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25 Stunning Moth Tattoo Ideas For Men & Women in 2024

Let’s face it, not everyone likes moths for some odd reason. Maybe it’s because they fly into everything? Who knows, what many don’t know about moths is they actually symbolize a few things, such as death, change, ending, and even the mystery of the night. Whatever your feelings are toward moths, they make for a great tattoo.

But before you go and get your own moth tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the daintiest, most inspiring, and prettiest moth tattoo ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Moth Tattoo ideas 1

Blackwork Floral Moth Tattoo On Forearm

I love the size of this tattoo; it takes up most of the forearm while leaving enough space at the wrist in case the client needs to conceal the tattoo. The linework is really well done, but the shading is the star of this piece. It’s smooth and consistent and gives the piece both texture and the pop it deserves. Nice.

IG: rafaiannotta

Moth Tattoo ideas 2

Blackwork Crescent Moon Moth Tattoo On Woman’s Back

How gorgeous is this tattoo? The mix of bold and thin lines contrasts against each other, making each element of the design stand out. When getting a piece in the center of your back, you want it to be perfectly aligned with the center of your back and spine, and that’s exactly what the artist accomplished here. I love the stippling in the crescent moon, it’s a nice feminine addition to this already feminine piece.

IG: wilczel

Moth Tattoo ideas 3

Black and Gray Death Moth Forearm Tattoo

Dotwork is a common style of shading used when artists create fineline pieces. Here you can see how the fine lines, pepper shading and solid black complement each other while also creating contrast. I love the placement; it’s right on the calf on display for the whole world to see.


Moth Tattoo ideas 4

Fineline Black and Gray Moth Tattoo

This tattoo is acting as a gap filler which is common when people choose to fill an arm or leg with individual tattoos rather than one massive piece. I like that the artist used negative spacing and shading to create lines in the abdomen. It’s clear that the client is married to the black and gray style because their existing work is all blackwork and black and gray.

IG: kleszczart

Moth Tattoo ideas 5

Feminine Blackwork Moth Thigh Tattoo

There’s something rather feminine about this piece, it could be the soft dotwork shading or thin lines. I like that the whip shading in the fur gives it texture, and the solid Blackwork outlines and patterns are packed evenly. The composition of the design fits snugly between the original tattoos, and I love the positioning on the side of the thigh; it’s a very sexy place to put a tattoo.

IG: alessa_tattoo

Moth Tattoo ideas 6

Black and Gray Death Moth Triceps Tattoo

I think the shading in this piece is amazing, however, the linework is slightly inconsistent at the top of the wings. The way the tattoo has been placed at an angle is nice because it fits the shape of the client’s triceps. Something to keep in mind is that Black and Gray tattoos are always a great addition because they complement other styles, including color.

IG: gara_tattooer

Moth Tattoo ideas 7

Floral Fineline Moon Phase Moth Chest Tattoo

I always associate fineline tattoos with feminine energy because they are so dainty and soft, just like this one. The placement on the chest is absolute perfection, and the way the floral designs are framing the moth is lovely. It’s clear that the moth was a new addition to the existing tattoos, and the fact that they’re in the same style is really cool. Beautiful job by a great artist.


Moth Tattoo ideas 8

Beautiful Feminine Neo Traditional Moth Hand Tattoo

I love hand tattoos, there’s something extremely badass about them, no matter what the design is. What the artist and client have done here is finish off a sleeve tattoo by extending it onto the client’s hand. I love the muted Neo Traditional colors that were used, and how they contrast with the client’s existing tattoos, which are all very dark in comparison. The composition of this piece is perfect for the shape of the hand, credit to the artist.

IG: samreadtattoos

Moth Tattoo ideas 9

Feminine Fineline Moon Phase Moth Tattoo

This tattoo looks like it was printed on the skin. The soft black and gray gradient shading is to die for, but what really caught my attention is how symmetrical the tattoo is. Even if you’re working with a stencil, it can be tricky to tattoo a design perfectly symmetrical, but it’s clear that the artist has the necessary skills. I love the moon phases in the wings and how realistically they are done. What a beautiful tattoo!

IG: victoria.tattoos

Moth Tattoo ideas 10

Micro Neo Traditional Moth Tattoo

A simple yet elegant Neo Traditional moth can be seen here. Like any Neo Trad tattoo, the colors are muted and somewhat basic. What I really enjoy is the fact that the artist used a lighter black ink to line it rather than solid black. It complements the greenish gray the artist used for the wings. If you love Neo Traditional, then check out tuckerxtattoos Instagram account.

IG: tuckerxtattoos

Moth Tattoo ideas 11

Stunning Fineline Moth Gap Filler Tattoo

Another gap filler tattoo that is absolutely outstanding. The composition of this piece is perfect, the tail of the wings fits snugly between the existing work. I love that the artist uses dotwork shading to create the patterns in the wings rather than using solid lines. The design also keeps with the style of the original tattoos, which is good because cluttering an area with random styles can make it look messy.

IG: m0thm0mmy

Moth Tattoo ideas 12

Feminine Black and Gray Moth Tattoo On Woman’s Neck

Neck tattoos are a daring statement and have become a popular addition to both heavily and non-heavily tattooed folk. Now, don’t go running off and get a neck tattoo without finding out if your place of work is okay with it, that’s a recipe for disaster.
I love how soft this tattoo is; it’s feminine, not only because of the flowery design but also because of the subtle dotwork shading and smooth linework. Credit to the artist who has some serious skill.

IG: oskar_gurbada

Moth Tattoo ideas 13

Spooky Cute Neo Traditional Moth and Dagger Tattoo

Here we have a super cute Neo Traditional moth and dagger tattoo accompanied by an even cuter color palette. The bright pink and dark purple contrast well, while the light purple accents the rest of the colors and brings them to the foreground. Because of the composition and shape of the tattoo, the placement on the calf works well; anything that is vertical will look good in this area. How amazing is the glitter effect? The artist did a stellar job with this tattoo, definitely one for the books.

IG: jackaltattoo

Moth Tattoo ideas 14

Feminine Neo Traditional Spanish Moon Moth Chest Tattoo

I cannot get enough of these colors! And what a beautiful moth to incorporate into this amazing chest piece. The Spanish Moon Moth is a species of silkmoth found high in the Alps and Pyrenees; they’re characterized by their stunning light green and reddish brown colors, which, as you can see, the artist perfected. I love how the design stems down to the client’s cleavage and flows evenly with the shape of the chest. Truly a magnificent tattoo, I would never wear a closed shirt again.

IG: alexrowntreetattoo

Moth Tattoo ideas 15

Blackwork Gap Filler Moth Tattoo

Moths seem to be a great choice for gap fillers, and here we can see a perfect example of placement and lovely fine lines. The blackwork is solid and the lines are consistent. The use of stippling is a lovely addition to this tattoo because of the soft lines. I really like this piece.

IG: whimsical.walnut

Moth Tattoo ideas 16

Neo Traditional Luna Moth Side of Calf Tattoo

Luna moths are stunning and make for a great addition to a tattoo. The artist behind this lovely tattoo is Claire Rudhall, can you believe she is only a junior artist? This looks like the kind of work you would expect from someone that’s been tattooing for at least five years or more. If you love Neo Traditional, you’ll love the rest of her work.

IG: claire_rudhall

Moth Tattoo ideas 17

American Traditional Death Moth Tattoo

Moths are a common insect incorporated into American Traditional and Neo Traditional tattoos. Here we have a lovely Old School death moth. How one can tell that it’s in an American Trad style is by the bold linework and solid grainy whip shading. I love the addition of the skull and the floral-like patterns in the wings. This is a really cool tattoo and could be considered both a masculine and feminine piece.


Moth Tattoo ideas 18

Illustrative Dotwork Moth Tattoo On Woman’s Shoulder

Shoulder tattoos are always great because there are so many ways you can place the piece that will flow with its rounded shape. With this tattoo, the fact that the moth is peeking over her shoulder is adorable because it looks like it’s crawling off her back onto her chest. In addition to this being a gorgeous design, the lines are so clean and thin without a single error. I think the artist outdid herself with this piece; go check her out on IG for more amazing tattoos like this one.

IG: skvlska

Moth Tattoo ideas 19

Single Needle Argemme Moth Tattoo

Can you believe this tattoo was all done with a single needle? The lines and shading are perfect, and the open negative spacing flows into the design, creating a spiral motion. I’m not sure if the tiny circles are meant to be moon phases, but because of the way they are shaded, they might represent lunar phases. I love the addition of white ink to highlight certain areas; if an artist knows how to use white in a tattoo, they can really make a tattoo pop. Check out zionele for more like this.

IG: zionele

Moth Tattoo ideas 20

Blackwork Moth Tattoo On Triceps

The shading in this piece is phenomenal and blends amazingly with the solid blackwork. I love how the artist left open spaces to create patterns rather than using white ink, which will eventually fade because white doesn’t always hold up well over time. The placement is unusual because the client doesn’t have any other tattoos in this area, but I like that it wasn’t situated straight and alternatively at an angle. Another thing that catches your eye is the fact that the tattoo itself contrasts against the pale skin tone of the client, amazing!

IG: manuelmower_libh

Moth Tattoo ideas 21

Stunning Ornamental Blackwork Moth Tattoo

Is that blackwork not the smoothest thing you’ve ever seen? Sometimes when artists pack black ink, it can turn out patchy or overworked, but this artist obviously knows what she’s doing because there isn’t a single flaw in this piece. The soft stippling sprays out like a light summer’s rain and creates a gentle contrast against all the black. I love that this design looks like a jewel adorning the client’s chest like a necklace. This tattoo takes some serious skill that izabela.borowiak clearly has.

IG: izabela.borowiak

Moth Tattoo ideas 22

Beautiful Autumn-Toned Moth Tattoo On Leg

The warm tones in this tattoo remind me of falling leaves on an Autumn day. Black and Gray tattoos that incorporate color are always a winner because the color is what makes the entire piece pop. Here you can see the artist used various tones of red, each one complementing the other. The linework is steady, the colors are well-packed, and those white highlights are just breathtaking. Kudos to the artist.

IG: sir.seanvis

Moth Tattoo ideas 23

Spooky Planchette Moth Tattoo On Woman’s Thigh

Thigh tattoos are always a good idea, and even more so when they’re as big as this one, as the saying goes, “go big or go home”. This is a very unusual style and design, but it’s awesome nonetheless. There’s a lot going on; I feel like the tattoo is too busy, and there’s no focal point because everything is shaded in the same tone. What I do like is the hint of blue in the moth’s eyes, it helps you discern the moth from the rest of the elements that make up this tattoo.

IG: daniturkeysammie

Moth Tattoo ideas 24

Beautiful Fineline Moth Elbow Tattoo

The cool thing about this design is the fact that either way the client faces their arm (up or down), the tattoo looks correct. I love how fine the linework is and that the artist uses thin whip shading as opposed to using a Mag to shade it. It’s got a beautiful delicate feel to it that creates a feminine feel, but that doesn’t mean it’s a design only suited to women. Overall, it’s a beautifully unique tattoo.

IG: kelmonsterrr

Moth Tattoo ideas 25

Magnificent Linework Moth and Floral Shin Tattoo

Our final tattoo of the list and the saying “save the best for last” definitely applies here. Even though there is minimal shading, the tattoo doesn’t appear naked. There is a clear focal point, the moth, and the artist achieves this by adding more shading and solid black to it than the rest of the tattoo. It’s quite a busy tattoo, but it’s not busy in a bad way that your eyes can’t take in the entire tattoo as a whole. Truly exquisite.
We hope this list inspired you to go out and get your own moth tattoo, and if you’re still on the hunt for more, we’ve got plenty more where that came from. Happy tattooing!

IG: inkbymartha