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30 Incredible Panther Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women in 2024

Panthers, especially black panthers (which are actually black leopards), are extremely beautiful creatures that can be found in the dense tropical parts of South and Southeast Asia. Their sleek and strong form makes for a great tattoo that can symbolize power. The most common type of panther tattoo is found in the American Traditional style and you’ll find some amazing examples on this list.

But before you go and get your own panther tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the most amazing, powerful, and popular panther tattoos of 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Panther Tattoo Ideas 1

Masculine Old School Forearm Panther and Snake Tattoo

The overall style of this awesome and very colorful tattoo is adapted from Old School, however, the color palette is not quite correct. But that’s the greatest thing about tattoos; you can borrow elements of different styles to create something unique. I love how bright the colors are; there’s no way you’re not going to notice this when he walks by. If you like this style, have a look at David Robinson’s work. He specializes in these awesome bright Old School and Neo Traditional designs.

IG: davidrobinson78

Panther Tattoo Ideas 2

Black and Gray Neo Traditional Panther Thigh Tattoo

At first glance, this looks like an Od School tattoo because of the general shape of the panther head, but it’s a Neo Traditional piece. You can tell this by the lack of bold lines and solid black shading. The artist did a lovely job with the smooth, well-blended shading; the white in the eyes makes them stand out among all the black and gray. I don’t blame the client for not putting this tattoo directly on the knee, as it’s quite a spicy spot to get inked; above the knee is just as cool.

IG: sjtattoos

Panther Tattoo Ideas 3

Gorgeous Japanese-Inspired Neo Traditional Black Panther Tattoo

This artist is all the way from Malaysia and focuses on Neo Traditional and Neo Japanese, which allows his artwork to incorporate both styles into one tattoo. Here you can see he’s taken elements of Japanese and Neo Traditional to come up with this stunning panther tattoo. The dragon flows with this design and I love that the artist used gray to differentiate the solid black on the tiger and the dragon.

IG: chen.tattooer

Panther Tattoo Ideas 4

Blackwork Old School Panther Tattoo On Man’s Torso

This Blackwork panther is quite eye-catching not only because of the bold lines but also its size. Taking up most of the torso, it’s quite the statement piece. It’s really awesome how it looks like it’s ripping out of the client’s stomach, however, there are some inconsistencies such as the top canines and the varying line weights. Since this tattoo looks incomplete, I’m sure once it’s done the inconsistencies won’t be as noticeable.

IG: xdavidetcx

Panther Tattoo Ideas 5

Back of Thigh Neo Traditional Snake Panther Tattoo

Daggers, snakes, and panthers are the most popular elements in any Old School tattoo; how about combining all three into one awesome Neo Traditional design? That’s exactly what Clàudia Rigby, the mastermind behind this tattoo did. She brought two fierce and often scary beasts together to create this unique artwork. The shading is smooth and well-blended while the white highlights in the scales add that extra sparkle to an already phenomenally done tattoo. Very brave client; the back of the thigh isn’t for the faint-hearted.

IG: claudiarigby

Panther Tattoo Ideas 6

Masculine Blackwork Panther Shin Tattoo

Another crawling panther tattoo; a design that is popularly found in Old School although this one has been done in a Blackwork style and features pepper shading. It definitely suits this tattoo. The shin is a nice spot for large tattoos. I like how the panther’s tail is wrapping around the client’s knee although if he decides to get his knee tattooed, there’s not going to be much room. Either way, the artist nailed this piece and the client gets to walk around with this badass tattoo for the rest of his life.


Panther Tattoo Ideas 7

Fineline Old School-Inspired Panther on Man’s Calf Tattoo

Have you ever seen a panther with an earring? Now you have. This design is a really cool play on Old School and Neo Traditional. The pepper shading is a nice addition but what I really like are the white highlights; most importantly, the highlights in the claws as it gives them the appearance of being very, very sharp. Panther tattoos are quite popular on the calf because there’s enough space for a large design such as this one.

IG: zlasher__

Panther Tattoo Ideas 8

Fineline Whip Shaded Panther Head Tattoo

As much as I like this tattoo, I also feel as though there’s something missing. Perhaps it’s the way the artist tattooed the nose, it doesn’t stand out amongst the rest of the shading. I feel it should have been slightly darker. If you look closely, you’ll see a heart shape created by the shading on the forehead which is quite a sweet touch to this already feminine tattoo.

IG: omen.atl

Panther Tattoo Ideas 9

New School Black Panther With Red Hearts Calf Tattoo

Red and black always mix well together, especially when it comes to the Old School style. Chase Tucker is an American Traditional artist based in Portland, Oregon. Based on his Instagram posts, it’s clear he enjoys using a lot of red in his tattoos. This panther head is super adorable; who wouldn’t love a giant black kitty full of hearts? The black has been blended well and the red packed to perfection I definitely suggest looking at some of his work for inspiration.

IG: chasetuckertattoo

Panther Tattoo Ideas 10

Neo Traditional Blackwork Panther Head Thigh Tattoo

Look at those bold thick lines and solid black shading; aren’t they striking? The white in the chain really gives it a proper metallic look and I’m loving the highlight in the eyes and whiskers. It contrasts nicely against all the black. Melissa Garcia is proficient in Blackwork as it’s her chosen style. For some reason this tattoo has quite a feminine feel, maybe it’s those cute eyebrow whiskers that remind me of lashes. Really cool piece by a talented artist, go take a look @melissagarciatattoo.

IG: melissagarciatattoo

Panther Tattoo Ideas 11

Dragon-Like Japanese Style Panther Tattoo on Guy’s Torso

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I really wish I had a panther tattoo that looks almost like a dragon”? Well, if your answer is yes, then I present to you this gorgeous Japanese inspired panther. The lines are consistent and solid which makes for a tattoo that will stand the test of time. I think the artist applied fantastic technique when doing the pepper shading and gradients of black and gray. The shape of the design is almost identical to the shape of the client’s ribcage and completely embodies the placement.


Panther Tattoo Ideas 12

Amazing Neo Traditional Black Panther Knee Tattoo

If you can sit for two knee tattoos then you’re definitely not someone to be messed with! The way the original tiger complements the panther tattoo is incredible; no doubt done by the same artist. I love the variations of gray blending into the black spotlighting the different areas of the panther’s face. True to the Neo Trad style, the color palette is muted and mostly neutral and natural colors. Christ Strik, the Australian artist who created this gorgeous piece is well worth checking out. He specializes in Neo Traditional and Illustration.

IG: chrisstrik tattoo

Panther Tattoo Ideas 13

Extraordinary Neo Traditional Black Panther Chest Tattoo

It’s remarkable how this tattoo fits this client’s chest without wrapping or extending over his shoulder. The symmetry in the design is outstanding and the fact that the tattoo artist managed to tattoo symmetrically really shows how good he is at what he does. I can tell you one thing; those bright colors are not fading anytime soon. This is one of those tattoos that when he takes his shirt off everyone is going to stop in awe.

IG: carlosbreakone

Panther Tattoo Ideas 14

Half-Sleeve Panther Head, Flowers, and Tiger Eye Tattoo

Where do I begin with this extraordinary tattoo? There are so many element:, a tigers eye, a panther head, flowers and a chain, yet as busy as it is the composition of this design is impressive. The tigers eye looks as though it’s peering into your soul while the smoke coming from the pather’s eyes gives this entire tattoo a mystical appearance. All the colors used complement each other and the entire shape of the design is ideal for the positioning on the client’s arm.

IG: kike.esteras

Panther Tattoo Ideas 15

Old School Black Panther Calf Tattoo

The crawling panther tattoo is a firm favorite American Traditional design. Usually there are claw marks that accompany the panther and I think red scratches would have taken this tattoo to the next level and contrasted against the solid blackwork. The open spaces remind me of the shine you’d expect to see on a real life panther. These designs work anywhere on the leg as well as the forearm; basically any spot that’s flat.

IG: nico_tattoos

Panther Tattoo Ideas 16

Mystical Neo Traditional Black Spotted Panther Tattoo

The “beads” and flowers in this tattoo frame it so elegantly and add a touch of femininity to a very masucline and angry looking panther. I love the red smoke coming from its eyes and how the artist added in the spots, which is what a true panther looks like. The muted color palette choice is lovely; each color complements the other and contrasts with the black and gray work in the panther head.


Panther Tattoo Ideas 17

Bright Masculine Old School Black Panther Calf Tattoo

Is this not by far the brightest color you’ve ever seen on an Old School tattoo? They’re almost neon, even the black looks bright, if that’s even possible. It flows with the client’s calf and is possibly one of the coolest American Traditional tattoos I’ve seen. Alejo is an Old School fanatic and his Instagram page is full of amazing designs to draw inspiration from.

IG: alejog.m.z

Panther Tattoo Ideas 18

Old School Feminine Lady Panther Head Side Calf Tattoo

Combining a woman’s face with a panther is another favored design when one imagines an American Traditional tattoo. I love her big eyes and how their color matches the panthers’. Usually, this style uses bold, bright primary colors but the artist chose a more natural and subtle color palette. The solid black and the thick outlines are exemplary. I also like how they don’t close, it’s quite unique.

IG: tattoosnob

Panther Tattoo Ideas 19

Custom Blackwork Panther Head With Flames Tattoo

This custom Blackwork panther could do with a few changes, however, the thing that I do like is the flames surrounding it. They create a frame that gives the design a triangular shape. The forearm is a good spot for this tattoo because of its size and shape. Someone with a trained eye will be able to see that the artist may have overworked the skin slightly or taken this photo while the tattoo was still healing.

IG: hexendesign13

Panther Tattoo Ideas 20

American Traditional-Inspired Panther Chest Tattoo

Definitely one of my favorite American Traditional-inspired tattoos on this list. The linework is exceptional; you can tell that the artist is skilled and knowledgeable as there are no raised lines or extreme redness around the tattoo. The pepper shading is a nice twist on a mostly Old School design, you won’t find many trad pieces with soft shading. This tattoo is lovely, is the right shape for the chest and complements the original Oni mask tattoo on the opposite side.

IG: glm.tattooartist

Panther Tattoo Ideas 21

Beautiful Neo Traditional Half-Sleeve Panther Tattoo on Woman’s Arm

The solid black blending softly into the lighter areas of this panther tattoo is beautiful. The way she’s staring out of the leaves is captivating especially because her eye is the only part of this tattoo with color, an almost honey gold. There’s an almost Watercolor like texture used for the shading and the line work is consistent and smooth, the way it should be. This is a half-sleeve you’d want to show off to anyone and everyone.

IG: ahnencvlt

Panther Tattoo Ideas 22

American Traditional Black and Gray Panther Triceps Tattoo

This is another one by Federico Di Gregorio, similar design to the previous one, only this one is in Black and Gray. The shading in this tattoo is just beautiful and quite elegant for an American Traditional piece. The lightly shaded flower creates both a focal point and contrast with the rest of the elements in. I love the “crown” behind the panther’s head. All-in-all the design takes up a nice amount of space on the client’s triceps and would make for a good “his and her” tattoo with a few tweaks.

IG: oldschooltattz

Panther Tattoo Ideas 23

Trippy Dotwork Panther Head Thigh Tattoo

You usually see this type of design with human faces but this artist used a panther head and I love the creativity! The line work on this piece is slightly questionable as it’s quite inconsistent, however, because the tattoo is very trippy it can be overlooked. I feel as though the white hasn’t been packed properly but overall it’s a cool tattoo and the thigh is a good placement for it.

IG: katwoodstattoo

Panther Tattoo Ideas 24

Colorful Old School Panther and Flower Forearm Tattoo

Here’s another bright and bold Old School tattoo that’s done so well it looks like a sticker on the client’s forearm. American Traditional usually incorporates harsh, solid shading but Federico Di Gregorio, an artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina added his own flare to this piece with the soft shades of pink and muted green. His lines are impeccable and so is his color packing skills. If Old School is your preferred style, his Instagram page has hundreds of amazing tattoos for you to get inspired.

IG: oldschooltattz

Panther Tattoo Ideas 25

Feminine Neo Traditional Panther on Woman’s Calf Tattoo

Finally, a positively feminine piece, even the panther looks like a girl. The way the artist created ornamental adornments with the white highlights is pretty but the flower frame is what truly makes this tattoo. Not only does it frame it but it also looks like a crown. I enjoy the Neo Traditional colors and the flow of the design along the calf. Kudos to the artist.

IG: lastytattooer

Panther Tattoo Ideas 26

Black and Gray Neo Traditional Black Panther With Arrow Tattoo

Black and Gray is a good style to use when tattooing a panther, and it makes sense because it’s a black animal. Here you can see that the artist used both whip and pepper shading which is a nice spin on the usual shading you’d expect in a Neo Traditional tattoo. The arrow is a nice addition. The only thing that I would suggest changing is the shading in the hearts; they would definitely stand out against all the pepper shading if they were done solid red. Regardless of that, the artist did well with the line work and placement.

IG: _salvadortattoo_

Panther Tattoo Ideas 27

Neo Traditional Black Panther and Snake Back of Thigh Tattoo

It seems this tattoo is incomplete, but that just shows you what a superb piece it is. I love the vivid golden yellow in the eyes; it breaks away from the Black and Gray and almost creates the idea that the snake is possessing the panther. I can’t wait to see the end result, for now, I’ll say that the position of the tattoo is really cool although maybe it should be a bit lower as the snake’s head is right under the client’s buttocks which hides its head slightly.


Panther Tattoo Ideas 28

Astounding Realistic Dotwork Black Panther Half-Sleeve Tattoo

Believe it or not this amazing realistic tattoo is made up of dots. That’s right, the artist created an entire panther head with the pepper shading technique. Imagine being so skilled? I absolutely adore the look in his eyes including the attention to detail. The mix of browns and yellows stands out against the blackwork and your eyes are immediately drawn to this area of his face. I would never wear a full sleeve shirt ever again; this piece is breathtaking.

IG: sashavanilla

Panther Tattoo Ideas 29

Abstract Fineline Panther and Script Tricep Tattoo

This Fineline triceps tattoo reminds me of calligraphy ink strokes. The varying line weights differentiates this particular one line piece from the usual single thickness Fineline tattoo. It’s elegant, feminine, and joins together with the script. I would have positioned this tattoo somewhere else such as the forearm rather than the triceps, and made it slightly smaller. But I’m sure the client wanted this and was happy with the outcome.

IG: lily_.art_

Panther Tattoo Ideas 30

Neo Traditional Black Panther and Peony Full Sleeve Tattoo

We’ve come to the end of our panther list and we’re leaving you with this wonderful Neo Traditional panther and peony sleeve. The variations of line thickness is classic Neo Trad but what gets your attention is the bright hints of orange in the background. With this style, adding a bright color makes the rest of the muted colors pop, especially when you use a color that complements the others and contrasts against the blackwork. I hope you found what you were looking for, happy tattooing!

IG: katharsistattoo_