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34 Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas to Inspire You in 2024

Spider Lilies are among some of the most popular flower tattoos today. They’re not only beautiful, but they can be used to symbolize death or moving on from sad memories as well as rebirth, or moving on to a new start in life. Red Spider Lilies are used for this representation while pink Spider Lilies are associated with love, passion and feminine beauty.

But before you go and get your own spider lily tattoo, let us help guide you in choosing the perfect piece of ink. Below we’ll show you the loveliest, most attractive, and finest-looking  spider lily tattoo ideas for 2024. You’ll surely be inspired with the perfect idea of which tattoo style to get, as well as where to get tattooed on your body.

With that said, let’s begin.

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 1

Delicate Linework Spider Lily Tattoo on Inner Forearm

With the use of only thin black lines, this Spider Lily tattoo comes to life. These lines are not only used to create the outlines, but also the shading and detailing seen on the petals. The forearm is the perfect location for this long linear, flowing design. And of course located here, it will always be by your side and within easy viewing.

IG: anitadarkling

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 2

Red Linework Spider Lily Tattoo Over Ribs

The lines forming the petals and leaves of this Spider Lily are steady and even, showcasing the skill of the artist. Unfortunately there is some irregularity seen along the stem. There’s also some bleeding of the ink under the skin due to it being heavily packed. Of course, this doesn’t distract from the beauty of this tattoo, especially with it use of gorgeous red ink.

IG: bium_tattoo

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 3

Linework Spider Lily Tattoo With Anime Character Over Ribs

Girl power reigns supreme in this Spider Lily Tattoo. The placement is perfect as there’s plenty of room here for a large piece like this one. And despite its size, it’s typically concealed due to its location. It’s like a metaphor for your secret inner girl power!

IG: sebrinapham

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 4

Dramatic Blackwork Spider Lily and Snake Tattoo Over Sternum

There’s real drama on display here, from the all black palette, to the blackwork style employed, and of course the placement of this tattoo. If you want to make a statement and create a focal point on your body, there’s really no better place than the sternum. All eyes will be on you, including following the lines of the stem downwards . Of course full viewing pleasure is…By Invitation Only

IG: mammon_black

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 5

Red Spider Lily Linework Calf Tattoo

Here’s another Spider Lily from the artist IG: @bium_tattoo. Like the forearm , the calf is similarly a great location for a flower tattoo especially when the stem is included in the design. There’s plenty of space here to showcase the beautiful flowing lines of the flower, although the tattoo won’t be easily visible to the client. Something to consider.

IG: bium_tattoo

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 6

Color Spider Lily Tattoo on Back of Arm

This Spider Lily tattoo is pure perfection. The lines are steady and even, the ink is well-packed and the shading is beautiful. Subtle gradients of color are used for the shading, creating depth and detailing. A touch of white ink completes and completes the picture. Beautiful!

IG: maiko.only

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 7

Black and Gray Spider Lily and Soda Can Calf Tattoo

The side of the calf is the perfect placement for this long, linear tattoo. Its location also ensures that it’s visible when wearing shorts; easy for all to admire. The shading in this piece is really cool, even edgy, just like positioning the Spider Lily in a crushed-up soda can. Talk About Recycling!

IG: georgia.porkchop

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 8

Blue Spider Lily Tattoo Over Wrist, Hand and Lower Forearm

Blue Spider Lilies don’t exist in nature, but in a tattoo, the choice is yours. And this vibrant shade of blue is to die for; it’s gorgeous. The petals spread beautifully over the hand, accenting both the fingers and the wrist, while the flowing curved lines of the stem gracefully accent the forearm. This tattoo is at once delicate and bold and I’m loving it.


Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 9

Realistic Red Ink Spider Lily Calf Tattoo

Red lilies are often associated with death and rebirth. It looks like this theme is in play here with the inclusion of the skeleton. That’s what’s so cool about tattoos; they’re a way to express yourself and tell your story. I know I’d be asking this client what this piece is all about.

IG: guyeigel

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 10

Delicate Fineline Red Spider Lily Tattoo Over Sternum

The thin lines make this tattoo so dainty while its position makes it oh so sexy. What a great combination! Perfectly centered over the sternum, the stem beautifully traces a path down onto the upper abdomen. This tattoo is like your own little secret; available to be seen…By Invitation Only

IG: winigreeni

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 11

Dramatic Realistic Red Spider Lily Forearm Tattoo Incorporating Black Brushstrokes

All I can say is Wow! I love this tattoo and can’t imagine anyone not thinking it’s just beautiful. Of course the combination of red ink along with those black swirls, that look they were painted on with a brush, creates drama, drama, drama. Also the lack of outlines on the Spider Lily renders it very realistic. There are some inconsistencies in the lines and shading, but this piece remains a showstopper.

IG: cherryxzhao

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 12

Fineline Red Ink Spider Lily Tattoo on Forearm

Isn’t this red Spider Lily tattoo gorgeous? The red ink is nicely packed creating a vibrant yet muted shade. I love the areas of negative or uninked space which are used to create depth and detailing. It’s interesting to note that most floral tattoos along the forearm are centered while this one is positioned at an angle. Of course, this is to accommodate the other tattoo, but I think it adds interest and fits like a glove.

IG: mayforcolor

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 13

Simple Red Spider Lily Tattoo on Arm

I’m sure you’re realizing by now that red seems to be the color of choice for Spider Lily tattoos. And no wonder, it’s gorgeous. This piece presents a curve in the stem which adds interest and visual appeal. It’s interesting also that it ends right over the inner elbow. Just be aware that this is a very sensitive spot to tattoo and not for the faint-of-heart.

IG: aiim_tattoo

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 14

Blackwork Spider Lily Tattoo on Arm

Blackwork brings to mind images of bold, dramatic design. Yet as you can see here, it can also be used to produce a more subtle appearance. The placement of this piece is perfect as there’s plenty of room along the length of the arm to accommodate both flowers and stems. Nicely done

IG: feynman_tattoo

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 15

Custom Spider Lily and Tiger Tattoo Over Shoulder Blade

A tiger and Spider Lily tattoo often symbolizes compassion and wealth; specifically having the means to help others. Regardless of meaning, this piece is awesome. With the absence of any outlines, this tiger not only comes alive, but seems to be moving across the client’s back. The blood red Spider Lilies are dramatic and complement the powerful vibe of the tiger. Additionally the ink is well-packed, the lines crisp and all together this is one impressive tattoo.


Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 16

Custom Black and Red Watercolor Spider Lily Tattoo on Upper Back

This piece is one of my favorites on our list. The splashes of red and black ink, applied in watercolor style, are exquisitely beautiful. Other areas showcase precise application of ink as seen in both the outlines and shading. Added to this is the tattoo’s placement. Pieces running down along the spine are among the most sexy and sensuous tattoos. Backless dress anyone?


Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 17

Detailed Linework Arm Tattoo of Red Spider Lily

One look at these red Spider Lilies and you can tell that this artist has a steady hand. The lines are even and as smooth as butter. These flowers are inherently pretty and here the black ink just adds to their beauty. It’s also thoughtfully used to create depth and dimension. With a tattoo like this, sleeveless is definitely the way to go.


Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 18

Small Spider Lily Tattoo Over Biceps

The small size of this tattoo fits perfectly over the biceps. What’s nice too is that its location affords the opportunity for not only others to admire it, but for the client too. This Spider Lily is inked in all black and has a slightly less delicate feel than some of the previous pieces. It would look great on men as well as women.

IG: sanban_orient

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 19

Realistic Fineline Red Spider Lily Tattoo on Upper Back

If you weren’t convinced before that tattoos running along the spine are super sexy, well here’s more proof! I can imagine admirers wanting to run their fingers, or even more, down along the stem of this Spider Lily. In addition to all this, the inking here is off-the-charts, from the even, steady lines to the shading and of course to its placement. This tattoo is like…Poetry In Motion

IG: donghwa_tattoo

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 20

Fineline Red Spider Lily and Snake Tattoo on Arm

Wow, there’s absolutely great skill on display in this tattoo. The lines are crisp and even, the shading is beautiful and there’s an amazing amount of detailing. Spider Lily and snake tattoos often symbolize new beginnings. Positioned on your arm, right by your side, this tattoo is a forever reminder of that. Props to the artist IG: @rahon_tt for this impressive piece.

IG: rahon_tt

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 21

Linework Red and Black Spider Lily Arm Tattoo

I love how the black and red Spider Lilies are distinct but yet come together and literally intersect. The lines here are smooth and even, evidence of a steady hand on the part of the artist. Placement is really nice too with the design maximally using the space while simultaneously also enhancing it, even with the large areas of negative or uninked space. Although this piece is in linework style, a bit of shading is employed. All together, very cool.

IG: xingalmond

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 22

Back of Calf Red Spider Lily Tattoo With Simple Shading and Lines

Here’s another red Spider Lily tattoo, but as you can see, each artist puts an individual twist on design. The breaks in the stem add interest and are just pleasing to the eye. They focus the eye to look downward along the calf adding to a sense of movement. Characterized by simple shading and lines, this is a beautiful tattoo.

IG: guyeigel

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 23

Custom Color Spider Lily Tattoo on Forearm

This tattoo is so beautiful; it looks like a piece of prized porcelain. I love the color palette of deep and light shades of red and blue, accented with black. It’s both subtle and dramatic at the same time. How lucky is this client to have this beautiful piece right by their side for forever viewing.


Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 24

Large Red Spider Lily With Black and Gray Dragon Linework Tattoo on Back

A red Spider Lily and dragon tattoo often symbolizes breaking free from the cycle of death and rebirth and the associated pain. In itself, that’s quite a statement and with this large back tattoo, an even bigger one. Perfectly centered over the back, there’s so much to love about this tattoo. There’s obvious impressive skill on display from the perfectly crisp lines, to the shading, to the amazing detailing. Big props to the artist.

IG: bestasiantattoo

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 25

Custom Watercolor Purple and Blue Spider Lily Shoulder Tattoo

The watercolors in this piece are applied in a precise manner; that’s not easy whether painting or tattooing. The result is this gorgeous Spider Lily tattoo which beautifully accents the shoulder. Cords adorned with jewels are then used to tie these two Spider Lilies together. Dangling onto the upper arm, it’s obvious that all that’s needed is your…LBD

IG: seolheetattoo

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 26

Custom Watercolor Red Spider Lily Tattoo Over Biceps

Here’s another beautiful watercolor red Spider Lily tattoo with an obvious Asian influence. I love everything about this tattoo, from its theme to its impressive inking to the dangling bejeweled cord swaying over the client’s skin. Can’t think of a better way to adorn one’s upper arm. No Jewelry Needed


Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 27

Fineline Watercolor Red Spider Lily Tattoo on Forearm

Who wouldn’t love this gorgeous red Spider Lily tattoo; it’s mesmerizing. There’s a dreamlike quality to it, created using “watercolors” not contained within outlines. Rather the colors, though neat, are not contained “within the lines”, much like the petals of a Spider Lily found in nature. Further accented by a muted color palette and an off-centered stem, this piece is definitely hypnotic.

IG: tattooist_soma

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 28

Minimal Color Red Spider Lily Tattoo on Back of Arm

This piece is at once realistic and abstract. The curving black swirls create an almost armband-like tattoo, above which the red Spider Lilies float. They also look beautiful next to the red ink, adding drama to this tattoo. Beautiful

IG: lazybones_tattoo

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 29

Large Red Spider Lily Tattoo With Blackwork Dragon on Arm

This is a dramatic piece that would look great on either a man or woman. Feathered dragons appear in mythology. Here the artist makes the feathered surface of the dragon look real enough to touch. You can sense their texture and movement. The scales are also so skillfully inked, with white ink used to create depth and detailing. Overall, very impressive.


Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 30

Minimal Black and Red Spider Lily Tattoo on Forearm

This tattoo is small but packs a big punch, and wow is it beautiful! I love the crisp lines and neat curves of the petals. There’s also symmetry here and perfect placement. And check out that vibrant red ink that’s beautifully packed. All together a truly impressive piece.

IG: lmc_tatt

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 31

Black and Gray Spider Lily Tattoo on Upper Arm

Steady lines, skilled shading, fluid movement all come together in this very impressive Spider Lily tattoo. It’s gorgeous! And with perfect placement enhancing the shoulder and upper arm, this piece is sure to be admired by all.

IG: oddahn_

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 32

Minimal Spider Lily Tattoo on Upper Back

As mentioned previously, back tattoos running along the spine are often super sensuous and sexy. This piece though has a different vibe; it’s much more whimsical like the other tattoos seen here. Although this client doesn’t appear to be shy, witness the striking green hair, a tattoo in this location can easily be concealed; the choice is up to you.

IG: jjooyoung_tt

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 33

Fineline Spider Lily Tattoo on Forearm

Geometric elements add interest and up the aesthetic of this Spider Lily tattoo. They also frame the Spider Lilies, giving the design a pleasing form rather than appearing messy. It’s also interesting how the flowers extend onto the upper arm and over the elbow. Just be aware though that the elbow is a very sensitive area to tattoo and not for the faint-of-heart.

IG: vic_tattooist

Spider Lily Tattoo Ideas 34

Minimal Color Spider Lily Tattoo on Forearm

We’ve come to the end of our list and the butterflies in this tattoo really bring it to life. Set at an angle, they add a sense of movement. Also, you can almost smell the fragrance from the Spider Lily which is attracting these two butterflies, just like on a warm spring day.

IG: e.ju_ny.e

We hope you found what you were looking for and had as much fun looking at these tattoos as we had writing about them. Until next time, happy inking!