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Hygiene and Safety at Panumart Tattoo

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Our hygienic protocol was developed by medical professionals from the United States.

Eddie Beer
The most hygienic tattoo shop I’ve ever entered in any country.

Nicole Niebler
Best tattoo experience imaginable! Super clean

⚡ Our hygienic protocol was developed by medical professionals from the United States.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. And your safety is our primary concern.

That is why we consulted with a doctor and a physician’s assistant from the United States to create our hygiene protocol. The two trained us in person and reviewed our work to ensure we followed proper hygienic safety practices .

To ensure your safety we take measures such as using disposable physical barriers, always using brand-new needles straight from their sealed package, using high-quality ink, sterilizing the shop and work area with chemical cleaners and providing you with free aftercare so that you do not get an infection in Thailand’s hot and humid climate.

Here is how we handle tattoo hygiene:


First and foremost we maintain a very clean shop.

Clean Hands

Before readying a workstation or starting a tattoo, the tattoo artist will cleanse their hands with alcohol and then put on a fresh new pair of nitrile gloves. In addition to this, the artists have been trained how to prevent contamination of bodily fluids during the tattoo. For instance, if they need to move a light they know to take off their gloves and cleanse their hands using an touch-free alcohol gel dispenser before touching any clean surface.

Physical Barriers

A physical barrier of plastic wrap is applied to every piece of furniture, machine and accessory in the work station. This barrier prevents bodily fluids from coming into contact with these surfaces. As an extra precaution, each surface area is cleaned with alcohol or a chemical cleaner following every tattoo.

Needles & Inks

All needles are brand new, still packed in their sterile packaging. All tattoo inks are name-brand, such as Eternal, Dynamic, Fusion and Intenze. All used ink is disposed of and never re-used because that would be a terrible thing to do.

Chemical Cleaning & Sterilization

All tattoo equipment is treated with chemicals after use to ensure that they are safe for use. Additionally, tattoo machines are then sterilized with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation.

Antibacterial Green Soap for Tattoos

Before, during and after the tattooing process our artists apply name-brand Green Soap to sanitize the skin. The sanitary soap is applied to the skin via a spray bottle, so that it never gets contaminated.


Proper hygiene doesn’t end when the artist finishes your tattoo. No. To keep safe the tattoo must be well-protected during the first week of healing. To ensure your safety we apply a special tattoo aftercare wrap that is water-proof, anti-microbial, breathable and that enables faster healing.

As you can see, if you want a safe tattoo in Chiang Mai, Panumart Tattoo is the place to go, but don’t take our word for it!

Here’s what customers have said about how clean we are:

All reviews are real and can be verified on our Google page where we have over 300 5-star reviews.

Liz Wilson
The hygiene standards are even better than the place I’ve been to in England before!

Oceane Letort
The store is very clean, no worries for hygiene. I recommend this tattoo parlor highly!

Iris Woltmeijer
Super hygienic!

Jesse Azpilicueta
This is a very friendly and welcoming space! The staff are helpful and made me feel comfortable. The studio is very clean and bright and comfortable. Overall I am very happy with thr experience and my tattoo!! Highly recommended!

Finding a clean and trustworthy tattoo parlour in Thailand is a bit of a task, but my husband and I were pretty impressed when we walked in to Panumart. They were attentive and very helpful. The parlour was impeccably clean and hygienic. The process itself was quite good and affordable. I healed very well and even with the humidity of Chiang Mai, there was no issues. Would highly recommend and would definitely come back for my next.

Merry Jane
A clean and professional studio, with warm and friendly staff. From Ryan, the owner manning the front desk, to the brilliant artists exercising their craft in the shop, Panumart delivers.

Stella McKenna
Studio is clean and good vibes. Would recommend if you’re looking for a good quality tattoo in Chiang Mai.

Romana Opletalova
Everything clean, they use that plaster covers which are like a magic and tattoo is healed faster. Awesome artists, professionals! Thank you

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