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The 30 Best Eagle Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

The ruler of the sky! The apex predator! Also the symbol for many countries, including America! The EAGLE! Eagles are awesome, right? They look cool. They fly high. And they’re badasses too! It’s no wonder eagle tattoos are so popular.

But before you go and get your own eagle tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most unique, most stylish, and best-looking eagle tattoos ideas of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 1

Black and Gray Eagle Tattoo

Design composition is critical to a good tattoo. Of course skilled inking as seen here is a must. Thin black lines create the detailed features of the eagle. Look at the feathers and you’d swear they’re real. But again design is critical. Framing the eagle’s face with the dark shading at the top and the feathers below pulls us in and makes this… A Great Tattoo

IG: serjvinni

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 2

Realistic Eagle Tattoo

There’s lots to love in this tattoo starting with the matching yellow shading of the eagle’s eye and beak. There’s also intricate detailing of the face. But what really makes this a captivating design is the awesome dark shading seen above the head and on the neck of the eagle. The lower feathers then seamlessly blend with the pine trees resulting in one very cohesive tattoo.

IG: panumart_tattoo

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 3

Sketch Style Eagle Tattoo on Arm

The design and positioning of this tattoo make it a real standout. Prominently displayed on the shoulder, the upper concentric lines beautifully frame the eagle’s head. They also mirror and highlight the curves of the shoulder. Repeating these curved lines below the eagle similarly frame the design and up the artistry on display.


Eagle Tattoo Ideas 4

Realistic Black and Gray Eagle Half-Sleeve Tattoo

A stopwatch or clock is a common element in tattoos. Here it nicely frames and highlights the eagle who actually seems to be “one” with the clock. Inked together they’re suggestive of having achieved the ultimate in life. Freedom

IG: alvimtattoo

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 5

Realistic Black and Gray Eagle Tattoo

All the elements of Realistic style are on display in this tattoo: fine lines, contrast and shading. Together these help create the 3D necessary to render a very realistic design. Careful It Might Bite

IG: juanguillermo_moreno

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 6

Black and Gray Eagle Tattoo With Blue Eye

The black and grays used both on the body and as shading around the periphery create an intensely powerful mood. Touches of white ink are then used to create additional detailing and the shimmer of light reflecting off the eagle’s eye. And then the blue just pulls you in. Intense

IG: vladollla

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 7

Realistic Black and Gray Half-Sleeve Tattoo

The degree of realism achieved in this tattoo is incredible; especially when you consider the degree of detailing achieved in very small spaces. The interplay of shading and contrast is successfully used to create lights seeming to shine from the windows. With touches of white ink, we’re immediately part of Nighttime In The City

IG: prime_ink_tattoo_koeln

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 8

Old School Eagle Tattoo

Old School style is known for its bold black outlines and themes like flags, sailors and sometimes eagles. Here the lettering is characteristic of Old School; think Grandpa’s tattoo of a flag with lettering across it. The simple shading employed results in a 2D effect; not specifically a realistic rendering but of course Very Nice

IG: mattalexandertattoo

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 9

Black and Gray Eagle Tattoo With Lettering

he numbers and lettering in this tattoo are surely indicative of a story; one having special meaning. This story is then elevated by the design itself. Unwittingly you’re drawn in by its vertical elements: the black opaque peaks at the top of the tattoo along with the one above the beak, the lines of the beak itself and the dark shading between the buildings. This is the work of a skilled artist IG: @vl.nov

IG: vl.nov

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 10

Sketch Tattoo of An Eagle

This tattoo looks like pencil was taken to paper; this is Sketch style tattoo. What’s particularly interesting in this tattoo is the design itself. The use of swirling or curving thin black lines along with the curved lower border of the tail bring the “picture” into focus; leading us round and round straight to the face of the eagle. Very Cool Indeed

IG: roosevelt_tattoo

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 11

Black and Gray Tattoo of Eagle Holding Skull

There’s only one meaning when we see an eagle on top of a skull: Victory. The storytelling is enhanced here by the skilled inking; even black lines, cool shading and bits of white ink. Even the unexpected diamond pattern pulls us in. Positioned on the side of the calf, the spread wings serve to beautifully accent the knee.

IG: yongha_blk

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 12

Black and Gray Eagle Tattoo on Man’s Arm

The use of only black ink and varying tones of gray sets the mood for this tattoo. There’s a quiet power and regalness seen here. Even the subdued gray used for the eagle’s eye supports this feel. Additionally the heavy swirls of black shading intermixed with negative space help create the perceived strength of this eagle. Powerful

IG: roma_mikolenko_tattoo

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 13

Black and Gray Eagle Tattoo

The first thing you notice in this tattoo is the piercing gaze of the eagle. The icy blue shade definitely grabs your attention as does the light glimmering off the eye. There’s also great shading and contrast resulting in a very realistic 3D rendering. And when you look again you realize that a second eagle is depicted making this one very interesting tattoo.

IG: lev3link

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 14

Realistic Black and Gray Eagle Tattoo

The heavy black background shading seen here is interesting but doesn’t necessarily add to the design. Does it frame the eagle’s face highlighting it or does it cause the eagle to get “lost”. I’m not sure. What do you think?

IG: yongya_tattoo

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 15

American Traditional Blackwork Tattoo

Here’s a perfect example of the American Traditional variation of Blackwork. The shading style that is used, the use of an outline, and the iconic eagle pose.

IG: nico_bassill

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 16

Beautiful Custom Eagle Tattoo

Beautiful artistry is on display in this tattoo. The lines are even and perfectly uniform. The heavy black opacities are dramatic and the shading supremely well done. And if that weren’t enough there are the sketch-like black lines surrounding the eagle and the small but bold black sphere highlighting its head. Add to the mix the geometric shape of the design itself and you have… Perfection. Big props to artist IG: @concreteforty from Stockholm, Sweden

IG: concreteforty


Eagle Tattoo Ideas 17

Realistic Eagle Tattoo on Man’s Forearm

In nature eagles have pale yellow or brown eyes. Blue eyes in a tattoo have the distinct effect of adding focus and directing you to take a second look. The artist creatively positioned the eagle’s head and wing at opposing angles; upping the interest of this design.

IG: bonem_tattoo

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 18

Realistic Black and Gray Eagle Half-Sleeve Tattoo

This design is super-sophisticated. At first glance you notice heavy black inking suggestive of Blackwork. You also notice the face of the eagle with its piercing blue eye. Take a second look and you’re impressed by the inking of the wing. All Together Very Dramatic

IG: edergaldinotattoo


Eagle Tattoo Ideas 19

Neo Traditional Eagle Tattoo on Man’s Neck

Here’s Looking At You” which this eagle certainly does from his perch right on the neck. The colorful palette of Neo Traditional style is on display along with its characteristic stylized shading. The pops of white ink around the eye and throughout the design are fun and create a warm, welcoming touch. Ahh…An Eagle On An Autumn Day

IG: whistlertattoos

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 20

Realistic Black and Gray Eagle Full Leg Sleeve Tattoo

This is such an interesting design; especially with the similarly-oriented feathers flanking both sides of the eagle’s face. The size of the design along with the layering of heavy black inks and varying tones of gray together result in one Big, Bold Beautiful Design.

IG: danieleiacovellibullytattoo

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 21

Black and Gray Eagle Tattoo on Man’s Arm

With open wings as if in flight, this eagle soars across the arm. The design perfectly fits the canvas provided here; so beautifully framed by the contours of the shoulder. This eagle may nor not have been inked at the same time as the other tattoos but they work seamlessly together. Inked in a similar style they all appear to be part of some bigger picture.

IG: xpricey

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 22

Custom Eagle Tattoo

Like an ink blot, this design has a light fluid feel to it. The muted black ink and intermittent negative or uninked spaces together help create this mood. The solid diagonal black line, stylistically outlining the wing, serves to anchor this eagle right to the arm. Awesome inking from Seoul, Korea; home to many amazing artists like Artist IG:@indigo.yh

IG: indigo.yh

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 23

Old School Eagle Tattoo on Woman’s Arm

This is Old School style but not Grandpa’s tattoo of a pin-up girl. Here the theme has been updated but the elements of Old School remain. We see the characteristic bold black outlines and use of a simple color palette and simple shading. These together with the inclusion of the woman in the design give the tattoo an Art Deco feel. Coordination of colors with your apparel not a requirement.

IG: summers.tattoos

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 24

Large American Traditional Eagle Tattoo on Man’s Chest

American Traditional style is related to Old School but uses black and grays rather than colors. The black ink and gray tones can be very striking as evidenced by this large chest tattoo. The bold black outline at the top of the eagle’s wings is dramatic and serves as the perfect platform “supporting” the sun. Truly Striking (body’s isn’t bad either)

IG: angelkat_

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 25

Black and Gray Eagle Tattoo

There’s an interesting mix of elements in this tattoo: the eagle, some florals and a cute little animal. The result is a softer feel than what’s usually associated with eagle designs. If that appeals to you, this tattoo with ts beautiful black lines and skilled shading might be just what you’re looking for..

IG: _susannapaul

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 26

Small Black and Gray Eagle Tattoo

This highly stylized tattoo brings to mind designs printed on silk fabric. Although this eagle does look menacing there’s an almost dreamy feel to the tattoo itself. The use of black ink that appears to have been muted or dulled helps achieve this. This is… Black And Gray Style

IG: mokoo_tt


Eagle Tattoo Ideas 27

Japanese Tattoo of Eagle

With just a quick glance you instantly know that this is Japanese style. It’s big. It’s bold. There’s detailed line work and also cultural references. And never lost within all of this is the eagle that beautifully spans the entire back. This Is Go Big Or Go Home

IG: oldschooltattz

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 28

Custom Illustrative Eagle Tattoo on Forearm

With muted tones and bold black outlines, this tattoo beautifully highlights the forearm making great use of the canvas provided. Illustrative style combines elements of both Neo Traditional and Realistic. The goal here is not to produce a photo-realistic look but rather one that appears to have been drawn. Mission Accomplished

IG: fabingg

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 29

Eagle Tattoo on Man’s Chest

The heavy black inking accented by white definitely makes this tattoo a standout. But it’s the design’s shape and outlines that definitely take this tattoo to another level. Notice how the feet and the tail mirror the upper curve of the pectoral muscle while the outstretched wings accentuate the sweep of the upper chest. Beautiful

IG: panumart_tattoo

Eagle Tattoo Ideas 30

Eagle Tattoo on Man’s Upper Back

This design is so reminiscent of a totem pole; eagle at top with spread wings. Even the detailing of the feathers resembles the wood carving style associated with totem poles. Here the eagle majestically glides over the back perfectly positioned between the shoulders. Poetry In Motion

IG: panumart_tattoo