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32 Incredible Horse Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

When you think of a horse, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Masculinity? Strength? Virility? How about a majestic, mythical creature that represents freedom? Horses embody the spiritual power of independence, triumph, and nobility. If you’ve been wanting to get one of these magical beasts tattooed, then this is the article you’ve been waiting for.

But before you go and get your own horse tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most majestic, most noble, and most gorgeous horse tattoo ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Horse Tattoo Ideas 1

Feminine Fineline Girl and Her Horse Tattoo over Triceps

Fineline tattoos are a gorgeous addition to anyone’s body art collection. They have such a feminine feel and almost any picture can be turned into one. The Dotwork in this piece is clean and subtle which suits the style of the tattoo. However, there’s a slight inconsistency with the linework under the girl’s hand but that would take a skilled eye to notice immediately. A good placement for the shape of the tattoo, the triceps offers a lot of space to work with.

IG: mariafernandeztattoo


Horse Tattoo Ideas 2

Handpoked Grim Reaper On a Skeleton Horse Tattoo

This is such an adorable horse tattoo. The colors are so bright and it reminds me of Dia De Los Muertos, the Mexican celebration of the dead. Can you believe it’s a handpoked tattoo? The black and color are packed so well that you would assume it was done with a machine. This artist truly outdid themselves, good job!

IG: zzizziboy

Horse Tattoo Ideas 3

Custom Dotwork Grim Reaper Riding a Carousel Horse Tattoo

The incorporation of the carousel horse in this tattoo is absolutely awesome; it creates a playful feel against the rather grim idea of the reaper coming to collect your soul. I love how Jonny, the artist, used Dotwork shading to create different tones and how the open spaces create highlights. Check out more of his amazing work on his Instagram page.

IG: jonnyg123

Horse Tattoo Ideas 4

Pretty Feminine Fineline Horse Tattoo On Woman’s Back

Another gorgeous Fineline tattoo with a feminine touch. The placement in the middle of the upper back was a good choice, however, because of the flow of the design, it does look like it’s leaning more to the right and not properly centered. I think the artist used the horse’s head as the focal point which is why it appears that way. Overall, smooth linework and the soft shading in the mane and horseshoe complements the entire piece.


Horse Tattoo Ideas 5

Amazing Single Needle Horse Portrait Forearm Tattoo

Do you believe that this entire tattoo was done with only one needle? How awesome is that? It definitely takes a good set of skills to be able to use a single needle to create such a well-done horse portrait. I love the smooth shading; it looks like it was done with a Magnum as it’s well-blended. There’s one slight issue though. The right ear is facing the wrong way unless this cutie has two different colored ears, then it makes sense.

IG: diegomeztattoo

Horse Tattoo Ideas 6

Tiny Black and Gray Horse Triceps Tattoo

It’s so tiny! I think it’s amazing that the artist was able to create such a small tattoo with so much detail; you can definitely tell that’s a horse from a mile away. The only problem with such small tattoos is that they are prone to blurring together as your skin ages. Regardless, the artist did a fine job, and surprisingly, the size of the tattoo also works well with the petite size of the client’s triceps.

IG: theghostkat

Horse Tattoo Ideas 7

Slavic Abstract Memorial Horse Tattoo on Forearm

Have you ever seen something so unusually beautiful? There is a sad but powerful story behind this piece which you can read about on the artist’s Instagram post. I love how clean the tattoo is; all of the colors are packed well, including the solid black. The lack of solid outlines is great. To add to the beauty of the tattoo, it’s based on a picture of the artist for whom the tattoo is in memory of. Irené Mavka, the genius behind this tattoo truly brought this piece to life.

IG: mavka_tattoo

Horse Tattoo Ideas 8

Old Schooll Carnival Horse Tattoo

The best part about the Old School style is the fact that even though it’s very straightforward and often simple, you can always immediately make out what you’re looking at. This rendition of a carnival horse is lovely. The artist stayed true to the style requirements: thick, bold lines, solid black packing, and a minimalistic color palette. The color and black packing is my favorite part of this tattoo as it’s often easy to create patchy work if you don’t know what you’re doing. 10/10!

IG: alberto_df_tattooer


Horse Tattoo Ideas 9

Abstract Handpoked Horse Shadow Tattoo on Outer Forearm

The handpoking skills that some artists display is absolutely incredible. If you were looking at this tattoo out of context, it would be difficult to tell that this wasn’t done with a machine. I love how it looks like the horse is coming out of the client’s forearm; it gives this piece a very eerie ghost-like appearance. Gogo Quan is a handpoke and machine artist based in Beijing. Should you ever find yourself in China, go check out her work in person and definitely get something done.

IG: newtattoo_gogo

Horse Tattoo Ideas 10

Fineline Minimalistic Horse Forearm Tattoo

Minimalist, single-lined tattoos are quite popular; they’re delicate,and almost any image can be turned into one. The heaviness of the lines in this piece varies and I don’t know if this was intentional or if it was a way to improve mistakes the artist wasn’t pleased with. Either way, the forearm was a good placement choice and the varying line weights give this tattoo a unique touch.

IG: rany_boskie

Horse Tattoo Ideas 11

Unfinished Vintage Knight and Horse Tattoo

I love that this style reminds me of the Gothic Medieval era mixed with vintage Fantasy Storybooks. The bold outline contrasts well with the fine lines creating the fur texture. I really enjoy the placement, although I feel it could have moved slightly more toward the center of the chest so that the backend of the horse isn’t hidden. This piece looks like it’s not finished yet; I can’t wait to see the finished result.

IG: la.porcherie

Horse Tattoo Ideas 12

Neo Traditional Armored Horse Thigh Tattoo on Thigh

It seems as if you can take any idea and turn it into a Neo Traditional tattoo. This piece is too cute; the sparkles give it an almost princess vibe and I’m loving the color scheme. Minimal, muted colors are the Neo Traditional way! Because of how large this tattoo is, the thigh was the ideal place to put it. Not only the size but the entire shape of the piece was absolutely made for this area. Angela Emr is a Neo Traditional artist all the way from Titusville, Florida. Check out her work if Neo Traditional is your favorite style.

IG: angela.emr_tattoos

Horse Tattoo Ideas 13

Masculine Blackwork Rearing Horse Tattoo

It’s really cool when people have a theme for their tattoos, as you can see here, the original work is very similar to this new horse piece. The way the artist placed this design fits perfectly with the shape of the client’s torso. It doesn’t touch the existing work but still creates a sense of unity between the two. I really like the shine created by the open spaces and the way the solid black shading blends into the lining. It makes it look like there’s no solid lining. Outstanding!

IG: jessepagetattoo

Horse Tattoo Ideas 14

Soft Feminine Sketch Horse Tattoo on Woman’s Arm

This is a very elegant tattoo that has an element of sketch style while also incorporating Blackwork and Dotwork. I think the artist did a great job at creating a focal point by mostly shading the face and leaving the rest of the horse open. The wispy lines create an idea of motion and work nicely with the shape of the client’s arm.

IG: teargardenttt

Horse Tattoo Ideas 15

Stunning Black and Gray Fineline Cupid and Horse Forearm Tattoo

Rodrigo, the artist based in Mexico City, is the mastermind behind this stunning Geometric, Fineline forearm tattoo. He’s well-known for this style of tattoo and specializes in spirituality-inspired designs. His work is truly profound; the line work is soft and almost to perfection which can be quite tricky to get right no matter how steady your hand. Most people do struggle to create a flawlessly straight lines without the help of a ruler. I adore the location and even more so that the client has a similar design on the opposite forearm.

IG: theartoftattooingofficial

Horse Tattoo Ideas 16

Old School Snake Fighting a Horse Tattoo

Another well-executed Old School tattoo; the solid shading and bold outlines have been done amazingly. One thing that should have been done differently is the shading in the snake. While Old School tattoos are generally 2D, it would have been a good idea to separate the snake and horse by shading the snake slightly lighter. At this point, it looks like they are blending into each other and it makes it slightly more difficult to see what’s going on. Besides that, the artist kept to the requirements of an Old School tattoo.

IG: danieljosephtattoo

Horse Tattoo Ideas 17

Geometric Knight Chess Piece Horse Tattoo

My absolute favorite aspect of this tattoo is the incorporation of the Fibonacci Spiral which is based on the universal law of the Golden Ratio. The soft pepper shading in the chess piece and lack of dark lines contrasts with the dark lines of the Fibonacci Spiral so your eyes are immediately drawn to it. It may not seem like it but this is definitely more of a masculine tattoo. The artist Aleksandra Janik positioned this piece perfectly to flow with her client’s forearm. Her Fineline work is something to behold; check out more of her work on Instagram for inspiration.

IG: _fifne

Horse Tattoo Ideas 18

Winged Horse and Sword Fineline Forearm Tattoo

There are a lot of elements to comment on in this piece,; it’s quite busy, but there is a focal point. The line work is very elegant even though it’s a more masculine piece. I think the sketchy style really adds value to the style. Also the forearm was the right spot for this design, it fits nicely without touching the crease of the client’s wrist or elbow.

IG: hisamersin

Horse Tattoo Ideas 19

Feminine Old School Horse and Flowers Hand Tattoo

This lovely Old School horse tattoo is actually inspired by the famous tattoo artist and actor Ben Corday’s flash, which is a lovely way to honor the well-known ‘king’ of Old Schooll flash. The shape of the design fits on this client’s hand like a glove and the minimal use of colors is perfect for the skintone, as it creates a pleasing contrast.

IG: antrax163

Horse Tattoo Ideas 20

Amazing Black and Gray Napoleon Riding a Pegasus Horse Tattoo

This tattoo is quite busy which does make it difficult to enjoy it as a whole; but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an amazing piece of body art. Besides how busy it is, it’s an unquestionably beautiful tattoo. The motion formed by the jolting lines gives this tattoo rhythm and works with the image of Napoleon riding a Pegasus as you would expect movement from a horse with wings. I love the clean lines and whip shading, this is definitely an inspirational piece!


Horse Tattoo Ideas 21

Breathtaking Watercolor Side Calf Horse Tattoo

It’s amazing how an artist can turn a tattoo into a painting. This Watercolor horse looks like you could frame it; the muted colors are stunning. Usually when you think of a Watercolor tattoo the colors are bright but the artist created an amazing tattoo with a basic color palette. The splashes near the horse’s hooves look like dust which gives the impression that he’s galloping towards you. Gorgeous!

IG: baltapaprocki

Horse Tattoo Ideas 22

Cartoon Flash Evil Knight Riding a Horse Arm Tattoo

This tattoo reminds me of something out of a comic book. The colors are so vivid and work harmoniously with each other. I love the motion lines making it look like the horse is galloping. Overall this tattoo is awesome and the perfect style for anyone that loves comics or animation.

IG: 3.jinnn

Horse Tattoo Ideas 23

Gorgeous Large Pegasus Back Tattoo

This custom Pegasus back tattoo is so majestic. The red highlights adorning the wings ties in with the huge red dot which reminds me of the sun. I like the thin line strokes creating the idea of motion in the wings and how the client’s shoulder seems to accommodate the wingspan of the Pegasus so naturally.

IG: inkcache

Horse Tattoo Ideas 24

Norse Mythology Sleipnir Forearm Tattoo

If you’re unfamiliar with Norse mythology, this is an eight-legged horse known as Sleipnir which is ridden by Odin. This tattoo is quite creepy, but in a beautiful way. I love that the artist used line work to shade this entire piece, giving it a very illustrative feel. The forearm was definitely the right place to tattoo this design; it fits exquisitely.

IG: minoskeem

Horse Tattoo Ideas 25

Color Realistic Death Tarot Card Horse Tattoo

Definitely one of my favorite tattoos on this list, based off of a tarot card, this color realistic ‘death’ card is extraordinary. The colors are very much on the Dark Fantasy spectrum which is fitting for the design. I love the ornamental filigree that’s framing the bottom of this piece. There’s nothing I don’t like about this tattoo; the arm is a great placement, the color palette is amazing and the overall execution of skill is just fantastic.

IG: dusi.2

Horse Tattoo Ideas 26

Single Line Feminine Woman and Horse Tattoo

Single line tattoos are so pretty and feminine; I think it’s because the fine lines are often very soft and delicate. I like how the artist added varying line weights as they bring your attention to that area of the tattoo. The placement area is nice although I feel it would have been better on the forearm and not the triceps. I’m sure the client is happy with their choice though.

IG: akkurat_tattoo

Horse Tattoo Ideas 27

Minimalism Horses Dancing Thigh Tattoo

Minimalism tattoos are really cool because much like Fineline designs, you can turn almost anything into a minimalism piece. Take these fist-bumping horse friends as an example, aren’t they adorable? I think they fit perfectly above the knee; the artist got the design dead in the center. The line work is smooth and crisp and the solid blackwork is packed nicely; the client can be rest-assured that this tattoo isn’t fading anytime soon.

IG: daniscaringe

Horse Tattoo Ideas 28

Blackwork Half-Sleeve Feminine Horse Head Tattoo

Horse tattoos come in many different styles, shapes, and sizes, but this one truly stands out because of its sheer size and boldness. It’s definitely going to be difficult to miss this one! As bold as it may be, there’s still a very feminine touch to this piece that’s probably due to the pepper shading technique. I adds a bit of softness over your usual shading with a magnum. This is undoubtedly a head-turning tattoo.

IG: hipner.magdalena

Horse Tattoo Ideas 29

Micro Realistic Horse Portrait Tattoo On Woman’s Forearm

Realism tattoos can be a hit and miss if the artist doesn’t know what they’re doing, but it’s clear from this remarkable portrait that the artist is quite skilled. The shading is done to perfection and I love the attention to detail, especially the creases under the horse’s eye. I feel like a realistic portrait suits the forearm as t’s a flat space that doesn’t warp a design. Congratulations to the artist for giving the client such an amazing tattoo.

IG: bodys_agnieszka

Horse Tattoo Ideas 30

Dainty Chinese Porcelain-Inspired Horse Tattoo

How amazingly cool is this tattoo? Does it not remind you of a Chinese tea set? This stunning horse tattoo sources inspiration from traditional Chinese artwork that you normally find on tea sets or china. The blue is a lovely change from your normal black-lined tattoo. I wonder if the client is going to add more to this arm in the same style? I think it would be a great idea.

IG: xiaolun_tatt

Horse Tattoo Ideas 31

Single Needle, Black and Gray Triceps Horse Tattoo

Another outstanding single needle tattoo that makes you wonder how an artist could have this much talent. The artist, Ego Romantic (must be a pseudonym), showcased his shading skills with this stellar horse tattoo that literally looks like the client was born with it already etched onto their skin. I feel the placement is a bit random because of the size of the design but perhaps they’ll be adding more onto this arm in the future. The flowing mane and tail add to the visual of the horse rearing up. Follow Ego Romantic on Instagram if you’re looking for something similar.

IG: ego.romantic

Horse Tattoo Ideas 32

Impressive Dotwork Knight Chess Piece Forearm Tattoo

We’ve come to the end of this awesome list and what a way to end it. I love that this chess piece looks like it was carved out of marble. The lack of solid lines is what I like most because it makes it seem as though the tattoo was pasted onto the client’s skin. If you’re a sucker for simple tattoos with satisfying detail, then this might be the tattoo inspo you’ve been waiting for.
I hope you’ve had fun with these horse tattoos and found what you were looking for. Until next time, happy inking!

IG: eddie_dit