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28 Outstanding Lobster Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

I remember watching the TV series “Friends” a few years back and being absolutely amused by one of the main character’s lines: “You’re my lobster!”. Lobsters are among the most romantic and affectionate animals because they mate for life. And so, the expression “someone’s lobster” has been popularized to signify everlasting love. But the symbolism of lobsters goes beyond that. They’re also associated with deep feelings, regeneration, emotional strength, and adaptability. Pretty cool, right?

But before you go and get your own Lobster tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the boldest, most beautiful, and most captivating Lobster tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 1

Custom Leg Tattoo of Tengu Lobster

I absolutely adore this piece. If you’re not familiar with Japanese culture, Tengu refers to a group of legendary creatures that typically have a birdlike appearance along with long noses. I love how the artist incorporates Japanese influence into this Lobster design, making it undoubtedly fascinating!

IG: jcollistattoo

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 2

Sketch Tattoo of Lobster on Upper Leg

Sketch style never fails to grab my attention. I really like how this Lobster looks like it’s straight out of a drawing book. It also has a somewhat mechanical, erector set vibe. For more amazing Sketch designs check out the artist at IG: @loiseautattoo!

IG: loiseautattoo

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 3

Old School Tattoo of Lobster on Forearm

We couldn’t possibly forget to include something inked in Old School style. I really like the color palette of this one, featuring solid colors without making them look overwhelming. Seems like this client is off to a great start; there’s plenty of remaining room for an Old School full-sleeve tattoo in the future!

IG: nickmayes

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 4

Linework Tattoo of Red Lobster

If you like something simple but not boring, this is definitely for you. Sometimes, no shading or highlighting is needed for a design to stand out. I like that the artist went with the red ink though; not only is it unique but we all know that Lobsters are naturally red!

IG: roxatattoo

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 5

Black and Gray Tattoo of Lobster on Forearm

An excellent design with excellent execution! I really like how this tattoo fits perfectly across the linear expanse of the forearm, right below the other existing ones. It’s always good to remember that for a tattoo to succeed, location as well as design is important. For more Black and Gray tattoos, check out the artist at IG:


Lobster Tattoo Ideas 6

Minimal Tattoo of Loster and a Heart over Biceps

This is another simple but eye-catching design. If you’re looking for something that directly associates Lobster with undying love, this is it! I really like how the tiny heart stands out, because it’s the only image inked in red, as if to say love is what makes life colorful!

IG: les.levres.rouges

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 7

Traditional Japanese Tattoo of Lobster on Forearm

Do you know that in Japanese culture, Lobsters sometimes represent longevity? Perhaps that’s why it’s often popular for both tattooists and tattoo enthusiasts to get Japanese-inspired Lobster tattoos.. If you like the style of this design, you might want to check out the artist at IG: @chrisv_tattooer for more Japanese-inspired pieces!

IG: chrisv_tattooer

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 8

Color Tattoo of Lobster and Rainbow Wrasse Fish

Now, this is something just for sea lovers. I really like the grounded color palette of this piece, which makes use of earthy, darker tones that go really well together. It looks like the client is going to have the whole beautiful ocean tattooed on their arm, don’t you think?

IG: merpied

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 9

Cartoon Tattoo of Lobster on Upper Arm

This tattoo really made me say: “Ohh, so adorable!” the first time I saw it. Cartoon designs always have such a refreshing charm to them, and this one is no exception. My favorite detail is probably how hairy the Lobster’s legs are, which is such a nice and funny touch!

IG: mrozyc

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 10

Custom Design of Cosmic Lobster on Lower Leg

The whimsical vibe of this design is to die for! I really like how the artist uses cosmic entities to decorate the Lobster, making them look like pieces of jewelry. The color palette is gorgeous, too. Lighter, brighter tones really match this dreamy and fanciful design!

IG: anaisseasun

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 11

Black and Gray Tattoo of Lobster with Ornamental Elements

Speaking of jewelry, this one features absolutely beautiful and sparkling pieces just for those of you who like a little dazzle on your skin! I love how the artist uses white highlighs on the Lobster’s body, giving it a shiny look that matches the ornaments. And btw can you see the light reflecting off those ornaments? Love The Sparkle

IG: templeofbeasts

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 12

Linework Tattoo of Lobster on Lower Leg

Linework tattoos featuring Linework shading are probably one of the most classic looks. The artist really delivers such a clean design with amazingly even and steady lines.. For more inspiration like this, visit the artist at IG: @charlodarko

IG: charlodarko

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 13

Blackwork Tattoo of Lobster on Forearm

While many of the tattoos we’ve seen depict static Lobsters, this one puts the subject in motion. I really like how the curve of the Lobster’s body just gives us a sense of movement right away. It’s also really nice that the placement of this tattoo almost makes it look like a full-sleeve!

IG: nautilus.wro

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 14

Minimal Tattoo of Lobster as Part of Matching Tattoo Set

This is another option for lovers of simplicity. Fun fact, there’s actually a matching tattoo that looks like the flipped version of this one, that’s on the client’s best buddy. To see them together, visit the artist at IG:@laurathedrawer

IG: laurathedrawer

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 15

Old School Arm Tattoo of Lobster Cut in Half

First of all, let’s talk about the magnificent colorwork! I adore the palette and how well all the shades mesh together. Also, the fact that the Lobster is cut in half by what seems to be an invisible wave is so interesting! This piece is really something that’s going to keep your attention for a while.

IG: trash_haus

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 16

Black and Gray Tattoo of Lobster on Arm

Another Black and Graay design, but this one looks a little darker, and more intense than the others. I love the dusty look of the Lobster’s shell, with some stains scattered from place to place. They make the Lobster look so realistic!

IG: andyharrison_ink

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 17

Linework Tattoo of Lobster with Linework Shading

Tattoo artist @serranosjuan excels at Linework, and this one is pulled out from his original, marvelous collection. I really like how bold and steady the outlines are in this tattoo, making the whole design really well-defined. It’s interesting too how the shading consists solely of lines. Very Cool

IG: serranosjuan

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 18

Custom Design of Lobster on Lower Arm

The color combination of this design is so delightful and engaging: blue, orange, and different shades of black to ground everything. Light seems to be reflecting off the Lobster’s shell giving it a sparkling-like appearance This charming palette is actually a signature style of the artist’s works. If you like it, give her page a peek right here at IG: @marinelise

IG: marinelise

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 19

Custom Color Tattoo of Lobster with Woman’s Face

This is simply stunning! I like how brilliant the design looks despite it having quite a limited color palette, just black and purple. The ominous, intimidating vibe coming off of the woman’s face adds such a nice edginess to the tattoo. I wonder if she’s a witch who has turned the poor Lobster into her mirror holder! This design really lets my imagination run wild.

IG: kaylieseaver

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 20

Black and Gray Tattoo of Lobster Wearing Hannya Mask

Fans of Japanese folklore, do you recognize the Hannya mask in this design? For those of you who haven’t heard of it, the Hannya is a mask used in Japanese folk theater, representing a jealous female demon. It brings out such a devilish, manic vibe, which absolutely captures my attention!

IG: elbaztostattoo

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 21

Realistic Color Tattoo of Lobster on Thigh

I like Realistic animal tattoos, because they capture them in such a natural, enjoyable light. The shade of red used in this design is so bright and delightful, which helps the Lobster stand out immediately. Nice job on the artist’s part!

IG: delamartattoo

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 22

Custom Leg Tattoo of Lobster with Old School Influence

There are some elements of Old School style here, particularly the bold, solid outlines and the bright colors. Speaking of which, the palette is just splendid. I love how neon blue is so well incorporated, making the design absolutely pop!

IG: alecuo_tattooer

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 23

Black and Gray Tattoo of Lobster on Back of Arm

What I like about this design is the addition of the little sparkle and line of dots that add a sense of balance to the whole piece. If you want to admire more Black and Gray pieces, definitely check out the artist at IG: @mary_jka

IG: mary_jka

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 24

Black and Gray Tattoo of Lobster on Back of Arm

The back of the arm is a really good placement for your tattoo if you want to show it off to other people. And I think this lovely piece deserves to be seen as much as possible! I really like how rusty and full of texture the Lobster’s shell looks. Props to the artist for the nice job!

IG: luigi_picconi_tattooer

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 25

Illustrative Tattoo of Lobster over Biceps

This is one of the most unique tattoos on the list. The abstract and conceptual design is outstanding – it seems like the artist has put a lot of thought into the whole process. I also love the sketchy feel of the black outline, making the whole piece even more fascinating to interpret!

IG: luca_braidotti_tattoo

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 26

Custom Old School-Inspired Tattoo of Lobster with Geometric Elements

What a unique design this one is! I really like that the artist incorporates elements of Old School style, bold black outlines and a simple color palette, with mesmerizing Geometric patterns. Great work by artist IG: @ricky_mo

IG: ricky_mo

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 27

Custom Tattoo of Lobster on Forearm

A nice, clean work by artist IG: @nosho, whose unique style is characterized by brilliant red and black designs. I really like the lack of outlines here, making the Lobster seem like a sticker on this client’s skin. For more awesome ink pieces of the same style, don’t forget to visit the artist’s page!

IG: nosho

Lobster Tattoo Ideas 28

Black and Gray Neo-Traditional Inspired Tattoo of Lobster on Lower Leg

Last but not least, we have a magnificent piece done by artist IG: @leoniepalanca. Thriving on Blackwork, she has a really bold and impressive approach to all of her designs. I like how well the different edges of the Lobster’s body are contoured and shaded. Absolutely stellar work!

IG: leoniepalanca

We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!