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24 Amazingly Cute Panda Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women

Pandas are by far one of the most adorable animals on this planet. Native to the mountainous areas in Southwest China, these roly-poly bears are so cute that we often forget they’re still wild animals with pretty big claws and teeth. So, why not get one tattooed? That way, you can have your very own panda forever!

Before you go and get your own panda tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most incredible, most precious, and cutest panda tattoo ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Panda Tattoo Ideas 1

Color Realistic Happy Panda Tattoo on Forearm

Looking at the outline of the lower leaf, it appears that this tattoo isn’t yet completed. The green is a nice contrast against the black and white of the panda whose adorable face would make anyone smile. The artist did a really good job bringing this panda to life.

IG: seratattoo

Panda Tattoo Ideas 2

Watercolor Kawaii Panda Tattoo on Calf/Ankle

Don’t you just love those rosy cheeks? The line work is very consistent but what I love the most is how well the artist blends both the black and the colors. Yaiza is a Spanish artist from Madrid specializing in cute tattoos. If cute is your thing, go check out her Instagram for more inspiration.

IG: tattooyauu

Panda Tattoo Ideas 3

Single Needle Baby Panda Tattoo on Forearm

It’s amazing that there are artists that can create such a realistic tattoo with a single needle. Teresa Vega from Madrid has done a gorgeous job with this micro-realistic panda tattoo. The texture of the fur is fluffy and makes you want to reach and give him a big hug.

IG: teresa_cuttoo

Panda Tattoo Ideas 4

Anime Panda With a Kitsune Mask Tattoo on Woman’s Arm

Here’s another cute tattoo for anyone needing to add something adorable to their collection. There are so many elements to this tattoo. One thing is for sure though, the lines are crisp and solid and the shading is subtle creating a contrast with the solid black. The splash of pink in the cherry blossoms is a lovely addition.

IG: nasza_tattoo_shop


Panda Tattoo Ideas 5

Graphic/Sketch/Dotwork Panda Tattoo On Man’s Arm

Here’s some inspiration for anyone looking for a more masculine tattoo. The strokes and scribbles give this piece a lot of movement without making it appear too busy. Adding fine lines also creates a much-needed contrast between the thick bold lines. I really enjoy the way this tattoo flows with the shape of the client’s arm, I give a 10/10 for both execution and design.

IG: hossam.tattoos

Panda Tattoo Ideas 6

Hyper Realistic Panda Tattoo on Arm

The negative bamboo leaves frame this tattoo and create a nice contrast against all the black. There’s something quite sad about the look in the panda’s eyes; maybe he doesn’t like being in a cage but then again, what wild animal wants to be caged? Luckily it’s just a tattoo, so no pandas were harmed in the making of this fantastic piece.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Panda Tattoo Ideas 7

Beautiful Feminine Watercolor Panda Tattoo on Side of Thigh

Andrey is a Ukrainian tattoo artist based in Belgium, and he has a knack for creating pieces that look just like paintings. The colors in this tattoo are phenomenal but what I can’t get enough of is the starry sky that’s encompassing the panda head. Truly well done.

IG: sidtattoo

Panda Tattoo Ideas 8

Adorable Dotwork Waving Panda Wrist Tattoo

Don’t leave him hanging; wave back! This panda tattoo is so cute with the soft Dotwork shading adding to its cuteness. The client was smart in placing it on the wrist; whenever they look down they’ll always have something to smile about.


Panda Tattoo Ideas 9

Abstract Watercolor/Sketch Panda Tattoo On Woman’s Chest

This is quite an unusual tattoo and I wonder if it has meaning behind it. The colors are striking and complement each other; orange and purple are complementary colors after all. Perhaps the chest wasn’t the best place for this tattoo, I feel like it doesn’t flow very well. However, I’m sure the client chose this spot and is happy with the outcome.

IG: tattoozelenska

Panda Tattoo Ideas 10

Photo Realistic Panda Forearm Tattoo

Can you imagine how difficult it must be to perfectly tattoo a photo-realistic piece? The skills it takes to master such a design can take years to acquire, but Jose Contreras, an artist from the U.S.A, seems to really know what he’s doing. I love how this tattoo fits the forearm like a glove. You see the entire panda, and none of it is distorted. You killed this piece, Jose!

IG: joseecd

Panda Tattoo Ideas 11

Blackwork Fancy Dressed Panda Tattoo on Outer Forearm

You can tell this panda is a real stand-up guy; just look at how fancy he’s dressed. This is one of those designs where you’re wondering, ‘why didn’t I think of that’. I love the varying line weights and how abstract the shading makes this tattoo look. At least the client can show this one off easily; the outer forearm was a really good choice.

IG: fabinho_tattoo

Panda Tattoo Ideas 12

Realistic Panda Eating Bamboo Tattoo on Side of Calf

Micro realistic tattoos are very much on the rise and there are so many great artists offering this style of realism. The only issue with realistic tattoos is that they are quite vulnerable to fading. Regardless of fading, this tattoo, in particular, is solid. The element that really pops here is the amazing texture of the fur. The touch of green is then a nice break from all the black and gray; a good choice on the artist’s part.

IG: lyan_tattoo

Panda Tattoo Ideas 13

Abstract Blackwork Panda Eating Bamboo Tattoo on Forearm

Where do I begin with this tattoo? Have you ever seen anything like it before? It almost looks like a sticker thanks to the bold lines and white outline. The solid black packing is impeccably done and contrasts with the smooth whip shading in the flower and panda head. I wouldn’t mess with this panda though; he has that crazy look in his eyes.

IG: goldenwatchtattoo

Panda Tattoo Ideas 14

Charming Dotwork Panda Cub Tattoo on Forearm

What a happy little panda. Can you believe that almost this entire tattoo is made up of dots? The darker shaded areas contrast against the smooth, soft shading and I adore the bamboo created by negative spacing. Because the design is in a triangular form, it flows nicely with the forearm.

IG: le_purgatoire_tattoo_shop

Panda Tattoo Ideas 15

Delightful Panda Cub Giving a High-Five Tattoo

This high-fiving panda seems to be a popular image to incorporate into a design.The many ways artists have adapted it into their own style is fantastic. There are elements of Sketch, Watercolor, Blackwork, and Embroidery in this tattoo but it’s not overly busy to the point that there isn’t a focal point. Making the panda’s eyes so big and colorful gives off a very cute vibe. I love the embroidered speech bubble; it suits the design nicely. This tattoo also matches the style of the client’s original tattoos which is a nice touch as they obviously have a particular theme they’re going for.


Panda Tattoo Ideas 16

Blackwork Half-Sleeve Panda Tattoo on Arm

The elements of Dotwork and Blackwork really suit each other and contrast in the sense that the Dotwork is soft against the solid black. The pepper shading in the panda’s head creates the illusion of fur which was very smart on the artist’s behalf. If you look closely you can see a touch of brown in the eye; another lovely addition to this gorgeous tattoo.

IG: spence.tattoos

Panda Tattoo Ideas 17

Precious Watercolor Baby Panda Triceps Tattoo

Cute, cute, cute! Pandas seem to be a great subject to turn into an adorable tattoo, I mean, they do look extremely cuddly. The expression on this little guy’s face is priceless and adds to the overall cutesy vibe the artist was going for. Adding color to the eyes, tongue, and background is a genius idea as it creates a cartoonish feel and also breaks away from the black and white of the panda. The placement is perfect; his tattoo was definitely made for the triceps.


Panda Tattoo Ideas 18

Three Tiny Minimalist Panda Tattoos on Woman’s Chest

These three pandas are the sweetest little things I’ve ever seen. How cute are those glasses? The artist, Joe Yu, from New York, is skilled with his Linework. The chest isn’t the easiest place to tattoo because of the movement from the client breathing but he managed to pull clean, fine lines and created an adorable piece the client can be proud of.

IG: chinito_tatts

Panda Tattoo Ideas 19

Amazing Painting-Like Panda Tattoo on Calf

This might be my favorite panda tattoo on this list. The colors are phenomenal and the glow created by his eyes is breathtaking. It almost reminds me of the panda character from the online game World of Warcraft. I can’t put my finger on the exact style but what I can say is it looks like the artist painted this tattoo on their client. It’s absolutely stunning.

IG: fernandotravis

Panda Tattoo Ideas 20

Black and Gray Panda Eating Bamboo Half-Sleeve Tattoo

This Black and Gray panda tattoo is really well done. It has an almost painting-like feel to it which I really like. The only thing that I feel should have been done differently is the bamboo. It’s very flat and lacks texture; unless the artist is still busy with it. Other than that, the proportion of the tattoo is ideal for the arm and I’m sure the client was over the moon with their new addition.


Panda Tattoo Ideas 21

Fineline Panda Holding a Flower Ankle Tattoo

Here’s a sweet little minimalistic panda with the pink in the flowers giving it quite a feminine touch. The solid black is well done and I like how the artist used white highlights to distinguish the arms and ears from each other. Good job on the smooth, fine lines and adding the color to the flowers which creates a nice contrast between them and the panda.

IG: riallisontattooink

Panda Tattoo Ideas 22

Precious Rolling Minimalist Panda Tattoos

This tattoo makes me smile because these tiny pandas are so precious. It’s also a smart design because whichever way you turn it, it’ll be the right way. The line work is velvety; the solid black is very contrasted against the paleness of the client’s skin which makes this tattoo look like it was printed on the skin.

IG: ziv_tattooer

Panda Tattoo Ideas 23

Fineline Blackwork Realistic Panda in Bamboo Triceps Tattoo

The final panda tattoo on the list; and it’s definitely a lovely one to end with. My favorite thing about this tattoo is the minimal use of lines. There is no solid outline; the artist used her artistic skills to create a stunning panda out-of-line shading. The sweet look in the panda’s eyes makes it difficult not to want to give it a cuddle. A phenomenally well-done tattoo. I hope you enjoyed this list and found the inspiration you were looking for.


Panda Tattoo Ideas 24

Watercolor Panda With Script Calf Tattoo

Another waving panda, did you wave back? The bright Watercolors make this piece stand out and give the tattoo depth. I love the fine lines in the branch; they contrast well against the lack of lines in the panda. In regards to the size and placement, I feel like the tattoo should have been a bit bigger to fit the shape of the client’s calf.

IG: omarmedinatattoo