design is striking as it features vivid colors and bold-weighted linework. The focal point of this tattoo has to be the beautiful ornament hidden in between the ladybug’s wings. The white highlight on top of the red-black color combination even makes it look like a mystical, magical eye. The pink flowers and green leaves of different shades surround the ladybug, creating a nice sense of balance in the composition. For such a detailed design, the calf is a great option.

IG: _sweetbtattoos_

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 4

Back Tattoo of Five Ladybugs on Strips of Ribbon

This has to be one of my favorite designs in this whole collection. The fineline style creates a soft, feminine feel to the tattoo, as it flows nicely down the client’s back. Five ladybugs cling to the strips of ribbon, making them look like pretty bows. Hats off to the tattoo artist who designed and executed such a dainty and graceful tattoo!

IG: halloween.parade

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 5

Realistic Fineline Tattoo of Ladybug on a Leaf

This 3D tattoo of a tiny ladybug is probably one of the most adorable designs on this list. The artist did a wonderful job with their fineline and shading skills, making this tattoo very realistic and eye-catching, despite its small size. Even the tip of the leaf is depicted delicately, which proves how detail-oriented and thorough the artist is. Check out more ink pieces of this style right here @gno_tattoopeople!

IG: gno_tattoopeople

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 6

Realistic Cartoon Ladybug Tattoo with Flowers and Leaves

If the styles we have shown you so far are not exactly your cup of tea, you might want to look at this realistic cartoon tattoo. The bright, vivid colors combined with an excellent shading job make this design really stand out. This tattoo can be positioned almost anywhere, but I recommend the arm or leg, where it can be admired easily. It almost looks like the ladybug will fly away if you touch it!

IG: shaemotztattoos

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 7

Cartoon Tattoo of Little Ladybug Girl

What if ladybugs were humanized? They would probably look like the adorable little girl in this creative and interesting tattoo. The cartoon style works well with the design idea, making it simple but not plain. My favorite detail is probably the girl’s blush, depicted by two red circles, which imitate the color of her ladybug shell. The fact that the rest is inked in black makes the red color stand out even more. Such a lovely ankle tattoo!

IG: gazlau

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 8

Neo-traditional Tattoo of Ladybug on Floating Plants

This neo-traditional design features black outlines of different weights, and a not-so-typical paler color palette. The light shading on the ladybug’s wings, the duckweeds, and pistias adds depth to the tattoo as a whole, creating a subtle feeling of dimension. It looks like the design is positioned on the side of the client’s thigh, but any area flat enough for all the elements of this tattoo would be a good choice. If you want to see more beautiful neo-traditional ink pieces, I recommend checking out this talented German artist’s page @dennissiwek.

IG: dennissiwek

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 9

New School Ladybug and Heart Tattoo With Flowers

Another suggestion for fans of the new school style, this design features vibrant colors and bold, consistent outlines. What I like the most about this tattoo is the nice combination of its color palette. Green, yellow and orange are blended nicely together on the flowers, while the white shading gives the ladybug wings a wet, realistic look. It seems like it is positioned on the forearm, but such a lively design could be placed anywhere visible.

IG: deboracherrys

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 10

Micro Realistic Wrist Ladybug Tattoo

Since a ladybug is eventually, well, a bug, having a real-sized tattoo can also be a wonderful option for people who love micro designs. Artist Zihong from Seoul, Korea chooses the client’s dainty wrist, which works perfectly with this subtle, delicate ink piece. The light shading and the white highlight on the ladybug’s shell make it seem so realistic and intriguing. The artist has done an amazing job on this one!

IG: zihong_tattoo

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 11

Blackwork Tattoo of Ladybug on Flowers

Personally, I find the linework in this tattoo so satisfying to look at: the outline is bold and clean, while the subtle strokes on the flowers and the ladybug are thin and graceful. The lack of color in this design is definitely an intentional choice, giving the lovely imagery the spotlight. It’s placed on the client’s arm, and seems to go well with the existing tattoo, both in terms of color and style.

IG: ladywolly

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 12

New school Hand Tattoo of Ladybug and Flowers

The idea behind this design is not new: a ladybug on pretty flowers and leaves, but what really sets it apart is the placement. If you’re looking for something covering the back of your hand, this design might be for you. The placement of the details flows so well from the client’s wrist to the fingers. For more appealing new school designs, definitely check out the artist’s account @j.o.nieminen.

IG: j.o.nieminen

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 13

Linework Tattoo of Ladybug Unfolding Wings

This tattoo caught my eye because of its simple but unique choice of a ladybug with its wings unfolded. Other ladybug tattoos, as you can see so far, tend to feature closed wings. The open wings create a sense of symmetry and balance in the design as a whole. Another nice detail is how the well-executed whip shading really adds depth to the design, making it a great top forearm tattoo. This is one of Ren’s fantastic works – a female artist who thrives at blackwork!

IG: ren.inblack

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 14

Micro Realistic Tattoo of Two Ladybugs

This one has to be among the most adorable designs, featuring a ladybug on a leaf and another flying toward it. The realistic style makes them look so lively, while the simple but well-blended shades of green make the leaves really soft and natural. I adore how this tattoo looks like a beautiful drawing in a children’s book. If you want to look at more dainty, micro-realistic tattoos, you can visit this talented artist’s page @tattoo.pencil.

IG: tattoo.pencil

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 15

Abstract Color Ladybug Tattoo

Now this one is like a breath of fresh air to the collection! The ladybug is cut into two halves, one is a complete drawing, while the other seems like a chaotic sketch. Such an abstract concept makes this tattoo so fascinating to look at. It’s as if the center line is what the ladybug is crossing for its pieces to come together. Its placement at the side of the client’s knee makes it stand out even more. Props to the artist for designing and executing such a unique piece!

IG: rorschart.ttt

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 16

Cartoon Ladybug Tattoo on Back of Arm

This simple cartoon tattoo is the perfect choice for anyone who dislikes outlines and heavy shading. The ladybug still looks very lively despite the cartoonish style, as if it is crawling from one side of the arm to the other. My favorite detail is probably the tiny heart on the ladybug’s head, adding an adorable touch to the design.

IG: grzechkusto

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 17

Neo-traditional Ladybug Tattoo on Leaves

This tattoo artist’s specialty is definitely the neo-traditional style with beautiful designs. This ladybug tattoo is executed very well, featuring a dark, deep color palette. The black shading and the white highlight adds much texture and dimension to the tattoo. Placing it on the outer forearm is a smart decision, making it easy to be admired. For more neo-traditional pieces, definitely check out the artist’s page @isaacink_!

IG: isaacink_

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 18

Old School Arm Tattoo of Ladybug on Flower Branch

We can’t possibly forget to include at least one design from the Old School style. This arm tattoo features bold, black outlines with a simple but vivid color palette. The minimal amount of shading makes it a great option for anyone who’s looking for a more 2D-looking ink piece. Another thing that I really like is the position of the tattoo; it looks like the flower branch is perfectly wrapped around the client’s arm.

IG: electricbat_tattoo

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 19

Ladybug Tattoo on Wrist

Another suggestion for anyone who’s looking for an ink piece on their wrist. This ladybug is designed like a pretty ornament, with simply beautiful patterns and subtle dotwork underneath its wings. If you are looking for more edgy, eye-catching designs, you should probably visit the tattoo studio’s page @biesytattoo, which is home to several talented artists.

IG: biesytattoo

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 20

Neo-traditional Ladybug and Lily Tattoo

What I love the most about this design is its simplicity and balanced composition. The pretty branch of lily wraps around the ladybug’s rounded wings very nicely, creating a sense of harmony. The tattoo artist, Demi DeFranco from Glasgow, has really pulled off the neo–traditional style.

IG: _demidefranco

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 21

Watercolor Ladybug Tattoo on Forearm

I absolutely adore the style of watercolor when it comes to tattoos of nature, because of how beautiful and splendid it looks. This ladybug forearm tattoo makes use of the bright palette of red, yellow, purple and green – all meshed together very nicely. The absence of outlines makes the tattoo even more eye-catching. My favorite detail is the subtle splash of red, looking like raindrops splashing on the ladybug’s shell.

IG: pillulynk45

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 22

Micro Realistic Ladybug Tattoo on Top of Wrist

Another micro-realistic wrist tattoo, this one brought to you by a skilled Russian artist. The subtle shading and white highlight make the ladybug look adorable. If you are looking for colorful, delicate designs, you might want to look through the artist’s profile @liza_vezna_tattoo.

IG: liza_vesna_tattoo

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 23

Watercolor Ankle Tattoo of Ladybug

Another splendid example of how nice watercolor tattoos can be. The combination of red and green splashes looks adorable, which also blend nicely with the ladybug’s shells. Props to the tattoo artist for doing a wonderful job.

IG: leni_ink

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 24

Black and Gray Fine Line Tattoo of Ladybug and Sunflower

I like how feminine and graceful this tattoo looks, featuring a tiny ladybug and a beautiful sunflower. The lack of color actually makes the design even more refined, and the white highlight really adds more liveliness and softness to the whole composition. The artist Victoria Bischof thrives on fineline tattoos with minimal addition of color, and this is one of her most recent works.

IG: victoria.bischof.ttt

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 25

Side Stomach Tattoo of Ladybug in Black and Gray

Not all tattoos have to be placed on a visible body part. This design has quite a unique position, on the client’s side stomach. I love how neat the linework and shading are, creating a simple but not at all simple-minded ink piece. Another interesting detail is that only one of the ladybug’s wings is open, but this asymmetry actually flows well with this particular body part.

IG: m0thm0mmy

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 26

Realistic Cartoon Ladybug on Forearm

I personally find this design the most realistic on this list, thanks to the beautiful shading work by the tattoo artist. Another detail that I really enjoy looking at is how the dots on the ladybug’s shell are shaped like germs, adding an edge to the design as a whole.

IG: zero.inkart

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 27

Micro Realistic Ladybug Tattoo on Wrist

Another fantastic work from Zihong, based in Seoul, Korea. This one is just as adorable as the other, with delicate white highlights and subtle black shading. If you still haven’t checked this artist’s page out, maybe you now should, for the wonderful collection of micro, colored tattoos @zihong_tattoo.

IG: zihong_tattoo

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas 28

Mesmerizing Color Ladybug Tattoo on Back of Ankle

Last but definitely not least, this tattoo absolutely makes an impression for its unique selection of color. Black and green are blended with each other to form the ladybug’s body, while its mesmerizing patterns are depicted with light red, yellow, orange and neon green. The lack of outlines make this design even more hypnotic and alluring. For more similar color-block inspiration, check out the artist’s appealing collection @eneo_tattoo.

IG: eneo_tattoo

We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!